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Nice Time of the Month

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Nice time of the month

– or —

The best a girl can get

(A companion story to Careful what you ask for)

Lorna, like any other woman, did not look forward to her ‘time of the month’. But she did look forward all month to her ‘Nice Time of the Month’. It was several years since she first decided out of excitedly embarrassed curiosity to shave herself ‘Down South’ to see what it felt like. Although very ticklish, she had thoroughly enjoyed the sensation of shaving off her pubic hair and she had especially loved the gorgeously smooth feel of her newly shaved private against her satin pants that she always loved to wear. She had also loved the feel of her silky-smooth skin against the stretchy white cotton and lycra pants she wore under her ballet tights the first time she had danced with her pussy shaved. She had loved the whole experience so much that she let her hair re-grow so she could have it all over again. She kept on doing it so that whereas when she started her pubic hair took six weeks to fully re-grow, she could now shave it every four weeks midway between her periods.

She had been sharing her pleasure with Steve since the unusual circumstances of their first meeting* and now they both looked forward all month to Lorna’s Nice Time of the Month, when they would shave each other and enjoy whatever other erotic pleasures they could think up between them. Tonight was The Night, and it was hard for both of them to concentrate on work while their heads were buzzing with all kinds of erotic ideas, which they had no hesitation in texting to each other at the earliest opportunity.

As the day progressed their messages to-ing and fro-ing between them became more and more explicitly kinky in their content. Lorna was working on client files in her office when Steve’s latest statement of intent arrived on her mobile. He was an assiduous texter but philosophically opposed to text speak, which meant that every pleasure-inducing word was spelled out in full.

“I would love to discover what it feels like to put my fingers inside you as I shave you. The idea of sandwiching your hot, vibrant flesh between the warmth of my fingers and the cold steel of the razor blade is incredibly exciting.”

Lorna’s fingers trembled on her mobile’s keypad as she answered back, also spelling out every word in full for their shared pleasure.

“I want to massage your newly-shaved dick with my love juices. I want to feel the perfect newly shaved smoothness of your rock-hard throbbing meat as I stroke it and rub it against my newly shaved pussy before I put you inside my hot and hungry cunt. I only hope you don’t cut my lips off beforehand because I’ll be squirming and screaming so much when you’re tickling me as you shave me.”

She was already flushed and trembling with excitement as she sent her text, but his response was too much for her to cope with any longer.

“I can tie you down on the bed so tightly you’ll be unable to move no matter how much you try to squirm, and gag you so firmly you will only mew like a kitten however much you try to scream. “

She could only contain herself enough to text back “YES! YES! YES!” before she had to scamper to the lady partner’s room. She locked herself in the cubicle furthest from the door. She pulled her pants down, sat on the toilet, clamped her left hand as firmly as she could over her mouth and thrust the middle three fingers of her right hand up between her trembling thighs and straight into the hot, wet tingly throb of her vagina. She clamped her muscles, kept incredibly fit and strong by her years of ballet training — as Steve could wincingly testify to — onto her fingers and massaged herself furiously on them as she thrust them forcefully up and down within herself. She drove herself half-crazy with thoughts of tying him up and gagging him, of masturbating him and enveloping his hugeness inside herself, of feeling and stroking his hairy genitals and groin while she shaved them. With each up stroke she ground herself into the palm of her hand while she rubbed the pulsating, velvet-smooth pleasure factory of her G-spot and made frantic little mewing noises into her self-administered gag that almost sounded like she was being kidnapped.

After what seemed like an age of being in the state of exquisite torture on the frustrated brink of fulfilment, she finally came with three muffled “Mmmphs” stifled at birth in the tight grip of her palm. The torrent of her juices bathed her fingers and sluiced out of her as she withdrew them like little subterranean creatures pale and blind from the warm, moist cave where they had sought shelter. As waves of relief flowed all through her, she gave in to the urge to empty her bladder and a warm waterfall cascaded down from between her shaking thighs as the issue from her bladder and her vagina mingled and mixed together.

