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Perspectives – Equilibrium

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All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this story or portions thereof in any form whatsoever.

The author authorizes Literotica.com to manage, maintain, and provide electronic access to this story submission via the Literotica.com service and related domains. No other entity, private or commercial, is permitted to distribute or disseminate any part of this literary work in any manner whatsoever without permission.

This story is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real places should be considered an inaccurate portrayal incorporated into this literary work for entertainment purposes only. Other names, characters, places, and events are products of the author’s imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

For compliance purposes, all sexually active characters are over the age of eighteen. Any underage activities are literary insinuations or take place only in the reader’s imagination.


This work represents an experiment on perspectives. Each chapter represents ongoing and overlapping events from a different character’s point of view.


The way the world around me seemed to change continually yet stay the same, and my acceptance of the shifting background sights and sounds, clearly indicated the orgy of faces and bodies around me were illusions. I have been a lucid dreamer for as long as I can remember. True, there are some dreams my subconscious refuses to allow me to redirect, insisting I relive regrets I would prefer to forget. But, most of the time, when I recognize the signs, I can make course corrections to the path my dreams want to follow. In some cases, like now, shifting the focus of my unconscious thoughts onto some memory or disjointed storyline I wanted to explore.

The grunts, moans, and muted panting yelps in the background orgy faded as my attention narrowed in on the face between my legs. My sister’s hands pulling my stiff cock back toward her mouth as she kissed the tip, then licked the shaft of my cock until she found and sucked on my balls. Her vacuuming engulfment of my sensitive sack continued as her hand gently grasped and stroked my shaft, with her thumb rubbing across the tip when it was within range.

The transition from my dream to reality was slow and non-traumatic. The inconsistent backdrop stabilized as the open concept family room and kitchen of our current mountain lodge residence. My wife’s mouth consumed my erection while sitting on her knees in front of my recliner. She had lowered the leg rest without waking me, but it was her tongue swirling around the head of my cock, and her hungered grasp of my shaft was what returned me to reality.

Joann had taken control of our lives after Jenny’s infection. Through her insistence and single-minded determination, she brought some form of equilibrium to our lives. She transformed an impossibly unrealistic upending of our day to day lives, willing into existence a new reality, a new paradigm that kept our family together and our daughter under our care.

Between my legs, voraciously consuming my erection, Joann’s eyes glowed with the same hunger I saw every time I looked into our daughter’s eyes. At that moment, I too surrendered, knowing the love of my life had finally succumbed to the same condition that took our daughter from us. A hole opened in the pit of my stomach with the realization that the woman I loved might be gone. Replaced by a feral sex-starved animal mindlessly hangry to consume the milk of my loins.

“Fuck,” I muttered, feeling my cock swell. The sensation of her tongue circling the head of my cock as her hand squeezed my shaft tenderly made my entire body clench toward my groin. Short, tight stroke of her hand around my cock, plus the vacuum of her mouth while the tip of her tongue probed the eye of my head, enraged my ready to explode cock. My balls twitched when her mouth muscle tickled that magic spot where the front of my shaft met the eye slit of my penis.

She suckled on the head of my cock as if she was trying to pull ice cream through a straw, vacuuming intensely for a long moment before looking up at me. She licked the shaft of my cock, flickering the head with her tongue, staring at me as she declared in an unexpectedly rational yet seductive voice, “I’ve got a special gift for you, my love.”

She stood up, naked, not wearing the robe she usually hid behind, caressing her ‘lower than they used to be’ breasts at me before turning around, opening her stance, and bending over. Unlike our daughter, my wife’s inner lips extended beyond the protection of her outer labia. Dark-red, juice glistening lips that sometimes made her pussy look like a sideways macaroon overflowing with a tasty filling.

Whenever she bent over for me as she was now, granting access to the tunnel hidden behind the squiggly lips of her labia, my finger would twitch with anticipation. Both finger and cock wanting to penetrate her, feel the frictionless void inside her, and make bahis firmaları her knees flex as she moaned from my allowed intrusion. This time, she offered a rare gift, as demonstrated by the sparkling jewel nestled between her flat butt cheeks, capping her volcano-shaped anal knot.

