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Personal Bad Boy

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I wandered around the lingerie store looking for just the right pieces for our weekend get away to Las Vegas for a well-deserved vacation. Both of our jobs were demanding and time together was at a premium.

I found garters and a pair of stockings to go with a black leather corset and thong combo. I picked out a few more things for the trip and took my purchases to the counter. The girl rang up my purchase and remarked that the sizes differed and might not fit me. I laughed and told her that they were a gift for someone.

I laughed to myself and thought, “If she only knew.” I was living out a long time fantasy and it turned me on just thinking about it. I was amazed that Jon actually agreed to go along with this when I suggested it a few weeks before.

I left the bags on the bed when I got home then preceded to make dinner. He was running late because he had debate team practice and it gave me time to make a great dinner for the two of us. Jon came home and went to change out of his suit and hop into some jeans so he could help me finish up with dinner.

“Hey, what’s in the bags?” he yelled from the bedroom.

“A few things for the trip. Why?” I yelled back.

“Oh nothing. This corset’s a little big don’t you think? ” He said walking into the kitchen wearing just his jeans. I started to daydream a bit about kissing his bare chest and sucking on his nipples. “Um hon.. Hello?”

“Oh that’s not for me. It’s for you” I said.

“Do I look like Tim Curry or Marilyn Manson to you? NO! I’m a college professor. Not a freak”

“Trust me, your perceived humiliation will be rewarded if you do this for me. I will make it up to you.” I said trying not to laugh at him. He sulked and put everything back in the bedroom.

A week later we were on a plane headed for four days in Vegas. I played the slot machine in the airport while he picked up the rental car. As he came back to get me, the machine started going off and spitting out quarters. He laughed and helped me get the money into my pocketbook. The last time we were in Vegas for our friends’ wedding, he hit the jackpot.

We got to the hotel suite and unpacked for the most part. He made me leave my goodies in the suitcase so the maid wouldn’t see them. I laughed at him and wondered suddenly if he checked in under another name just in case eryaman bayan escort he was caught wearing stockings and a thong.

We stretched out on the bed after he took a shower and I began to kiss him. He smelled of Cool Water and soap. I loved the smell of him. The towel around his waist didn’t hide much and I loved having easy access while he had to fight my clothes to get to me. Keeping him from touching me was one of my more favorite tortures to do to him.

As I stroked his inner thigh lightly and kissed him, I noticed the front of the towel begin to rise. He was impressive when fully hard and one of the things that I loved about him. He filled me well and he was an expert at making me cum.

I moved the towel and began to stroke him. He turned to granite in my hand. I playfully kissed him on the tip and began to lick him like an ice cream cone. I ran my tongue along his silky smooth shaft and sucked at the base of his head. His moans could not be contained any longer and he grabbed the sheets trying to keep quiet.

I licked and sucked until I felt his balls harden in my hand then I deep throated him until he shot hot cum in the back of my mouth. He let off a huge load despite us grabbing a quickie at the airport in the long-term parking lot. I tried not to let any dribble out of my mouth and he kept praying to God as he came. He went limp on me so I decided to cuddle up with him and let him fall asleep so I could have some fun with him.

Once he was asleep, I grabbed my suitcase full of goodies and got out his outfit. It was a leather dominatrix outfit complete with whips and handcuffs. I carefully rolled the stockings up his legs and managed to slip my hand under him to get the garter belt on. The sight of him in the garters and stockings was enough to make me want to fuck him. The corset was going to send me over the edge.

I began to bring him back to the world of the awake and get him hard again. His rock hard cock mixed with the garters and stockings was driving me wild so I took off all my clothes and straddled his belly in the bed. I began to play with my soaking wet slit with his rod. I slid down his body a little bit and mounted him. He was finally awake enough then to realize what was going on and joined the party. It was about the same time he realized he was wearing garters.

“What escort sincan the hell did you do to me?”

“MMM garters and thigh highs.” I said

“You’re crazy.” He said.

