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New Halloween Tradition

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This is my entry into the Literotica 2021 Halloween Story Contest. I always like to reinforce that, like my author name says, all of the stories I tell here have a basis in truth and are always based on actual events from my life. That being said, I do like to add some twists & embellishments to keep them interesting for the readers. I always welcome guesses as to which parts of my stories are “truth” and which parts are the “twists”.

This one is shorter than most of my others because the event it describes took place over the course of only about an hour.

Please remember to vote and leave comments! The best way authors know what you like and don’t like in our stories is with your comments.

Hope you enjoy!


My wife Sherri and I moved to our neighborhood about 13 years ago, shortly after our daughter was born in mid-August. We learned that first year that because we were in a cul-de-sac in an upscale neighborhood, our area was a huge destination for Halloween trick or treating. People would literally drive from nearby neighborhoods and towns and drop their kids off to go door to door at nearly 90 houses in the development.

Because it was our first home in the suburbs, I jumped into the spirit and started a tradition of going all out decorating each year for the holidays. Halloween was always a bit more fun than even Christmas because I could be creative. Each year, the theme would change, but there were always a few things in common: Halloween music playing on hidden speakers, a Halloween movie or show projected on the garage door, lighted pumpkins and inflatables in the front yard, and everything was kid-friendly! No scary monsters or witches or murderers jumping out and scaring the little kiddies.

A second tradition started, kind of, on its own. That first year, we were so inundated with kids we didn’t have any time to make dinner. So, as soon as the official trick or treating hours ended, we put a bucket of candy on the front steps (for any latecomers) turned off the movie and some of the lights and … ordered pizza to be delivered. Depending on her age, we put our daughter to bed or in her playpen or she would join us and we would watch a Halloween movie of our own, usually Beetlejuice, Young Frankenstein or Hocus Pocus.

Like I said, year after year we continued this tradition. As our daughter got older we would switch off, with either my wife or I walking the neighborhood with her while the other stayed behind to hand out treats. We would each get into the spirit when we were the ones opening the door. My wife would wear all black and put on a witch’s hat and cape, while I answered the door dressed as a pirate or magician or even Clark Kent (with my Superman shirt showing). In later years, our daughter would sometimes have friends join her for a night or trick or treating and a sleepover. But no matter what, each year ended with pizza and a movie on the couch.

When my daughter turned 13, she got invited to a sleepover at a friend’s house. My wife and I stayed home that year to hand out candy. Because by that time, she was the Vice-Principal at a local school, Sherri now did most of the candy distribution, because she knew more and more of the kids that came by.

For some background, when we were first together, Sherri was a tall, thin blonde with small perky tits, tight ass and long lean legs. There was an old store, “bebe”, that Sherri could have been the perfect model for. But age & motherhood does change things. Over the years, she had filled out in a good way. Her breasts were a 38C and her long blonde hair was gone, she now had a shorter platinum blonde bob. Her ass had filled out as well, but she kept it toned with exercise and yoga. I’m your typical suburban dad, just over 6 feet tall in decent shape but a bit extra around the middle. I’ve never claimed to be equipped like a porn star, but Sherri seemed to enjoy the 6 inches with a bit of girth I did have.

This particular year, Sherri had dressed as a witch again. She wore a long black dress with a turtleneck and long sleeves. She added green lipstick and a witch’s hat on her head, plus a pair of boots to add to her height. She draped a black cloak over her shoulders to complete the look. All night, I was entertained when she would open the door in her witch’s garb and the kids who recognized her would react with giggles and surprise. Of course, I’m pretty sure some of the older kids who stopped by may have made some comments about how they “always thought she was a witch” as they walked away.

As always, for three straight hours the doorbell rang nonstop. As the clock struck eight and the ringing slowed, Sherri came into the living room and sat on the couch.

“Tell you what” she started, “Why don’t you order the pizza and I’ll go get changed? Just give me a second to rest my feet and pick a movie for us to watch.”

I went to the other room, called the pizza artemisbet yeni giriş place and because they were busy, they said it would be at least an hour before we got the food delivered. I told Sherri, who shrugged and went upstairs to change. After a few minutes, she yelled down to me that I should go put the extra candy outside and unplug the projector so the pizza delivery guy could pull into the driveway.