Her hands reached back, pointlessly spreading her naturally open butt even more to me, instructing, “Grease up your cock with my cunt, then I want you to squirt in my ass… deep in my ass… like you used to.”

I reached down, holding my cock in place as her fingers spread open her pussy. She balanced her juice dangling lips on the head of my cock, rocking back and forth, her floppy flesh spreading open, coating the head of my erection with her thick, slippery sex-slime.

Unlike our daughter, who wanted me to shove my cock as deep and as fast as I could into her, my wife preferred to tease me and maybe herself before swallowing my wider-than-most penis. The slit of my cock kissed her clit several times before being fed to her cunt.

She slid down a little, then pulled up, reinserting my cock into her cunt a little more each time. Her fucking herself with my cock emulated how I enjoyed fucking her tight, puckered ass; the same way I had fucked our daughter’s ass earlier.

A brief moment of panic crossed my mind until I noticed a used cleansing wipe on the end table. Something I remember my lover doing to me in my dream that must have crossed over from reality. I relaxed and allowed myself to enjoy her offered gift without the fear of her getting some nasty infection after sucking or fucking my ass tainted cock.

I like to think we’re well-balanced pair of lovers, her taking what she wants from me and her allowing me to do to her what I want too. There’s a state of equilibrium one must find as a loving lover. Sometimes it’s in the moment; other times, it’s a matter of accepting and understanding there is a distribution of equity over time. There must be some form of symmetry in any successful or long term sexual relationship. The perfect balance is somewhere between the penetrating partner’s need to thrust into a willing lover and the other partner’s willingness to be impaled. She knows there are times when I need to be the dominant thruster, and other times I know and accept my wife needs to be the dominant receptacle.

The borderline panic in the way she had sucked on my cock, and the rarely seen jeweled butt plug sparking at the top of her Vesuvius-like anal entry warned me the equipoise we had shared as lovers was about to find a new center.

For the moment, she was the dominant receptacle, taking control of my penis penetrating her vagina on her terms. She controlled the speed, the depth, angle, and the necessary repetitions needed to soothe a persistent internal tickle, an itch only an erect penis could placate. I didn’t mind being anything more than a tool she used to stimulate her libido. Using my sex to get her to the point she was ready, willing, and able to force-feed my cock to her usually unwilling ass.

The rare treat of fucking my wife’s ass made these kinds of subordinate moments worth the reward. However, I will admit, knowing the same thing that turned our daughter into a sex-addict had taken hold of Joann, part of me was ok seeing the love of my life as less than she was. No longer a life-partner, but a sexual receptacle I could fill and fuck as often as I wanted without regret or respect… just as our daughter had become.

The feeling of any willing vagina around my cock, whether it was my wife’s or my daughter’s, is amazing. A hot frictionless blanket of slimed flesh, gripping and massaging the most sensitive and vulnerable part of my body. Every silky caress of her lips across my cock pumped more and more blood into my penis, hydrologically increasing its rigidity.

Continuing to tease both of us, Joann tried to feed her clit to my glands’ eye, which induced several spasms inside my testicles. My balls ached, reminding me of the excessive use they had endured from our daughter’s condition. Even so, I could feel the inner working preparing for the anticipated pleasurable relief when my seeds percolated out of my cock, erupting inside my lover.

Over the past six months, the time between percolation and release had grown, as had the volume of seminal fluid my body produced. Joann had put Junior and me on a diet she formulated; a combination of vitamins, herbs, specific proteins as well as oranges, dark leafy vegetables, brazil nuts, and, for some reason, all the dark chocolate we wanted. She also kept us both well hydrated with constant, almost nagging reminders to drink water. I’m sure some would question the validity of the results, but I, for one, am pretty confident that I don’t cum as fast as I used to, and when my cock does spit, there is a lot more stuff squirting out. I think I’ve gone from three to four intense spurts per climax to about five or six sizeable releases per event… and what my wife was doing to me now seemed to be over-pressurizing my balls even more than what was my new normal.

