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My Sister My Mistress Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Please comment whether you like it or not as that is the only way I can know.


Hello, my name is Gunjan and I have a story to share. This is not an easy tale to tell. Basically it is a situation that was beyond my control. Inevitable so to speak and the worst part is that I knew it was going to happen. There was just no way of preventing it. It is situations like this that are so unfair in the world. The way some girls are just born beautiful and have life easy, while others have nothing.

Regardless of what people may tell you, beauty is an advantage in today’s society and even more so when the girl knows it is the case. Most people despise these arrogant young ladies, but surprisingly, I adore them.

My name is Gunjan Satija, I am 22 years old and I have a confession. From as far back as I can remember I have been attracted to girls and in particular their feet. I don’t know why this is, but there is just something about a female foot that turns me on and I can’t help myself when I see one. It is as if it is genetic. Feet have always been sexual to me, and not just any feet either. At least if it was a guy’s feet I could have adapted to my strange fetish.

But, no, I had to be attracted to girls’ feet. The devastating part is that I do like guys as well; I’m just addicted to a girl’s pretty foot! Of course, as it’s not really socially accepted, I keep my fetish to myself, as it would be quite embarrassing if it got out. Therefore I have never actually had a girlfriend and my family does not know of my secret. I had fully intended to keep it this way by suppressing my feelings but unfortunately everything has spiraled completely out of control.

My fetish itself, well I find it difficult to explain. I just like them. The way they smell; especially after being confined to a sneaker all day. The way they look; a new pedicure always makes me wet. The way they taste; I’d often sneaked a lick of my friends’ feet during sleepovers.

It was just an addiction that as far as I knew had no cure. There were no special patches or revolutionary gum to help me get over it, and every day in school I would see girls stretching and flexing their feet. Growing up was a real struggle, as in my younger days I really had no clue why I felt so strongly about my female classmates shoes and feet. It both aroused and tormented me.

All of this would have been fine however. I could have coped and restructured my life so that I could function normally. Perhaps I could occasionally sneak a sniff of my best friend’s feet while she slept or lick her shoes whenever I visited. That would have been satisfactory, she would never know and I would feed my addiction. However, there was one problem Garima.

The story of my descent revolves entirely around my younger sister Garima. She is 19 years of age and it is already clear that she is growing into a really beautiful woman. Her breasts are much larger than mine, even though I am almost four years older and this is quite humiliating for me as I am supposed to be the older sister. However, I am a little taller as she is quite short and whereas I have reddish hair; Garima is a natural blonde. I’ve always looked at her as a little spoilt brat and we aren’t really close as she always seemed so annoying when we were younger, but recently things have started to change.

We didn’t really get along due to the age difference. It may not seem that big a difference, but I can assure everyone that at that age it definitely is. She always wanted to hang out with me and my friends, but being realistic, it was never going to happen. I was far too cool to let my little sister hang around with me, plus she had her own friends anyway. I had never really had any time for her, and as far as I was concerned it was a perfect set up.

As sisters, our relationship was typical. We constantly argued as all siblings do, but it was often Garima that was the instigator of our bickering. She just had a way of pissing me off and she did it often, almost as if on purpose. I’d thought for some time that she despised me for being the older sister, especially when our mother would go out and leave me in charge. But, it did make sense, I was older and therefore I deserved the responsibility. She may have disliked this fact, but there was nothing that she could do about it. That was until I let her.

We did differ slightly in that Garima is an extrovert, whereas I’m more reserved. Her clothes were always more revealing and she held a natural confidence, something which I envied but could never duplicate. This forwardness was actually a big problem for me, as she was always teasing and hooking up with the local boys. With each new guy she came home with, the more people noticed that I didn’t. I found myself more than a little jealous of her sexual experience as I was lagging some way behind. As a result, I would often be a little hard on her when our mother was out, more out of my envy than any fault bahçelievler escort on her part.

Now, coming back to more recent events, I can remember the exact moment my opinion of my sister swayed from looking at her as a child to the sexy woman that she has become. I had just returned from a hard day at work and I wanted nothing more than to crash out on the sofa. However, as I entered the living room I was greeted by the sight of Garima splayed out across it, sound asleep.

