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            Operation Angel Rescue

by Erastes
Copyright 2019 by Erastes
Chapter 79 – The Buildup Before the Party.

After we ate breakfast, I decided to give Aaron and Brady their Christmas presents.  Even though they’d joined us yesterday, I hadn’t done this then and thought it would be a good time to give them to that pair.  The first packages contained the riding clothes for when we went out on the four-wheelers. 

“You can leave those here so you’ll have them when we go riding,” I suggested. 

Once they’d opened those presents, I let the boys give them their gifts next, which sent Aaron and Brady into a mild panic.  “We didn’t expect you to get us anything, so we didn’t get nothing for you,” they muttered embarrassed. 

“That’s ok, cuz we got plenty for Christmas,” Jamie immediately answered. 

“Yeah, so don’t worry about it,” Glen added.

Once they’d opened those, I gave them their final present – the card.  They both looked at me suspiciously when I handed it to them, and after they opened the card and read the note inside, they looked excited, yet slightly concerned. 

“I’ve got to check with my mom and dad about this first, before I’ll know if I can go with you,” Brady stated. 

“Yeah, me too,” Aaron added.

“That’s not necessary, because I’ve already cleared it with them and they’ve agreed to let you join us.” 

“So they already know about this and said it’s ok?” Brady reiterated, seemingly unconvinced.

“Yes, I’ve already talked to them about it and they’re willing to let you go.  We’ll be going there during the winter break, which comes at the end of February, and later we’ll talk about what you’ll need to bring with you.”

“So who else is going?” Brady asked next. 

“Everyone here.  I’m taking all of you on this trip.”

“Wow, I can’t believe you’re doing this and taking all of us,” he hissed as he glanced around at each of the others.

“I am, and I just need to know if either of you have been on a plane before?”

“I have,” Brady quickly responded. 

“I haven’t,” Aaron answered next. 

“Ok, then you, Caleb, and Jamie can sit next to me on the plane.” 

“You mean they haven’t been on a plane either?” 

“They have, but I’m sure they’ll want to be near you, so the three of you can sit with me on the plane.” 

“Oh, ok.”

The boys were all excitedly bouncing around and chatting with one another about the trip for the next several minutes.  It continued until Brady asked his next question. 

“Since you gave us riding clothes, does this mean we’re going out on the four-wheelers today?”

“Yes, it’s still warm enough, but we’re going to have to split up into two groups in order to do it.  There just aren’t enough four-wheelers for all of us to go out at the same time.” 

“Oh, yeah, cuz Laine and Caleb are here too,” Brady observed.

“Yes, so I’m going to let those who aren’t with us as often ride both times.  I figured on the first trip that Laine and Caleb would pair up, as well as Jamie and Aaron, and Glen and Brady.  That means Dakota and Reece will be sitting out.” 

“That’s ok, cuz I get to ride more than they do,” Reece agreed. 

“On the second run, Laine and Caleb will pair up again, but this time Aaron and Brady will go together, and Dakota and Reece will also join us.  It means that Glen and Jamie will be sitting out this time.”

“That’s ok, cuz I’d rather see those guys go out instead,” Jamie concurred. 

“We’ll make the first run right after lunch, and then we’ll fill the gas tanks up again so we can make the second run.  It should take us until just about dinnertime before we finish both runs.” 

“Can we do the second run in reverse?” Laine asked. 

“We can, but you’ll have to drive first when we do that, because Caleb isn’t ready to drive across the fields yet.” 

“Ok, that’s not a problem.”

“You guys are now free to do whatever you want until I call you to eat lunch.”

“Do you want us to change into our riding clothes now?” Laine asked. 

“You can wait until just before we eat, and I’ll let you know when that is because I’ll be changing as well.  We can eat lunch wearing those things and it will save us some time, because we’ll be ready to go out just as soon as we’re done.”

“And me and Reece will clean up afterward, cuz we’re not goin’ on the first ride,” Dakota offered.

“Thank you and that will help to save even more time.”

I was merely planning on having soup and sandwiches for lunch, since we were having a larger meal for dinner, and as soon as we’d eaten I went out with the first group.  I was very impressed that Caleb did much better when he crossed the stream this time.  When he came up on the trail on the other side, he had an ear-to-ear grin plastered across his face. 

