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My Job as a Tester Ch. 07

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I walk over and look through the window into the training room. I see that Debbie has finished her session and now Sarah has Carol nursing on her. I turn up the volume so I can hear what Sarah is saying to her.

“My little girl is wet. She needs to have her diaper changed, why didn’t Momma Debbie do it before she left? Or maybe my little girl likes a wet diaper?” Sarah asks as she rubs the diaper into Carol’s crotch. I see Carol nod her head a little. “So my little girl likes her wet diaper and maybe she enjoys it more than just a little! You’ve never told us that you enjoy it before, so why are you just now showing an interest in being so wet? Your diaper is almost too full, it will start leaking if you go anymore my little girl.”

I watch as Sarah takes her nipple from Carol’s mouth and I hear her reply. “Well it seems that since Mac and Carla started working here everyone is a little more free with what they like. I figured why can’t I also be a little more free about things! I do enjoy peeing in my diaper and how it feels afterwards. I have fantasies that revolve around the idea of…” She pauses unsure if she should continue her sentence.

“I believe you were going to say watersports.” Sarah states as she smiles at Carol. “My little girl there is no reason to be embarrassed. We all have our fantasies and our fetishes. I sometimes think that’s why Denise and the others started this business! So we can explore and find out what we enjoy, of course getting paid for it at the same time is a big bonus.” She says as she places her nipple in Carol’s mouth. “Now you just lay back and enjoy my nice milk and your wet diaper. Then when we’re done I change you and we can get ready for the party later.” she adds.

As I turn down the volume Rosa steps into the room. “A penny for your thoughts little one.” She says as she walks up behind me and places her hands around my waist.

I feel her breasts pressed against my back. “I’m afraid Momma Rosa that you’re just wasting your money. I’m not really sure what I’m thinking.” I tell her as I lean back against her. “I guess I’m just trying to figure out what everyone needs from me.”

“Little one, nothing has changed. All that has changed is we all acknowledged that we care about each other unconditionally.” Rosa explains as she keeps her arms around my waist and nibbles on my ear. “I know you want to make each of us happy but you do that already so don’t worry. Your doing fine.”

“I just want everyone to be happy.” I tell her.

“We are and have been since you started working here. So you better relax or I may have to have Debbie spank you!” Rosa says as she swats my butt.

“Hey!” I laugh. “That’s Debbie and Sarah’s job. Your’s is to help with training.” then I turn and look at her and grin. “Also to let me nurse on you of course and maybe fool around some!” I take her hand and lead her to a table and get her to sit down. As she looks up at me, I sit down on her lap.

“So are you feeling better now little one?” Rosa asks.

“Yes much better Momma Rosa.” I tell her as I pick up my coffee cup and take a drink. “You know your lap is very comfortable and your breasts look very tempting from this point of view.”

She looks down at where I’m looking. “Oh I’m sure it does little one but I don’t have any of that milk you like so much right now.” Rosa states. She cups her breasts and raises them slightly. “I am still a little empty right now but give it a while and I know I’ll have some for you.” she adds.

I turn my head so I can see where I’m placing my coffee cup when Rosa reaches up and fondles my right breast. “Do you like what your feeling?” I ask then pause for a moment. “What a minute, I could feel you do that!” I tell her. “Why did I feel it?”

“Why could you feel what Mac?” Denise asks as she walks up to where Rosa and I are sitting.

“Rosa just started fondling my right breast and I could feel her doing it! I mean really feel it on my own breast under the set David made!” I tell her as I look down at the breasts attached to my chest.

“Well of course you’re going to have some sensation. They are glued to your chest after all!” Denise replies with a giggle. “Take a moment and think how they were created. They used an exact mold of your chest.” she adds as she slides her hand inside my blouse and starts to massage my breasts.

“Little one, if it is as Denise says they used an exact copy of your chest once it was glued to your chest it became like a second skin.” Rosa adds to Denise’s statement. “The breasts would act as an extension of your own but without all of the sensations!”

“Now that I think about it there were indentations on the backside of it before they glued it into place. I was laying down and the indentations seemed to flatten out as they were being glued.” I state recalling what they looked like while they were being attached. “So I guess it isn’t so hard to believe I’d feel something.” I add.

