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My Next Job Experience Pt. 04

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Big Dicks

In the last few weeks, even months, Bill didn’t have me or the other girls in his office to perform for him as much. The company was doing well but Bill didn’t seem to be himself. He was withdrawn and seemed very concerned about something.

That Thursday, Bill called me into his office first thing in the morning. Gary was there with a man I hadn’t seen before. We exchanged pleasantries and Gary introduced me to Terry, saying he was taking over for him. I was shocked and quite disappointed, for many reasons. Gary explained that he had taken a job as a manager at another company and was taking Terry around to meet his clients. He said Terry had worked closely with him on different projects and would be a good fit.

We went out to my desk and I soon realized Terry was well informed about our little company and what was expected from each other.

Terry was nice looking, very pleasant to talk to and seemed very intelligent. He looked like he was in his mid thirties.

After covering what we needed to, Gary asked if I would like to have dinner with him that evening at the same place as before. I accepted and said I’d see him at the bar at 7.

I assumed Terry would be joining us, even though Gary hadn’t said he would. I dressed more conservatively as I didn’t know Terry, or what Gary had disclosed to him. I wore a dress that had snaps up the front. Under it I wore my best lace cleavage bra, lace panties to match and lacy thigh high stockings. I had the dress snaps undone up to my thighs, just above my knees. The top of the dress unsnapped to just above my cleavage.

As I approached Gary at the bar, Terry was no where to be seen. I asked Gary where Terry was. Gary stated that Terry said he didn’t want to feel like a third wheel, and he would stay in his room. Gary also said Terry stated he thought I was very nice and good looking. I told Gary to go get Terry, at least to have dinner with us. We could see what happens from there. I stayed at the bar and had a drink, purchased by a gentleman seated at the end of the bar. I went down to thank him and introduce myself, before Gary returned. He said his name was John and it was his pleasure, after seeing my boyfriend leave me alone. I explained to him that Gary wasn’t my boyfriend. I said that he worked for an out of town company we did business with and was my contact for raw materials. That he just left to get the guy who was replacing him as my contact.

Gary returned with Terry in tow, a smile on his face. We had a few drinks and chatted. Terry was very nice to talk to. He seemed very much like Gary. I wondered just how much like him he was!

We ordered dinner and talked about our lives as we ate and drank.

We hadn’t finished dinner when the DJ started playing. We stayed at our table, which was fairly close to the dance floor. Terry finished his meal and excused himself. He thanked us for inviting him to join us. I spoke up, encouraging him to stay longer. I looked at Gary and he just smiled at me and nodded, telling Terry to stay and enjoy the evening with us. Terry readily agreed. A corner booth opened up, and Gary suggested we move there, giving me a wink. I told fethiye escort them I needed to use the ladies room, I would join them in a minute.

I went to the ladies room and unsnapped my dress, so the tops of my thigh highs would show when I sat down. I unsnapped the top to the middle of my bra, showing nice cleavage.

I rejoined them in the booth, entering from Terry’s side to sit between them. They had now dimmed the lights for the evening. I watched Terry’s reaction and got just what I had hoped for. Wide eyes and big grin as I slid in, knowing he could see up, and down my dress. I settled between them, looked at Terry and said “I hope you don’t mind, I wanted to get more comfortable.” All he could say was “I don’t mind at all.”

I turned to Gary and whispered to him, asking if he had said anything to Terry about our last dinner date. Gary assured me he hadn’t.

We danced with each other, Gary and Terry taking turns. There were no roaming hands, not at this time anyway. We talked and joked a lot, Terry was very funny, he easily made me laugh, making my boobs bounce. Every time we danced, whether it was Gary or Terry, when we returned to our booth there would be another round of drinks. I finally asked them who was ordering them. They both denied ordering them. We all were getting very tipsy and started to dance together. Neither one had asked me for a slow dance yet. A slow song played so I asked them if one of them would like to dance with me. Terry spoke right up and we went to the dance floor. He held me close, but not tight. His hand however, did migrate down to rest on my ass. I assumed that was a good sign.

We returned to our booth to another round of drinks. Gary said he asked the waitress who ordered them. He said she pointed to a guy at the bar, whom I didn’t know, and said he had been ordering them all night.

We looked over, I said that’s John, he had bought me a drink while Gary was going to get Terry.

Gary and Terry said “he must want something.”

I said “yeah, I can guess what it is he wants, he stared at me the whole time I was alone.”

When the waitress returned, we asked her if she knew him.

“Oh yes, he comes in here all the time. He picks out a table and buys them drinks all night. He’s harmless. His wife walked out on him and he’s spending all their money before the divorce.”

I asked the waitress to have him join us, as long as he had been buying our drinks. She told us that he had been invited before, but always refused.

I said ” I’ll ask him, and I bet he joins us.”

I approached John, put my hand on his leg and squeezed a little, saying “John, you need to join us, it will be fun.”

He looked at me, smiled, and followed me back to our booth. I slid in next to Terry, knowing John would be able to see the tops of my stockings.

We were talking and joking around. John was very much like Terry, he could easily make me laugh. We continued to dance, with John in the mix now. I was enjoying myself very much. I got to dance every slow dance, only now their hands had found my ass and they held me tight, pushing hard against my pussy, with me pushing back. escort fethiye John and I finished a slow dance and headed back to the booth. I slid in and John followed, only this time he sat a little closer.