When we finished our ride and returned to the house, the guys swapped around and then we took the four-wheelers over to the storage tank to fill them up.  Once this had been completed, we started out in the opposite direction because the boys wanted a little change of pace. 

This time when we returned to the house, all of the boys got off the four-wheelers and began taking their clothes off, and this included Glen and Jamie.  They had waited for the rest of us to return so we could all do it at the same time, but I think it was so they could enjoy watching the others get naked as well. 

Seeing there were so many of us, some of the boys decided not to wait to use my shower.  Glen and Laine chose to shower in one of the other bathrooms and Dakota and Reece opted to shower in the last one, so I merely told them to be careful.  To my surprise, Aaron and Brady asked to shower with me, so we waited and went last.  I washed each of them quickly before they washed me, and then lara kendi evi olan escort Aaron asked a question when we were done. 

“Will you suck our cocks now?”

I looked at Brady before I answered.  “Do you want me to do that as well?” 

“Yep, I do.” 

Since they both agreed, I did it before we got out of the shower.  It didn’t take very long seeing that pair had hair triggers, so it didn’t hold me up from starting dinner.  However, it did leave a huge smile on each of their faces as we dried off, got dressed, and went out to join the others. 

I had left boneless chicken breasts marinating in BBQ sauce before we went out on our rides, and I put those in the oven for our main course.  I then opened up some cans of sliced potatoes and cut them into smaller pieces, as well as chopping up an onion so I could fry them together.  I also made a large three-bean salad and a green salad for each of us, so there was plenty to eat.  When the chicken was ready, I called the boys out to the table. 

As we were filling our bellies, Brady asked a question.  “What are we gonna do after this?”

“That’s up to you boys.  We can watch TV, play a game, or do something else.” 

“Can we play UNO Dare! again?” he followed.

“Yeah, let’s do that,” the others quickly chimed in. 

“You mean you aren’t tired of playing that all of the time?” I teased. 

“No, it’s fun,” Aaron chirped.  Out of all the boys, he would have been the last one I would have expected to answer my question. 

“If that’s what you all want to do, then it’s fine with me.”

We played twice and Laine, Caleb, Brady, and Aaron were involved in most of the dares, probably because everyone wanted to do these things with them while they were here.  That was fine with me, since it took me off the hook most of the time, but I still got involved in plenty of the action. 

When the games ended, we went upstairs to get ready for bed, and I was mildly surprised when I learned that Brady was going to sleep with Laine.  I also discovered that Reece was teaming up with Aaron, and Jamie and Caleb were pairing up again.  This meant that Dakota and Glen were either going to sleep in the spare room together or they’d be in with me, and I figured I’d soon learn which option they had chosen.   

“I’m a little surprised at the sleeping arrangements,” I said as Dakota and Glen joined me in bed. 

“Yeah, me too, but Brady wanted to see what it would be like if Laine fucked him this time,” Glen answered.

“Then I hope you left plenty of lube in your bedroom.”

“Yeah, there’s enough for them to use.”

“So why is Reece pairing up with Aaron?”

“Its cuz Aaron asked if he could try fuckin’ Reece,” Dakota replied.  “He said he might let Reece fuck him too.” 

“Have he and Jamie been doing that?” 

“No, and it’s why Aaron asked Reece to do it.  Jamie’s still hesitant about fuckin’, but Aaron wants to give it a try.” 

“I see, and I hope it works out for all of them.”  I knew either way I’d find out in the morning, if not sooner. 

Glen and Dakota announced that they were hoping we could fuck too, and Dakota stated that he wanted to be in the middle.  Once I agreed to do this with them, I waited for Dakota to enter Glen first, and then I entered him, so Dakota was in complete control of the action.  He chose a slower pace than the one Laine had used when I’d done this with him and Glen and it proved to be more satisfying.  I’m not sure if my being in Dakota helped to trigger his release sooner, but when he filled Glen with his seed it caused me to fill him with mine.  Once we’d recovered, we went in to take a quick shower and clean up, and as we were drying off I could hear the water running in one or both of the other bathrooms.  I guess those boys had finished having their fun and were washing up as well. 