“Mac darling David needs to get some pictures of you and your breasts for his business’s portfolio. kızılay escort That way he can show The Doctors at the cancer clinic what he can do!” Denise says as she takes my cup, walks over to the coffee pot and fills it for me. When she walks back she helps me up and says, “He’s up in the apartment waiting for you, just go in through the sliding glass doors. Oh, when you’re done with him, Rachael will do your nails then she’ll start getting you dressed.”

“Well I guess I better get up there! Ladies, if you will excuse me.” I say. I step into the hallway and head for the apartment. I see Carla and Ben walking towards me, “Ben are you going to the Pub with us tonight?” I ask when they get close enough.

“Who else is going to make sure that you and Little sister here aren’t kidnapped and molested.” Ben replies. “After all molesting you two is so much fun. Let those people find someone else to molest!”

“He just likes to play with our butts.” Carla says just before he swats her on the bottom.

“And you love the attention little sister.” Ben replies with a grin.

“Well I have to head upstairs so David can get some pictures of my breasts for his business.” I tell them. “From what I understand he will be taking photos of everyone for our ‘family scrapbook’.”

“I hope he takes a few photos of us having fun little brother.” Carla says as she slides her hand across my bottom. “Hey wait a minute. What have you got on under your skirt? It feels different than it did earlier!”

“It’s a present from Denise, she placed an order for a special article of clothing for me.” I reply, blushing slightly.

“Oh I want to see what she got you!” Carla says as she starts to place her hand under my skirt.

“Hey, you are going to see it I’m sure.” I state as I pull her hand out from under my skirt. “Little sister if nothing else I promise to show them to you later.”

“Well at least now I know for sure that there is lace involved.” She says with a grin. “I wonder what else is special about them. I can hardly wait to find out.” Carla adds with a grin as she leans over and gives me a kiss. “You better get upstairs little brother.”

“On my way little sister.” I reply as I slide my hand over her bottom. As I start to climb the stairs I decide to use the handrail. I hear a wolf whistle at the bottom of the stairs so I look over my shoulder and see Debbie there with a big grin on her face. I just smile, shake my head and continue to the top of the stairs. I walk along the balcony looking over the warehouse. I hear David and Lisa talking so I turn and enter through the sliding glass doors.

“There you are. We have everything set up.” David says with a smile. “I want to get a few photos for our scrapbook and then we’ll get the ones for my portfolio.” he adds as he leads me around a sectional sofa and a small table with a wine bottle and what appears to be a glass of wine.

“He wants to get an erotic photo of you lounging with a glass of wine.” Lisa says with a giggle as she walks over to us. “And I get to help put you stay in the right mood place.”

I sit down and David places my legs so they are both on the sofa with my high heels on. He slides a hand into my skirt and has me bend one leg a little causing my skirt to open exposing my nylon cover left leg. I feel his hand slide down my leg to my lace covered bottom. He unsnaps one of my bows and gently caresses the head of my penis and then draws small circles around my pussy.

“It appears that you’re already a little wet, not to mention nicely lubed!” David says with a smile as he presses his finger against the lips of my pussy. As he plays with my pussy causing more precum to leak from my penis. He spreads it across my pussy and applies a little more pressure. “I want you to just relax and enjoy the feeling. Imagine that your waiting on Denise and thinking about what she wants to do to your pussy.”

I close my eyes and tilt my head back as I feel him draw his finger back across my trapped penis. I feel him remove his hand and another take its place. It has a lighter touch and is softer than David’s.

“Where did he get the lace panties?” Lisa asks as she slides down across the head of my penis and then to my pussy. “You’re nice and wet down there Mac… no for the rest of the night I’m going to call you Maxine.” she states as she lightly presses her finger against the opening to my pussy.

I push my bottom against her finger and it presses a little harder than she intended. I feel just the tip start to enter me and I moan slightly. I hear David tell Lisa that I’m not allowed to cum. Because Denise has something special in mind for tonight.

“So I get to edge him, I mean her, for as long as I can just as long as she doesn’t orgasm!” Lisa asks with a mischievous sound in her voice.

“That’s right.” David replies with a smile. “In a moment I’ll start taking my photos, until then you can just keep him or her happy and horny.”

“Oh, I’ll keep her on the edge alright.” Lisa replies as she kolej escort starts drawing circles with my precum around my pussy. “Well, Maxine shall we see just how horny I can get you?”

