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Oral During Pregnancy

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People who are familiar with my writings probably have noticed I said mom didn’t suck me before, but she started doing that during her pregnancy. We did oral throughout the period, so I thought it might be useful to write a little guide for people who might be in the same precarious situation.

I consulted my mother about issues with performing fellatio when her belly started getting heavy, and I will later talk about my own experiences of cunnilingus on her while she was pregnant with my child.

By the way, mom said you can call her Bridget if you want to ask us anything. That’s not her real name, for obvious reasons, but it’s close enough. Just getting this out of the way. Also mom didn’t want to write anything, so I had to listen to her talk and try to type and edit what I could. I tried to retain some words she likes to use and she did check the text, so it should be OK. Any errors are probably mine.

Anyone can use this short guide to assist them in their love life, but keep in mind this is written from a mother and son viewpoint, so everything might not be directly applicable to other kinds of relationships. I highly suggest you consult other sources too, we did so ourselves, and I don’t pretend to be any kind of an expert. I’m only talking about my own experiences here. We did of course confirm that we aren’t doing anything that might be harmful to the baby, and you should too, especially in case you have any unusual health concerns.

Those of you who are in the same situation as us must understand that you are now still a mother and a son as well as parents. This will have an effect on you for the rest of your lives, so pregnancy is a very important time in coming to terms with the situation. That is the reason I wrote this, to help other people who are facing these same issues in their lives. Of course you may be having very different kinds of problems of your own. Me and mom hope this guide can help you and the chosen one of your heart, whoever that is.

Bridget’s blowjob advice for mothers carrying their own son’s child

Hi there! Like JD said, I’m his mom. You may have already read about us in his writings. If you are interested in the full history, please do. But in short, we have been escort making love for several years now, yes even though we are a mother and son. Many will surely disagree or even vent their anger, but this has been the best time of our lives, so please respect our feelings and do that elsewhere.

Then it happened, what we thought unlikely. You know what, since you’re reading this. Yeah, I was preggers and it was too late to do anything about it.

What saved us was we discovered oral sex. Well, I did, I know what kind of stuff sonny writes. He had barely any experience in it before, but his imagination’s always been wild.

He was surprised when I gave him his first blowjob. He was clearly feeling down during the second trimester when everything was becoming really apparent, so I wanted to do something I know

he is fascinated by. Blowjobs take skill to perform well, so in the beginning I was learning as much as he was. My eyes probably widened almost like in his stories when he ejaculated into my mouth for the first time, but I’m proud to say I did swallow. Yay for mom! I kept stroking the shaft with my thumb and forefinger and constantly tried to retain eye contact.

It went better than expected, but I’m gonna say while it’s instinctive for many women to stroke like that, it’s actually better if you can bounce your head up and down and do it with your lips. That takes effort and can be tiring, so it may not be possible for everyone at every situation. I didn’t get good at it until a month later, but keep trying and I’m sure you’ll manage it too.

Don’t forget the testicles, they are very sensitive and important, especially at a moment like this. Since you have at least one hand free, use it for that purpose and just caress them with your fingertips. Make sure to keep going as long as the ejaculations come and don’t stop until you’re sure it’s over. Many young men can shoot more than you would think, which may surprise you if your son is in the eighteen to twenty age group. Keep this in mind if you are in that kind of a situation.

Many women aren’t into swallowing, I wasn’t either, but I guess it’s important when a man has made his own mother pregnant. Okay, I just said that to make JD happy since that’s what happens in his writings, izmit escort bayan but I actively made myself to believe in that then for reasons I’m sure you understand. Now he’s glaring at me because I told him to write that down.

You should at least try to swallow, though, it’s only polite. Try to understand that when your son ejaculates into your mouth, he is giving you a gift. That should help your maternal instincts take over and help you to swallow everything without any gagging or reluctance while keeping eye contact with him.

When it’s over hold his balls gently in your hand and kiss them several times, all over, thanking them for the baby he has given you and for the warmth they squirted into your mouth. That way your son will understand that you don’t blame him for what has happened, and that you will continue to be happy together regardless of what future may bring.

If you can, it’s best to keep the blowjobs going, maybe even several times each day all the way through the pregnancy period like we did. That will help your son to come to terms with the situation and to find a new kind of trust in you as both his own mother and his child’s mother.

When your belly gets really big it may be painful for you to be on your knees. Although it’s possible to support the belly with pillows, the easiest method is just to have him lay down on a bed. That leaves you a choice of several positions from which you can get her lips in position and still remain comfortable. It would be useful to have illustrations of these positions, but neither me nor JD have the artistic talent to provide them, so I hope you can figure them out by approaching him from different angles and feeling how your belly shifts around.

JD’s cunnilingus advice for sons trying to cope with the situation

Let’s talk about cunnilingus. I again point out these are just things that work for me and mom, I don’t pretend that I’m a world leading authority on the topic. I mean I had kissed my mother’s vagina before, but not really used my tongue. You’ll get better at it if you just keep trying, just like I did.

Even if you think you’re already good, your mother’s pregnancy will cause some new things to happen. For example, izmit sınırsız escort I soon learned it was a good idea to constantly caress her pregnant belly with my hands. It gives and entirely different kind of sensation which adds to the experience, and it is a constant reminder of your newfound fatherhood and why you should try harder.

Like I have said elsewhere, my mother’s vagina is hairy and wide. I actually like feeling her bristly pubic hair against my nose. Some people might disagree, but remember she’s your mom so you just have to adjust to the situation.

The looseness also helps me to get my tongue going, but I’m sure you’ll manage in case your mother’s has stayed tighter. Don’t forget to pay attention to the clitoris, or mom will remind you about it. Don’t ask me how I know that.

There are some good news, though, if you are inexperienced. Your mother will be in a sensitive state because she’s carrying your child, so her vagina will probably start reacting to your tongue faster than you might expect. Don’t think it will be as easy if you try it with an unknown girl. I mean, not that I have had the opportunity to try, but there’s no way it’s as easy as it is with mom.

Then you just have to keep going patiently and try to respond to her motions and feelings as much as possible. Oh yeah, your mother has to remember to keep her legs open as wide as possible, because her thighs may twitch hard at some point. Like I said, remember also to pay attention to her pregnant belly, constantly caress it with your hands. It may take a while to build up an orgasm, but I’m sure you know that women can have them in multiples so it will be worth it, and it will be a very tender and romantic moment when you succeed.

Keep giving kisses during the afterglow, and remember to tell your mother how much you are in love with her vagina. After all, that’s why you shot into her womb and why you are having a baby now. A few nice kisses and a simple: “I love it so much, mom,” will do be enough. Your mother will appreciate that.

Little displays of affection like this can turn your difficult situation into a wonderful and satisfying experience and lets you enjoy some of the best orgasms of your life.


Hope these tips will help you. I’ll try to write more stuff when I have the time, but that’s bit of a challenge right now. I’m sure you all understand that. Bye bye and kisses from JD & Bridget.

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