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Play Date with Donna Pt. 04

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Hi there! For those of you who were expecting to hear more from Jim, it’s me, Donna! I’m picking up this story where he left off. He gave me his login for this site and told me I could add whatever I want. Tee hee!

The editors at Literotica were nice enough to let me replace Jim’s first few chapters with my updated versions. He’s a good writer, and I got almost as hot reading his stories as I did living them, but he thing is, Jim was being too humble about is his equipment.

My play husband, you see, has an amazing and talented penis. His member is longer and thicker than any I’ve ever seen or felt. He gets so hard that his immense tool even hurts a little in the beginning. But once he’s in, OMG, nothing feels better.

I amended Jim’s writing to better describe the beautiful instrument between his legs and the tender yet forceful way he wields it. References to its size and power in previous chapters are my own contributions, thank you very much.

Now, before I pick up where he left off on Part 3, a recap from my perspective…

The summer night we met started with a lot of fear and anxiety on my part, especially when that buffoon in the bar started harassing me. Jim surprised me when he stepped in to protect me. At first, I thought he was part of Security, but it turns out he was just a concerned citizen.

He wasn’t the kind of guy to just stand there and watch a vulnerable woman be accosted by some brute. When he got rid of that scumbag, I immediately felt more at ease and, unexpectedly, the initial stirrings of attraction. He made me feel safe and secure in that crazy bar where my nephew’s band was playing.

When I reluctantly let him lift me up to get a better view of the stage, I was impressed by his strength. Then, when I felt the bulge of his impressive member under my toes as I stood atop his thighs, I grew a little nervous. Part of me was scared, but part of me was intrigued.

When he set me down, I was not expecting the crazy thoughts about this man that flooded my brain. I was fascinated, felt curious and a more than a little damp between my legs.

‘Who was this guy?’ I thought. ‘What would it be like to be kissed by him? What’s happening to me?’

A little bit later, when I learned what a great kisser he was during our tequila shot, I grew more excited and felt more alive, and with those feelings, more daring. Right there in the crowded bar, I kissed him and began to massage his crotch. Stroking his member through his pants and feeling it grow at my touch, I started to fantasize about what it would be like to suck on it, maybe even feel it inside me.

Something about his aroma when I nuzzled his neck seemed vaguely familiar and comforting, as if I had loved him in a past life. Ignoring my own inner protests and better judgement, I agreed to leave the place with him once I had said goodbye to my nephew. I wanted to know this mysterious man better and hopefully feel his manhood with my own two hands. I don’t know why, but all I wanted to do at that moment was to touch him and feel his hardness.

On my way back from the stage after I had said goodbye to my nephew, I felt a thrill when I saw him waiting by the bar, watching for me. I wanted to fly into his arms, but the place was too packed. I worked my way toward him through the crowd while his captivating eyes drew me to him.

Then, so quickly, a scuffle arose in the space between us. It was that same asshole he had chased away earlier, now starting trouble with someone else! When Jim stepped in with lightning speed and neutralized the jerk, I felt the undeniable need for his protection and to learn more about this mysterious and impressive man. I also sensed an increasing and undeniable wetness down below.

When we slugged down a second shot of tequila that the bartender gave us on the house after Jim broke up the fight, we kissed again, and he called me “Baby.” After that, I was putty in his hands and dripping wet with desire.

At that point, the only thing I wanted was to be his Baby that night. I would have followed him anywhere in that moment and the feeling of freedom when we found ourselves alone together on the street was liberating. As we walked along, I clung tightly to his arm and surprised myself that all I could think about was how his fully erect penis would feel in my hands, in my mouth, and maybe even inside my pussy.

Once we were in the jazz club, it felt like the stars fell into alignment. The atmosphere was cozy, the band played smoothly, and the place was not crowded. The best part was that the tables were draped with floor length tablecloths. As we kissed and I caressed his girth under the table, I felt his warm bulge throb in my hand, and decided to do something I never would I have considered before that night.

It seemed like l was a different person, watching myself from a distance, when I slipped below the table and crawled between his legs. There in the dim light, I lowered his shorts to expose his impressive kurtköy olgun escort manhood. It pulsed inches from my lips. His swollen head throbbed before my eyes, calling to me. The aroma of his cock was intoxicating and increased my resolve to take him into my mouth.