Once we’d dried off, we went out and climbed into bed and both boys cuddled against me.  Just before I dosed off, Dakota whispered in my ear.  “It wasn’t exactly the way I wanted you to make love to me, but it was still great.  Thank you and I love you.” 

“I love you too.”

Sunday was basically a repeat of Saturday, at least until dinnertime.  We got up, had breakfast, and I let the boys do whatever they wanted until we ate lunch.  During that time, Laine came out to speak with me. 

“Did you know that Brady wanted to fuck me and then have me fuck him?”

“Yes, but I only learned about that after you two went to share a bedroom.  So how did it go?”

“I thought it was pretty good.  He didn’t have any problems fuckin’ me and I kinda enjoyed it.  It wasn’t as good as when I was with you or Glen, but he did all right.” 

“How did it go after that?” 

“He had a little trouble when I tried to enter him, but I took it slow and let him adjust.  Once he got used to me being in him, I think we both enjoyed it.  I don’t think I’ve ever been in anyone that tight before.”

“Probably not, but I’m glad there weren’t any problems.”

A little later I got Reece alone so I could chat with him.  “So how did things go with Aaron?” 

“Good, but I was shocked when he asked me to sleep with him.  I was even more surprised when he told me what he wanted to do.” 

“I can imagine, so how did it go.” 

“I let him go first and he was like the Energizer Bunny when he was fuckin’ me.  Now I understand some of the things you tried to tell me before.” 

“So were there any problems?”

“No, after he cummed in my butt I did the same thing to him.  I didn’t realize he’d never been fucked before, so after he told me this I used my fingers to stretch him out before we did it.  He didn’t have any problems after I did that to him and he seemed to like it.” 

“Which did he like more?”

“I think he liked both, but he prob’ly liked fuckin’ me more.” 

“I’m glad it worked out.” 

After we ate lunch, we went out to ride the four-wheelers again and we did it the same way we’d done it the day before, and this process would have to suffice until I got the extra ATVs.  I know I’d ordered one more four-wheeler than I actually needed, but we’d find a way to make lara otele gelen escort use of it as well.  If nothing else, it will serve as a spare in case one of the other ATVs breaks down. 

As soon as we finished the second run, we stripped down before going inside and heading upstairs to shower.  This time, Glen, Brady, and Laine all showered together, as did Dakota, Reece, and Aaron, and I had a feeling they were all planning on a little three-way action.  It also meant that Jamie and Caleb weren’t in a group, so they asked to shower with me. 

“I don’t have a problem with that,” I replied. 

“I guess Aaron doesn’t wanna do stuff with us any more,” Jamie whined. 

“Don’t take it personally.  It just means that he wants to try something that either you two don’t want to do or aren’t ready to do yet.”

“So do you think if we agreed to fuck each other that he’d wanna do stuff with us again?”

“It’s possible and it might make a difference, but don’t do anything you’re either not ready for or don’t want to do.” 

“I haven’t done it before, but I don’t mind tryin’ it,” Caleb chimed in. 

“Are you sure you really want to do that?” I asked just to make sure.  

“Yeah, I was thinking about tryin’ it even before we came here this time, but Jamie didn’t seem to wanna do it.”

“I know, and it’s because he’s had some bad experiences before you met him, so I can understand why he doesn’t want to do it.”  Jamie was looking at Caleb as I was speaking.

“I might be willin’ to try it again,” Jamie piped up.  “We all like each other and I think both of you are good lookin’, and we’ve all got about the same size cocks, so I guess it won’t be as bad as before.”

“Then let’s tell Aaron and maybe he’ll sleep with us tonight,” Caleb suggested.  “If he does, then we can take turns doin’ it to each other.” 

“K, I’m willin’ to do that,” Jamie agreed. 

“Are you sure?” I asked while looking at him closely.

“Yeah, I am.”

They were so busy thinking and talking about what they were going to do with Aaron later that neither of them asked me to do anything with them while we showered.  We merely washed each other before getting out, and then they hurried off to find Aaron. 

