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Piano Lessons

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As Jack played his sonata, I reached over to correct his hand position on the keys. My chest grazed his shoulder as I did so. His fingers faltered momentarily as I pressed against him. I brushed my breasts across his arm as I straightened to stand behind him.

“Nice work, Jack. I like your smooth fingering,” I observed, laying my hand on his shoulder. “For next week, read through the last section of your piece.”

“Sure thing, Professor,” Jack replied nonchalantly. “I’m glad you like my fingering.” He boldly gave me a grin and wink as he left my studio. He understood this game very well.

When I was fresh out of graduate school, I had found a position at a college in the Midwest. It was a small school with a small music department, so I was responsible for a variety of classes. I directed the Women’s Chorus and taught Music Appreciation, Music Theory, and Piano.

For a small college, my piano studio/office was surprisingly large and well furnished. It was a corner room on the second floor of the music building with four large windows looking out over the campus. It had a grand piano, bookshelves, desk, and even sofa and chairs. Students often came in twos or threes during my office hours for help with their assignments and then stayed to hang out.

The favorite part of my job was teaching piano lessons. I enjoyed this because I got to know each student individually. It was exciting to watch their confidence and enthusiasm grow as they progressed on the instrument. I was particularly drawn to Jack. He was an outgoing and bold young man from upstate New York — a long way from home. He must have been 21 or 22, a senior. I had first met Jack the previous year when he had taken my Music Appreciation class. He had a quick mind and a fun sense of humor. I was a bit surprised when he signed up for piano lessons, as music was not his major. He wanted to be a writer, a journalist.

I was about 10 years older than my students, but I was as fit and trim in my 30’s as I had been in my 20’s. I had noticed Jack checking out my figure more than once. Our lessons had become more flirtatious as the semester progressed. A sexual relationship with a student was frowned upon at the college so I would have be careful, but Jack was fun to pursue.

Back in my apartment that evening I thought about Jack’s masculine scent as I had leaned over him at the piano, his dark good looks, the outline of his toned muscles beneath his shirt, the hint of stubble on his chin. Jack had an animal magnetism that I found irresistible. I enjoyed teasing him with increasingly bold contact and suggestive remarks. The unreserved looks of desire he directed toward me sometimes let me know he might be interested in taking things farther.

I slipped off my skirt and hung it carefully in the closet along with my blouse. I always dressed professionally at work. Down to my bra and panties, the ones with little rosebuds on a black background, I lay on my bed contemplating the hot gazes Jack had been giving me these past few weeks. I slowly moved my hands down my sides from my ribs to my hips, enjoying the feel of my smooth skin and the curve of my hips. I imagined they were Jack’s hands. I trailed my fingers down farther. I bent my knees up and let them fall apart so I could gently stroke my inner thighs. I felt the beginnings of arousal.

I sat up momentarily to remove my bra, then lay back down with my hands on my breasts, feeling their smoothness, stroking gently, playing with my nipples. I enjoyed the delicious bolt of sexual energy that moved from my nipples to my pussy.

One hand moved leisurely between my legs, brushing lightly. I moved the back of my thumbnail from my pussy opening to my clit. The other hand tweaked first one nipple, then the other until they were hard, and I arched my back, lifting them up into my hand. My panties were wet, and my breathing had already increased as I imagined Jack watching me.

I continued brushing my fingers up and down my pussy through my panties, faster and faster until I couldn’t eryaman escort bayan stand my teasing any longer. Lifting up my ass, I stripped my panties down and kicked them off my feet. My fingers slid through the folds of my pussy, dragging the wetness through them and up to my clit. I swirled my clit in a circular motion with two fingers as I imagined how Jack would look stroking his cock leisurely up and down while he looked at me with my legs open. Oh, how I wished he would do that for me. In my opinion, there is nothing sexier than watching and listening to a man stroke himself.

I spread my legs wider and pushed one finger, my middle finger, inside my entrance, enjoying the slippery wetness. I took it out and brought it to my nose, smelling my pussy juices. Mmmm. I returned my finger to my pussy and began sliding it in and out. I moaned as I felt the beginning of my orgasm deep inside me. I closed my eyes and saw in my mind Jack stroking his cock faster. My building orgasm made me clench with anticipation. My moans grew louder. My legs moved restlessly, opening wider as my hips thrust up and down and I fucked myself with my finger. I whispered, “Fuck me, Jack. Fuck me, Jack,” over and over. I moved my finger back to my clit, and that pushed me over the edge. I came with a loud “ah, aaah, aahhh!” In my mind, Jack’s dark eyes took in the sight with smug satisfaction.

