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Revelation 06 – Tuesday

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Dear Readers,

It became evident that the naming convention I used for this series was faulty. I pulled all the previous chapters, made a slight change in the name, combined chapters so that each chapter covered one day and resubmitted the series.

Please note that the underlying theme of this series is adult incest. While each chapter varies as to the category of sex scenes contained, this series will continue to be reflected in the INCEST category.

This is the first new chapter submitted since the revision noted above.

I hope this eases your reading, as it will my writing. I sincerely hope you enjoy my effort to express my own desires, fantasies and wishful thinking

I’m always open to criticisms and suggestions.



Previous chapters in order of publication:

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Revelation: 2 – Friday

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Revelation: 6 – Tuesday

“Karen, come on! We’re going to be late. What are you doing in there?”

“Primping. I want to look nice, is that okay with you Studley?”

“Babe, you always look nice. Most times you look wonderful. Now, let’s go.”

Karen finally came out of the bathroom and we walked down to the garage. “Did you see some of those guys here to see Mom and Josie? I’ll bet the cheapest suit cost $2,000. Talk about a waste of good material on some of them.”

“Wow, you’re in a bitchy mood today, aren’t you? I figured you’d be bright and cheerful and raring to go. After all, how long has it been since we’ve see Louise or Maria, three weeks?”

“Of the two of them, which one is the sexiest?”

“Oh, no. Not me! There is no way I am going to answer that question. No matter who I choose or what my reasons are for making the choice I am going to be in deep shit! Forget it, Babe.”

“Okay, coward. Did you put the table in the car? And yes, it has been too long since we’ve seen them. My pussy tingles at the thought.

“The table is in the car. Your pussy always tingles.

“What a sweet thing to say.”

It was a nice day in the low 80’s and, for a change the humidity was low. So when we arrived at the house we decided to open it up rather than turn on the A/C. I got the table out of the car and carried it into the den since we had the most room for the tables there. We moved some furniture around a bit and set the tables up side by side. Setting the tables side by side would cause Karen and I some problems because it is far easier when giving a massage to be able to move around the table but having the tables side by side will help to increase the sense of eroticism and intimacy. I got everything ready for the massage and Karen got out some snacks and several bottles of wine and we went in to change.

For these sessions with the girls we want to build sexual tension so, by mutual consent, we maintain the façade, at least initially, that we are actually there for the massage. While we may end up naked and having sex we start out as though this were not our primary goal, the massage is. Dressed in a pair of semi-loose shorts and Karen wearing a loose smock we came back into the den and put on some old Ravi Shankar music. I’m not a big fan of sitar music but for some reason the women seem to think it’s erotic when they are having a massage and the day is more for them than it is for me. We poured glasses of wine and waited for the girls to arrive.

Louise and Maria arrived together right on time. There was the requisite hugging and kissing and the three girls started talking like they hadn’t seen each other in a year. Knowing when I am being ignored I went in to the den, lowered the shades, lit the candles and incense, poured myself a second glass of wine and waited. Still chatting the three of them came in and without slowing down Louise and Maria removed their clothes and wrapped towels around their waists.

I like seeing Louise and Maria together. You could not find two girls more dissimilar in appearance. Louise is tall, about 5′ 10″, Maria is short, about 5′ 3″. Louise is slim with beautiful dancer’s legs and Maria is well proportioned and sexy but a little on the heavy side. Louise has long, red hair, Maria, short dark brown hair. Louise has somewhat droopy, very pale blue eyes, Maria has big brown eyes. Louise’s natural expression is a perpetual smile with dimples. Maria has a somewhat pouty look that changes into an almost angelic look when she smiles. Louise looks very, very Irish, Maria, very Italian.

Louise gives the best head while Maria will give you a ride that makes you think riding a bull at the rodeo would be relaxing by comparison!

“So, Kenny, where do you want us?”

I hate the name ‘Kenny’ and Maria knows it. “Makes no difference, Toots (she hates ‘Toots’ – we find pleasure in aggravating one another), bahis firmaları hop up there and let’s get this party on the road. How much time do you girls have?”

Giving me a dirty look for calling her ‘Toots’ she replied, “As much as it will take to scratch the itch I’m feeling,”

“Big itch or little itch?”