Shortly after they left, Laine came up to me.  “Kota says he wants to sleep with you tomorrow night, cuz it will be his way of celebratin’ the New Year with you, so can I sleep with you tonight?”

“Sure, I’m agreeable to that and no one else has asked yet.” 

“Can we fuck each other again?”

“Yes, we can do that as well,” I confirmed. 

Once the other four heard that Laine was sleeping with me, Dakota agreed to sleep with Brady and Glen said he would spend the night with Reece.  They were all getting a chance to have sex with various partners to see if there was a difference, and they all seemed satisfied with doing this. 

As soon as I went downstairs, I started working on dinner.  Tonight we were having Minestrone soup with tortellini, followed by cheese Raviolis, meatballs, Italian sausages, garlic bread, and a salad.  It was a simpler meal to put together and Dakota and Laine wanted to help.  I agreed to let them do this and they followed me to the kitchen.

I’m glad I had more than one large cooking pot, because we needed them this time.  I used one for the soup, Dakota used another to boil the water for the raviolis, and Laine used the third to heat up the spaghetti sauce.  Even though we kept bumping into one another, everything was under control.  

I also let them put the meatballs, Italian sausages, and garlic bread in the oven, although not at the same time, and then the boys helped to get the salads ready.  They also set the table, put out the grated cheese for us to use, and poured everyone a drink.  Once everything was ready, I called the rest of the boys to the table. 

“This is good,” Glen stated after finishing his soup and taking a bite of the ravioli.  “I don’t think we’ve had this before.”

“No, we haven’t.  We’ve had spaghetti, ziti, rigatoni, lasagna, and other Italian dishes before, but not ravioli.”

It didn’t seem to matter to the boys which Italian dishes we had, because they liked all of them.  As long as it had sauce on it, they never complained. 

When we finished eating, I made an announcement.  “Once you’re ready, I’ve thawed out a couple of cheesecakes for dessert and you can have it plain or I can add canned cherries or blueberries on top.”

The boys liked that idea as well, but they were too stuffed for dessert yet, so they offered to clean up the mess for me.  They suggested I should go to the family room and watch something on TV, which I thought was really nice of them, but after all I’d done for them I guess they were just paying me back.  As soon as they were done cleaning up the table and kitchen, they came in to join me.  When the show ended, they let me know they were ready for dessert and each one told me how he wanted his cheesecake. 

After we finished having our sweet treat, we went back to the family room and the younger group quickly urged me to sit on the sofa.  As soon as I did, Aaron and Caleb sat down beside me and Jamie slid onto my lap.  We quickly surfed the program guide and eventually agreed on something to watch, which turned out to be another movie. 

“I’m surprised you didn’t want to play UNO Dare! again,” I said during the first commercial. 

“We decided to save that for tomorrow,” Dakota replied. 

“So you’ve all talked this over already?”

“Yeah, we have.” 

“So what else have you decided?”

“We decided not to ride on the four-wheelers tomorrow, cuz it takes too long doin’ it in two groups.”

“Oh?  So what have you planned to do instead?” 

“We figured we could play some other games after lunch, and then we’d play UNO Dare! after dinner.  We might play regular UNO too.” 

“And you’ve all agreed on doing this?”

“Yeah, we have,” the others echoed back. 

“And we know you’ve prob’ly got other stuff planned for us to do later, when we count down to the New Year,” Laine added. 

“Yes, I do, and I hope you all have a good time.” 

“Oh, lara rus escort I’m sure we will,” Brady chimed in, “especially after we go up to bed.” 

“So I take it this means you are planning on having sex to start off the New Year?”

“Yep, we got it all planned out and we’re gonna do it tonight AND tomorrow night too,” Brady confirmed. 

“So you’re having sex to end this year and then doing it again to start the New Year?” 

Brady grinned and blushed simultaneously.  “Yep.”

“And I’m gonna be with Jamie and Caleb both nights,” Aaron added, “and we’re gonna try doin’ some other stuff.”

“I see,” I mused, but thinking about my previous conversation with the other pair I had a good idea what he meant.  “I suggest you either sleep in later tomorrow or take a nap in the afternoon, because we’re going to be staying up pretty late tomorrow night, especially with the other activities we’ve got planned.” 

