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My Wife’s Best Friend

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“You’d love to have another cock, while I watched. Wouldn’t you?” I pumped my throbbing seven inches into Angie, my wife.

“Yes….oh yes!” She lay on her back, her petite 36C breasts heaving and nipples hard as pebbles. “Oh gawd yes!”

“I would watch him slam his cock into you, like this!” Her thighs were spread on each side of my hips; my hands cupped the cheeks of her ass as I buried my length deep into her.

“YES-S-S-S-S……” She wailed as I watched my cock, slick with her juices, plunged in and out of her. Two of her fingers worked feverishly on her blood-engorged clit. My cock at almost five inches around split her open so the entire slit was exposed. The nicely trimmed thick mat of her dark brown pubic hair surrounded my shaft. “Jon…oh fuck Jon!! I’m going to…to…ahhhhHHHHHCUMM-M-M-M-M!!!”

I pushed deep into her spasming cunt and held her tight. I could feel the muscles grip my cock methodically as her orgasm overcame her. Her fingers were now a blur as they rubbed and stroked her clit. Angie pushed down against my cock; her eyes squeezed shut as her entire body tightened. She had had two small orgasms since we began this fantasy and I wanted this one to completely satisfy her, and I knew just how to get her there. “You’d love to feel Jack’s big…thick…hard…black cock stuffing your tight pussy. His first loads of cum exploded deep inside you! Then have him pull out so you could watch him finish shooting his thick white cum out of his black cock all over your belly and titties! Wouldn’t you!” I reached down beside me on the bed.

“YES! YES! OHHHHHHFUCKKKKKKYESSSSSS!!!!!!…….” She screamed as she reached another peak in her climax. “NOOOOO…..PLEASEEEE…YES-S-S-S…”

I pulled my cock out of her and picked up the big black dildo beside me. It was solid latex, trabzon escort detailed right down to the veins and knob around the head. At twelve inches long and eight inches around I held it in my fist and pressed it against her swollen pussy lips and pushed into her until my hand was pressed tight against her sex. “You would want to suck it too….Wouldn’t you!!” Her body began to relax.

“Yes…you know I would….” She whispered breathlessly. “oh damn….agrhhm-m-m-m…” I slowly pulled the fake cock from her soaked pussy and brushed the tip along her lips. She took it greedily into her mouth and taking the end of it began sucking and licking her own juices from it.

I sat back on my haunches and enjoyed the vision before me. For being fifty and having had three children her body still always excited me. Sure there was the widening of the hips a few stretch marks on her lower belly and her breasts had lost some of their firmness. She thought she wasn’t sexy anymore, but I had to disagree with her; besides I hadn’t failed to notice when we were out somewhere or at the beach how other guys, young and old alike, would watch her pass by. I absentmindedly stroked my hardness as I looked at her nakedness.

Rolling over up onto her knees, Angie positioned the black dildo between her legs and lowered herself down onto it. I watched all but about four inches disappear into her. She smiled at me, “Mmmm…now it’s your turn….” Taking my cock at the crown she wrapped her thumb and index finger firmly around it and slid them down until she gripped the base tightly and cupped my balls with her remaining fingers. “Oh you are so hard….you would really like to watch, wouldn’t you lover?”

“Hell yes!…ahhh…damn sweetheart!” She had taken her other hand and begun jacking me off. trabzon escort bayan Her breasts swayed with the motion and her hips moved lazily up and down the length of the fake cock buried in her hair covered slit. As she toyed with my balls her middle finger teased my tight back hole. “Oh yes…do me …that feels…good…” My cock throbbed as she pushed her finger into me.

She smiled wickedly, “Remember the first time you got fucked?” I nodded thinking back thirty years. We had been married for only a few years and had been having some games with another young couple. John and Teresa were great friends and from time to time we would swap and watch each other. “John was out of town one weekend and you had me spread eagle on the bed with your cock filling me…..Teresa had just gotten off my face…remember….” Her fist held me so lightly I could barely feel her stroke, and it was driving me crazy.

“Yes…oh yes…” How could I forget! Teresa had straddled Angie’s face and lowered her blonde covered pussy down onto her waiting lips. It had amazed me, Teresa was a true blonde and as she had spread her legs I had seen the pinkness of her outer lips contrasting sharply with the blonde hair of her pussy. She had been fingering herself as she watched me slamming into Angie so when she had straddled Angie’s face it wasn’t but a couple flicks of Angie’s tongue and Teresa had climaxed. “Ohhhhfuckkkkk….” She continued to tease my shaft and asshole.

“I thought the best part was after she came in my mouth, she moved behind you and slid those huge 40 double D’s up and down your back.” She pulled her finger from me and releasing my cock picked up the small dildo beside her. It was only about four inches long and maybe an inch around, she rubbed it around the fake cock still escort trabzon in her pussy and I could see her juices glistening on it. “Then she surprised the hell out of you…..” I felt the tip nudge my hole then slip easily into me. She held it with the finger that had been toying with me. She slowly fucked me as she returned to jacking my cock off. “She began fucking you while you did me……her breasts and hard nipples rubbed up and down your back.

“Yes…yes!!!…I remember!!!” My balls were full and I couldn’t hold back the eruption that was building. Angie’s fist held me tighter and tighter as she pumped faster. The plug in my ass moved faster.

“You were fucking me so hard and screaming while she did you……then when you started cumming she reached around and grabbed the base of your cock……”

“AhhhhhhHHHHHGAWDDDDAMNNNFUCKKKKKK……” She pushed the little cock deep into me and squeezed my spasming cock as the first hot load splashed over her breasts.

“….and she pulled you out and jacked you off onto my tits and belly…” Her hand didn’t stop and load after load landed on her. “She kept pumping and fucking you until you were empty……”

“Ahhhdamnnnhoneyyyyy….” I was empty and fell over onto my side. The little dildo slipped from my ass and she released my deflating cock. Angie lay down next to me, “relax for a minute…you came so hard.”

I lay next to her, my fingers wandering over her cum covered belly and tits. I could hear her breathing softly and knew she was drifting off to sleep. I spoke quietly, “You would like to have a real black cock fucking you, wouldn’t you?”

“mmmmyesss…” she smiled as she drifted off to sleep, “….you’d like to see it too…”

I smiled to myself thinking how great this weekend getaway to the motel was going to be. As I got up off the bed I glanced down at Angie lying naked, the black latex cock protruding lewdly from her sopping wet pussy. I turned off the video camera that was set up on the tripod next to the bed. Nodding to myself I had to agree ‘this was going to be a great weekend……..’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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