It took me about 10 minutes to get some things packed up and turned off and when I got back inside Sherri was sitting in front of the tv with the lights in the room dimmed.

She said, “I’m starting the movie, why don’t you pour us some wine and join me?”

I followed her instructions and walked back into the living room to find her sitting with her legs outstretched on the coffee table. She still had her boots and hat on, with her cloak wrapped around her. The only change was that she now had bright red lipstick on.

“I thought you were getting changed?”

“I did. I changed my lipstick. Plus, I thought I would keep in the spirit of the holiday a bit longer tonight. Start the movie.”

I knew Sherri and I knew her signals, so I knew something was up, but I wanted to ride it out and see where this was heading. I pressed “play” on the DVD player and realized she had picked a sequel to my LEAST favorite movie, Hocus Pocus. The original was bad enough, but I realized that we were watching some direct to DVD version with three unknowns playing the lead roles. I didn’t recognize any of the names on the screen as the camera zoomed in on a group of three teens approaching a scary-looking house.

But as the camera got closer to the actors, I figured out pretty quickly that this was a VERY different version of the movie. For starters, the “kids” who visit the mysterious house at the beginning were significantly older than I remembered, and the two girls had huge tits that were spilling out of their tops. The acting was awful and camara kept giving shots of the girls’ cleavage and up their short skirts.

After entering the house, the group split up with the two girls exploring the upstairs. As they walked through the spooky house, a red haired, busty witch appeared in the background and waved her wand at the girls. Of, course, this caused the girls to become overwhelmed with lust. The blonde on the screen began devouring her brunette friend’s tits while working her hand into her panties. I felt myself getting hard as I looked over at Sherri who had a wicked smirk on her face. It looked like her own hand was moving at her crotch beneath her cloak.

When I turned back to the video, the brunette was now reclined on a dusty sofa while the blonde was bent over with her face buried in her pussy. She was so engrossed in licking her friend she didn’t see the guy looking into the door of the room. A different witch appeared behind him, this one African-American, who sprinkled him with some sort of glitter. They cut back to the blonde eating out her friend with all the requisite porn movie sounds and moaning.

The guy walked back over, naked now, and began lining his cock up with the blonde’s exposed hole. The blonde looked back and moaned as her friend plunged his cock into her. As they continued their actions, smoke started to billow in the background and the three witches appeared. These were definitely not the actresses I remembered as they were the typical porn actresses with long hair, huge tits and slinky costumes. As the sex on the screen picked up its pace, I asked Sherri if this was her Halloween treat for me.

“Well, I remember the fun we used to have in the old days around Halloween and the stories you’ve told me about you and Tara, so I thought we could have our own private trick or treat session tonight.”

She stood up and was still perched on her high heel boots. She pushed her cloak back over her shoulders to reveal that she had, in fact, changed clothes. She was now wearing a sheer, mesh black dress that was mostly see-through. The top was pushing her tits up and the bottom barely covered her ass and pussy. A silky black sash belt was wrapped around her waist and her legs were encased in a pair of fishnet thigh-high stockings that went down to her boots at her knees. Since she had foregone panties, I could see her neatly trimmed pussy peeking out from under the dress as she moved.

“I was going to save this for later” she started, “But I figured since we have an hour or so until the food gets here, we can start a little early.” Since I was still sitting, she was towering over me. She then continued, “I’ll make you a deal. If you are willing to start with a ‘trick’ I’ll make sure you get a ‘treat’ too.”

“Sure!” I said, enthusiastically. My cock was a rock-hard rod, straining to get out of my quickly tightening jeans.

“Good. Then get undressed and lean back.” I did as she suggested and started to reach out to pull her down to me.

“Not yet.” She said, “We’re starting with artemisbet giriş your ‘trick’.”

Sherri removed the silk sash from around her waist and tied it around my eyes blackening the room. I felt Sherri start to stroke my cock, getting it even harder. Next, her tongue started to lick up and down my shaft before taking the head in her mouth and gently sucking. So far, I was enjoying the trick! Sherri alternated between licking my shaft and sucking on the head of my dick. One of her hands was caressing my balls, gently pulling on them as her mouth continued its exploration.