I reached out with trembling hands and pointed the large bulbous head toward my face, wondering for a moment if I could actually fit him into my mouth. My salivary glands kicked into high gear, and I think I drooled as I reached out with my tongue to lick his pulsing head.

I lightly nuzzled his large knob and kissed his outstretched rod all over. I reveled in the soft skin covering his hardness. I explored his length with my tongue and felt him grow large within my hands that seemed small when wrapped around his girth. His thick meat throbbed, and he smelled so good I wanted to drink him in.

I moved my attention to his head, eliciting a low growl from him when I spread my lips around his engorged knob. My tongue bathed the underside and traced a path around his hard ridge before sucking him into my mouth. I purred under the table, saying, “Mmm, mmm,” over and over.

I faintly recall him encouraging me and talking dirty to me, which got me even hotter, but my main focus was on sucking the beautiful cock that pulsed inside my mouth. The heady aroma of his musk was intoxicating.

Hearing my own slurping and sucking, I hummed in pleasure and felt myself getting wetter and wetter. I entered a state of sexual bliss as I slathered his hard rod with my saliva and lightly stroked his thick tool. While I sucked on his hardness, nothing else existed outside my little world under that table except his engorged cock. While I sucked him, I resolved that I had to have this big, beautiful piece of rock-hard meat deep inside me before the night was over.

When the waiter came to the table, I froze in my cock sucking and heard Jim order us chocolate martinis. His stiff rod bounced upward, the head bobbing before me in the dim light. When the waiter left, Jim scooted down in his seat and reached under the table to caress my cheek, murmuring a warning that I should be careful because he was getting close. I told him that was exactly what I wanted, and it was.

I became determined to taste his seed right then and there, to make him cum and drink him in. I was pretty sure that with a little more coaxing I could get him to blast his hot load into my mouth by the time the waiter returned with our drinks.

Lavishing his delicious cock with my mouth and tongue, and stroking him under the table, I wanted nothing more than to swallow his essence. His cock seemed massive in my hands and stretched my lips almost painfully, but I wanted all of it. I wanted it and needed it.

I was proud of myself when I felt his leg muscles tighten and his balls constrict. When he bucked and jerked, and filled my mouth with his hot, fresh sperm, I did my best to swallow his load, but he left my mouth full, and my cheeks puffed out with his cum. His seed was very warm and tasted even better than I imagined. I saved a mouthful to savor longer by adding it to my chocolate martini when I climbed back up onto my seat next to him.

Never had I imagined before that night that I would have had the brazen courage to crawl beneath the table and suck the cock of a man I had just met, then bring him to climax and drink his hot cum. Now that I had, I knew I had to feel his cock inside me.

When we got to my room a little while later and slowly undressed each other, what he did to me with his tongue took me places I never dreamed I could go. He made me cum with just his mouth. When his huge cock filled me, I went to new sexual heights that I never thought existed. He gave me earth-shaking orgasms like no one ever had before. I never slept better than I did that night.

That’s the point where Jim left off in the previous chapter. Now I’m flying solo. Wish me luck.

When morning light filled our suite the next day, we awoke in the same position in which we had fallen asleep. I was wrapped in his arms, and our legs were entwined. I lay awake with my eyes closed, breathing in his scent while my hand covered his slumbering package. He gently kissed my forehead and I stirred in his arms.

“Mornin’ sleepy head,” he murmured when he saw my eyes flutter open.

“Mornin’ lover,” I replied sleepily.

We shared a deep morning kiss. He didn’t seem to mind my morning breath, and he tasted fine and healthy to me. Our mouths pressed together, and our tongues intertwined.

I had awoken hungry that morning. My soothing dreams of him had become my first waking thoughts. I awoke thinking about his delicious cock and how good it felt deep inside me. I also felt a touch of desperation, knowing that soon we would have to say goodbye to one another. Neither of us spoke of it, but we both knew that I had to return home to Minnesota that day, and that our ‘honeymoon’ in Chicago would tuzla escort soon be over.

He seemed to feel the same way because his kisses became increasingly fervent that morning, like he was trying to devour me. I responded with little cries and whimpers of encouragement as he held me tightly and caressed my ass with his strong hands. I wanted him to ravish me.