Typical? I thought, she spends all day doing nothing and then hogs the sofa! I marched right up to her fully intent on disturbing her slumber. I saw one of the cushions that had fallen to the floor, and I thought it would be funny to hit her over the head with it. That was until I noticed her feet propped up on the arm of the chair and as my eyes trailed across her purple polished toes I felt a little flutter in my belly. I had never actually thought about Garima’s feet as she was my sister and it had just never occurred to me.

I tried to look away, knowing that the deep excitement within me would only lead to trouble. The feelings I felt confused me, I wanted to both look away and stare at the same time. I thought it was a safe compromise to sneak a few glances while I put my bag down, but eventually my curiosity got the better of me. Like a little kid I found myself flat out staring at my sister’s tanned feet and I felt somewhat ashamed. As I stood looking down at her bare feet I realized how perfectly formed they were and it suddenly dawned on me that I was aroused.

Many thoughts were running through my mind. I wondered what they smelt like and whether they had a strong odor. Also, her toes looked so very succulent and I was curious as to how they tasted. Oh God, what was I thinking!?! This was my little sister after all and here I was fantasizing about sniffing and tasting her feet. These thoughts were wrong and I tried to shake them away, but I was really struggling while seeing the soles of her feet facing me. So, unable to control myself, I reasoned that a quick sniff wouldn’t hurt and she’d never find out anyway.

Nervously checking that she was still asleep, I quietly fell to my knees at the end of the couch and situated myself between her feet. From my position I could already tell that my sister’s feet were quite smelly and I became very excited at the prospect of sniffing them. She was a high school cheerleader and I could only imagine how sweaty her feet had got that day during practice. In her position she was lying on her front, both feet hanging over the arm of the couch, with her toes pointed towards the floor. I placed my nose about an inch from her sole and traced the curves of her arch down towards her toes, sniffing away the entire time and finding myself completely lost in the aroma.

That night I lay awake in bed, unable to sleep as I repeated the events of the day over in my mind. I knew there was no turning back now, I’d given in to temptation and now I needed more.

I’d opened Pandora’s Box as it were or taken that first hit of heroin. Every day when I’d see my little sister, I’d think about that smell. There was no way to resist if her socks were waiting in the laundry basket, or her shoes were carelessly kicked off in the living room. But with all this in mind, there was one thing that I had going for me; it was still a secret.

For hours I lay there trying to make sense of it all. How could I cope with this sudden access to feet? To be honest, I was worried that I’d lose control. Readily available feet were something I wasn’t accustomed to, and I feared that I would carelessly ?out? myself. Serious considerations needed to be made. If I was to make this a regular thing then there was a risk of getting caught. I could just stick to her socks and shoes, but now I knew they were nothing compared to the real thing.

Well, to summarize, I made the wrong decision and events quickly spiraled out of control. My downfall began one Friday afternoon. I’d spent the day working my ass off at the telesales job I had over the summer. It was rubbish work, mainly because no one wanted to buy the stained-glassed windows, but at least I was getting a bit of cash at the end of every week. Unlike myself, while I had spent a tiring day in my cramped office, my sister had exhausted herself in a much different way. Garima had spent the entire day strolling around the local mall.

Like before, as I entered the living room I was greeted with the sight of my younger sister napping peacefully on the couch. I’d spent the last few weeks trying to avoid her at all costs, as I knew I would do something stupid in my new lust. I’d even managed to refrain from sniffing her socks and shoes, and I was quite proud of myself for my good behavior.

Yet, this time I wasn’t bothered about her hogging all of the room, but rather I was pleased and excited that she was asleep. She’d kicked off her sneakers beneath the coffee table, leaving only her cute white socks upon her sweaty balgat escort feet propped up invitingly on the arm of the chair. Now there was an inviting scene I just couldn’t refuse. As much as I tried to resist I knew that her feet were going to win me over.

