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Naughty Little Girl… Ch. 04

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He gave her a few seconds of rest, letting his touch roam her body. With easy access to her pert breasts, just by removing that garment of clothing that hung over her frame. It was a sexy outfit, but knowing whom it belonged to… He truly desired that it be burned… With that thought gone, and her body so splendidly displayed before him in the mirror. He couldn’t help himself. Kissing her tender neck, biting down nice and hard, a hand traveled over her breast, tickling it with his finger tips, before he truly handled it viciously, making it red from being squeezed. It was then he noticed, that she was leaking from her buds. More so in the breast he massaged, but still both were leaking sweet milk slowly.

“So that’s what you had done to them.”

He commented, grinding his hips around, making her anus uncomfortable, for just sitting on his cock. He wanted her to beg for him to start up again. He could not believe his luck! He had planned that she would still refuse him, and he was totally comfortable about fucking her without consent. This was far better. He finally caught her lips with his own. Pleasuring her tongue, by invading her mouth with his own.

“What kind of cocks have you taken up this ass of yours?”

He smacked it, to give emphasis.


She sat balanced on his groin, his knees keeping her steady and unable to slip off his throbbing thickened member. She panted, tired, having already 3 small orgasms to keep her placid. Desire’s entire body sweated and she was relieved when her jersey was peeled off her lovely flesh and tossed carelessly on the floor like it was some worthless rag.

She made the mistake of seeing her reflection and as soon as she stared into his face, Desire had easily allowed the assault on her neck, the bell twinkling wildly, her collar rubbing in the most abrasive way, leaving some of her neck to bleed slightly, along with the other bites and hickeys that adorned her neck and pretty throat.

Desire felt his fingers massage her plentiful perky flesh, the pale orbs, bouncing and reddening to his ministrations as he massaged and squeezed, making her nipples peak and harden to painful extremes, so that little droplets of milk flowed from her tips. she DESPERATELY wished he would lick them off of her…

She gave a hurting moan as his cock corkscrewed inside her painfully, seemingly drilling into her ass. She tried to say something about him please fucking her again, but her lips were captured beşevler escort by his before she could even speak. She attentively wrapped her tongue around his, moaning softly and purring all the while. Her lips were swollen and full by the time he pulled away and Desire gave a small yelp as he slapped her ass.

“B-big ones…the e-entire…football…t-team…”


He wasn’t surprised, but acted in this manner. To make her feel degraded without him even saying a word. Besides, his mouth was full, with those plump lips once more. Her body felt like it was on fire, his tongue tracing along the back of her neck. Gathering her sweet tasting sweat as he went, along with that iron tasting blood… wiggling just a bit, to increase her aggravation.

His finger swiped up a bit of that white liquid, bringing it to his lips and suckling in her tasty milk. Though he had a few more toys to try, he would at least cum in her ass before he went for them. And so, he had finally started to pound back inside her, making her jump up from her seat as he did so.


She moaned and bucked against his cock as her words were silenced with his tongue curling around hers. Desire moaned and leaned her head back even farther across his shoulder as her teacher’s tongue swept over the rim of her neck, her collarbone and finally the back, cleaning up the blood and leaving behind a trail of cooling saliva that sent chills down her spine to the tip of her tail. She cringed, gasping as he twisted his cock deeper inside of her, in slight pain.

Desire shuddered as he swept a finger over her leaking breasts and took time to sample her sweetened milk. But then, the vigorous fucking that had occurred moments before ensued, and Desire was already squealing and whoring in his grasp as his cock continued to stretch her walls, thinner and thinner.

Her breasts bounced enticingly, making droplets of milk splatter as she tried to gasp out her request.



She didn’t even need to ask. In all seriousness, his cock was going to explode either way, but this added encouragement made it feel just that much better. His thick cock strained, bulging another half an inch in length, which started to pulsate. Then that lovely white staining liquid poured into her ass, filling it thoroughly. He kept fucking her though, as his own orgasm went on. Then, with a sickening squelch sound büyükesat escort coming from that hole as he pulled free.

