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Nathan , Cass Ch. 01

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I awoke that morning to the sound of rain pounding on the window above my bed. 4:00 AM, great. I’d had trouble sleeping since I’d moved to this dreary city 8 weeks ago. I’d applied to the University of Washington last fall, and had gotten my acceptance letter 4 months ago. It was convenient for me to move here early, since my parents had decided to move to Florida to live with my Grandmother after I’d gotten my acceptance letter. They were in such a rush to move that they were ready with the moving truck packed and cranked outside of my graduation. Maybe that’s a bit hyperbolic, but you get the idea.

They’d paid for me to live in a small, one bedroom apartment, on the 10’Th floor of a high-rise complex, here in the heart of Seattle, until I got campus housing at the start of the semester. I thought I would enjoy it here, but it was mostly just rainy and lonely. I’d only met a couple of people since I’d moved here, but I’d mostly kept to myself. It was easier that way, I guess.

I decided that it was futile to try and get back to sleep at this point, rolled out of bed and decided to go down to the ground floor and do laundry. I gathered up my clothes, piled them in a basket, grabbed a book, and headed for the elevator.

The laundry room was completely empty, so I chose the machine closest, dumped in my clothes and popped in some quarters. I sat down in the seating area by the door and began reading my book, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a figure coming down the stairs that led to the laundry room. It was a guy, medium build, but really tall. He must have been 6’4. He had brown, curly hair, and hazel eyes, with a warm milky brown skin-tone. He pushed the sleeves of his red hooded sweatshirt up to his elbows and began carefully putting his laundry into the machine.

He looked up and noticed me watching him and said, in a deep Boston accent, “I thought I was the only person who did laundry this time of the morning.” A half smile lit up his face.

I stammered and said “oh, well, I couldn’t sleep..,” and let it trail off and looked around the room awkwardly.

“Well, that could have gone much better, Cass…” I thought to myself.

He sat down in a chair across from me, and said “I’m Nathan. I just moved in a few weeks ago.”

I smiled and tried to say “I’m Cass,” and “me too.”

But all that came out was “I’m me too.”

Fantastic. He raised his eyebrow and checked his watch.

“He must think I’m a complete moron.” I thought to myself.

We sat and waited for our laundry to wash, then transferred it over when the washers stopped. He popped four quarters into his drier, smiled, and extended a piece of paper to me, while saying “It was really nice meeting you, Cass. We should hang out sometime.”

He turned and left the laundry room, with me standing beside the driers, clutching a small white piece of paper, looking dumbfounded.

I shoved the note into my back pocket without reading it, and decided to come back for my clothes later. I unlocked my apartment door, stepped in, and shut it behind me. I pressed my back against the door, and slid to the floor. I looked at myself in the floor-length mirror directly to my right, and said “Way-to-go.” to my reflection.

My dark, curly hair was a mess, scattered around my face. I wasn’t wearing any make-up, and I looked like I’d spent the past 2 months half awake. Great. I knew I would have to eventually go back to the laundry room and get my laundry from the drier, but right now I just felt like moping. I sighed and decided to take a shower, hoping it would make me feel better.

I walked into my small bathroom and pulled my shirt over my head, exposing my medium sized breasts. I unzipped my jeans and slid them and my black lace panties to the floor. I looked up at my reflection in the mirror. I didn’t consider myself unattractive, just sort of plain. I stood at 5’2″, with a petite frame, except for my slightly pronounced bottom and breasts that were larger than usual, for people of my body type. I’d felt like a freak for most of high school and wanted to hide my body under baggy clothes, until I’d started dating this second year college guy named Greg, halfway through my senior year of high school. He’d insisted that “small girls with big tits and asses made guys horny as hell.” Not the most eloquent way to put it, but I suppose I appreciated it, none-the-less.

I looked into the mirror at my own aquamarine eyes staring back at me, and sighed. What was the use in having a body that “made guys horny as hell” if I wasn’t going to use it, anyway? Annoyed, I strode over to the shower and jerked the knob and stepped in. I let the water calm me, and tried not to think about Nathan, as I washed my body.

20 minutes later, I finished, toweled off, wrapped it around me, and padded to my room. “Fuck.” I said out loud.

All of my clothes were currently being held hostage in the laundry room. I didn’t bring much of my old wardrobe with me from Rhode Island. I’d decided to buy bursa escort more form fitting clothing since I’d moved here, instead of the baggy clothing I wore in high school. My wardrobe was still pretty sparse.