I can feel her finger sliding over my trapped penis and around the lips of my now very slick pussy. I feel Lisa place her face next to mine. As she is playing with my pussy she nibbles on my ear, then traces the edge of it with her tongue.

She pulls back just a little. “You know Maxine that I have wanted to play with you since I met you and now you’re at my mercy! I just know that right about now you’d love to have something pushed into the wet pussy of yours. She pulls back her face so she can see mine. “Do you remember that toy I made from what was left from your breasts?”

I moan as I think of the dildo she made and how it might feel if she used it on me. I bear down on her finger and it slowly presses into my pussy. I bite my lower lip so I don’t moan out loud. I pull Lisa’s face to mine and I start a long slow kiss with my hand on the back of her head. As I’m doing that I’m moving my hips helping Lisa finger my pussy. I feel a hand pull my hand off her head and place a wine glass in my hand.

“Okay Lisa I’m ready.” David says.

As Lisa starts to remove her finger I try to keep it in by tightening my muscles in my pussy. I moan a little as it leaves my pussy. I look into her eyes and I can see that she is also pretty horny. Lisa backs away to behind David. When I look at David behind the camera he starts taking pictures, giving me some instructions but all I can think about is what Lisa was doing to me just moments ago. I hear the camera clicking away, I take a sip of the wine and I notice Denise, Rosa and Rachael all standing there watching me. I notice that they, all of them, are biting their lower lip.

“I think that Mac and the rest of us need to calm down some!” Denise states as she walks over and starts to unbutton my blouse. “David why don’t you get the pictures you need for your portfolio.” She says as she slowly removes my blouse, gives me a kiss and then undoes my bra.

I set my wine glass on the small table. Then I help Denise remove my bra so David can get his photos. He has me move over to a stool in front of a white background. It’s the same one they used before they made the breasts I’m wearing.

“I think for tonight we should call Mac, Maxine!” Lisa says as she stands by Denise and the others. “After all it wouldn’t sound right calling her Mac at the party.”

“Lisa you naughty one, I think that is a good idea.” Rosa states.

David takes several pictures from different angles. As he takes the last one he smiles. “Well that should cover what I need for the portfolio and I got some really hot shots earlier. I know where to get them printed up in the sizes I think we’ll want!”

“David would you mind taking one more special picture for me?” Rachael asks.

“What have you got in mind?” He replies.

Rachael smiles and holds out the diaper that I tested not too long after I started working openly with the ladies. “I thought he looked really cute in it! I also think he’d look really good in it now with your breasts!”

“You get her ready and I’ll get your picture.” David says with a grin.

Rachael takes my hand and leads me over to the sofa. She and Rosa take off my skirt that I had just put on. “That is a lovely set of panties Denise bought you! I bet it feels really silky on your, ah…clit.” Rosa states as she runs her hand over my panty covered crotch. “I say we leave this on and put the diaper over it!”

They lay me down and slide the diaper under me. After they secure it in place Denise hands them my bra and blouse. They put the blouse on leaving off the bra and instead of buttoning it up they tie it at my midsection. I look down and can see that the blouse barely covers my breasts and you can see my nipples fairly clearly through the material.

David steps over and places me in the same position as before. Just like before he hands me the wine glass and I take a drink. As the wine glides over my tongue I think about how horny I still am and I can see how turned on Rachael is as she is watching the photo shoot.

Then I notice Lisa whispering to Denise. Who looks at her and nods her head, then Lisa leaves the apartment. Denise leans over and whispers to Rosa who looks at me for a moment and nods her head also.

I hear the camera click a few times and David say, “Okay Rachael I got them and they looked good. What size do you want?”

“Can you get me 2 pictures 8 x 10?” Rachael asks. “I plan on putting them in frames and one will be in my sewing room the other will go home with me.” Then turns towards me and begins removing my diaper. “I think this would make a really fun Halloween costume for you to wear exactly as you are sweetheart.”

“I’m sure you feel that way my heavenly seamstress but, unless I’m mistaken I believe you made something special for me to wear tonight!” I replied. “But now I need some help because maltepe escort I don’t think it would be a good idea to release my bladder into my diaper right now because I don’t want to wet my gift from Denise.” I state.

