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Sex and Unresolved Resentment

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Sonja and I. Love and hate.

I have seen Sonja be a cunt many times. But I have only seen her cunt twice.

Despite promising myself I would never get romantically involved with this cunt again. Here I am. Lonely and desperate for human contact. And against my better judgement given our history when I find out that she is also so lonely and desperate for attention; in a moment exploiting our weakness my resolve wobbled.

And, the fact that two single lonely people who are not getting laid who have already had sex in the past seemed to point to a Simple solution.

It doesn’t help that she is a stunning woman; with an ageless face that I still am under her influence. She is not my normal type. She is too thin. Not much meat on those bones. I worry that I could break her if I fucked her too hard. Angles not curves – like a runway model.

Tall, thin and white does not turn me on.

Her tits are small but still a handful. Quite heavy if I remember rightly. Her pink nipples were always so big and hard – I can’t wait to get a suck and a nibble on those.

Now I do like to go down on a woman. Exploring the entire body before making my way between the legs. She has such soft china white skin sensitive to the merest of touches. I spent some time there but each time I failed to get to my wet and stubbly destination by tongue. Forced to cut the journey short and travel by cock instead. Whether time ran out or she was freaking out or couldn’t wait any longer it ended up with a frantic fuck me hard fuck me harder five minutes. Which was all a bit odd.

I couldn’t even tell you what her pussy looked like. She kept it shaved. There would always be stubble. I didn’t get my fingers in there too often just my cock which slipped in okay. It wasn’t the tightest or the wettest hole I have entered but I think if I had more time inside her going deeper and slower then I could make that more welcoming.

Anyway. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Sonja arrived 3 hours ago with a bottle of wine. I kept up the pretense of putting on a soccer game which was bait. She didn’t need it. She showed no interest in the game. She drank and laughed and then went on a racist rant.

She says some fucking stupid stuff.

All the while she is leaning into to me. Eye contact. Do I go through with this?

Lips. Don’t look at her lips.

Don’t look at my lips.

Fuck I am doomed.

She droned on and on bitterly about her ex. I lost interest and I ran my eyes over her body. Her long neck opened on to her breasts and ended at her small cleavage. A hint of perfume clung to its shallow valley Tight low rise jeans clung to her long thighs and at the ends large feet in blue high heels. Her ankles as exposed and vulnerable and she was. The belt-less jeans sat on her hips. There was from button to clit probably less than 3 inches. It barely warranted a zipper. So tight that a hand wouldn’t fit maybe just room enough to get a finger in to close them. Pop the button on those and the zip will do itself.

Any one who gets to the button is getting inside her panties. The point of no return has passed. She did look good in those jeans – her goodies are tightly packed waiting to be set free.

The fun will be pulling them down and firstly exposing her panties, then the bulge below, then getting a little sniff in while removing her sticking jeans pulling at both legs at the same time a few inches at a time. Her long legs make for a long journey to her ankles to finally get the jeans to ground and spread her legs wide open

Today it looks like a blue lace g-string under there. She knows that I will have noticed. The g string matches the blue bra and her blue heels..

She is dressed for seduction.

She knows that I am güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a sucker for high heels. Now I can’t get the g-string out of my mind and I have such a hard cock that it is physically uncomfortable.

She has stopped talking now and she knows that I am there for the taking: this is now unavoidable. We move closer and flesh hits flesh. We kiss, and kiss and I am drawn down to her neck: she alters positions so I am now sat behind her. Her legs spread wide and her back arches and I can run my hands down to her crotch. I am rubbing at the seem of the denim which given her reaction runs right on top of her swollen clit. I am under her shirt now it is now unbuttoned. She is pushing her crotch harder against the seem and the pressure from my hands.

The jeans are now undone, and a V shaped opening flashed the blue lace pants.

We are talking to each other – driven by how much we want to fuck. I start to peel her jeans passed her hips then see she is still wearing heels. I tell her that as soon as the jeans are off the shoes are going back on: keep the heels on. I want to feel them dig into my back when I am eating, licking, rubbing, sucking, tonguing deep inside her. She likes the sound of that.

With a smile she stands up and says she needs to go freshen up. She tells me to meet her in the bedroom.

So here I wait in my bare feet. My cock and balls swollen and sitting heavy waiting for freedom from their underwear.

My shirt is half unbuttoned. I question the wisdom of what I am about to do but her willingness and sexual needs make this impossible to say no too. Not to mention my determination to get my face on her twat at last.

She appears at the bedroom door.

She stands in her blue heels. He jeans are gone and in their place are pale blue stockings and suspenders. She has taken off her panties too and her shaven mound points towards güvenilir bahis şirketleri me. Her hair is down and covers her breasts. A rock hard nipple pokes out.

‘She asks what I am waiting for and beckons me to her.

I lift her clean off the floor and against the wall. Her long legs wrapped around me. The heels click together, and I can smell the leather. I am groping her ass, her back, I am inside the stockings and outside the suspenders. The inside of her thighs.

As the groping gets heavier I can feel her heels digging into my back harder and harder. My head is buried in her tits. And my hands are in all the right places. My little finger gently made first contact with her open slit. Its so wet that my finger slides in without resistance.

I am ready to explode my cock is throbbing and her gaping wet warm hole is calling me. But I have some unfinished business to take care of. I pull her away from the wall and throw her onto the bed. Holding the shoes I part her legs and make my way to the finish line, finally.

By the time my tongue entered her she was already coming. My tongue went deeper against the gushing tide of her warm sticky liquid. A mouth full and a face full and most of my upper body covered in the release of fluids. Once she got her breath back I flipped her over before she could resist. I pulled her ass up towards me and entered her engorged cunt from behind. Finding new areas to press into and fill I get deeper and hit tight spots. She is screaming in ecstasy and is holding her heeled feet tightly as she is fucked. When my cock slips out I rub it along the lips and clit before sliding back in.

She comes again but less strongly. She pulls away leaving my wet sticky cock erect in the cold air.

She is saying no more.

I am so close that I need to explode. I pull her ass down onto the bed and with three good tugs my red and engorged cock erupts my milky watery cum sprays up her back and onto her shoulders and falls and dribbles into the crack of her milky white ass cheeks.

I roll over and she nuzzles into my neck. I wish you had come inside me she says – her eyes no longer seeking sexual gratification and all of a sudden everything makes sense.

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