Still breathing heavily as she washed herself with water from the toilet after flushing it and then cebeci escort dried herself with thick pads of folded toilet paper, she gave a silent prayer of thanks for her mother’s pearl of good advice to always have a spare pair of pants to hand. She slipped off her slickly sopping white satin pants and washed them in the clean water in the toilet bowl. She wrung them out, wrapped them in several layers of sanitary towel bags and stuffed them into the bottom of her handbag in place of the clean pair she now put on. Deeply grateful that she had been alone for the whole time, she washed her hands thoroughly at the sink as if nothing unusual had happened and went back to her office doing her best to suppress the floating feeling inside her.

Louise, her secretary, couldn’t help but notice the unusual brightness shining in her eyes and the spring in her step as she glided past.

“You look like you’re in love,” she called after her with a totally deadpan delivery. Then they both laughed as a rolled up ball of copier paper aimed with deadly accuracy by Lorna bounced off her head and was expertly caught by the long stems of the flower arrangement on the windowsill.


Meanwhile, Steve had stopped at a roadside café for lunch. Already feeling highly sexed by Lorna’s stream of increasingly raunchy texts, he avidly read her latest e-flirtation and had to put down his coffee cup because his hands were shaking so much with barely suppressed excitement at what was on his mobile.

“I want to tie you up and gag you first, then stand behind you and wank you while we do slow pliés together. Then I’ll tie you down on the bed and when I’ve shaved you I’ll lube your dick with my cunt juice before I fuck you hard. I want you to make lots of noise in your gag all the time.”

The thought of lying on the bed naked in his ballet slippers and tied up and gagged while watching Lorna dipping her fingers into herself and smearing her love nectar on his swollen, throbbing stamen was too much for him to contain within himself. He hurriedly paid for his lunch and raced into the thickest part of the large patch of forest that bordered the motorway services. By now his heart was pounding while his lungs struggled for sufficient air and he felt as if a large, sausage shaped balloon was inflating inside his briefs. Finding a dense bushy patch well away from the car park in which to hide, he cursed his fumbling fingers as they struggled to overcome the stubborn resistance of his belt, fly button and zip. He almost cried with relief as he was at last able to drop his trousers and as he jerked his pants, already with a dark spreading stain in the crotch, down towards his shivering knees, his huge erection sprang up like a trick party toy.

He seized the base of his swollen shaft in his left hand and with the tight ring of his right hand smeared the length of his manhood with the oily slickness of pre-come oozing from his hole gaping in the bulbous bowl of his shiny supersensitised head. He clenched his eyes shut and pumped himself furiously. He imagined Lorna lying on her back before him, naked in her ballet shoes, tied up with her hands bound behind her back and mewing ecstatically through her gag. He imagined thrusting himself into her hot, wet cunt gaping between her legs spread wide apart in her total submission and surrender to him.

He squeezed himself together between his legs in a desperate attempt to prolong his pleasure for as long as possible before finally giving in to the uncontrollable urge that usurped his conscious control of his body. He groaned and gasped as his penis piped out long, milky streams which globbed against the tree concealing him from view. He felt as if a power station was sending its entire output pulsing into the national grid through his erection and great shocks surged through his body with every stroke and squeeze of his tingling, tremulous manhood.

As he began to go soft his erection gradually gave up its hold over his bladder and he washed the creamy clots of his ejaculate from the tree trunk with his warm and golden fountain. Still taking deep breaths of profound relief, he cleaned and dried himself with a travel wipe and a tissue before readjusting his pants and trousers. With his foot he scraped the loose soil at the base of the tree over the tissues to bury them discretely. Then, feeling light headed and wonderfully alive, he returned to his car and resumed his journey to his next appointment.


Lorna was first to return home soon after eight-thirty. She hung up the jacket of her smartly tailored burgundy two-piece suit. The short pleated skirt came down to an attractive length above her knees but was long enough to enable her to decently wear her favourite white stay-up stockings with the pretty lacy tops that she always preferred to tights. She slipped off her smart, shiny black high-heeled slingbacks, put them in her wardrobe and took out her çukurambar escort white ballet shoes. She knelt on the floor to slip her lovely little pure white satin pointe shoes on her feet, petite and pretty in her white stockings, and wrap and tie the white satin ribbons around her tiny, shapely ankles.