I had been at the college for three years and was beginning to feel like this city was home. I’m an outgoing person by nature, so I had immediately joined several fun groups. I especially enjoyed being part of the community chorus, where I sang soprano. We performed a variety of music, from popular show tunes to classical oratorios, and it was a great way to get to know people in the community.

I had also joined a hiking club. Hiking has always been my favorite outdoor activity, and there were plenty of trails around here. I ended up dating one guy from the club, and we had gone camping a couple of times, but we didn’t really have that much in common. I had also dated a history professor for a while. He was too serious for me. I had been divorced a few years ago after a disastrous marriage, and I was not in a hurry to jump back into that situation. I had a naughty side, though, and I enjoyed toying with Jack. His position as my student made him captive to my teasing, although I would have stopped if he had been too uncomfortable. He wasn’t.

A week later, Jack was again in my piano studio. This lesson was devoted to a duet I had assigned some time previously. I sat beside him on the bench, playing the lower part as he played the higher. Our thighs were touching, tantalizing. I played the pedal with my right foot, which meant my leg was crossing his. There was definite electricity between us. When we finished the piece, I asked Jack to suggest ways to improve our performance. I absently trailed my fingers along his thigh and noted with satisfaction the outline of his erection in his jeans as he spoke. I wanted to touch him there, to rub my hand up and down his hardness, but I resisted the temptation. Not yet.

“Well prepared,” I complimented him. “But you need to play with more passion.”

“Got it, Professor,” Jack responded as he looked into my eyes. “You want more passion.”

I looked boldly back at him. We were so close I could feel his breath. His eyes moved to my lips, and the heat and sexual energy between us was palpable.

I stood to end the lesson. As I made notes about his work in my gradebook, I remarked, “Next week being Spring Break, there won’t be any lessons here on campus. But, if you like, you could come to my apartment for a lesson…”

His voice was rough as he answered, “Yes, I’d like that.” He left with one more backward look. I could feel his desire. Mmm hmm. My body was humming with the anticipation of what might happen during the next lesson.

I had plans for part of the break. A couple of friends and I took a quick trip down to San Antonio for a few days — just to get away from the etimesgut escort cold weather. We had a good time doing a little shopping and strolling up and down the River Walk. But the whole time I was there, I was thinking about my upcoming lesson with Jack. I wondered how far things would go when we were together off campus. I loved the suspense.

I prepared carefully for Jack’s lesson in my apartment. I wore a thin white blouse, but no bra. I would never have dressed in this provocative way on campus. My nipples showed through the fabric quite clearly, and they were already hard from my thinking about my sexy student. I wore a fuller skirt than usual. At the last moment, I slid off my panties. A spritz of my favorite scent — “Alien.” A chair for myself placed next to the piano bench.

A soft knock on the door announced my student. His eyes were immediately drawn to my tits, peaking through my blouse, and he gave me a hot look as he licked his lips. He was not the least bit embarrassed or shy about his interest. I ushered him to the piano and suggested he begin with his scales. Jack seemed to have difficulty concentrating on the music. Several times, he glanced over at me as I sat beside him on my chair. Each time he looked, my legs were a little farther apart and my skirt had slid up a bit higher. I knew he could see right up my skirt and assumed that he knew by now that I had no panties on. Even I could smell my arousal.

“Nice performance, Jack.” I remarked at the end of the lesson. “Your hand position is very good.”

He turned on the bench and pinned me with those dark eyes. “Right, Professor. You like my hand position.” He leaned toward me, boldly placing his hands on my breasts. My breath hitched as he stroked my nipples with his thumbs. He circled my breasts with his fingers, caressing them gently, appreciating their roundness, squeezing gently. Oh yes, I liked his hand position.

“Stand up, Professor,” he said softly. “You have teased me long enough.”

He stood, and taking my hand, he pulled me to my feet. He placed one hand behind my back to bring me closer, and we gazed at each other with intensity. “Is this what you’ve been wanting, Professor?” His dark eyes moved to my lips, and this time I didn’t stop him. His kiss was gentle and sweet at first, but soon deepened to something more. I reached up, bringing my arms around his neck. His tongue teased the seam of my lips and I parted them for him, allowing his tongue to invade my mouth. His hand slid down to my ass, and he squeezed. A delicious warmth flooded me as we continued to kiss with more passion, our tongues playing with each other’s, and our breathing heavy. Jack smelled so good. I could feel his hardness press against the softness of my stomach. A thrill shot through me. His hand slid under my skirt and crept up my thigh, teasing me by not going all the way to my wet, hot center where I wanted it. I moaned in protest.

