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I had just turned 19, I stood 5ft 6 and was while not top model stuff, fairly well created with the right portions in the correct places. My boyfriend of a few years had just come back from two weeks of basic training, and I was as horny as one could get. Before he went off into the wide blue yonder we had been sexual active, with him keeping me satisfied on an almost daily basis.

I had thought we were going to make special plans for his first night back, BUT his mother intervened and planned a home coming supper for her little boy, inviting myself To join them the evening of his arrival back in town. Hey what could I say, my relationship with his mother was on an even keel and I was not looking to disturb that at all.

I decided that I would make every opportunity a possibility for a sexual encounter, even if I had to tease Robert to death and let him hang. He could have certainly thought up a better method of arriving home, without telling his parents the exact hour of his arrival. Had he been a bit more on the ball, we could have arranged the timing so that we could have balled our eyes out before his parents knew he had arrived. Any way I was a bit put off and was going to take some revenge during our social visit.

Leaving work a bit early, I made certain I had the time to soften all my body parts in a warm sexually scented bubble bath. I cleared my body of all unnecessary body hair, and I undertook to accede to a request Robert had made quite a while ago, but something I had not really completed before this night. I figured a bald pussy would have quite an effect on the out come of the evening. Fortunately the weather was bit cooler than it had been which permitted me to dress with a loose pull over and a long wrap around skirt. Of course to frustrate Robert and follow my plan, I wore a full bra, and panty set, I was certainly not going to let him think he was going to have a free for all this evening.

The events of the evening proceeded very much with me in control, Robert looked very disappointed when he saw that his father had accompanied me to the station to meet him. I would imagine he was expecting some nookie during the drive back to the house, score one for me. Robert did manage to get me into a corner once just while the aperitifs were being prepared, I allowed him on purpose to get his hands up my sweater, to let him know I was tightly held and protected from any of his evil thoughts. It was certainly worth letting him grope, the expression on his face when his busy grasping hands came into contact, not with a warm body of flesh, but onto a fully formed wonder bra, I had never seen before. Immediately following this grope, I offered to help out in the kitchen; I did not want to give him the chance to beg me to take the bra off. My scoring points were adding up, soon I would have my man begging.

Dinner came off very well, the Mrs was quite a cook and she had managed to furnish a wonderful assortment of both Robert’s and my favourite foods. I proceeded to help clean up after, allowing Robert’s father to entertain him in the lounge away from me. While I was going back and forth I was in such a position that I could flirt with Robert, without his parents seeing what was going on, so I made hay, bending over the table to reach, sticking my butt out and wiggling as best I could, or standing facing in Robert’s view and squeezing my breasts. I even went as far as to lift my sweater exposing my two-holstered love handles to Robert. I could kaçak iddaa see him squirming around in his chair trying to keep up a conversation with his father, while I teased him.

Once dinner came to an end, I figured that we would be able to leave so that Robert could drive me home, and perhaps along the way we could play, but I was surprised when his mother suggested we retire to the family room as she had borrowed a new DVD and wanted us to watch it. My scoring drop a few points with this surprise, I had not counted on this and now that I had gotten into teasing Robert, my desires were starting to surface, after all it had been two weeks since I had gotten satisfied. I had not been prepared for this and I am sure that my expression showed a bit of disappointment, as his mother began to explain that she had really wanted to watch this DVD and had to return it in the morning.

Well not wanting to be a party pooper, and certainly not wanting to cause problems, or let on that I might have had other plans in mind, plans perhaps that Robert’s mother would not approve of, I agreed to stay and watch the DVD. We all descended to the family room, Robert’s father to his regular seat off to the left, and his mother to a seat off to the right, she suggesting that we might like to cuddle on the sofa and was set off to the back in the middle of the room. To cuddle she said, but when I saw that we were to be sitting more or less out of their sight line, especially if they were watch a new movie, I saw opportunities of another nature. I realized that I might be able to tease Robert mercifully, and he would not be able to do too much about it since his parents were right there in the room with us.

Before settling down I paid a visit to the washroom and took off my bra, dumping it into the vanity, this way I could get Robert’s attention while we watched the movie. I do not think Robert noticed that I had removed my bra, for at first he just cuddled, his arm around me, while he played with my hair. I had to make the first move, taking his right hand; I placed it up under my sweater, trying to be a discreet as possible and not to alert his parents that some thing was going on. The light had been dimmed enough to allow us a bit of freedom in the shadows.

Well, once Robert found that his hand did not encounter the contraption that had hindered him before, his interest certainly picked up. Slowly but surely he brought his other hand into play and began massaging my globes, pulling and pinching on my nipples, eliciting small moans from me, at least the musical we were watching was loud enough to cover my sounds. I began to stoke his hardening dick through his pants, not yet wanting to create a difficult situation, I really wanted to suck him dry, but I had to continue with my plan, no matter how frustrating it was becoming. I could tell Robert was well into satisfying me as best he could given the situation, he continued to work my globes in the most delicate of fashion, I am certain my moaning was increasing in pitch, I know my breathing had increased in rhythm.

Sudden movement from his mother froze our movements, so to be certain that she had not caught on, I excused myself, pulled myself from Robert’s grasp, letting his hands slide smoothly and quite clearly undetected from beneath my sweater. I got up and went to the washroom, where I quickly discarded my soaking panties and frigged myself to orgasm; I could not hold it any longer. Wanting more, a devilish thought came kaçak bahis to me and I immediately turned my wrap around skirt back to front, so that I could loosen the ties and yet the opening would not show from the front. I left my panties with my bra ad returned to the family room, holding my skirt ties in my hand, not to be noticed as my sweater fell well below the top of the skirt.

