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Risky Office Affair Ch. 01

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Gabriel stared at the screen of his laptop, his eyes unfocused and weary after another eleven hour day in the office. The few lamps around his office provided the only other illumination, pooling warm light over the plush carpets and rich leather chairs. Beyond his partially closed door, the rest of his floor was dark. Except for one office in the next pod over. He could barely see the glow of that office’s light on the wood planks down the hall, but he didn’t need to see it to know she was still there.

She was always there. Visible, but just out of reach.

The new VP who had taken over their division had completely upended everyone’s assignments. Worse, he had no concept of how the large department functioned, with clear demarcations of authority. Every junior VP had their own projects to work on, and those lines were never crossed. Until five weeks ago. He and Ava had been assigned to manage a new major project. Together. The problem was, they clearly couldn’t work together.

More precisely, he couldn’t work with her.

Five weeks on this assignment, and every week bringing him closer to the end of his restraint. Five weeks with her in every meeting. On every call. Five weeks with her smiling at him, laughing at his jokes. Of her sliding perfectly into position alongside him on this project as if she hadn’t just joined the team. Five weeks of unrelenting frustration. Five weeks of trying to not notice her, and five weeks of total failure.

She checked all his boxes: intelligent, competent, effortlessly sensual while always remaining completely professional. He knew it was only a matter of time before he gave into his temptation and let his friendly banter with her stray into a probing flirtation, trying to feel out the limits of her interest. He hoped his temptation wasn’t so obvious to his employees and other colleagues. The last time he had gotten involved with a colleague, several careers almost ended, and his was only saved because a recruiter contacted him about joining this firm right before details were going to be made public. A major crisis barely averted, and he had no desire to find himself blindly embroiled with an untrustworthy woman again. Ava didn’t seem the sort to try to sleep her way to the top, though. And they were on the same level in the organization…. He felt a pleasurable stirring in his trousers at the thought.

Enough! He shook his head to clear it. Sitting here in the near dark, staring blankly at a spreadsheet while thinking about her alone in her office just down the deserted hall and how she maybe wouldn’t turn out to be a career-ending mistake was doing nothing to bolster his resolve. He had to get out of here.

He checked the time and cursed under his breath. It was late. She would likely be leaving soon, too. He shut down his laptop and peered out to see if her light was still on. It was. Another couple of minutes to throw the machine in his messenger bag and pull his wallet and phone out of his desk drawer. yalova escort The elevator bay was on his side of the building, so as long as he could get out of his office before she did, he was home free. He was almost through his doorway when he realized he left his keys on his desk. By the time he retrieved them and made it out of his office again, he noticed the entire floor really was dark, except for the dim lighting by the elevator bay.

And there she was, waiting for an elevator. Today she wore a wrap dress, made of that magic material that somehow clings perfectly to every curve and still manages to swirl and sway around her legs when she walked. The lean muscles in her legs were highlighted by the heels she wore. His cock, barely awakened by his earlier musings, sprung to life at the sight of her. All he could think about was having those strong legs wrapped around his hips while he plunged himself into her over and over and over, her head tipped back in ecstasy, displaying her slender throat and plump, perfect, heaving and bouncing breasts. He groaned as his cock throbbed and swelled down his pants leg. I can’t be alone with her in an elevator in this state.

She hadn’t seen him yet, and if he was careful maybe he could slink back into his office…but at that instant her head snapped around, as if she could hear him thinking about her. Oh, and if she could hear the things he was thinking about her, she’d slam her hand into that little call button frantically or fly down the stairs to get away from him. Not smile brightly and wave him over as if they were best of friends.

Her eyes took in the bag over his shoulder, his keys in his hand, the dark office behind him. There was nothing for him to do but smile back politely and meet her at the elevator, which she was now holding open for him.

Ava didn’t move as Gabriel approached and he had to slip in past her, very aware of each inch between his body and hers. All it would take is one swift tug on the knot of the dress as he brushed past her and the thin fabric would start to slide open.

He couldn’t stop the scene from playing out in his head, even as he gave her his best Jovial Guy From the Office smile and asked her how that meeting with the outside vendor had gone that afternoon.

“Devon is such a chore to deal with,” she sighed exasperatedly. In his mind, she was sighing with pleasure as his right hand pushed the dress down her shoulder and his lips followed. “He won’t listen to me when I tell him that we can’t budge on geographic requirements.” His left hand reached up to cup her bare breast, fingertips toying with her pert nipple. “IT tells me the servers must have read-write access in all regions, but he insists it is too costly.” He pushed his strong thigh between hers, pinning her to the wall and lifting her up higher so he could slant his mouth over hers. “Maybe you could try talking to him tomorrow? He seems to respond better to men.” Ava looked at him hopefully, even a little shyly.

His already yalova escort bayan erect cock twitched at that expression…a little bit of vulnerability mixed with trust and sprinkled ever so lightly with need. For him to take control of a situation. For her.