Not unlike kaçak iddaa when I push myself into my daughter, and she grunted or moaned, when my wife’s cunt finally swallowed my cock, I felt the air in my chest rush out in response to the sensation of her slimy blanket of loving lust swallowing my cock. I wanted to thrust up, my hips aching to shove my cock deeper into her body; then she started to dance above my thighs. The sparkling jewel wiggling in her knotty asshole winked at me as her hips swiveled and squirmed on my lap. Like the narrow focus of my dream, I could see nothing else but her cunt stretching as it held onto my cock when she lifted herself away, then the edges folding inward when her pussy swallowed me again.

The hard knob of metal in her rectum massaging my shaft as she slid her cunt up and down my pole was a rare experience for me; one I had shared with my daughter far more times in the past six months than I had with my wife since our second child was born. I allowed the bouncing jewel between her butt cheeks to hypnotize me so I could avoid climaxing too soon. Yes, I said the time between penetration and climax had increased, but the stimulation of seeing and feeling her butt plug filled ass bouncing up and down on my cock was almost too much.

My balls felt her fingers rubbing and massaging her clit as she used me to fuck herself. She came at least twice, but it’s kind of hard to measure when she kept having micro-orgasms before and after each muffled climax. A long time ago, she was loud and proud of her climaxes, but, after the kids arrived, she had suppressed her formerly expressive sexual satisfaction. What used to be ego stimulating shrieking externalization had internalized, transforming into silent thigh quivering events accompanied by bright red blotches manifesting all over her body.

Her hips pressed down hard on mine after her most recent climax faded, and her skin slowly started to un-blush. She leaned forward, her small cheeks and volcano-like sphincter aiming the jeweled tip of her butt plug at me. Before we became husband and wife, I loved to play with her butthole, and she enjoyed it too. My heart floated for a moment, buoyed by those seemingly ancient memories, as she offered me some special playtime with her special gift to me… her ass.

I watched my fingers gently pull on the jeweled end, stretching open her distended anal ring from the inside as I tugged on the butt plug. Some of the greasy lube she had used to insert the object into her ass leaked out as the teardrop-shaped silver metal bulb stretched her sphincter open, giving birth to the greased rounded metal pyramid. In pretty much the same way I like to move my cock in and out of my lover’s offered asses, I toyed with her, not entirely removing the plug before pushing it back in, then not withdrawing it completely when I pulled it back out. With my cock still inside her cunt, I could feel the unyielding metal bulb rubbing my cock as I worked it in and out of her pliable yet muscular butthole.

She climaxed again, then, during one of my withdrawals, she leaned forward, leaving the butt plug pinched between my fingers and my cock swaying in the open air.

Her hand appeared between her legs, grasping my cock as she guided then fed my cock to her clenched pulsating anal knot. I watched as Joann’s tightly closed brawny butthole kissed then swallowed my entire cock with one long, determined insertion. She was not gentle with her self-impalement, aggressively filling her rectum over and over again, each anal swallow more intense than the previous one, and each advanced and retreat stretching or compressing her naturally bulbous sphincter

Her passionate shrieks returned from the past as muffled echoes bouncing off the wood-planked walls of the lodge, stimulating my instinctual desire to mount her, and thrust into her violently until I erupted. I tossed the butt-plug onto the end table, hearing it sing as I wrapped my arms around her on the next penetrating invasion of her rear. With an unnatural demonstration of strength for a man my age, I held her impaled on my cock as I stood up. Then I bounced her up and down on my erection several times as I turned us around, leaning forward until she could brace herself on the arms of my recliner.

When her arms and legs steadied, I fucked her ass like a mindless beast. My hands held her waist in place as my hips repeatedly thrust my cock into her well-lubed, incredibly tight ass. My mind void of any thoughts other than making her scream in pained pleasure as I pushed my penis as deep into her flesh as possible before my cock erupted. There was nothing between my ears other than the overwhelming need to fuck and cum inside my wife’s ass. A part of me, somewhere deep in the recesses of my non-rational mind, would not be wholly satisfied until I saw my cum dribbling out of her nose and mouth after I squirted my seed into her ass.

I fucked her violently, brutally, twisting my hips or resting one foot on the chair to gain more leverage or to extend my stroke’s depth. She matched every one of my aggressive advances kaçak bahis with an equally intense push back toward my impaling penetration of her posterior. Her deep-chested grunts and her fingers digging into the armrest of my recliner spurred me on. Both of us snorting and growling like animals as we fucked. Her aged-well breasts swaying and swinging into view between her arms and her ribs fed my lust and fought back against the growing exhaustion trying to poison my body’s resolve and fortitude.

