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My Little Piggy – Ch. 01

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I don’t think I had ever been so nervous as I was sitting on her sofa, waiting for my date to return. It had been the perfect evening up until that point but I knew this was really make or break if I wanted to get anywhere with her.

I had been waiting for this moment for so long and truthfully I never thought it would actually come. For months I had been fantasising about her, the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen, and had been trying to build up the courage to introduce myself.

She happened to catch the same bus as me on my morning commute to work and from the first time I set eyes on her I was completely infatuated. Her bright red hair, pin up looks and stunning body made her irresistible to me and her tight-fitting leather jackets just intensified my feelings for her.

The best 15 minutes of my day was that bus ride where I could sit and imagine catching her eye, giving her a cheeky wink and hitting it off with her. As someone who was fairly average looking and not exactly full of confidence I never thought anything would actually come of it until last week when, completely unexpectedly, she took the seat right next to mine. Figuring I may never get a better chance I swallowed my nerves and tried to strike up a conversation, making a comment about the t-shirt she was wearing.

She just smiled in response and asked me why I had taken so long to speak to her. I laughed nervously, asking what she meant. She explained that she noticed me staring at her weeks ago and thought I was cute for waiting so long to pluck up the courage to say something. We chatted for a few minutes, she introduced herself as Lola, and I was delighted to find that we seemed to click right away. Normally I’m completely lost for words when it comes to women but the conversation flowed like we’d known each for years. I was gutted when the bus pulled in at her stop; but soon perked up when she suggested we meet for drinks that Friday night.

The rest of the week crawled by but eventually Friday came around and, kitted out in a new shirt and my best shoes; I finally arrived at the bar and took a seat. Lola hadn’t arrived yet so I ordered a beer to calm my nerves and watched the minutes tick by. Almost one hour and about 4 drinks later I was fearing the worst and already feeling a little tipsy. I decided to make a move. However as I turned I felt her piercing eyes watching me from across the bar.

While I found it a little strange, I was just so relieved that she came I pushed my doubts to the back of my mind. I welcomed her with a smile as she breezed over and apologised for her lateness. Given how incredible she looked in her loose fitting white dress with her striking red hair tumbling down past her shoulders, I had no problem accepting her apology and we soon got on with what was a perfect evening.

Both the drinks and conversation flowed brilliantly and at some points I just lost myself in her eyes thinking how lucky I was to be out with this Goddess.

All too soon the evening came to an end but I was utterly ecstatic when, after walking her home, she invited me inside with a mischievous wink. Of course I happily accepted which is how I found myself perched on the edge of her sofa, nervously waiting for Lola to ‘slip into something more comfortable’.

After a few minutes a noise behind me drew me back to the present and my jaw dropped as I saw what she meant by something more comfortable. She had returned wearing just laced purple lingerie and suspenders, leaving little to the imagination. With a wry smile on her face she seductively sauntered across the room, took my hand and pressed her supple body against mine.

I was instantly erect as our lips came together and she ran her hand under my shirt. As we kissed she slowly peeled off my clothes until I was completely naked and could feel her warm skin against mine. The weight of her body pressing down on me felt truly incredible; I had never experienced anything close to this and couldn’t quite believe what was happening.

She sensually kissed my neck and raised her mouth to my ear, whispering that I should kneel on the floor at her feet. This was not what I was expecting but given my current arousal I wasn’t about to question her.

I rolled off the sofa and pushed myself into a kneeling position, looking up at Lola who was now towering over me. I quietly stared, unsure of quite what was happening. She sat up straight, then began running her hands through my hair and staring deep into my eyes.

‘You’re such a cutie,’ she said softly, as though speaking to a child. ‘I like to have sweet, chubby little pets; you can be my little piggy.’

What did she mean pets I thought? And by calling bahçelievler escort me a pig was she mocking me? Calling me fat? I knew this was all going too well; this beautiful woman would never have any interest in me. Clearly she was only doing this as some kind of cruel joke.