“I suppose I could wear my dirty clothes and just go sit down in the laundry room and wait for my others to be dry..” I said aloud.

No, that just felt gross. I groaned as I realized my only option.

I went to my drawers and found a set of thin, black lace hip hugging panties with a matching bra. Well, this was better than nothing, I thought. I slid this scanty ensemble on and headed for the door. I approached the laundry room door with caution, peaking in to make sure nobody was in. I was home-free. I raced over to my laundry and began throwing it into my basket. Halfway through, I heard footsteps behind me, and glanced over my shoulder. It was Nathan. He held a bemused sort of expression, and stood still for a few seconds, then went to tend to his laundry. I let out a nervous chuckle and retreated to the safety of my apartment.


I awoke the next morning, still wearing the silly get-up I’d used to retrieve my laundry the previous morning. I sat up in my bed and grumbled. I bet that guy thought I was coo-coo for cocoa puffs. It suddenly occurred to me that his note still lay in the back pocket of the jeans I’d discarded before my shower. I jumped out of bed and fumbled with my back pocket to free the note. I unfolded it and read aloud,

“My apartment number is C9, if you ever want to hang out sometime.”

He’d also scribbled his cell phone number at the bottom. I bet he really wanted to hang out now, I thought, sarcastically. I walked into my living room and let the note fall onto my coffee table.

My mind wandered to Nathan. I wondered what he was doing here in Seattle. He was probably going to school or something. I thought of his milky-half tanned skin, and his thick Boston accent. My hand drifted to my leg and I ran soft circles on the inner flesh of my right thigh, next to my pelvis.

I’d only experimented with masturbation a handful of times but I’d never reached orgasm. It usually only helped to calm my brain. Well, for a while, at least.

My hands started to wander across my body, as I daydreamed about kissing him. My left hand found my left breast, cupping it. I pulled hard on my nipple and moaned softly. I was horny. I stuck my right hand between my thighs, moved the lacey fabric to the side and stroked my clit with an extended finger. A jolt of electricity shot through my body so intense I moaned aloud. This never went anywhere. I knew better than to start this. I would get so horny I could barely contain it, but I’d never cum. But god, it felt so good.. I continued to play with my now swollen clit for a few minutes more, and decided it was futile to continue. Frustrated, I got up, strode into my bedroom and got dressed.

Around dinner time, I decided to go down to the lobby to check my mailbox. I flicked the button to the elevator and waited patiently for the doors to open. A few moments later, the elevator dinged and the big metal doors opened. I stepped inside, pressed the button for the ground floor and rode the elevator down. I checked my mail, found nothing but a weekly circular and some junk mail about new wireless service. I tossed them both into the trash and got back into the elevator. My hand hovered over the button for floor 10, and I hesitated. Was it too soon to go by Nathan’s apartment? I decided now was as good of a time as any and quickly pressed the 9.

I exited the elevator and walked down the hall to apartment C9 and rang the doorbell and waited for him to answer.

He yelled “Just a minute,” Through the door. I almost thought of bolting back to the elevator, but I’d never make it in time.

Besides, ding-dong-door-bell-ditch was a little third grade.

He came to the door wearing nothing but a white towel secured around his waist, drying his curly locks with what appeared to be a hand towel.

He looked at me and said “Oh, Cass. Hi! I’m sorry, I just got out of the shower the second you rang my doorbell.”

I just stood there, staring at his bare chest. He had moderate chest hair that spanned over his flat stomach, and got slightly denser. My activities from a few hours before came flooding back to me, and the memory of playing with my clit while imagining him sprang into sharp focus. I blushed and cleared my throat.

“Do you want to hang out?” How lame, I yelled at myself in my head.

“Well, um, I was just about to go to the store to buy some things, but I’ll call you tomorrow. Text me your number and we can arrange something.”

I smiled, agreed, and retreated back to the elevator. He thought I was nuts. I brushed my hand with my face and punched the number 10 and went back up to my apartment. Before I got into bed, I texted him from my phone as a last ditch effort. Wouldn’t hurt to try I guess.


