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My Sister’s Hot Friend

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Brad was sitting on the couch in his mother’s living room bored as all hell. His apartment was being fumigated, and this was his only other place to stay. He couldn’t wait until his twenty first birthday…it was two days away. Two more days until he could purchase alcohol. He sat there for a good ten minutes until a rapping came at the door. Brad got up and answered it and was rather pleased with what he saw. It was his sister’s friend Brenda. Even though she had been legal for a good while, he never pursued her, mainly because up until recently he had a girlfriend. Brenda was gorgeous, and had been since Brad had known her. Her bright blue jewels shimmered at him, signifying that she was pleased as well. He admired her perfect curves displayed by her tight black miniskirt. He could not have asked for a woman with a better body. She backed up in a coy manner and brushed her raven’s hair out of her angelic eyes. “Hi Brad, I didn’t think you would be here.”

Brad forced a smile. “Hoping I was dead, huh?” he joked. “Well, too bad.”

Brenda giggled. Just then Brad’s sister Maggie came out from her room. “Hey Maggie!” Brenda greeted, her eyes still on Brad. Maggie rolled her dull brown eyes and pulled at Brenda’s hand. “Come on,” she muttered. Brad looked at his watch and noticed that it was nine pm. He then noticed Bnda’s little bag.

“Mom said she’s working graveyard tonight,” Maggie told him, “so if you have somewhere to go, it wouldn’t exactly be a tragedy if you went.”

“Um, actually I’m quite tired,” Brad responded. “I’m going to bed.”

“Bye,” Brenda said softly. “Hope you choke on your vomit in your sleep,” Maggie mumbled. Brad closed his door behind him and went to bed. He had to go to sleep before he’d try anything with Brenda. He wanted her bad, and him fucking her wouldn’t go over too well with his sister or his mom, who was quite good friends with Brenda’s parents. He fethiye escort put some Depeche Mode in his CD player, turned the volume very low, and drifted off. Brad awoke to a creaking at about one in the morning.

It was his door opening slowly. ‘Shit’, he thought. ‘My bitch sister is going to take another one of my CDs. It wasn’t Maggie, though. It was Brenda (surprise surprise). She sat carefully on his bed. “What do you want,” Brad said impatiently in a poor attempt to sound uninterested. Brenda jumped a bit. “Fuck, I almost jumped out of my skin,” she whispered. “Sorry,” Brad started, “but why are you in here?”

“Maggie doesn’t have another bed,” she responded. “I have to sleep somewhere.”

“What about the couch?”

“It’s uncomfortable.”

“Well, you can’t sleep here,” Brad went on. “Oh, come on, grow up,” Brenda scolded him lightly. “We’re mature adults. We can share a bed. Besides, I’m assuming you don’t hog all the blankets.” She hinted at the pile of blankets next to him. ‘Damn’, he thought, ‘she’s making a lot of sense.’

“Sure, why not, I guess,” he said aloud. He moved over so she could lay beside him, and he took notice of her tight and revealing nightgown. Her breasts lay there atop her chest as she lay on her back like two beautiful knolls, barely concealed from view. Brad tried to look away, but he couldn’t help but move a little closer. He smelled her hair, which reeked of cleanliness and innocence, virtues that aroused him beyond belief. Her eyes were still open, and he looked into them only to be lost in their depth and beauty. He absent mindedly began to play with her jet black hair, smelling it and feeling it’s healthy texture.

“Brad,” she whispered. Brad caught himself and stopped. “Do you think I’m pretty?” she asked.

‘Fuck it’, he thought. ‘There’s not a single thing I dislike about this girl. She’s beautiful, funny, intelligent, and I don’t escort fethiye really like my sister very much anyway’. “Yes,” Brad answered. “To be blunt, I think that you’re among the prettiest things I’ve ever seen.” Brad closed his eyes waiting for laughter, but instead felt warm lips pressed against his. He wrapped his arms around her petite waist and felt her taut little body against his. Her tongue entered his mouth and he sucked on it gently. He felt her trembling in his arms so he gently caressed her face and torso until it seemed as though she was calm. Finally their tongues returned to their respective mouths and they looked into each other’s eyes for a good while.

“I want you Brad,” Brenda whispered gingerly. “Later won’t do. It has to be now.”

“Are you sure?” Brad asked her.

“Yes,” she whispered back.

“I’ve never felt this way before…my entire body is aching, my head is burning, I’m trembling, I-” Her voice trailed off. She then gasped suddenly at the sensation of Brad’s finger’s feeling her clit.

“You’re wet, too,” he added. She smiled. “And only you can satiate me.” They engaged in another long tender kiss as Brenda reached down to grab Brad’s cock. It was so erect it was swollen. Brad got on top of her and without hesitation, he finished the job for her, gently entering her pussy. Suddenly e felt something that made his face flush. Something that he should have known. Something that had him racked with guilt. “You’re a virgin,” he said in a shaky voice.

“Yes,” she smiled. “You are my first, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“But, I just – I mean your- I-” Brenda silenced him with a kiss. “It’s alright, babe,” she told him. “This is how I wanted it to be.” Finally, his confidence reinforced, he began slowly sliding in and out of her. He had had sex before, but it had never been this heavenly. At times he tried to go slowly so as not to hurt her, fethiye escort bayan but others his desire overcame him and he thrust harder and harder into her.

She could not keep her immense pleasure bottled up, and she had to let it out. Her sensuous moans filled the room, miraculously not waking Maggie. She arched her back and Brad looked at her breasts, immediately placing the right one into his mouth and licked it gently. His hands were gently massaging Brenda’s beautiful ass, fondling her perfect buttocks harder and harder. Brenda bite her lip to prevent herself from screaming in ecstasy, but her attempts were waning in their success. Gradually the sounds she uttered got louder and louder until she could feel an orgasm around the corner. Brenda forced herself on top of Brad and violently furthered Brad’s manhood inside of her until no more of his nine inches could fit.

All this time Brad had been struggling to keep from cumming, even as her vaginal muscles tightened on his penis. Her vaginal walls felt like nothing less than a velvet vise squeezing tighter and tighter on him. Their hips were bucking into each other at a quicker and quicker rate, and finally Brenda could feel her loins welling up with immeasurable warmth. Just then she simply exploded. She came all over Brad’s cock, and it trickled down his balls and went all the way down his legs. Violent shock waves of pleasure raced through her body and it felt so good that she could almost not bear it. Even Brad’s incredible will power was not enough to save his load.

He sprayed Brenda’s cervix with semen with the force of a fire hose until he though he had no more to spew forth, then he came more. Brenda collapsed on Brad’s chest, nearly passed out with sexual gratification. Brad held this beautiful girl in his arms, kissed her gently on the lips, and exhausted, fell asleep. Fortunately they both woke up at about six am so that Brenda could return to Maggie’s room and no one would find out about their doings. Later that morning when Brenda left, Brad found a note in his bed. It had Brenda’s phone number and her intoxicating scent. It read, “Call me baby”.

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