She was feeling on a wonderful high. She wanted to dance and to float on her toes. She had already enjoyed one wonderful orgasm and was looking forward to lots more that night. She had clinched an important instruction from one of her firm’s biggest international clients, which would significantly boost her share of the partnership profit that year. And best of all she was looking forward to a night of the most raunchy, kinky sex imaginable with the man she adored on the night she had looked forward to all month.

She put on her favourite CD of classic ballet music, warmed up her legs and feet with a few pliés and some relevés onto her points and began to pirouette around the sitting room on her points before she sou-sou’d en pointe to the kitchen and began to prepare pasta. She hummed and la-la’d in her high, piping soprano as she tiptoed from fridge to cupboard to stove and sprang up onto her pointes to reach to the highest shelves.

As soon as she heard Steve’s key turn in the lock she raced with bounding turned-out ballet steps to the front door. He worshipped Lorna’s lovely little feet and he especially loved to see her wearing her white ballet shoes.

“Hello Ballet Girl,” he smiled as she hopped up onto her points to enfold his neck and kiss him passionately while he embraced her tiny waist. She felt him already start to get big against her taut and trim abdomen. Pulling back from him, she smiled bewitchingly at him with her heartbreakingly beautiful dark almond eyes and addressed him with a playfully accusing tone as she squeezed him between his legs.

“You are a wicked, WICKED, man Steven Haslam. You got me so excited today with your filthy texts that I had to stick my fingers up myself in the loo before I exploded in my office. You should be sentenced to life imprisonment in solitary, put in a straightjacket and hung by your feet from the ceiling with electrodes stuck to your genitals.”

Steve gave back as good as he got. He clenched the pert and firm flesh of her bottom cheeks through her skirt and pulled her close to him.

“What about you, you shameless wench. Because of you I had to toss myself off in the middle of a frigging forest you got me so turned on. It’s a good job there weren’t any mossies or midges buzzing around. I ought to put you naked, bound and gagged kneeling on the floor of the freezer for a few days and then use your arse as a bike stand.”

His lascivious grin made her go weak at the knees for a moment before she recovered herself and patted him on his bottom.

“Anyway Wild Man of the Woods, sort yourself out before dinner. You’ll need lots of energy to satisfy me tonight.”

They had their own special language of food. Oriental stir-fry meant a night curled up on the sofa together watching a ballet on TV or, if there was an important enough match on, she would consent to let him attempt yet again to explain the offside rule to her. Seafood was for special occasions and celebrations; with silver and crystal, soft lighting and romancing. But pasta was the food of choice for a night of hot, sweaty, all-in coupling with lots of bondage and fetish games thrown in. Tonight was definitely pasta night!

After a few minutes Steve, in his shirt and trousers and his bare feet now in his black leather ballet slippers, joined Lorna and their flirtation and foreplay began as they finished preparing the meal together. They stroked each other’s bottoms, rubbed their hips together as they stood side by side chopping and mixing ingredients. He stood behind her and put his arm around her so her breasts rested on it as he reached up above her to bring things down from the high shelves.

They continued grooming each other for sex as they sat down to eat. They rubbed noses together, nudged each other’s feet and rubbed each other’s ankles and legs with their ballet shoed feet as they ate each other’s food and recounted the content of their texts to each other with almost adolescent glee. When they had finished their meal they raced to fill up the dishwasher while they tried to outdo each other with their statements of erotic intent. Then with their hearts pounding and their lungs swelling in their chests with pent-up excitement, they headed for the bedroom at last.


Steve was entranced with his love and desire for Lorna as she stood before him panting with eager anticipation. She was petite and gaminely gorgeous in her beautiful ballerina body, like a latter day Audrey Hepburn. Her figure-hugging white roll neck sweater enticingly moulded the exquisite mounds of her perfect little round breasts. Her pleated miniskirt showed off demetevler escort her wasp-like waist, her slim, pared-down hips and her slender, girlish legs smoothed by her white silk stockings.

