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Female Ejaculation


I was starting my third year of college. I was moving to a new dorm and would have a new room-mate. The girl’s name was Honey, believe it or not, and she was a honey. She had blond hair and a very attractive figure. She was petite, about my height. She was majoring in Psychology.

The fall semester was going well. We had become friends and went places on weekends. Honey had a boyfriend from back home, which was a few hours drive away. The boyfriend, Brad, would come down from Bucknell, where he went, about once a month. They would spend the weekend in a motel and Honey would come back to the room, Sunday night, looking happy and tired.

As we got to know each other better, Honey began to confide in me, including descriptions of the sex she and Brad had been having. The stories got more and more erotic. Honey would talk about sucking Brad’s cock, screwing in dangerous places, like the library when it was deserted on Saturday night. She would tell me how good it felt when Brad ate her pussy. She asked me if I had ever been eaten out. I hadn’t, of course. Honey told me I was really missing something.

This became a regular thing. Honey could tell that I was titillated by the stories and Honey liked telling them to me. We began a routine of talking in bed before going to sleep with Honey telling some stories about her fucking and sucking Brad. We would lay bahis siteleri there. Honey would play with herself and sometimes had an orgasm.

I didn’t know what to make of that. I had touched myself a few times, but it didn’t seem to do anything for me. Honey got this information out of me one night so she turned on the light and sat on my bed. I always wore underwear and pajama bottoms to bed. Honey wore a night gown with nothing underneath. She had me remove my bottom clothing. Then she loosened the buttons on my top. Honey spread her legs and showed me her crotch. I had never looked at another woman’s equipment before. Honey moved her fingers around herself and showed me the key parts, her clitoris, her vagina, her asshole. She took off her shirt to show me her breasts. I did the same and watched as Honey began to touch herself in various places and get more excited. She encouraged me, and I began to match Honey’s movements. At one point, Honey reached over and felt my breasts, then licked them with her tongue. She rubbed my clit and stuck two fingers inside of me and massaged me to my first orgasm. It was an amazing feeling. Then Honey did herself with me watching.

After that first night, we got into a routine of masturbating in front of each other. Occasionally Honey would do me and after a while, I began to do it to her. I admit I liked the soft feel of Honey’s body. canlı bahis siteleri She was always warm inside and she responded eagerly to my fingers.

After a few weeks of this, we got to where we would wait until bed-time and then lie next to each other, head to crotch and watch each other finger ourselves to orgasm. We soon graduated to doing each other from this position.

Finally, one night, Honey put her face into my crotch and began to lick me. Wow, I was overwhelmed with pleasure. After I came down, I began to finger her. She put her hand behind my head to pull me toward her pussy. I licked her, tentatively at first, but soon had my face buried in Honey’s honey-pot. Honey got off with a powerful orgasm, and I came again myself, with no one even touching my pussy.

Now we were at it every night. We tried to keep quiet, but other girls could tell we were doing each other. Honey and I rubbed our pussies together to come and experimented with putting objects into each other’s cunt. Wine bottles and candles seemed to work best. We sometimes let the candles burn and dripped the hot wax on each other.

We were doing the things lesbians do, but we were still were attracted to men. Honey continued to fuck Brad when he came to visit.

One weekend that Brad was there, Honey popped into the dorm unexpectedly. She said “Jill, want to try something really weird?”

“What?” canlı bahis Jill laughed.

“Brad wants us to do a threesome.”

“Huh” I said. “I don’t understand what you are asking.”

Honey told me. “We could do all the things we do here but add Brad. He’d like to see us eat each other, rub our cunts together, finger fuck each other. Then he’d like to fuck us both. He would eat you as well and, you could feel his wonderful cock inside you. We’ll ravish you and blow your mind. It’ll be the ultimate fuck fest.”

That didn’t sound okay to me. I said. “I don’t want to go out and let some guy I barely know do me. That’s not how I want it to happen. What we do is fun, but it’s different to fuck a man. I don’t want to let someone fuck me until I’m sure about him.”

Honey persisted. “Look at it as just a fun time. Just sex, no emotional baggage. You’ve liked everything I’ve showed you. Imagine adding a big cock to our sessions.”

I answered “Would you do what you are asking me to do? If I met a guy and wanted to watch him fuck you; would you be okay? Would Brad? Why wait for Brad to visit, we can just go pick up some guys and fuck them all weekend, just fun, right.” I was sure of what I was saying. Eating my friend’s pussy was one thing, but letting different men fuck me was beyond my boundary.

Honey was disappointed and gave up. She mentioned it a few times more but I always said no. Our play sessions continued, but grew a bit routine. I realized that eating Honey was fun but I really wanted to meet a guy who I could spend my life with.

A week later, I met someone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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