1AM. I woke up and sat upright in my bed bursa escort bayan and rubbed my face. I slid my hand between my thighs and felt how wet I was. I had just been dreaming about sex with Nathan. I whimpered and lay back in bed. This was just not fair. I rolled over onto my stomach and tried to fall back to sleep. All that kept clouding my thoughts was Nathan. He’d looked so damned good in that towel.. I whimpered again and pressed my face into my pillow. Just then, my cell phone beeped from my bedside table. I pulled my head up, curious to see who was messaging me at this hour. I fumbled with the touchscreen and went to my text messaging section.

The message read: “Hi.. Sorry to bother you, I can’t sleep.”

It was Nathan. I leaned up and texted him back: “It’s fine. I can’t sleep either.”

I neglected to mention that dreaming of fucking him was causing that..

I rolled over onto my back and traced my fingers along the bottom of my stomach. My phone beeped again.

Nathan said, “I know it’s really late, but would you still like to hang out?..”

I stopped tracing my stomach and considered his proposition. I was embarrassed, but he was the first guy I’d been this attracted to since I’d moved here.

I hastily texted “Sure, just let me get dressed and I’ll be over,” And got out of bed.

I threw on a pair of tight, thin, pajama shorts and a black spaghetti strap tank top over a set of black lace panties and bra, and fixed my hair.

10 minutes later, I stood at his front door. I rang the bell and he answered. He opened the door in boxers and a white undershirt. I tried not to moan and followed him in.

“Would you like something to drink?” he asked, as he pulled a bottle of soda from his fridge.

I declined and sat down on the couch. I looked around the apartment, and noticed it was almost identical in space to mine.

We talked for hours about music, art, school, and our hometowns. Around 4’o clock, shocked at how much time had passed, I stretched and yawned. I was getting sleepy. I looked over at Nathan who was staring at my chest. I crossed my arms, uncomfortably.

He looked at me from across his couch and asked, without a hint of sarcasm “Have you ever masturbated before?”

Shocked, I said “No!” a little too defensively.

“So you have?” he chuckled, and continued his interrogation.

“Have you ever masturbated in front of someone before?”

I was unsure where this was going, but kept my cool and said “No,” a bit calmer this time.

He raised his eyebrows and said, “You wouldn’t believe how much of a turn-on it is.. Someone watching you pleasure yourself, and it turning them on.”

He bit his lower lip. I didn’t know what to do. This conversation intrigued me, and actually turned me on quite a bit, but this wasn’t me. I didn’t do things like this. I was Cass. Safe, dependable, semi-prude, Cass.

He stretched out on the couch and stared at me. My nipples were visibly hard. Several minutes went by while I seriously considered what this sexy guy had just asked of me, in a roundabout way. My pussy was throbbing, and I wanted nothing more than to stroke it. I knew I wouldn’t cum, though, and that would be infuriating. I looked him in the eye and was transfixed. I wanted this. I needed this. To hell with being dependable.

“How.. much of a turn-on.. is it?” I asked, trying not to sound as wary as I felt.

“Nothing compares to it, except for watching someone pleasure themself I think.”

I stood up, and he apparently thought I was bolting from the room and said “I’m sorry, look, I didn’t mean to freak you out, I-”

But I slid down my shorts and kicked them across the floor and sat back down. “I’m not freaked out.” I said.

I traced my middle finger along the waistband of my lacey panties. My pussy was begging to be stroked. I was so wet I could feel it without putting my hand down my panties.

He repositioned himself so he was directly in front of me on the other end of the couch and stared at me. I spread my legs and put my palm on the outside of my panties and pressed down. A moan escaped my lips and I shuddered. If this was how intense it was with panties on I was afraid to find out how intense it was going to be without.

I gently traced my middle finger up and down the seam of my panties, my freshly shaven soaking wet pussy clearly visible through the black fabric. I arched my hips a bit and swirled my finger over my clit. Jolts of pleasure shot through me and I moaned. I looked over at Nathan and noticed a huge bulge developing in his boxers. He sat with his hands to his sides, watching intently.

I stopped stroking my clit and pulled my top over my head and threw it behind me. I took both of my breasts in my hands and squeezed them. God, I was horny.

“Do you like being given commands, Cass?” He asked from the other end of the couch.

I whimpered and shrugged. This was all new to me; I didn’t know what I liked. He took that escort bursa as consent to start giving me commands.

“Pull one of your huge tits out of the top of your bra and tease your nipple.” He said.