She stood before him. Her hands resting on her hips, appraising him with delight and desire in her eyes. The hard-shanked sole of her turned-out left foot in her white ballet shoe rested flat on the floor while she tipped the floor with the hard-blocked toes of her right foot pointing down from her bent right leg placed before her left. She drank in his excitingly different combination of strong and soft. He was lithe and athletic whilst appearing rounded and slightly fleshy. His eyes were deep-set and his mouth was firm whilst set in a face that was almost angelic.

“You gorgeous man.” she almost whispered as they came together to kiss and fondle.

“You’re so beautiful,” he breathed in reply as he slipped his hands into the wonderfully warm space between her bottom and her skirt and thrilled to the glorious feel of her beautifully rounded bottom cheeks through her white satin pants as he pulled her to him.

As he stroked her bottom she undid his shirt, slipped it down from his shoulders and pulled it from his trousers before tossing it to the floor. Meanwhile, he slid his hands from her bottom to undo the fastening of her skirt and send it sliding down her legs to the floor. She stepped daintily out of it and pushed it away with the side of her ballet shoe. He now slipped his hands into the even more wonderfully warm space between her bottom and her pants and enjoyed the dual sensation of her warm, soft bottom flesh moulded in his palms and the smooth satin brush of her pants on the backs of his hands. At the same time he delighted in the subtle feel of her breasts cushioning through her bra and her sweater against his bare chest.

She now followed his lead by fondling his bottom and then sliding her hands around his waist to undo his trousers. While he stepped out of them she pulled off her sweater, removed the clips that had kept her hair in a loose bun on the back of her head and shook her hair in sultry temptress fashion. Her hair had been shoulder length when she had met Steve but she had let it grow since then and now it hung magnificently on her shoulders and in a soft, dark cascade well down her shoulder blades.

They appraised each other again, breathing hard and feeling tighter still in their chests and inside their pants. Steve had very little body hair apart from under his arms and under his pants and to Lorna his smooth and lightly tanned skin looked gorgeous against his little black briefs and his shiny black leather ballet slippers. To Steve, Lorna was a vision of pale white loveliness. Her perfect porcelain skin was shown off beautifully by her white satin bra cradling and presenting her breasts to his admiring gaze. The white satin crotch of her little pants gorgeously moulded the subtle curves of her womanhood and the lacy see-through side panels stretched across her hips made him even more eager to remove them from her. He also delighted in her white silk stockings with the lace tops cherishing her slim, well-toned thighs and most of all, the lovely white ballet shoes and ribbons which made her petite and pretty feet and ankles such an object of adoration for him

They kissed again and he took her breasts and stroked them through her bra before reaching behind to release them from its hold. She gasped with pleasure and relief as she pushed and rubbed her swollen, throbbing nipples into his chest. She pushed her groin into his and her passion stoked even higher as she felt the warm wetness of her crotch press against the dark dampness spreading over the ever-growing bulge in his pants.

Desperate for the first feel of his penis, she knelt down before him, grasped the sides of his pants and jerked them down. His erection was still springing upwards in its release as she grasped it and took the whole length of it into her mouth. He heard her breath steaming through her nostrils as she fought down her gagging reflex and they both moaned with pleasure as he held the back of her head and pushed his groin even tighter into her face.

She clenched him tight round the base of his shaft and withdrew him just as he was on the point of filling her mouth with his coming. He cried out with ecstatic frustration and the excruciatingly wonderful feel of her tight grip keeping his flow back from his tingling, pulsating swollenness hanging heavy between his quivering legs. Still holding him firmly, she rolled a condom onto him and wrapped a pre-cut length of thin surgical tape around the base of his penis and the neck of his scrotum, fixing one end and then the other with her free hand.

As she sensed his urge to come subsiding, she gradually released her hold on him, stood up and then gagged him by placing a rubber ball in his mouth before smoothing a couple of layers of white sticking plaster over his lips. She pulled his arms behind him and used a length of bandage to tie his wrists together. Now she was in control.

“Speak to me, Slave!” She commanded in the domineering smirk she always used in their bondage games.

“MMMM! MMMPH!” Steve was on good submissive form.

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