“It would be my pleasure,” he replied, his voice smooth and giving no hint of his smoldering arousal.

Her lips curved into a relieved smile and she looked like she was just about to say something else when her eyes dropped from his face and caught as they grazed over his crotch. For a moment, he panicked. From the way her smile faltered and her eyes widened, he could tell his erection was apparent. Reflexively, he followed her eyes with his own and was momentarily mortified to see a small but obvious wet spot on his khakis, right at the tip of his hard, hungry dick. That’s right, some demented and perverse part of himself growled in pleasure. Look at what you do to me, you goddamn beautiful siren. I’m hard and dripping for you. Weeks of tension and desire almost snapped his control. Gabriel wanted to grab her and grind himself into her, whispering in her ear all the dirty and lustful things he’d imagined about her every night stroking himself in the dark of his bedroom. And sometimes in his morning shower. And more than once in his office after a long meeting with her.

But his rational, preservation-minded self won out.

He knew he needed to defuse and deflect, but he didn’t have time to get a word out before she looked straight into his eyes and raised an amused, speculative eyebrow. Her posture changed as she took a single step towards him. She seemed looser, softer…sinuous. His breath stopped, pulse hammered. Gabriel could almost believe his fantasy of just a moment ago was about to come to life. She inhaled to speak, a seductive smile spreading across her lips. God, those lips. Full and expressive. What would they feel like, wrapped around–

The elevator stopped, its door opening to admit a new passenger.

Without missing a beat, Ava stepped to the back of the elevator and Gabriel shifted on his feet, deftly pulling his messenger bag in front of his body as he turned to the front of the elevator. He made idle talk with the interloper from accounting until the elevator stopped at the highest level of the parking garage and the man exited. Before the doors had fully closed again, Ava moved to stand next to him, facing the doors.

He looked down at her, catching her gaze with his own, and moved his bag behind him as he angled his body toward hers. She swiveled to face him, her eyes sliding down the length of him, from his broad shoulders to his obvious bulge, then back up. Her heated perusal tightened every muscle in his body. His heart was thudding in his chest and he could see her own breathing coming more rapidly than was warranted for simply standing in an elevator. Oh, good fucking hell, if she keeps looking at me like that, I’m going to throw her down and fuck her right here.

The escort yalova elevator door dinged open. Without breaking eye contact, she flung out an arm to hold it open and said breathily, “I’m parked on this floor.” The tilt of her head was as clear an invitation as she could give under the circumstances without grabbing him by the dick and dragging him into a dark corner. He wanted to ignore the screaming in his head that told him it was a mistake to go down this path, that he couldn’t risk an indiscreet office affair. He wanted nothing more than to follow her sweet ass to her car and splay her naked across its hood.

Instead, he held himself tightly controlled and managed a gravelly, “See you tomorrow, Ava.”

She held his gaze a beat longer, and he was sure she recognized the lust burning in his eyes. With a small quirk of her lips, she turned and walked away. He watched the sway of her hips until the door closed in front of him. Resting his forehead on the cool metal, he groaned out loud and grabbed his cock to shift it into a more comfortable position. Even that little bit of attention was enough to make it throb, and Gabriel wondered if he could make it home before easing that ache.

By the time he made it into the soft leather driver’s seat of his sporty coupe, he couldn’t take it any longer. Knowing that even in the unlikely event someone would walk by they would have difficulty seeing through his darkly tinted windows, and not caring one damn bit if they did, Gabriel released his cock from his pants. That damn beast stood straight up and swelled even more, as if it knew what was coming. He wrapped his long fingers around its hard thickness and slowly stroked up and down, spreading his own wetness over it’s length and wishing it was Ava’s juices instead. He was so aroused it was almost painful, the pleasure sharp and brutal and necessary. His hand moved faster, chasing his climax, needing to purge this desire for a woman he couldn’t have. Gabriel couldn’t–wouldn’t–take his hand off his cock if the Pope himself knocked on his window.

Through his lust and pleasure-fueled haze, he thought he heard the soft purr of a car’s engine moving slowly on the ramp above him. He didn’t care. If someone saw him with his cock in his hand, moaning from the delicious friction of fucking his own hand…well, that only sweetened the pleasure. He imagined it was her. Ava. Watching him with her cool gray eyes, interested, aroused, and amused by his display. Would she like to watch, he wondered. She already knew he wanted her. How wet would she get if she could see him right now, straining against himself, furiously pumping his cock? Oh, how I’d love to show you what you do to me. And what I could do to you. And that was all it took to push him over the edge and finally–FINALLY–get the release he’d been needing all day, her name exploding from his lips as his hot cum spurted over his fingertips.

But moments after he’d cleaned himself up and was ready to drive home, he knew he’d be in the same situation tomorrow. Distracted and horny, counting the minutes until he could take himself in hand again to find some small bit of relief.

I can’t keep on like this. Something has got to fucking change.

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