She looked down at my crotch, “Big itch I should think, what about you Louise?”

“Big, definitely big.”

“So, Kenny, how are you going to massage both of us at the same time?”

“Maria, my sweet, you and Louise are in for a treat. Today, making her debut as an erotic masseuse is my lovely wife Karen. After many years apprenticing to the Master, myself,” and I put my hand over my heart and bowed, “she has shown the dedication and skill necessary to be promoted from second banana to Masseuse Extraordinaire,” and I bowed to Karen. “However, in reality, this will be her second appearance. She performed in public for the first time Saturday night with laudable success.”

Maria rolled over and looked at Karen, “What is this about Saturday?”

Louise continued to lie on her stomach just turning her head to look at me, “Yeh, second time? So who was the lucky recipient of her first massage?”

“I’ll let her tell you about that in detail in her own words another time but in summary, she appeared as the ‘Masked Masseuse’, wearing a silk mask to disguise her appearance, and massaged one girl and bestowing her oral talents on her and two others. She acquitted herself admirably and all parties were completely satisfied with her efforts.”

“Now, as to how we will proceed today, Karen and I will each begin massaging one of you and when it is time for you turn over we will switch. That way you both receive the benefits of our many talents.”

Louise laughed, “And that is exactly why we are here, to receive the benefits of your ‘many talents’. So, let’s stop this talking and get on with receiving some of these ‘many talents’, eh?”

Maria interrupted, “No, let’s wait a bit. I want all the details of the adventures of the ‘Masked Masseuse’. Talk girl, I want details and I want them now!”

Karen had been silent throughout this exchange and laughingly said, “Maria, I promise to tell you every salacious detail later,” and she leaned down and whispered so that we could hear her too, “when we are alone!” and she emphasized ‘alone’.

“Well, I think I have been excluded. Come on Ken, let’s you and I go in the next room and have some fun while these two chat.” Louise made as if to get off the table while trying to glare at them.

Karen walked over to Louise and took both her hands, “Sweetie, I have no intention of leaving you out. I, of course, mean to include you as well.” She looked over her shoulder at me and said, “I just don’t want to give Studley there any cheap thrills. This is just for us girls.”

“Okay, alright, whatever. You three can chitchat, gossip or whatever whenever you want but right now we are wasting time. Unless, of course, you would rather TALK about what HAS happened instead of getting on with what WILL happen? Makes no difference to me.” I folded my arms across my chest and tried to look as if I didn’t care. I don’t think I carried it off.

“Alright. Don’t sulk. Massage time! Now, who gets to massage who?”

“Does it really matter?”

Both Maria and Louise lay back down on the tables. Karen walked over beside Maria and I beside Louise and we began the massage. As the girls began to relax it became very quiet in the room with only the sitar music as background. The girls were visibly relaxing more and more and Karen was concentrating on the massage and doing very nicely. I was in automatic mode, not thinking of the strokes but thinking of how delicious the two women looked lying on the table and thinking of what we would be doing in a very short time.

The massage went pretty much according to what you would expect in a ‘conventional’ massage except that Karen and I spent a lot of time teasing the girls by brushing across their pussies and teasing their assholes. When we thought they were ready we had them turn over.

The girls had just turned over and were lying on their backs with their breasts bare and the towels only covering the pubic area. As I started to walk over and switch tables with Karen I heard her whisper, “Ken!” I looked up and she whispered, “the doorway.” I turned my head and saw, standing partially hidden in the doorway from the kitchen and watching us, Sarah!

Sarah is our 18-year old neighbor. About 3 years ago we gave Frank and Helen the key to our house so that they could keep an eye on it for us when we were away. Sarah, their oldest daughter, will occasionally stop by to pick up our mail and put it in the house and play one of my collection of antique Atari video games which I have in the club basement. She’s a nice kid and we have no problems with allowing her in the house if we are not there. However, today was not the best time for her to decide kaçak iddaa to play video games.