Jack broke the kiss and drew me over to the sofa. “Come here, Professor,” he ordered me. “I need you to sit on my lap.” Jack pulled me down to straddle him as he moved his hands back to my breasts, flicking my nipples with his thumbs. Then he slowly unbuttoned my blouse. The cool air made my exposed nipples harden, and he chuckled with satisfaction. He drew my blouse the rest of the way off so that I sat facing him, completely exposed from the waist up. “Beautiful. Just beautiful,” he groaned. He drew one breast into his mouth while his fingers continued to play with the other. His tongue teased my nipple as he licked and sucked, then bit gently. I arched my back and pressed into him, moaning with the delicious pleasure it brought. I felt faint with the intensity of his touch. I didn’t want him to stop.

My hands moved down to feel the hardness inside his jeans. I rubbed up and down his length as I had often longed to do. I gazed into his eyes as I slowly unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and pulled down the zipper. I pulled back to look down at his erection escort elvankent straining for release from his boxer briefs. I scratched him gently with my fingernails, up and down, up and down, through the fabric until he groaned.

“I’ve been eager to see this,” I whispered.

“Take it out,” he begged. “I want to feel your warm hand on me.”

“Lift up your hips for me,” I commanded. I stood and pulled his pants and underwear down in one smooth movement, then sat back down astride him, my skirt bunched between us.

He moaned gratefully as his cock happily sprang straight up. I moved my hand gently across its head, feeling the precum on my palm. I spread it all around the head of his lovely penis and began to stroke his length slowly, from his base to his head, up and down his thick dick. I made a circle with my middle finger and thumb and gave special attention to the ridge around his head, rubbing up and down quickly. My other hand cupped his balls and gave a little squeeze. I returned to the long, slow strokes. I loved the sight and feel of his powerful cock in my hand. I wanted it inside me. I stroked faster, looking him in the eyes as I did so.

“You’re killing me, Professor!” he groaned. “I’m not going to last if you keep that up.”

He reached underneath my skirt to test my wetness with his fingers and grinned with satisfaction. “You told me you liked my fingering,” he said. “Shall I show you?”

“Yes, please,” I begged.

He skimmed his fingers through my pussy lips, exploring, teasing my folds. He leisurely trailed his fingers down my inner thighs and brought them back again to the place I wanted them. He pressed one finger into my vagina, then pulled it out to appreciate its glistening wetness as he brought it to his lips to taste, humming his approval. He pushed two fingers inside me, then three, stretching my opening and moving his fingers in and out. His thumb found my clit and he pressed it firmly as he finger-fucked me. I whimpered as I felt myself getting close to an orgasm. I didn’t want to cum yet — not until he was inside me.

Jack knew what I needed. He put his hands on my bare ass and lift me up. I knelt on either side of his thighs and with one hand, I guided his hot, throbbing cock to my pussy, rubbing my folds with it until it was wet all over from my own juices. Then I positioned it right at my entrance and slowly began to settle down on it.

“Oh, fuck,” he moaned. “That feels amazing!”

I placed my hands on his shoulders and sank down on him until he was fully imbedded in me, reveling in the delicious fullness. His hands were still gripping my ass as he buried his face between my breasts, then suckled first one nipple, then the other. I slowly moved up until the head of his cock nearly popped out, then I sank back down. Again, I rose up and settled back down.

“Fuck me hard, Jack,” I begged.

He didn’t have to be asked twice. He tightened his ass cheeks and began thrusting up inside me. His hands gripped my hips under my skirt as he fucked me hard and fast, grunting with each stroke. Sounds of sex filled the room, squelching, slapping flesh, grunts and moans. I fell forward with my arms around his neck, my breasts swinging and jiggling with each pump of his thick cock. It felt unbelievably good — the hottest fuck I’d had in a very long time.

“Cum for me, Jack. Cum inside me. Now!”

I lifted my head to look into his eyes. I reveled in the sight of his face as he reached his climax, squeezing his eyes shut and shouting as he pumped his cum into me. That set me off, and my own orgasm rocketed through me. I cried out with pleasure.

I slumped against his chest, both of us breathing hard. Then we laughed as the euphoria of the moment overcame us. “Fuck, that was incredible!” he groaned.

Piano lessons for the remainder of the semester were fun, to say the least. I rearranged my schedule so that I had a free period before Jack’s appointed lesson time. Jack began to arrive early for his lessons, and we usually enjoyed a quick fuck on my desk or the sofa. I wouldn’t say he reached his full potential at the piano, as he was distracted by the sex, but I gave him an “A” anyway. I attended his graduation ceremony with a mixture of pride and sadness as I watched him walk across the stage. I was going to miss him.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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