Sherri continued for a minute or two until I felt her pull back and heard her moving away. I was poised to feel her mount me, assuming she was getting better positioned. Instead, the next thing I felt was her hand stretching something over my erect cock. At first I thought she was for some reason lining me up with a condom, but when I felt it first constrict around the base of my shaft and then around the base of my balls, I knew she had put a silicone cock ring on me.

When Sherri removed the blindfold, my theory was confirmed. Wrapped around my cock and balls was a duo-cock ring made of silicone. The red material was stretched around my girth with a vibrating bullet positioned on the top side of my cock. Underneath, a second ring stretched around my balls, squeezing my sack. The two rings were designed to keep me hard, but would prevent me from coming until they were released.

“So, this is your trick tonight?” I asked.

“Yup. I don’t want you coming until I say so. But now, how about your first treat?”

“You mean the blow job wasn’t my treat?”

Sherri then sat on the other side of the couch and settled into the plush corner. She placed one boot on the back of the couch and the other on the coffee table spreading her legs wide. Her sheer dress rode up, putting her bare pussy on full display.

“No. Your dick in my mouth was MY treat. Now, time for you to have yours.” She then motioned for me to get down on my knees and start licking her.

Unlike some guys, I never minded performing oral on women, so I got myself comfortable and started licking and kissing my way up her inner thighs. I kissed the top of her pubic mound and nipped at her thighs. Sherri had her hands wrapped in my hair as I continued to tease her.

“Mmmm….the longer you tease me, the less chance you have of getting more treats before the pizza delivery guy shows up.”

I took the hint and used my tongue to lick the length of her slit. To my surprise, I didn’t just taste her usual fluids. Instead, my tongue was tingling with … mint? Her pussy was dripping and covered in a sweet, candy-like lubricant that made my tongue tingle just a bit. The unique flavor and feeling made me start licking a bit more aggressively. Sherri grabbed my head and pulled me in closer as she started to gyrate her hips and breath heavier.

“Do you like your treat, honey?” she said between moans. “It’s a flavored lube with a stimulant in it. As soon as I used it, I could feel my pussy getting warmer. I got so hot while I was changing, I even dipped my own fingers in and I was soaking wet. I almost had you come upstairs and fuck me right there but….Mmmmmm….oh…that’s it….your tongue feels so good, use your fingers, too.”

Following her instructions, I continued using my tongue on her lips and clit and added two of my fingers to the mix. Between the lubricant and her own juices, Sherri was flowing so it took no effort to work two fingers deep inside her.

Oddly enough, while I remember the sights and taste of the night, the one thing that made it incredibly erotic were the sounds in the room at that moment. Sherri was moaning and breathing heavily, but those weren’t the only sounds. I could hear the movie that I could no longer see but knew that there was some hardcore fucking happening on the screen. I could hear flesh slapping and people moaning. At the same time, the Halloween music was still playing outside and you could hear the remnants of kids walking in the neighborhood and grabbing last-minute pieces of candy. It almost felt like we were having a secret tryst in our own living room, with people watching or listening to us. The eroticism of the moment made me lick faster and start fucking Sherri with my fingers even harder. I rolled my hand over so that my fingers were pressed against the top of her fleshy tunnel and I started making a stroking motion on her g-spot.

This was all enough to send Sherri over the edge. I felt her thighs close in on my head as she began bucking her hips and her whole body quaked. She had one hand gripping one of her tits and the other one clawing at the side of the couch. Her moans were loud enough that had someone been close to the house, I was convinced they would have heard her. Hopefully, any kids walking by would think it was part of the music or sound effects playing around the house. I lifted myself up a bit and let her come artemisbet güvenilirmi down from her climax. As she got her breath back, she looked over at me and smiled.

“That was amazing. But now, I want my next treat. I want you inside me.”