Frank and Helen are good neighbors in their mid-40’s. They are the epitome of respectability being regular churchgoers and serving on the PTA and quite a few other neighborhood committees and organizations. They were the first in the neighborhood to welcome us when we moved in and we have been to their house and they to ours numerous times. We all enjoy playing bridge. They have 3 children. As I said, Sarah is the oldest, Renea is 11 and Jake is 5.

Sarah is somewhat of a plain girl who is quiet, shy and even a little withdrawn. She’s an average student in her first year at the local community college while she tries to figure out what she wants to do. Sarah rarely dates and while she has a few girlfriends in the neighborhood doesn’t seem to want to mix with a lot of the other, somewhat ‘wilder’ kids in the area. I’ve always felt that Sarah plays second fiddle to Renea who is a lot more gregarious and outgoing. Because we have always welcomed her in our home and she gets on so well with Karen, whom I think she looks up to, Sarah would use our house as a kind of refuge.

When I realized that Sarah was watching us all I could do was stand there. Louise and Marie saw that Karen and I were looking toward the doorway they looked up as well. When they realized that someone was standing there both of them sat up but neither of them covered their breasts. I turned around and saw that Sarah’s eyes were wide open and so was her mouth.

“Oh, geez, I’m sorry….I didn’t…..I mean, I was just going to…..Oh, shit! Look, I didn’t see anything; I’ll see you later. Goodbye,” and she started to leave.

“Sarah, wait! Don’t go honey. It’s okay. You can come in.”

Sarah stopped and looked back at Karen. “Karen, no, I think that I better go….it’s…..”

“Sarah, it’s okay. Ken and I were just giving our friends a massage. You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”

What in the hell is Karen thinking! Inviting Sarah in is the last thing we need right now. I turned my back to Sarah and looked at Karen and mouthed ‘no, no, no’ but she just smiled at me and looked back at Sarah who was stopped in the doorway. Thank God both Karen and I were dressed! Although I did have a considerable bulge in the front of my shorts.

Marie had a questioning look on her pouty face but Louise had a big smile on her face as she looked at Sarah. “Hi, Sarah, my name is Louise and this is Marie.” You can come in, we don’t mind. Ken and Karen were giving us a massage. Have you ever had a massage?”

Sarah’s natural teenage curiosity kept her feet glued to the spot while her fear and uncertainty urged her to flee. I was getting angry with Karen and Louise for prompting this kid to stay. I was also becoming real concerned about what I feared they had in mind. I didn’t say anything but kept my back turned. I looked over at Marie and I could see she was trying to decide what to do, invite her in or tell her to leave.

Karen is smooth. She smiled at Sarah and said, “Honey, you can come in if you want or you can go downstairs and play the video games if you want or you can leave. We don’t mind. Have you ever had a massage?”

Sarah shook her head.

“Would you like to see how a massage is given?”

Sarah hesitated and then nodded her head.

Shit, oh, shit this is not good!

“Come over here and let me introduce you then.” Sarah came hesitantly into the room and walked up to Karen. Sarah, this is Louise and this is Maria, they are old friends of ours from college. Girls, this is Sarah our neighbor and a good friend,” and she put her hand on Sarah’s shoulder. Sarah meekly said hello and Maria said hello and Louise smiled and nodded. Neither Louise or Maria had covered their tits and both were now sitting cross-legged on the tables. It was pretty obvious that they were naked since the towels did not completely conceal their pubic areas.

Sarah made eye contact with me for the first time and smiled a little uncertainly. All I could do was return her smile. “I’ll bet you didn’t know that Ken was a masseur, and I was a masseuse did you? No? Well, we both studied that in college and we kind of moonlight by giving good friends of ours massages from time to time. Now, you said you never had a massage? Well, if you want to you can stay and watch us give our friends massages and maybe someday you might want to have one yourself.”

Oh, shit. This was going where I thought it might be going. My wife has to be out of her fucking mind. She is actually hitting on the 18-year old daughter of a neighbor. Not only that, it looks like Louise and Maria are going along with her. I’m gonna kill all three of them, no shit!

I was frantically trying to think of something to do to get out of this but at this point there was damned little I could do without spooking Sarah and probably bringing the wrath of her mother and father down on us. So, trying to make the best of a bad kaçak bahis situation while I try to figure some way out of this I looked at Sarah with as big a smile as I could muster at this point and said, “Sarah, would you do me a big favor? I have massage crème all over my hands so, would you please get me a beer from the fridge, this is hard work and I’m kind of thirsty?”