The worry must have shown on my face because her eyes filled with sympathy and she laughed gently, pulling my head forward so my face was pressed against her thighs.

‘Oh no,’ she said kindly ‘I didn’t mean it like that. Just that you look so sweet and you’re such a lovely guy that I want to have you all to myself.’ She began running her hands across my shoulders and down my body, applying just enough pressure with her nails to leave trails of pleasure flowing across my skin. She bent down giving me an unobstructed view at her perfect breasts and breathed in my ear ‘I like my pets to be happy, imagine how much fun we could have…’

I gasped as, digging in her nails, Lola raked her hands over my shoulders and grabbed me by the head, forcing me to stare into her eyes.

‘So what do you say?’ she asked ‘will you be my little piggy? Just for tonight?’

I was speechless and completely overawed by this whole situation. Yesterday I had never even kissed a girl before and now here I was completely at the mercy of this gorgeous woman. The only thing I knew at that moment was that I didn’t want this experience to end. Somehow I managed to stutter ‘Yes, I will.’

‘Brilliant!’ she said flashing me a cheeky smile ‘but the first rule is that piggies don’t speak, understand?’

I nodded slowly, wondering just what I had let myself in for.

‘Good. Now then piggy, oink for me!’

Taken aback I hesitated and stammered out a quiet ‘oink’

‘Come on,’ she demanded ‘you can do better than that!’

I tried to oink louder however Lola still wasn’t satisfied, as she demonstrated pinching my left nipple and twisting it with some force.

I cried out in pain but soon realised what she wanted and at the top of my lungs shouted ‘OINK, OINK!’

This finally seemed to satisfy her. Lola broke into a grin and said ‘that’s more like it piggy, now sniff around on the floor and see what you can find.’

Having learned not to hold back I frantically crawled around on all fours, loudly sniffing and snorting as I went. Lola delighted in this and, as she threw her head back laughing, pushed out her foot into my path.

Without thinking I began to shower her foot with kisses, oinking eagerly as I went. This brought a further shriek of delight from Lola who pushed her toes to my mouth and said ‘open wide piggy.’

As soon as my lips parted she pushed not just her toes, but her whole foot into my mouth; almost choking me. She continued to force her foot in and out until the point where her toes were literally fucking my throat. I gagged uncontrollably as she filled my entire mouth.

When she pulled out I coughed and spluttered, suddenly aware of just how out of my depth I really was. Raising my head to protest I hesitated when I saw her towering over me. Sitting like a queen she was a vision of beauty and I was truly torn between my desire for her and my fear of what she was doing to me.

However as if sensing my doubts Lola gave me little time to think, grabbing me by the head and guiding it between her open legs.

‘Come on you greedy little piggy, time to feed.’

As she pushed her panties out of the way I saw between a woman’s legs for the first time in my short life. I had watched enough porn in my time to know what to do next; as she pulled me closer I stuck out my tongue and began to lick hungrily at her sweet, wet pussy.

I felt her quiver as I continued to work her with my tongue; within minutes she began to softly moan with pleasure and I felt her thighs clamp tightly around my head.

Though my tongue tired quickly and I struggled to breathe, I forced myself to keep going for fear of disappointing her and soon she was crying out in pleasure. I felt a sharp pain as she grabbed my hair and pulled me in even more tightly, grinding my face against her until the cries grew louder as she orgasmed with my head between her legs.

Eventually the pace began to slow and breathing heavily, Lola pulled me back and allowed me to collapse in a breathless heap on the floor.

I lay there panting, heart beating like it was going to burst out of my chest, and tried to come to terms with what had just happened. Lola, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, had taken me in and used me in ways that I could never have imagined.

Now as my head started to clear my mind began to turn to what would happen next. bala escort As I looked up I saw Lola peering down at me with her chest still rising and falling steadily. Our eyes met and she smiled in amusement.

‘My my you are a good little piggy’ she said slowly getting to her feet ‘Maybe you deserve a reward, would you like that?’