We arranged ourselves so that I was now sitting on the couch and Sherri climbed on top of me. Her pussy was engorged and soaked as she slid down my length easily and settled in. Because of her recent orgasm, her pussy felt tight and velvety. I could feel the remnants of the stimulating lube causing my own flesh to tingle and warm slightly. Wanting to touch more of her, I untied her cloak and let it fall to the ground to give me better access to her mesh-covered tits. Pushing her dress down, I reached around and pulled her chest closer to me so I could suck on her tits while she rode me. As Sherri started to gyrate on me, I felt her hands reach down to where we were joined. She fiddled with the cock ring until she found the button that started the vibrating bullet.

Within seconds, I could feel my dick and balls vibrating and pulsating with the small but intense bullet at the base of my shaft. Sherri was positioned so that her already inflamed clit was pressed up against the bullet sending shockwaves through her body. Because she had just come minutes before, she was already sensitive and on the verge of another orgasm. I grabbed her ass and began to move her up and down my cock that felt ready to explode. For the second consecutive time, Sherri started to shake and come, this time from the combination of the bullet and being impaled on my cock. Her movements were enough to send me over the edge as well and I started to elevate my hips pushing as deep into her as I could. Everything felt like I was coming except nothing exploded out of me. The cock ring locked around my cock and balls was preventing me shooting my cum deep inside her.

Sherri rode the end of her wave and collapsed against me. After a moment or two, she realized that her plan had worked and I was still stiff inside her.

“Mmmm….I like this thing. I bet I could keep you hard all night, couldn’t I? But I think it’s time you got a treat and get to come.”

Sherri got up and we switched places. She laid down on the couch with her legs spread and I positioned myself between them. I started to reach for the cock ring when she stopped me.”

“Honey, you are going to explode as soon as you take that off. Fuck me first, then when you feel like you’re going to come — take it off and come inside me.”

Listening to my wife once again, I plunged my cock back inside her pussy. I started off slowly at first but soon built up to a comfortable rhythm. In the back of my mind, I thought we had time to finish, but was a bit concerned that if the pizza showed up soon I would have the worst case of blue balls in history.

“Sher..” I said. “I can’t see the movie. Tell me what’s happening on the screen.”

Sherri and I had been together long enough that she knew I loved hearing her talk dirty. Because she was normally proper and reserved, hearing her be crude and sexy was the ultimate turn-on for me.

“The witches cast a spell over everyone” she started. “One witch has the blonde girl laid on a table and is eating her out. The black witch is sitting and watching them and she has her wand buried in her pussy fucking herself with it. Oh…Jay…it’s so hot. She’s driving the wand in and out of her cunt, baby.” I started to pound my wife harder the more she spoke.

“Oh, yes….that feels good…. The red haired witch is riding the guy’s cock right now. He’s licking her tits and spreading her ass open. Oh, shit! The other girl has the witch’s wand and is sliding into the witch’s ass. She and the guy are double fucking the witch. Oh, she looks so full. Fuck me, Jason. Fuck me harder. I want to feel you fuck my pussy like that.”

That did it. I felt my cock start to throb inside of Sherri. I pulled out and as quickly as I could, got the rings off my cock and balls. Before I could react, a huge spurt shot out and landed on Sherri’s chin and collarbone. A second burst landed on her partially exposed tits and the top of her mesh dress. I wrapped a finger and thumb around the base of my cock and stopped the flow just long enough to push back inside my wife’s pussy.

Thanks to the cock ring, it felt like I had a double-load built up as I kept coming for what seemed liked minutes. I felt my cum filling up my wife as I pushed in and out of her, our combined juices flowing out of her. Sherri met my efforts with one final mini-orgasm of her own and soon we both were collapsed side by side on the sofa.

We were both in a bit of a daze watching the movie as we recovered. I was covered in a mix of cum, mint lubricant and Sherri’s pussy juices. Sherri wiped the cum off of her chin and was gently playing with the fluids leaking from her, running her fingers up and down her engorged pussy lips. The scene on the TV had turned into an all-out orgy with the witches and others writhing and fucking and fingering and licking. My cock actually started to stir a bit and Sherri reached over to start stroking it again. We sat and watched, and just as I started to harden again, we saw headlights turn into the driveway.

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