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Naughty Pleasure Market Ch. 09

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Matthew didn’t have to wait long for David to approach him. As far as he heard, David had beaten up one guy over a bed and then forced him to swear loyalty to him. But since he needed five slaves to support his claims, not one, he continued recruiting with Matthew and Moe as potential candidates. They were sitting on the floor next to a couch (as there was a piece of paper taped to the furniture saying “not for use of slaves”).

“Hey, bitch. Ready to suck my toes in front of everyone?” That was David’s idea of a greeting. He came to them from position of power, standing, while they had their butts on the floor.

Matt nodded, obediently, and immediately looked away. Otherwise he would laugh and give the entire intrigue away. Logan – the dominant they were actually going to obey – told them to mislead everyone trying to make them submit, by promising to submit, to fill his potential rivals with false confidence.

“Good bitch. You already proved to be a good ass-licker, so I have some high hopes for you. And who is this bitch?” He asked, looking at Moe, who was much more relaxed than Matthew. “Wanna be mine, faggot?”

“Show me your asshole first. If you’re making your slaves suck it, I want to know what I’m getting myself into,” Mohammed smiled, cheeky as always.

But David wasn’t having it. He smacked Moe’s face without any hesitation. Then he grabbed his dark hair and pulled them, making Mohammed clench his teeth in pain and scream a little bit.

“You wanna play a smartass with me?” David hissed straight into his ear. “A dumb fucking faggot like you?”

“No, sir. I’m sorry, sir,” Mohammed had clearly learned some humility in a span of seconds, recognizing that he fucked with the wrong person. But David wasn’t letting him go. “Please, I’m really sorry, I will suck your toes, ass, or whatever else you want…” Unfortunately for him, David mistook his eagerness and fear for sassiness.

“There’s only one cure for bratty fags like you.”

Matthew stood up in panic, seeing how David is dragging Moe to the bathrooms. Some slaves have immediately noticed the commotion and followed them to see how this situation will resolve.

Already in the bathroom, under turned off showers, David kicked Moe right after freeing him from his grip, sending the boy to the cold floor. When Mohammed tried to stand up, he was kicked again. David had clearly a lot of fun, as he was laughing sadistically. When Mohammed got himself into a corner, he knelt, looking at David with his huge, fearful dark eyes.

“Please, I didn’t mean to be disrespectful. I acknowledge your superiority,” Moe cried in fear.

“No, you don’t. But you will.” David reached for the jar standing on a bathroom shelf. It was half-filled with piss. There was a text on the jar saying: “in case you forget that you’re a faggot, drink this”.

“Can you read, bitch?” David asked, smiling devilishly. “Then open your filthy mouth wide.”

“No, please… I beg you… I understood my mistake… I’m yours now… Please…”

Matt’s attention went away from them for a second, as he noticed that slave standing next to him just got a boner. For some reason it was such a weird discovery for Matthew, that from now on he kept checking all other slaves as well.

“I will give you a fast shower,” David said, while opening the lid. “You better swallow whatever gets in your mouth.”

Matthew noticed that the guy with the boner, one of many who were watching the show, has started stroking his cock.

“Please… don’t do this…”

But David, laughing, poured the smelly liquid, spilling it on Moe’s face. It splashed down to his torso, stomach, legs, even dick. Mohammed spit some of it out in panic, gasping for air. David, disgusted, jumped back to avoid being sprinkled.

“What the fuck, dumb bitch?! I fucking told you to swallow it!”

“I couldn’t! It’s disgusting!”

“Of course it is, that’s why it’s perfect for a faggot! Now you will suck it off the fucking floor, fag!”

“Please, güvenilir bahis just let me be…!”

“Apparently you’re still not obedient enough. No problem, I will gladly…” David stopped talking and smiled, seeing how Mohammed had a sudden change of heart.

In despair, Moe bend over and pulled his tongue out, soaking it in the puddle of piss. Slaves observing this made a simultaneous disgusted noise, some of them laughed, some even jerked.

And when Mohammed was licking the pissed floor like a thirsty dog, David lifted his own soft cock. An irregular stream of piss started hitting Mohammed’s back, as his bully started laughing again.


As the slaves gathered in the main room, one of the masters, the youngest one, whose name Matthew couldn’t remember, asked with disgusted face:

“What the fuck is that smell?”

“This, my dear Prowler, is the reek of piss,” master Goldman explained to his younger colleague, with patronizing slap to his handsome face. “Clearly you’re not into watersports if you don’t know this already. It smells really bad, but it’s ultimately what this house IS supposed to smell like. You will be fucked raw in here, boys,” he addressed the kneeling slaves. “Since tomorrow morning, many different liquids will be flooding our floors and your precious bodies. It will often be smelly, dirty and sticky. And part of your job as slaves is to endure it. But it’s something to celebrate, right? After all, it’s not like we’re forcing the unwilling to be here. All of you showed signs of being attracted to filth if you’re with us.”