Sarah nodded and said okay and left to get the beer. I walked over to Karen and whispered, “What in the hell are you thinking?” Before I could say anymore she put her hand over my mouth and whispered back, “If we send her away right now she will tell everyone in school that we were having some kind of orgy and we will be in shit up to our armpits. Let me handle this okay and we won’t have any problems. Just go ahead and continue with the massage.”

“Okay, I hope your right though. I don’t like the feel of this.” I turned to Louise and Maria, “What do you think?” Maria answered, “Karen’s right, keep going and don’t change a thing!”

“Don’t change a thing? You think I’m gonna continue giving an erotic massage with her watching? Now I know you are out of your mind.”

Louise put her hand on my shoulder and said, “Just as Maria said, don’t change a thing. I have a good feeling about this. I know it will work out fine. Trust us!”

“Well, I’m not going to change anything. I’m giving Maria an erotic massage, right Maria?”

Maria smiled that angelic smile and said, “Press on! Oh, this is gonna be fun, I can feel it,” and giggled.

When Sarah came back into the room with my beer the girls were laying on their backs on the tables. Each of them had the towel over their groins but their breasts were still exposed. Sarah walked up to me and handed me the beer but her eyes were on the girls and their breasts. She looked a little flush.

“Sarah, come over here and sit on the stool so you can see what a massage looks like.” Karen pulled over one of the bar stools and placed it close to the midpoint of Maria’s table. “You’re 18 now so if you want a glass of wine, help yourself. Sarah nodded and poured herself a glass and sat down on the stool. Sitting on the bar stool put Sarah high enough that she could see both tables easily. And the bulge in my shorts!

Karen walked up to the head of her table and started to massage Maria’s head, face and throat. She kept up a running patter explaining to Sarah what she was doing. Sarah was starting to relax more. I slowed down my massage so that I was lagging a bit behind Karen. I was going to have to take my cues from her.

Sarah was intently watching everything that Karen and I were doing but her eyes kept moving to the girls exposed breasts. Karen kept up the chatter as she reloaded her hands with crème and started massaging Maria’s upper chest and the top of her breasts. Sarah’s attention was completely on Karen’s hands. Karen didn’t touch Maria’s nipples but stopped short and moved over to the side of the table and started working on Maria’s hands and arms explaining to Sarah the difference between deep tissue Swedish massage and the Reflexology techniques used on hands, fingers, feet and toes. Sarah watched intently.

While putting more crème on her hands Karen turned to look at Sarah and said; “Now it’s important to massage all parts of the body. With a massage given in a commercial establishment certain body parts are avoided because the masseuse or masseur has to be careful about the possibility of offending the client and breaking the law. However, ignoring these body parts results in a massage that is often less than completely satisfying to the client because it leaves the client with built up sexual tension. In our case, since Ken and I only massage people we know very well, we make sure that the massage is complete and completely satisfying. She turned around and took each of Maria’s breasts in her hand gently and sensuously massaging them.

Sarah’s eyes grew very wide; she took a long drink of her wine and leaned forward in her chair, her eyes glued to what Karen was doing. What the hell! I put crème on my hands and took Louise’s breasts in my hands and mirrored what Karen was doing. Both Teresa and Maria let out little sighs when we began to massage them and Sarah sat upright at the sound. Louise took the opportunity to use her left hand to begin rubbing my legs and hips. I began to get hard feeling Louise’s hands on my leg and knowing that Sarah could see what she was doing. I thought she was watching intensely before, now she was totally engrossed her eyes moving from what Karen was doing, to what I was doing and what Louise was doing.

While she was playing with Maria’s breasts she was telling Sarah that a good massage does two things, it gradually releases the physical tension in the area being massaged and when the massage is done, the whole body should be tension free. However, this tension was essentially physical. Since a good massage is so intimate, it also tends to build some sexual tension while it relieves the physical tension. In order for a massage to be truly complete, both types of tension should be relieved so that at completion of the massage the client feels a total release of all tension in the body.

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