Placing my self back on the sofa, beside Robert, I spread the back of the skirt open so that I was bear back on the seat, yet with the skirt still wrapped in front. I managed to do it with such finesse that not even Robert noticed a change in my circumstances, well not until I pulled the wrap completely open, letting it lie loose on my lap. As soon as I moved back to cuddle Robert and he advanced his right hand underneath my sweater, he realized that a lot flesh was available to his groping. I heard him gasp as he ran his hand down my leg realizing that if he moved to quickly the wrap it self would move for ward off my body and expose me completely. He stopped short in his tracks, and brought his hands back to my globes, and began where he had left off, this time however I wanted more and I slowly but sure eased his right had downwards, spreading my legs as far as I dared, grasping at my skirt holding tightly to avoid an embarrassing encounter should either of his paenrts turn to talk with us.

As Robert’s hand moved further and further down, it appear he was searching for something, some thing in vain as it would be, because I had saved myself bald as he had so often requested. He shifted slightly in his position closing his mouth around my ear and letting out such an appreciative “mmmmmm”. He immediately send his fingers to the centre of my snatch, gliding his index finger into my waiting hole, pressing the palm of his hand to my bare mound. I was so wet, with my leaking love juices, it was easy for him to slid his finger in and out and to bring his hand back up to cover my mound with my inner oils. Robert went to work knowingly, expertly, with his delicate touches, I was close, so close, with each and every movement, yet he kept pulling back just at the right moment to let me hang, to make me push forward searching out his touches.

I was really getting into it now and was very very pleased that his mother has chosen such an intensely loud and active film; I was really concerned that I was making very loud sensual sounds at this point. I pushed Robert’s left hand down towards the cushion of the sofa, and as I did so I lifted my arse as best I could with out too much movement, easing his had down to my back door, Robert knew just what I wanted, he lubricated his finger with my leaking pussy juices and popped his finger into my back door.

Now I was on seventh heaven, I began to push my body down on to his left hand, then push my self forward towards his right had which was now permanently fixed to my bad pussy. I hoped to hell that I was not making to much movement, rubbing my bottom on the sofa back and forth back and forth, but there was no stopping me now, I was too far gone to even care about being caught, I let go of the skirt and ran my two hands up to my tits, pulling hard at my nipples, closer and closer I came to release. I was beginning to think I was making more noise than the movie, and that at any time his parents would turn our way to see me wantonly in the throe of sexual delight, but I would not have stopped, not even if they both came at me. Just as the finale illegal bahis of the movie broke I erupted into one of the best orgasms I have ever experienced, crying out Oh Yeah Oh Yeah Oh Yeah, clearly audible to every one in the room.

I immediately realized that it was I yelling, and not just the actors , on the DVD, as I slumped down in to the couch , Robert quickly grapping at my skirt to make certain that it covered me. Fortunately and I must say very fortunately, both his parents accepted the fact that I had enjoyed the film immensely, to have let out a cry such as I did at the end, little did they realize nor have they every made mention of the fact to the contrary as to what I had enjoyed at that particular moment in time..

I sat there exhausted from my ordeal, glowing in the aftermath, his parents turning to us to express their pleasure that we had so enjoyed the film, and that it was not too far off our young interests, and I just nodded in agreement. Little did they know just how far off my interests were . Robert’s mother suggested tea, and set about to go boil some water, his father excusing himself to the washroom (at that time I hoped it was for natural interests and not because of what had transpired on the sofa). The field being clear of parents, Robert thought he would take advantage of things, and pushed me back down on the sofa, pulling my sweater completely of my glowing body. This action of course caused my skit to fall to the floor and left me bare naked for all to see. Just as Robert unzipped himself and was preparing to mount me, his mother called down to ask that he fix the television so they could come watch the news.

It was as though lighting stuck Robert, here he was his hard dick sticking out of his pants, poised upon a glowing naked lady, spread willing, and ready before him, and he had to curtail his actions. Slowly he got up and headed over to the TV, not missing a beat I moved off the sofa and paraded in my naked glory over to where he was kneeling, I planted myself feet wide apart, hands on my hips and fed him my dripping pussy. While he fiddled with the DVD and the TV, he lapped at my hot dripping cunt, sucking the juices as they flowed from within, bring me to a second if less intense orgasm.

We could hear his mother rattling the cups and sauces in the kitchen, and his father pissing in the washroom, I do not know what Robert was thinking, but I had no notion of stopping at this point, I wanted to come and to come and to come, so I stood my ground and bucked my dripping bald cunt into his face, while I squeezed my tits, loving every exciting moment of it.

Once my cunt was drained dry, I leaned down and planed a warm kiss on Roberts lips, lapping up the taste of my love juices, and sauntered back to the sofa, casually picking up my wrap around and tying it about myself in a most proper manner. I picked up my sweater and held it waiting to hear the first footsteps coming towards to family room before delicately sliding it over my head and concealing my still pulsating breasts.

Poor Robert, he was still at the TV adjusting the programming when his mother came into the room with the tea tray. Once he had things fixed, he sort of had to creep back to his position on the sofa, for had he stood up I am certain his pole would have ripped right through his pants and sprung loose for his mother’s and my viewing. As he sat back down he gave me a really dirty look and punched me just every so lovingly in the shoulder. I had had my day, I had scored all the points, I had my revenge for the last two weeks of his absence, and I was feeling pretty snappy sitting there in my glow, sipping hot tea and wondering what next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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