Eventually, I pulled away to catch my breath, and whispered, “Place a room service order, would you, darling? We’re staying in for breakfast this morning.”

He sat up in bed and began placing the food order. As he spoke on the hotel phone, I kissed his organ as I rolled over him and whisked into the bathroom, where I started the shower and stepped in. Once the breakfast order was placed, he joined me under the warm spray, and we gently but thoroughly soaped each other head to toe.

He rubbed my back, squeezed my butt, and caressed my breasts with soapy suds. He lathered me thoroughly with his strong hands and I basked in his touch. I rinsed off in the soothing hot water, and then it was my turn.

I squirted body wash into my hands and lathered every inch of his skin. I knelt to soap his strong legs and reached up high to wash his thick curls. While he leaned backwards under the warm spray and rinsed his hair, I paid special attention to his outstretched cock, lathering his member and getting him hard again.

I stroked his thick member in my sudsy hands and looked up at him, smiling wickedly. His return stare told me he would take me right then and there if I went much farther, while the soft smile on his lips reminded me that we had all morning, and breakfast was on the way, so we should relish our time together and make it last.

I rinsed him off and then lowered myself to my knees before him. I took him into my mouth and murmured my pleasure while I sucked his long, thick, and squeaky-clean erection.

His dick was heaven to suck on and that made it really hard to stop once I got started. But knowing I could have more in a matter of moments, I released his meaty cock from between my lips. I stood up and kissed his lips, then turned off the water and we stepped out of the shower.

After we toweled each other off, we both donned the plush robes supplied by the hotel. We sat down at the small table for but a moment before I decided I needed more. I rose and walked around to face him. I leaned down, placing my hands on the tops of his legs. He slipped a hand inside my robe to caress my breasts. I leaned forward into him for a deep kiss. Then I lowered myself to a kneeling position in front of him, and purred, “As long as we’re waiting…”

I spread his terry cloth robe aside and lowered my face to his resting, but still very plump member. I inhaled deeply at his tuft and planted little kisses on his stirring manhood. Licking the head and drawing it into my mouth, it immediately swelled and began to stretch my lips. In a few heartbeats, he was fully hard again, and I lathered his outstretched member with kisses, licks, and little nibbles.

Getting hungrier, I lowered my mouth over his swollen head and began bobbing up and down over his erect rod, lashing it with my tongue. He leaned back in his chair and reveled in the feeling of my warm mouth engulfing his hardness. I murmured my pleasure with each downward thrust of my head, and he moaned his. His cock throbbed as I covered it with my mouth and coated it with my saliva.

I felt like I was getting him close to cumming but, before I could, there was a knock on the door. I released his delectable cock and returned to my chair. Jim jumped to his feet and closed up his robe. Then he opened the door for the attendant and resumed his place at the table.

As the server set down the tray, the guy tried not to be too obvious about taking in the sight of me in my partially open robe, my crossed legs, exposed thighs, and my toes seductively making little circles in the air. When he accepted his tip from Jim, I noticed the guy sneak a last glimpse at my chest, barely concealed by the plush robe.

Jim said, “Thank you,” and closed the door on the attendant. Then he turned to me and said, “What I wanted to say was, ‘Get the hell out of here, bub, and quit gawking at my Baby!'”

I laughed and we shared our delicious breakfast. We gazed into each other’s eyes as we chewed. We devoured our meal quickly, partly because we were both famished, and partly because we could not wait to savor each other again. When Jim placed the tray outside the room door, I shed my hotel bathrobe and clambered back into our disheveled bed.

With a mischievous grin on my face, I spread my arms and legs wide. Beckoning him, I said, “Come. I’m not ready to leave you just yet.”

His only response was to shed his own robe and join me in bed. We embraced and kissed intensely. The taste of eggs, bacon and coffee in his mouth was delicious. Our lips pressed hungrily together, and our tongues bathed the other’s.

Then pendik escort I pulled away and began to kiss my way down his taut body until my face was positioned near his resting member. Lifting the tip with my tongue, I drew him into my mouth and began gently sucking him in. My lips and mouth quickly brought blood coursing into his shaft and I coaxed his sleepy morning cock back to full hardness again.