I hastily began to reply but was cut short by a look which reminded me that piggies aren’t allowed to talk so I simply nodded, my eyes pleading to be rewarded.

Lola frowned as though in contemplation, then smirked, turned away and gestured for me to follow.

Still unsteady, I stumbled after her on all fours across the hard wooden floor, my knees and elbows aching as I clumsily crawled along. My eyes remained glued to her perfect ass as it swayed from side to side and somehow I managed cross the room, climb the stairs and take my place kneeling at the foot of her bed.

‘Come on now Piggy’ she said gesturing for me to climb up.

The soft white sheets were a welcome relief as I pulled myself up; though I had a feeling my comfort would be short lived.

Behind me I heard Lola open the bedside draw and rustle through the contents. Craning my neck I saw her pull out a small black bag and remove three lengths of rope as well as a pair of sturdy looking handcuffs.

Though I knew what they were for I still jumped when she grabbed my hands from beneath me and pulled them together behind my back. The feeling of cold metal against my skin felt strange as the cuffs clicked shut around my wrists and I began to worry that I should have got out when I had the chance.

My fears only intensified as she continued. I felt rope being wrapped around each ankle and then secured to the bedposts behind me, forcing my legs apart.

I felt the bed move as Lola slid off and strode into my line of vision. She placed the black bag in front of me and pulled out what looked like some kind of gag and, to my horror, what was clearly a strap on dildo. Though this was something I had never seen before, I knew there could only be one use for it and at that moment I realised that I was in way over my head and had to get out.

Lola lent over the bed posts, smirking at me and baring her breasts just inches from my head. ‘Can you tell what your treat is yet?’ she asked mischievously.

‘Look Lola,’ I started ‘I really like you but…’

‘Shhhh,’ she replied, leaning in closer and putting a finger to my lips ‘I know you’re scared but it’s ok. You’re my piggy tonight, and piggies don’t get a say in what happens to them. So really all you can do is sit back and let me take care of you, alright?’

I looked at her in desperation but could see from her stern expression that I really didn’t have any choice, so I did my best to swallow the fear and nodded reluctantly.

‘Good,’ she beamed ‘Now open wide little piggy.’

Taking the gag in her hands she pushed it up to my mouth. It consisted of a small rubber ball attached to two plastic rings and a strap to secure it in place. After a brief moment of hesitation, my lips parted allowing the ball to invade mouth and stretch my jaw wide open. Lola took the two rings and forced them uncomfortably into my nostrils before wrapping the strap behind my head and clipping it in place.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see her take the strap on, slide it up her legs and secure it in place. Her feminine curves contrasted strangely with the firm, rubber cock between her legs, but if anything the power it gave her turned me on even more and I felt myself growing hard again.

Lola clambered back onto the bed and put her arm around me, embracing my restrained body. She started to kiss and gently bite my neck, her red hair brushing lightly across my face. My body tingled with excitement as she breathed and whispered in my ear.

‘You’re mine now piggy, look at what I’ve made you.’

She gestured towards the foot of the bed where I caught sight of my reflection in the mirror on the wall behind. Trussed up as I was with the rings forcing my nose into a snout I realised that she really had turned me into a pig. Her pig. Looking at the beautiful woman draping herself across me, wolfish grin on her face, I couldn’t suppress my arousal and despite my fear I could feel my hard cock pressing against my leg.

‘See, I knew you’d enjoy it,’ she whispered seductively, pulling herself away and taking her position behind my tied legs.

I realised that the moment was finally here, I was about to lose my virginity to the girl of my dreams but not in the way that I would ever have imagined. As Lola produced a bottle of lube, panic began to take hold balgat escort and I struggled to control my ragged breathing; feeling her finger spread the cold liquid between my ass cheeks I let out a pathetic whimper and tried to hold back the tears.

Catching her gaze in the mirror I could see her eyes shine with amusement, twisting her arms behind her back she removed her bra and exposed her perfect tits.