I slowly removed my right tit and started running my finger in a circle around my little nipple. I let out a soft moan and squeezed my tit tightly in my palm. My hand found my pussy again and I was so horny I was humping up and down on the couch.

“Did I tell you to put your fingers on your pussy?” I shook my head, but kept my hand there, anyway.

“Remove your fingers from your pussy, or I’ll have to punish you.”

Punish me? I removed my hand, a little scared, and decided to go back to the first command, of massaging and teasing my breasts. He watched me intently for a few minutes and said,

“Now take off your panties and trace the outside of your pussy lips, but leave your clit alone. Remember what I said about punishing you.. follow my orders, Cass”

I took off my panties, kicking them across the room, and obeyed. It felt so good, and I wanted to touch my clit so bad. This was the horniest I could ever remember being. I stroked my lips all around my clit, careful to obey his orders, I was still afraid of what exactly his punishment was.

“Leave your bra on, but take out your tits and suck on your nipples, one at a time, slowly.”

I obeyed. I could feel my clit throbbing, begging for me to pay it some attention. I pulled one tit out, had the nipple almost to my mouth and Nathan said “No, take them both out.”

I pulled the other out and squeezed it, and put it slowly to my mouth. My tongue flicked out for my nipple and I moaned. I sucked on it hard and slowly, and licked around my areola. I pushed the other one up to my face and sucked the nipple hard into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue. My left hand reached out and grabbed my knee. Fuck this felt so good. He repositioned himself on the couch, and started absentmindedly stroking his hand over his hard cock on top of his boxers.

He looked down at my pussy and said, “I want you to stroke your little clit. It’s clearly begging for attention.. But if you dare cum, you will be punished.”

I whimpered and thought to myself “nothing to worry about… I can’t make it happen, no matter how I try..” and found my clit.

Electricity shot through my clit. I moaned loudly and threw my head back onto the arm of the couch. I swirled my finger in urgent circles around my clit and heard “stop.”

No! I didn’t want to stop. I kept swirling my finger and he said “This is your first warning, Cass.”

I stopped, worried. “Wa-warning for wh-what?” I asked.

He just smiled and said, “You’ll find out if you get three, now won’t you?”

I swallowed hard and tried to concentrate on what was happening. This was the closest I had ever been to cumming. I wanted to make it happen, but I was afraid of what his punishment would be if I did anything he disapproved of.

He stood up and walked into his room. I didn’t know if I should follow, but I was glad I hadn’t gotten up when he came back carrying a small shoe box. He sat it down on the coffee table and looked at me. “Have you ever played with toys before, Cass?” “No..” I said, slightly apprehensively.

“Would you like to?” he said, looking at me, with his hands on the lid of the box.

“What kind of toy?” I asked.

He lifted the lid and pulled out an 8 inch cream dildo. It was a perfect replica of a penis, complete with testicles. He handed it to me and turned in his seat.

“Pull your heels up so that you’re practically sitting on them with that beautiful ass of yours..”

I moaned and obeyed, slightly worried about what was going to happen next.

“Slide the dildo up and down the lips of your pussy from the bottom to your clit really slowly, to get it nice and wet. I’ll tell you when to stop.”

I grasped the dildo in my right hand and began trailing it up and down my slit, moaning as I dragged it across my now pitifully swollen clit. He stopped me.

“Slowly drag it back down and this time I want you to insert it into your pussy.”

My breath caught in my throat. I’d never done this before but I immediately abandoned the panic and obeyed. I dragged the dildo slowly down my pussy, hesitating slightly as I reached the opening, and pushed it in. My thighs shook and I moaned. I looked him in the eye, waiting for more direction, afraid of what he’d make me do as punishment if I didn’t obey.

“Slowly pump it in and out of your pussy, I’ll tell you when to stop.

My hand pushed and pulled, over and over, slowly, until I was sure I was going to cum. I let out a moan and thrust my hips forward.

“Pull the dildo out of your pussy and lay it on your stomach.” I reluctantly obeyed and stared at him, humping the air between us.

“Push your feet toward me, part your thighs so I can see, and stroke your clit. But don’t you dare let yourself cum. I’m serious about punishing you if you disobey..” He trailed off

My hand found my clit before he even got the sentence out. I swirled my middle finger quickly around my clit, arching my hips and moaning. Suddenly and abruptly he said, “Stop.”

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