Our son enjoys cream-pie videos, and the youthful pride on his face is evident when he leaves a trail of his cum leaking out of his sister. Sometimes, like the actors in those kinds of videos, he pulls back just enough to leave a stream of milk oozing out of his sister’s gaping asshole or throbbing pussy. That was not my goal at the moment. My singular focus was to inject my load as deep into my wife’s body as possible. It would feed my ego more to hear her complaining an hour or two later that my cum was still leaking out of her ass than the instant gratification of seeing my spunk drooling out of her moments after I came inside her.

I was at the point of no return when Joann’s obscenity-laced growls became coherent for a moment, demanding I cum inside her.

“As you wish,” replayed in my head from one of our favorite movies. My fingers dug into her hips, pulling her ass tighter to my groin. Thrusting deeper into her, forcing the head of my cock to the top of her rectum, inverting her naturally extraverted anal ring.

Squished against her taint and drooling cunt, my balls clenched, and my cock throbbed at least seven massive squirts of stuff into her rectum. Even as more of my stuff squirted through my cock and into her anal cavity, I could feel the first three injections of hot goo leaking out of the intersection of my steely erection and her clenched anal ring.

After the last of my juices vacated the depleted seed-sack swaying below my groin, and the berserker haze began to fade from my mind, I looked down at my wife’s glistening back and the dots of sweat streaming toward the deep divot above her butt crack and knotty asshole. My still hard cock pulled and tugged at her anal ring, holding a tight seal around my shaft, but not tight enough to prevent my cum and her lube from coating my shaft like oil and grease around a piston.

I held myself inside her, admiring her trembling red-mottled and perspiration-sheened body. Her weakened arms were shaking as she hovered herself above the seat of my recliner. Leaning forward without dislodging my penial impalement, my hand reached for a mahogany and gold inlaid cigar box that was the perfect place to hide the remotes for the TV. Since moving into the lodge, the box had become the place where she stored vibrators, dildos, and other devices for herself and our daughter. While Junior and I took care of our daughter, she would often watch and pleasure herself with one of the playthings she kept hidden in her toybox. My fingers pulled the dark wood container closer, then opened the lid. Picking a finger long baby blue rod at random, I twisted the end, smiling as it began to hum and vibrate.

Reaching under and around her hips, I steered the vibrator to her clit. She tried to pull my hand away, dropping one shoulder to the armrest, but I deflected her weak efforts cupping my fingers over her cunt, holding the vibrator to her clit.

She shrieked into the seat of the recliner, and her ass clamped down even tighter around my still inserted cock. The massaging grasp her anal ring had around my penis kept it from deflating inside her or popping out. I held her hips up, pressing her spasming ass to my groin as her free hand struggled to find purchase on the armrest again.

Surrendering to my entrapment of her butt and her clit, her head dropped, resting on the back of the chair, allowing her body to spasm, tremble, shake and quiver as I mentally demanded my penis remain inflated inside her butt. My hips began to thrust forward, wanting to fuck her again as her body climaxed repeatedly. My cock pulsated inside her, the deflating backflow of blood held at bay by the throbbing grasp her sphincter had around the base of my shaft. It was a rare gift when she offered me her ass, even rarer still when I could make her orgasm like she was now, impaled on my post-climax sleepy cock.

Her shrieking climaxes of old that used to feed my ego returned. She released a long and steady stream of complementary vulgarities. An orgasmic opera accompanied by a chorus of grunts, groans, and moans. When her body spasms slowed to intermittent jolting tremors, I thought I heard her mumbled, “I told you I’d keep you well fed.”

Her whole body relaxed, her arms folded, then slid inside the armrests. Her hips pushed me backward as she sank, ass up, into the seat of my recliner. I tried to prevent her disengagement, but her hips dropping away disgorged my cock as her chest sank deeper into the bottom of my recliner. Her knees found the floor, keeping her upturned butt elevated and her brown eye staring at me. Her face found the crevasse between the seat and the back, and just outside the view I had of her slightly gapped and still pulsating volcanic asshole, I could see her ribs rapidly expanding and contracting as she caught her breath.

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