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To his disappointment he found her on the bed, still fully clothed. His hands were on her and she could feel her pulse start to race. Moving his hand skillfully along the base of her spine, down her leg. His lips on her neck, then her ear, his breath sending chills through her body. Without warning he stopped, walking to the door, looking back at her letting her know when he returned the clothes better be gone. His voice strong and commanding causing desire to pool in her panties. The need for his return pulsating in her veins. With a swiftness she removed her clothes and waited for him. She didn’t have to see him to know he was there, his eyes were on her and almost as attentive as his hands. Every nerve was waking as he slowly began loving on her. Soft kisses to her toes, her ankles and calves, kissing his way up her belly. She was unable to lay still, her body shifting under him as he made his way back down, his kisses becoming nibbles. He continued his delectable torture to her body. The room was filled with the sounds he was arousing in her. There sincan escort bayan wasn’t an inch of her that had not been set ablaze by his hands, his lips and his tongue.

She was insane with desire, spreading her thighs, welcoming his tongue. Her back arched ready for him to taste her. He parted her swollen lips and took his first lick. She could feel her toes curl with every skilled stroke. He licked and probed as if she had been starving him. Her body melted into him as his tongue pushed deeper into her slit. Every tender caress from his tongue had her gripping the sheets. She could feel the wetness as it flooded between her thighs. Again she arched her back pulling his tongue in deeper. He moved feverishly inside her, she tried to hold back but the urge to cum was too strong. Her body began to shake as her orgasm tore through her. He still worked his tongue with precision, hitting every nerve. She screamed out in pleasure as he took her clit inside his mouth, sucking and tugging, as another orgasm ripped through her. She thrashed eryaman escort beneath him as he continued his sultry attack to her body. She wanted more than his tongue, she wanted to feel his cock pumping inside her. She shifted her body and he looked up at her and he knew what she wanted, it was as if he could read her mind. He grabbed her legs and put them on his shoulders as he settled between her thighs.

One swift thrust and his cock was buried in her core. It was hard and throbbing and ready to please. A mixture of gentle thrust and blunt drives, as he made love to her. He leaned into her, kissing her neck, her breast, sucking her hard peaks into his mouth. Declarations of love slipping from his lips, as he lavished her body in sweet, hot kisses. He slowed his thrust not ready to find his own release, not wanting it to be over. He pulled from her, sliding his face back between her legs as he licked and sucked, driving her over the edge. She was suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to pleasure him the way he had pleasured her, moving her body out etimesgut bayan escort from under him she positioned herself between his legs. His cock glistened with a mixture of them both. Her lips kissed the tip as her tongue slid down the shaft. It was hard and slick as she took him into her mouth, long, deep strokes sliding her lips up and down, erupting sounds of pleasure from his lips. She loved the feel of him in her mouth, but the taste is what she loved the most, salty and sweet. The way he would sometimes push her head down on him, as if he couldn’t get enough. God she loved him and at times all the intimacy between them could not get her as close as she needed to be to him. He was the other half of her soul and without him she would starve. He thrust his hips pushing his cock in deeper and she welcomed the challenge. She sucked the tip vigorously, taking it in and out of her mouth, the way she knew he loved it. She could feel his cock as it became harder and obscenities spilled from his lips as he filled her mouth with his hot lava. She still worked her lips, milking him of every drop. When she knew he was fully sated she kissed a trail to his lips touching them softly. He pulled her into his arms and she snuggled into him, both smiling. Kissing, touching and enjoying the sex-post high.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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