“How about wearing the corset for me?” I said, as I was still sitting on his hard on but not moving, which was killing him because he kept trying to thrust into me and I refused to let him. I could tell he was getting frustrated. “I’m not finishing this until you agree to wear the corset.” He knew I meant business so he agreed. Never underestimate the power of a woman’s hot wet pussy around his dick to get a man to do what you want.

“OK if you must torture me, I will but just this once. And that’s it. You sell it on Ebay next week.” I laughed and agreed to his condition. I got off of him and grabbed it from the dresser. He stood up with his raging hard on sticking out from the garter belt and I was in lust. I wanted him so bad. This bad boy image of him really turned me on and I was hoping he’d change his mind about the Ebay auction when we were done.

I helped him into the corset and he looked fantastic. I ran my fingers down the front of it and told him he looked amazingly sexy. He strutted around the room in his new gear and mentioned something about me being lucky he loved me. I agreed and smacked him on his bare ass. His athletic ass was accentuated in the garters and it was making me crazy. He decided to get into the roll of my dominatrix and handcuffed me to the side of the bed. I laughed as he did this because I knew he was going to get even with me in his own very special way. He put his hands on my ass as if he was a quarterback about to run a play. I remind him that he was a lineman not a QB and that’s not where his hands go. He agreed and began to run them up and down the length of my slit.

“My god you’re soaking wet” he said. “I guess you really do like this.” He took his dick and began to stroke me. It felt good so I leaned back against him trying to get penetration. He was not having any of that and continued to tease me. He asked me if I brought any of my favorite power toys with me and I directed him to my suitcase. He found one and soon my holes were buzzing with pleasure. He brought me within milliseconds of cumming, and then would stop, wait until I was back to normal then elvankent escort bayan build me up again. I wanted to kill him but I was helpless to stop his teasing. I knew he was building me up for an amazing orgasm but I was impatient and wanted it now.

“So you want me to be your bitch?” he said. It was hard not to laugh when he said it. All I could do is spit out a meek yes and he went back to stroking my ass with a silk scarf. He was killing me slowly and he knew it. I looked in the mirror and saw a demented little smile on his face and I knew we were probably in for a late dinner if no dinner at all. He blind folded me with the silk scarf and took another one and rubbed my nipples with it. He was horrible horrible man and he knew it.

He laughed as I begged him to fuck me. He knew I was getting frustrated and realized it was time to put me out of my misery. He slid his delightful cock into my waiting and dripping wet pussy. The bad boy within him decided to slid in me then stop moving. I couldn’t move enough to ride him on my own.

“Damn handcuffs!” I thought to myself as he terrorized me more. Finally he started to pump and I felt like it was a Mack truck plowing into me. I had never quite gotten used to his size despite being together for many years. He went slowly at first. I wasn’t sure if it was for me to get used to him or if he was deliberately teasing me. Waves of pleasure ran through me with every stroke and it wasn’t going to take me long to cum. I felt him stretch out every inch of my begging pussy as he stood there pounding at my hole dressed like the ultimate bad boy just for me.

He drove me crazy with his balls slapping against my clit. The fluid movements he made were bringing me from one orgasm to another. I felt you speed the pace up, as you got ready to cum. You had me ready to pass out from the roller coaster of spasms going on in my pussy.

“Fuck me Jon. YES! Fuck me. Oh GOD YES! Fuck me. Jon don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Fuck me. Oh GOD YES! I’m cumming. OHHHHH OOHHHHHH OHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDDDD! YESSSSSSSSS!” I screamed as I came hard and fast. He grunted and moaned at the same time so we were quite loud. I hoped we didn’t run into any of the neighbors when we left the room the next time.

He collapsed on top of me for a second then rolled over onto the bed next to me and kissed me hard.

“I don’t think this stuff is going to Ebay,” he said seriously. I giggled and asked him to undo the handcuffs. He found the key and once I was free, we crawled into bed to cuddle and kiss. I couldn’t wait until the next round of vacation sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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