I gazed eagerly at her slumbering form, licking my lips while I pondered where to begin. I’d always known that my sister was cute, we both were. But now I was looking at her in a different way. No longer was she a pretty girl, but rather a sexy woman, and it confused me. These feelings were wrong; I should not have been looking at my sister in this way. It all made me somewhat angry, the fact that she could control my body without even knowing it.

I despised the way the scent of her feet would turn me on and make me long for her. There were so many questions; with the main one being why did her sweaty feet appeal to me so much? I could already see that it was going to be a big problem with us living in the same house.

My mother’s keys were on the table, and the faint sound of the shower upstairs led me to assume the obvious. I guessed that I had at least 10 minutes at her feet, what with the time it would take my mother to finish showering and to dry off. It would be safer to just steal a few sniffs and not get too into it, as I didn’t want my mother coming down and catching me at it. What a shock that would be for her, and I’d never hear the end of it.

Like the occasion before, I knelt at the end of the couch, placing my hands on the arm rest with her feet in between. However, unlike the previous session, this time Garima was asleep on her back, forcing me to stretch upwards to comfortably smell away. A sigh escaped my lips as I took that first whiff of her sweaty socks. If only she’d known how much I appreciated her shopping spree. The odor was stronger than before, and my fingers clutched the couch’s fabric as I took sniff after sniff. I even had to stifle a few moans as the fragrance was really hitting the right spots.

All of this time I’d had these incredible feet under the same roof and I hadn’t even noticed them. The possibilities were endless. Many scenarios were floating through my mind as I continued to excitedly breathe in her funky foot odor. I could smell her sneakers, sandals, and flip flops any time I wanted! She always left her shoes lying around the house. Plus there were her socks and tights, and of course the odd occasion like the one I was currently enjoying. I felt a familiar sensation between my legs as I pondered the fun ahead of me, and taking a deep breath, I spread my knees and slipped my hand beneath my skirt.

My exploration of her feet was almost frantic; my nose darted from heel to toes, arch to ankle, searching for the strongest scent. Finding a particularly sweet spot, my fingers wrapped around her foot, pressing my nose into the groove beneath her toes. It was a bold move, almost foolish, but she didn’t react and it only spurred me on. The fingers of my other hand danced over my underwear as I gently started to play with myself. Then, selfishly, I slipped my panties aside and probed away, all the while taking in the aroma of her gorgeous feet.

As I felt myself nearing climax I knew I needed more, and with my growing arousal my inhibitions soon drifted away. I glanced back, and confirming the sound of the shower was still there, I moved onwards with my secret worship. Slipping a finger into her sock, I tried to gently peel it from her foot without awakening her. The sweat made my task difficult, sticking the material snugly to her foot like an extra layer of skin. I even let out a whimper due to the frustration as my fingers slowly rolled the sock down her ankle. Meanwhile, my other hand continued rhythmically massaging my clitoris, only increasing my torment and leading me to carelessly tug at the sock.

With my nose buried beneath the toes of one foot and my hand trying in vain to remove the sock from the other, I must have looked a truly pathetic sight. Yet, I’d never felt so horny and excited in my entire life. Fuelled with complete idiocy, the kind only selfish pleasure can produce, I pulled the sock right from her foot, discarding it on the floor and going straight for the kill. A spark of electricity jolted through me as my lips touched her sole for the first time. I found her skin to be damp and pleasant tasting, as I placed a number of quick kisses along her instep.

Reaching the point of no return and unable to control myself in the slightest, I slipped my tongue on to her arch and began lapping eagerly at her foot sweat. The taste was like none other, by far the sweetest flavor imaginable. Even my sleepover adventures with my friends paled in comparison to my sister’s girl sweat. I could feel myself ready to climax as my tongue snaked between her toes, licking the sock fuzz from the crevice. Right at that moment, with my eyes closed, my hips rocking against my hand, and my pussy dripping all over my fingers, I heard the dreaded words:

“W-what are you doing?” batıkent escort She asked.


It took a moment for me to register what I’d heard, then with my eyes still closed the blood instantly drained from my face, shortly followed by that horrible feeling when you panic, your body tingling all over and your stomach turning. The voice belonged to none other than the feet I was licking right at that moment. It had happened right at the height of my pleasure, and I nervously slipped my tongue from her toes, biting my lip desperately trying to suppress my orgasm and a lifetime of embarrassment to boot.