“Frog, my friend, please… to the point,” the oldest master, the one giving off some creepy uncle vibes, said in his thick accent.

Matthew’s eyes grew bigger, as he kept sounding his sexy dad bod, only to find that he had a thick boner going against the fabric of his shorts. Seeing how horny these men were, he just couldn’t wait for tomorrow. How many guys will use him as a cum dump, only to forget about his existence in next five minutes? These thoughts made his dick hurt, as it tried to stiffen itself inside the cage.

“You’re right, Martin. Alright, boys. Those of you who want to become alpha slaves, stand up and step out.”

Matt froze as he watched three of the slaves standing up. It was unimaginable for him to fight for more power, when the lowest position in the hierarchy was just so sexy in this pleasurable, fucked up way. He failed to realize that it was his horny brain drowning in unreleased cum, making him enjoy something he should be fearing.

“Three boys,” master Goldman said loudly, giving his master friends a really dirty look. “So it’s going to be interesting after all…”

The candidates were as followed: Logan, David and some black guy with dreadlocks and golden earring. Matthew was a witness of how Logan and David briefly looked at each other. They both seemed calm and incredibly confident. It was worrying. Without them, there have been only 11 slaves. And each of the alpha slaves needed 5 of them. One of the alpha candidates was surely going to become a huge loser. If Matthew’s cock weren’t in charge of his brain now, he would be anxious to say the least. But right now he was excited. The idea of being called the lowest scum in the hierarchy and probably punished as such in front of everyone was nothing but arousing.

“Alright then, we have our candidates. Now, it’s time for our democratic election. Slaves, you’ll be now allowed to stand up, one by one, and show proper respect to the alpha slave who dominated you. If some of you doesn’t feel dominated by anyone, just get up and stand where you stood.”

Matthew looked at Mohammed kneeling next to him, on his right side. He was quiet since David disciplined him. Quiet and focused. Matt was suspecting that he was savoring this moment as according to plan, they were about to trick David and submit to Logan instead.

First two slaves approached Logan. They were his private “goons” that would never güvenilir bahis siteleri leave his side. For both of them he lifted his feet, each at the time, forcing them to kiss his dirty soles. Matthew couldn’t really name it, but there was something incredibly sexy in his smug, bored expression. According to Moe, who knew him from tennis club, he was indeed a rich kid. For a submissive guy there was something exciting in being put under someone like that in the hierarchy. Or perhaps it was just Matt’s caged cock that was ready to burst even for some abstract concept like social injustice right now.

Third slave was a boy in glasses, who – just like Matthew – had his cock humiliated by chastity device. He had some huge nuts, so Matt figured it was just like in his case: dick too big to be left free. Anyway, he knelt in front of David and placed like twenty kisses on his feet, until David barked “alright, now fuck off” at him.

Slaves who already chose their alphas remained on their knees, next to their candidates. After sixth slave’s choice, the score was: 3 for Logan and 3 for David.

Finally, it was Matthew’s turn now. He stood up and approached Logan without any hesitation. His alpha slave lifted his right foot lazily, as he did before for other slaves. Matt kissed his dirty soles, showing eagerness by using a bit of tongue. Logan’s feet left some sand in his mouth because of that. Once he looked up at his alpha, he realized that his effort would go underappreciated. It’s not that Logan didn’t care, he just clearly expected that kind of devotion already. Meanwhile, one look at David convinced Matt that his life was about to become very difficult from now on. He was furious that Matthew betrayed him and didn’t submit himself to him.

Kneeling behind Logan, Matthew watched as Moe stands up and approaches the scene. He was staring down, avoiding eye contact with anyone and seemed to be overall broken. Perhaps that’s why it didn’t even surprise Matthew that much, once he knelt, but in front of David, pledging himself to his bully, by kissing his feet with eagerness taught by fear. David looked back at Matthew and smiled cruelly, clearly savoring his victory.

4 slaves for Logan, 4 for David and 0 for the black guy, who at this point had clear panic painted on his face. Only three slaves who haven’t chose yet left. When the first one of them stood up and made the decision, master Goldman has spoken officially:

“Congratulations, bitch boy. You’re the first alpha slave in the house,” he said to David, who now forced his slaves to applaud him with an evil grin on his young face. “I already feel sorry for these boys,” he added, but the smile on his face was a clear sign of how honest this statement was.