“Yeah, we know.” 

“Just so you’re aware of it, I’ll be going out to run a few errands before lunch tomorrow, because there are a few things I need to pick up.” 

“Ok and we promise not to get into trouble while you’re gone,” Dakota offered. 

“I certainly hope not.” 

Although we didn’t plan it this way, our conversation carried us to the end of the next commercial as well, or possibly the one after that, but no one seemed bothered by this fact.  I think they were more focused on what they were going to be doing after we headed up to the bedrooms. 

As soon as the movie ended, most of the boys raced up the staircase while I was turning off the TV and the lights.  Laine waited for me, though, seeing he was bunking in with me, and then we walked upstairs together. 

It was sort of strange that we were still wearing clothes when we got to the bedroom tonight.  The last few nights we’d played UNO Dare! before going to bed, so we were already naked when we got upstairs.  When I saw Laine starting to take his clothes off, I stopped him.  This caused him to look at me confused, so I explained.

“Let me do that for you,” I stated, and my comment brought a grin to his lips. 

“And then I wanna do it to you too.”

I gently removed each article of clothing from his body, and then I kissed the area that was exposed.  He really seemed to enjoy this, especially when I removed his underwear and kissed his penis, and then he did the same thing to me. 

As soon as we were both naked, I began kissing his mouth, face, and neck before I lowered his body onto the mattress.  I then paid special attention to the other areas of his body as I worked my way down to his groin, and he was squirming and sighing while I was doing this.  I only worked on his penis for a brief time, because I didn’t want him to ejaculate prematurely, and then I added some lube to his penis and my backside, but I let him choose how he wanted to do this. 

“Get on your back, cuz I want to see your face while I’m fuckin’ you.” 

I was fine with this, and after he entered me I pulled his head down and began kissing him some more.  He was slightly startled at first, but he got into it quite eagerly when he felt my tongue on his lips, and we continued kissing while he was pounding my backside.  I actually think that doing this also helped to slow him down, and this made the experience much more enjoyable for both of us. 

As soon as he unloaded in me, I kissed him some more while he was recuperating, and as soon as he was ready I had him get on his back as well.  After I lubed both of us up again, although this time in the opposite areas, I entered him and started kissing him once again.  This time he got into it even more. 

“I love doin’ this with you,” he said as we pulled our lips apart briefly. 

“I enjoy doing this with you as well.” 

“It’s too bad that Kota has already claimed you for himself, or I might have done it instead.”

“You would have chosen to be with me instead of someone your own age?” I gasped. 

“Yeah, you’re not that much older than me and you’re way more considerate and a better lover than the younger guys.  I would have been happy to spend the rest of my life with you, if Kota hadn’t claimed you first.”

“I’m honored that you feel this way and you’ll always have a special place in my heart as well.” 

“Same here,” he agreed. 

As soon as I unloaded into him, we embraced and kissed for a few more minutes before getting up and heading into the shower to clean up.  As soon as we were done, we dried off and headed back to bed.  We kissed some more before he cuddled against me, and then we prepared to sleep.  Before that happened, however, he made one final comment. 

“Thank you.  That was incredible.” 

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, but it was good for me as well, so I should be thanking you.” 

“Nah and I can’t wait until we can do this again.  Do you think we’ll be able to do it when we go to Universal Studios?”

“I don’t see why not, unless Dakota decides to spend all of his time with me.” 

“I doubt that’s gonna happen, cuz he likes bein’ with the other guys too, just like I do, ‘cept we like doin’ it with you more.”

“I still don’t completely understand why you feel this way, but I’ll take it, because I also enjoy the time I spend with the two of you.”

We finally settled in to sleep, and before long his gentle breathing let me know that he’d already drifted off to sleep.  I kissed the top of his head one more time before I allowed myself to doze off, and during that time I also enjoyed the feeling of his arm as it was draped across my chest.



                                                *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

I wish to extend my thanks to Emoe and Donny for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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Although the boys in these stories sometimes have unprotected sex, I strongly urge all of you out there to be smart and protect yourselves from various sexually transmitted diseases by using taking appropriate precautions before engaging in sex.

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