I opened my eyes and saw my sister staring in shock between her feet. Her blue eyes still looked sleepy, but much to my dismay she was completely awake. She sat there with confusion all over her face, her mouth dropping open at the scene before her. My body still shook momentarily as I came back down to earth, and realizing my humiliating posture, I closed my legs while the couch still hid my shame. The situation was overwhelming and I didn’t have a clue what to do. I was busted big time and all because I couldn’t take my time with her feet. I had to do something, and fast.

Without thinking, I quickly leapt to my feet, wrapping my hand around her mouth and raising a finger to my lips. Straight away I was hit with the smell of my own juices, and I hoped she didn’t notice it too. I was surprised at my spontaneity, as to be honest I was trembling all over. It must have been adrenaline, as I was thinking fast and needed to keep her quiet just for the time being, so I could at least throw up an excuse. If she squealed to my mother about this I’d be in deep trouble. She’d talked about me being old enough to move out in the past, and this would be the perfect excuse to get shot of me. That meant paying rent and doing my own washing, no thanks, and on top that there would be the shame of it all. I imagined my family would disown me over a scandal of this magnitude.

“Gunjan, I’m confused”, my little sister mumbled between my fingers, breaking the uncomfortable silence between us. She looked so innocent with her eyes peeking out above my hand, and sensing her vulnerability I withdrew my fingers. To be fair, her reaction was understandable, it’s not every day that you wake up and catch your elder sister licking your feet.

Trying to reassure her, I moved to the front of the couch, staying on my knees and taking her hands in my own. As I knelt before her I gently caressed her fingers with my thumbs, all the while looking up into her eyes and trying to think of an explanation. Even with my current act of idiocy, and the fact that we didn’t get on, we were still sisters. There was no real option other than to tell her the truth; it was pretty obvious what I was doing to her feet.

“I’m sorry Garima, it won’t happen again. Please don’t say anything.” I pleaded desperately. From her eyes I could tell that she was unmoved by my apology, and I seriously believed myself to be in deep trouble.

“So, you’re like in love with my feet or something?” she asked, ignoring my plea and staring downwards intently. Her attitude was confusing and I found it unreadable. She was sort of smirking at me, but I couldn’t be sure how angry she was. There seemed to be a hint of amusement in her tone but I didn’t want to risk anything at this point. Self-preservation was the current agenda. In reaction to her words, the worst part was that it was true; my secret was now out in the open. Some people will tell you that the loss of such a burden is a relief. I can assure you it is complete devastation.

“I think I should tell mum.” She sort of trailed off and rolled her eyes up to the right as if pondering a thought, then violently brought them back to meet mine. The aggression in her glance startled me and I felt my temperature rising as her lips curled evilly.

We both knew what had just happened and I felt a part of me both die and ignite. I could tell by the way she had trailed off, and then that look. Oh, that look, I was doomed. It was a knowing acknowledgment of superiority, one that I had imagined on many a woman, but never her. I could see the cogs turning in her head as she considered the opportunity I had just stupidly presented to her.

I’d pictured this situation over and over in my head. I knew I’d eventually get caught at a girl’s feet; my addiction was far too strong. But I’d always predicted one of my gorgeous friends discovering me, often with the fairy tale ending of them letting me secretly worship them. This however was my worst nightmare. Of all the people in my life, I had let my bratty little sister capture me. I had pretty much given her the upper hand and guaranteed myself to doing whatever she wanted. If I didn’t appease her, she would reveal my secret to everyone.

I guessed that the situation was more like a dream come true for Garima. She’d always wanted to be the one in charge and this recent turn of events had given her the perfect opportunity to take it. I knew there was no way that she would let this chance slip by, not that I wanted her to anyway. She finally had me right where she wanted, down at her feet and I only had myself to blame. It was all quite tense, as my fate lay in her hands. It seemed the only way out of this was to put myself at her mercy.

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