He pushed on the top of her back, shoving her from his lap. Like a rag doll, that he had finished playing with, and was bored of her.

“We have all night? Huh?”

He said, with an ill intended smile broadening upon his face. Reaching into the depths of the bag he had brought. Another toy came up. This one was a rubber like vial. Very thick. And it went over the tip of her tail. The fur was the only reason he had put this on her. Since it wasn’t something someone would like to feel, while it was in use. Patting her backside, he let her relax for now.


Her moans came louder and quicker as he thrust her even faster, up and down onto his cock. She held onto her womb as she felt his cock harden even more, and she felt familiar throb. Desire screamed cumming in pleasure as she felt his hot, burning seed coat the inside of her ass. She continued to feel his hardened thrusts until he had emptied his entire load inside her. She stood, woozy and slightly sick from the rough fucking she had received, cum dripping from her ass and onto the floor on her room.

Desire gasped slightly as she felt herself pushed down on the floor as if she was not even a human being, just a slave. Her tail curled around her as Desire curled up hr own body, panting hard, gasping and trying to recuperate.

She refused to answer his question and Desire cringed as his hand came back across her butt.


He slipped the rubber vial over the tip of her tail, then pressed it disgustingly against her ass. He knew very well, that her tail was strong enough to push inside the tight hole. And he went around her front, caressing her cheek softly.

“Fuck your tight hole.”

He said, tapping his cell to make sure she did not have any second ideas, but it seemed far past that now. He backed up leering at her, waiting for her to do as he asked, aiming his camera phone toward her.


She vaguely felt something pressed against her ass, and Desire cringed, her ass sorer than it had ever been from fucking someone. She looked up tiredly to her teacher as he caressed her cheek and gave her, yet another set of instructions for her to follow, under threat of blackmail. Though she swore every so often, she heard a camera click.

She sighed from tiredness and seeing that he would çankaya escort make good with his threat, Desire pushed her tail inside herself, the plastic aiding in stretching her already wet hole tighter and tighter. Though she wasn’t used to having mere plastic inside of her and she struggled to gain pleasure from it, cringing and grimacing most of the time.


At last, he grew impatient and he pulled on her tail fiercely, taking it out of her hole. Then, her teacher, made his way downstairs. Heading into their kitchen to help himself to a cup of tea. It wasn’t too hard to find the ingredients, but that bloody kettle took the longest time it seemed, to make the water hot enough. He then sat himself onto the soft, lazy-boy chair. And even reclined, to enjoy his cup of tea, as if casually in his own home and not the home of the student he had fucked and had sexually doting on his whims.


She moaned in pain as the tail dildo was removed quickly from her ass, still gushing with her teacher’s cum, leaking from her surprisingly still tight wondrous ass. Her thighs were covered in her pussy juices and the little vibrator was a few inches from her fingers, but she was too tired to even think about Mr. Gabriel taking her viciously.

Desire winced, crawling to her bathroom and starting her shower as her teacher went downstairs. After all…SURELY he was finished with her…right?


The best thing about blackmail, was no price was too high, to keep it all a secret. His fingers went over the numbers of his cell, pressing speed dial. His ‘buddy’ owned a few things. One was overseeing his pet. The one and only prized possession he ever owned. It was only ten whole, long minutes before the package arrived at the house. And he quickly dashed outside to help them carry it inside.

She would be very unlucky to find, that his favorite thing, wasn’t one thing, but two. Two statues. Each weighing only 50 lbs. But, carried in one box. It was an odd thing to bring to her house, but it was signed anonymous and he walked out, leaving a card for her to find. The gargoylian- like statues was of a seemingly demonic tiger, and panther.


Desire stepped out of the shower and eased into the hallway, straining to hear her blackmailer…when she didn’t…

The student crept downstairs, wrapped in only a skimpy blue towel, dripping water everywhere. She didn’t see him…but she DID see a large box…and by the look of the card if was for her, from Mr. Gabriel. Desire opened the box and saw…two lifelike statues…of a panther and a tiger…with cold unforgiving stone eyes and smirk snarls?

Curiously, she peered deeper into the box, wondering what Mr. Gabriel intended…

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