As Rachael finishes removing my diaper Denise steps up and offers her hand to help me stand up. “Come with me darling and I’ll show you how to use you gift if you have to use the restroom tonight while we’re at the party.” She says as she change her hand’s position so she can lead me to the bathroom.

When we start to walk to the bathroom I hear a wolf whistle behind me. I look over my shoulder between Denise and I. I see everyone is now in the apartment and looking at my bottom.

“Now that is a sexy little gift you’re wearing little brother!” Carla says with a twinkle in her eye.

“I think the bows are a lovely touch my little ma…lady.” Sarah states.

“The lace caresses your bottom beautifully baby!” Debbie adds.

“Rachael maybe you should hand me darling’s bra and skirt. That way when she is done in the bathroom she’ll be covered up before she walks back into this room. Then down to your room to get ready for tonight!” Denise says then asks, “Wait a minute who is downstairs to answer the phone or watch the front door?”

“Ben told us to take a quick minute to come up here so we could take a look at our new Transgender sister.” Carla says with a smile and a wink at me. “And I think we all are liking what we’re seeing!”

Denise looks at her watch and then reaches between us to get my bra and skirt from Rachael. “Well since everyone has gotten a look and we are still open for business so maybe we can get back to work, please.” She says.

“Yes Momma Denise.” They reply together.

“Well that sounded a little rehearsed.” Denise chuckles as she leads me away. Once we enter the bathroom she closes the door and turns towards me. “Darling I bought those especially so you could go pee without removing them. All you need to do is unsnap the bows including the one that is almost between your legs. That will allow, shall we call it your ah… clit while you have breasts, to drop slightly. Then just slide the back to the sides a little and you should have no problem. If you do, someone will be with you tonight to help you out.”

“Okay, by that statement I take it that I’ll be using the Lady’s’ restroom at the party?” I inquire.

“Yes but don’t worry they only have one toilette so it will be only you and one of us with you anytime you need to go.” Denise says. “I don’t think you’ll have any problem going with one of us being in the room with you.”

“Well it’s a little late for me to start worrying about a shy bladder now. I wet myself in a diaper here at work sometimes while someone is checking it.” I state with a chuckle. “Not to mention I peed into Carol’s hand during training.”

“I know you didn’t see her face when it happened but Rosa and I think she enjoyed it as much as you felt relief in doing it.” Denise says with a grin.

“I don’t doubt it after what I heard her tell Sarah earlier in the training room. Before you ask I can’t tell you what I heard. It won’t be right but if you want to retest the diaper that Rachael made that held so much, I’m sure she would be very willing to do it.” I state. I start to go and kind of jerk slightly and my eyes open wide. I stop going and look over at Denise.

Denise smiles. “I said it would drop slightly which isn’t very far. That’s why you need to slide the back to the sides some.”

I start to go again. “I wasn’t expecting that sensation. If you had told me I might not have almost jumped off the seat.” Once I finish I get some toilette paper and dry myself. I manage to get some of the bows refastened but having problems with the bottom two. “Would you mind giving me some help with the last two darling?” I ask Denise.

“I’d love to my darling. Turn around and bend over a little for me.” She says as she walks over and squats down. “I see why you’re having problems! Your lovely clit is getting in the way. I’ll just adjust it a little for you.” She lightly rubs the head which she knows is still a little sensitive. “Your pussy darling, looks a little dry. Don’t worry we ladies know how to solve that problem.” she adds.

I hear a lid snap close and a second later I feel a cool moist finger gently slide across my pussy. “I forgot your skirt has hidden pockets,” I state as that finger starts to probe my pussy. “Mmmmm… I’ll give you an hour to stop that if you want more time just let me know.” I say as I push back onto that wonderful feeling finger.

I moan as she pushes a little deeper and starts to rub against my prostate. “I just need to make sure you can keep up your natural lube flowing darling. That way later you’ll be nice and wet. But I’m not going to lie I am enjoying myself also.” Denise says as she continues to play with it.

“Darling, you do realize that you’re causing me problems by doing this? I ask.

“If you mean making you horny all over again? Then yes my darling! I want you so very horny tonight. I found that the hornier you are the sexier you walk in heels.” She replies. “I want all the men there tonight and the women to see a sex crazed woman, a woman that they want to be with even more than the person their there with!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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