Gary and Terry both said they needed to use the restroom. As they left, they told John “she’s all yours for a couple minutes.”

John said something, and I turned toward him a little to reply, inadvertently touching his leg with mine. As John replied he put his hand on my thigh. I pushed my leg against his and he took the hint. He moved his hand up to my pussy, rubbing it very gently through my panties. I wanted his finger in me, but Gary and Terry were returning.

We danced, joked and talked a lot. Mostly about sports, they seemed surprised at how much I knew. Soon the conversation included dirty jokes, and I couldn’t help but laugh and tell a few myself. John told a sexy joke which included obedience training.

Gary said “hey, that sounds just like Cindy!”

John and Terry chuckled and looked at me. I gave Gary the evil eye and said “yeah, but Gary was weak, I need better training from someone stronger.”

All four of us laughed, then John said “well, this is an order, go to the ladies room and remove your bra and panties. Come back with your dress opened far enough so we can see your tits.”

I was shocked hearing John say that. I actually expected something from Gary. I got up and said “I will be right back as soon as I do what I was told.”

I went and did as I was told. I removed my bra and panties and put them in my purse. I unsnapped my dress below my tits, turned sideways to make sure they were exposed, and returned to our booth. I stood in front of them and turned sideways. “Is this what you wanted?” I asked. They all said yes.

Then Terry asked, “what about your panties?” I faced them and pulled my dress up and apart. Their eyes told the story as I showed them my naked, wet pussy.

Gary said “I think we should go to my room now.”

John and Terry agreed. We headed for the elevator. Once inside, Gary told me to remove my dress. I knew elevators had security cameras, but I did what I was told. It made getting naked even more arousing. I knew someone was watching or would be reviewing the tapes.

We reached our floor, and as the doors opened, Gary told me to give him the dress. I handed him my dress. When the doors opened fully, two young men were waiting to enter. Gary’s room was at the end of the hallway, and the two men decided to wait for the next elevator as I walked down the hallway naked. As I walked, I wondered if somebody would exit their room and see me. I really was hoping it might happen, I got wetter thinking about it. No one came out. We reached Gary’s room and I turned and waved to the two men.

Terry said “you better go back there and give them a kiss goodnight.”

His voice was very demanding. I did as told, walked back to them as they were staring at my naked body. I said to them “I was told to give you guys a kiss goodnight.” As I kissed them, their hands franticly fondled my tits. I turned and returned to Gary’s room, walking very slowly, hoping for a door to open. fethiye escort bayan None did.

As soon as we entered the room they told me to get on the bed. I removed my heels and laid on the bed as told. They all stripped and came to the side of the bed. Gary told me to suck them all till they were hard. I sucked all three cocks while they fondled my tits, enjoying watching their cocks grow stiffer and stiffer. John pushed me back on the bed and told me to get ready.

This was the first time for three cocks. Two were easy. I laid on my side, John was at my mouth, Gary was at my pussy and Terry was rubbing his cock against my ass.

I started sucking John’s cock and balls, Gary was in my pussy, thrusting his cock into me as far as he could, Terry was now fucking my ass. They had good control, and brought me to an orgasm. Then one by one, they shot their loads into my mouth, pussy and ass. We collapsed on the bed.

The door bell rang, Gary put on a robe and looked out the peep hole. He turned and said it was the two guys from the hallway. We said, find out what they want. Gary opened the door a little.

Gary turned around and said “they want to know if they can join us.”

Terry said, “tell them Cindy will give them both a blow job, then they will have to leave”.

Gary told them what would happen and they said “great!”

They came over to the bed, looked at my naked body, with cum running down my cheeks, out my pussy and ass. They dropped their pants. I took both cocks in my hands and sucked each one while I jacked the other, till they were erect. I told them they could finger my pussy as I sucked them off. As I sucked the first one, he fingered me to an orgasm before quickly shooting his load in my mouth. The second guy fingered me as I blew him. He also came quickly.

They thanked me, pulled their pants up, and left.

I said “Tomorrow comes early, I need to shower and get home.”

John said, “we will help you.”

The four of us got in the shower. They were very good at making sure every bit of my body was clean, especially my pussy and tits. It wasn’t long before I had a tremendous orgasm. I could hardly stand up. I dropped to my knees and sucked each cock, till they each came in my mouth, swallowing all their cum.

We got dressed. Terry went to his room. John said he would walk me to my car.

We got off the elevator, passing the two young guys as we were leaving. I reached out as they walked by, running my hand across their crotches.

When we arrived at my car, John asked, not demanded, if I would let him eat my pussy before I left. I took my panties off and unsnapped my dress to my waist. Exposing my pussy for all to see if they walked by.

John went down on me, as I held my dress open, eating my pussy with great expertise. It felt so good, I closed my eyes and after several minutes, came with a loud yes!

I heard a loud “all right” and knew it wasn’t John’s voice. I opened my eyes, three men were standing behind John. Watching, with their cocks out, jacking off. I moved John’s head so they could see my pussy.

I told them “look at my pussy and let me look at your cocks as you cum.”

They jacked harder and soon they all came. Shooting streams of cum from their cocks.

I kissed John, got in my car and drove home. I thought about our shower and made myself cum again on the way home.

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