Both of the remaining slaves approached Logan, leaving him as the second official alpha slave, on a slightly stronger position, as he had 6 followers instead of 5. It didn’t seem to matter, though, as both David and Logan exchanged a handshake, clearly accepting each other as equals.

But then, out of the sudden, the black guy who totally misjudged his chances in the run for alpha slave position dropped to his knees and started furiously kissing Logan’s feet.

“Oh, no, no, no,” master Roman intervened, while also laughing. “You fucked up big time, boy. No turning back now.”

Boy looked back at the masters, scared.

“They’ve set me up!” he cried. “They promised they would submit!”

“Being alpha is not about believing promises, boy. It’s about keeping the bitches in line with respect,” master Goldman answered. “And you two managed to do that,” he addressed David and Logan, who were proudly standing still, with hands behind their backs. “We will discuss your privileges later, but the first one I can reveal right now: you will be the only slaves in the house to be addressed by your actual names.”

“Frog, for fuck’s sake…” master Ramon barked again, suggestively grabbing his huge, stiff bulge.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll hurry. iddaa siteleri Okay, boys. Go to your sex dungeon. I’m sure your alphas have some things to discuss. You,” he placed a hand on the kneeling black slave’s head, “you’re staying with us.”


It was the middle of the night and Matthew couldn’t sleep. He was sharing an upper bunk bed with some total stranger, white slave boy with afro made out of dark, curly hair. His name was Alex. His sweaty, athletic body was pressed against Matthew’s. One hairy leg wrapped itself around Matt’s. Even their feet were resting against each other. They’ve had to be so close, despite not knowing each other, because of the simple fear of falling down in sleep.

Matt was constantly feeling the layer of cum that dried on his stomach. Alex was so aroused by their closeness, he couldn’t sleep because his shaved cock just wouldn’t soften. He asked if he could jerk off and Matthew said yes. In the middle of it, he reached out and replaced Alex’s hand with his own. They even kissed, passionately, with tongue, despite just meeting. Matt was thrilled, as it was the closest experience to a hook up that he ever had. It was weird to play so naughty with a complete stranger and for some reason it made him feel very old, like it was randomly decided this single sexual experience was the moment that made him a real adult.

For a while, he was able to smell Alex’s dick and balls on his fingers. He brought them to his nose and tortured his cock that way for a while. Unable to become erect because of the cage, he was stuck in a constant state of unfulfilled arousal.

Choosing Logan turned out to be a very beneficial decision. He kept his promise and provided all of his followers with beds. That way, his six slaves took three beds and he also had one for himself. It was actually David who came up with an offer to not split the beds evenly. He obviously took one of the two remaining beds for himself and the other one was meant for his most loyal, obedient bitch, that he would choose out of his five. Matthew felt kinda bad, watching Moe sleeping on the floor, without covers, clearly cold and uncomfortable.

“I thought he was a pussy, but he’s a psycho,” he explained to Matthew right after the alpha slave showdown. “I can still feel the pain in my arm and piss in my mouth. I fucked up. I’ve had to submit to him or he would make my life a living hell.”

But Matthew knew that he was lying. When the commotion with bed splitting drew everyone’s attention, Matt went to look out for Mohammed, hoping that they could still somehow take a bed together. He found Moe in the corner, on his knees, with David standing in front of him, getting sucked off. In the first moment Matthew thought David forced himself on Mohammed, and since he felt threatened, he obeyed. But then Matt noticed Moe’s veiny cock, standing up, excited to serve his bully. Matthew left them to it, fully understanding this horny need to serve your oppressor. He had similar desires all the time, after all.

It soon became clear, that their masters weren’t joking with that “sex dungeon” thing. All of the slaves seemed to be fucking in the corners, not even trying to hide that much. In the showers, in bedrooms, on the floors – someone was always getting rubbed. It wasn’t difficult to understand, masters clearly knew well what it meant to close a bunch of sexy boys, confirmed as gay, who are constantly naked, in a closed space with nothing else to do. They were like unleashed, horny animals fed with some libido enhancing drugs. And it was merely day one. Tomorrow, an army of doms would come to destroy their assholes. The amount of nasty sex was only going to double.

The only thing that Matt kept wondering about – what happened to that black guy? For some reason, he never returned to the dungeon, at least not this night…

“Hey, Matthew?” Alex whispered into his ear, noticing that he wasn’t sleeping.


“I’m hard again.” Matthew instinctively looked down at boy’s dick.


“This time do it with your mouth.” Matthew found the way he expressed this cheeky, and because of it, impossible to refuse.

Wet sex sounds filled the silence of the night, and absolutely no one cared.

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