I took my time tracing every vein of his thick rod with my tongue, smelling him, tasting him, feeling the heat emanating from his pulsing erection. I rimmed his sensitive head and followed the ridge, then flicked my tongue on the underside of his head to the sound of his murmurs of pleasure.

“Mmm, baby,” he breathed, “You got me so hard. Mmm, feels good.”

Now that I had his rod standing up proudly and throbbing with need, I pulled my lips off his rock-hard pole and announced, “Oh yeah, you are ready!” With desire in my eyes, I crawled back up to position my sopping pussy directly over his stiff cock. “I’m ready, too,” I purred.

Reaching between my legs, I grasped his hardness and dragged it back and forth across my moist pussy lips. “You make me so wet,” I purred as I steadied his shaft and pressed myself onto his pole, slowly enveloping his engorged member in my wet folds. It felt so good to feel him sinking into my hot and needy pussy.

When I was fully impaled on him, I rested my palms on his chest, gazed intently into his eyes, and began pumping my pelvis back and forth against his hardness.

“Ooh, yeah, Baby,” he whispered. “You are so hot.”

“Oh God,” I moaned in rapture. “Tell me that’s not the greatest feeling in the world!”

“It, is,” he agreed and thrust upward forcefully.

I bounced against his thrusts and hung on for dear life. “Oh yeah, so good!” I cried with my eyes closed and my hair flinging about.

He slowed and lowered his ass back down to the bed. Sitting atop his hard rod, I raised myself up until only his head was inside me. Looking down between my legs at his long shaft glistening with my pussy juice, I uttered, “God, I love your cock inside me.”

I drove my body downward, pushing myself onto his thick meat. I threw my head back, basking in the feeling of being completely filled. He reached up and fondled my breasts while bucking upward into me, adding to the sweet pressure.

I’m pretty sure I became lost in a sex dream as I ground against him and writhed upon him. It felt like he was reaching places inside me that no one ever had before. Language was gone, replaced by primal sounds of passion. Straddling him, I arched backward, and emitted sighs punctuated by heaving gasps as another powerful orgasm swelled within me.

Glistening with perspiration, my hair stuck to my face, I no doubt looked like I was somewhere far away, but feeling my pussy tightly gripping his hardness told me that he was right here with me, in me. I began trembling and shaking as my orgasm overwhelmed me. I bounced on him and shrieked in pleasure as waves of ecstasy washed over me.

Opening my eyes and peering down at him after a time, I shivered once and uttered, “Mmm, so good. I can’t even talk right now.”

“I know, Baby,” he said soothingly.

His words, his touch, his embrace, and especially his cock filled me and thrilled me. Then I flopped forward onto his chest, and he wrapped his arms around me. I began kissing his neck and chest.

In between kisses, I whispered, “I’m not done with you yet, you know.”

I rolled to the side, pulling him with me until he was on top. Raising himself up to his knees, he gripped my butt and raised me up off the bed until my moist pussy lips were touching the head of his probing cock. Then he pressed himself into me, and I gasped as he entered me again, a little deeper with each thrust, until he was fully embedded. Holding me up tightly against him, he began to slowly move his shaft in and out of my warm wetness.

Looking down my body to where he was gliding in and out of me smoothly, I remembered that the end of our time together was hurtling toward us, and I got a crazy idea. As he steadily fucked me in this sweet position, I asked, “Can I do something naughty?”

“Naughtier than this? Sure. What?” he replied.

I continued, “I want a souvenir from this trip.”

He paused in his thrusting and looked at me quizzically.

I reached over to the bed stand and grabbed my phone, saying, “I need a keepsake from this weekend.”

He returned to slowly sliding in and out of my wet folds while I opened my camera and explained, “I’ll have great memories of this weekend, but I want something more to remember you by. Do you mind?”

He shook his head, no.

I continued, “I’m gonna take a little video. I want it for when I’m home, and horny, and missing you terribly, like I know I will once I get back. Probably gonna masturbate to it.”

“Sure, baby, whatever you need,” he said as he strongly gripped my butt and thrust his cock in and out of my steaming pussy.

I brought my phone close to where his hard rod was gliding in and out of me and started the video. I began to narrate as he increased the speed and pressure of his thrusts.

“Mmm,” I cooed. “Look at that amazing cock sinking into me. So thick, so big.”

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