I tensed as the head of her rubber cock was positioned between my lubed up ass cheeks.

‘Ok baby here we go,’ Lola said encouragingly ‘this is happening so just give into it and let me fuck you. Make me happy little piggy.’

The pressure started to build as she pushed and, though I clenched and tried to resist, Lola kept going until the cock slid in and filled my ass.

Once it was in she briefly pulled back, then plunged it forward again forcing me to moan deeply in my gag. She slowly started to thrust herself into me, steadily building a rhythm as she fucked me deeper and harder.

At first it just hurt, my ass had been a one way street for my entire life; this cock, even strapped onto such a stunning woman, felt alien as it forced its way in.

But the more Lola kept going the better it felt. Each thrust brought a new and unexpected pulse of pleasure through my body and when she grabbed my waist with her hands, grunting in the force of her assault, it drove me wild with lust.

As it started to feel better and better I began to push back, wanting it now. I was relishing her cock filling me, forcing its way inside. Lola could clearly tell I was enjoying myself and cried out with excitement.

‘Ahhh yeah there you go, you love this don’t you? I could tell you would be a good little piggy. Go on, take it deeper.’

With one great push she forced it further in and I cried out, no longer able to tell whether in agony or ecstasy.

‘Ohhh it feels good doesn’t it baby, look at me.’

I looked up again into the mirror in disbelief; it seemed to make it all real. My vision filled by this flame hair goddess with her tits bouncing up and down; taking me as she pleased. It brought home that she really had made me nothing, a toy for her to play with. The smile dancing around the edge of her lips and the satisfied look on her face told me that she knew exactly what I was thinking.

‘It’s almost time now, do you want it piggy? Do you want me to let you cum?’ Lola asked as she reached between my legs, cupping my balls with her hand and allowing her fingers to brush against my rock hard cock.

‘Mmph!’ I grunted and nodded as vigorously as I could.

‘Then squeal, squeal for me piggy!’

‘Mmpwee, Mmpwee!’ I squealed with as much power as I could muster in my exhausted state.

‘Come on, what do you call that?’ she said mockingly, ‘If you want release you’re going to have to earn it. SQUEAL!’

As Lola shouted she viciously squeezed down on my balls and dug her nails sharply into my ass.

‘MMMPWEEEEE!!’ I screamed uncontrollably into my gag, biting down on the hard rubber.

‘Yes, yes that’s it. Now cum, cum for me piggy.’

I felt the pressure on my balls release as she moved her hand up to my cock and took it in her grasp. Keeping in time with her thrusts she started to stroke it up and down, picking up the pace and working me into a frenzy.

Her touch felt incredible and between that and the rubber cock still working away at my ass, it wasn’t long before Lola rode me to orgasm.

It was the greatest feeling my young body had ever experienced. My cock exploded with relief and intense waves of pleasure shot from my ass through to every corner of my body. I tensed and trembled as the orgasm swept through me.

As Lola’s thrusts slowed in rhythm and the cock slide out of me I was overcome by a feeling of bliss. My breathing began to slow as I came down from the incredible experience I had just endured and I entered an almost trance like state.

I could barely tell what was going on around me. I was dimly aware of being released from my bonds and cleaned up, somehow ending up ungagged and lying beneath the bedcovers.

As I started to return to reality, I noticed Lola sliding under the covers to join me. She had now removed the strap on and I could feel her naked body next to mine. She put her arms around me and we embraced, our mouths joined and we kissed passionately.

‘Thank you,’ I whispered as our lips broke apart, ‘that was…’

‘I know,’ she replied softly ‘you did so well baby. Come here now,’

She took my head in her hands and pulled me into her. My face rested against her soft, warm breasts, rising and falling as she breathed. We lay there for what seemed like hours in silence. I was just enjoying the closeness that for the first time in my life I was sharing with a beautiful woman.

The tiredness from my exertions began to set in and slowly I started to drift off in her arms. I breathed in her scent one last time and eventually sleep took me.

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