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Shady Waters Hotel Pt. 08

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– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This particular installment in the Shady Waters saga has strong incest themes. If this isn’t for you maybe try something else? All characters are consenting adults over the age of 18.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Alison and Orville had gotten to the point where they could barely keep their hands off each other. It was only the ‘taboo’ness of doing something so forbidden that held the horny young siblings back.

Alison was so hot for her brother that she went out of her way to tease him. She did her level best to flash him her naked body as much as she could – leaving her bedroom door open when she was getting undressed, or neglecting to close the shower screen in the bathroom. To think her big brother was loitering just over there in the shadows, big cock in hand, jerking off as he watched her shower was just soooooo delicious…

Orville was mesmerized by his sister. He was so infatuated he would sneak into her bedroom and borrow her underwear. He’d found there was nothing hotter than jerking off with a pair of your sister’s used panties wrapped around your cock… breathing her scent as you fantasized about licking her sweet wet pussy… mmmm…

She’s such a fucking fox, he thought to himself as he stroked his massive boner. Could anyone blame me if I wanted to do her?

Up to this point, nothing had really happened but the brother and sister had stopped closing doors (bedroom and bathroom) and both of them had taken to walking around the apartment in their underwear.

Their mother was mortified. The dotting puritanical lady really didn’t know what to do. They’d always been a close family but this was ridiculous. Alison seemed to have grown up overnight. Her breasts seemed to be growing a little bigger every day and Orville was a curly-haired Adonis with a package in his underpants that Eve Coleman tried hard not to notice. He didn’t get that from his father, she thought perusing his massive dong.

Eventually, she just had to say something.

“Alison,” she scolded gently. “You mustn’t parade around the apartment half-naked like that. You are a grown woman dear. Orville does not want to see you in your underwear do you dear?”

“Don’t bother me,” he said, pretending he wasn’t looking at his sexy sister sashaying past him in a bra and panties.

“Well it really should bother you sweetie!” cried Eve to her son, and to her daughter, “please put a robe on dear… please!”

“He doesn’t care mom,” said Alison. “I’m his sister for god’s sake…”


“Orville, do you care if I look like this?”

The stunningly beautiful redhead stood in front of the boy with her hands on her hips, her hip cocked to one side, blocking his view of the television.

Her tits were full and firm… these days more like melons than coconuts… busting out of her sexy hot pink bra. Her frame was still youthfully slim but her hips were a little wider, her butt more round… her long toned legs seemed to go on forever. In the gap between her firm thighs, he could see a slight declivity in the crotch of her hot pink panties… her hot wet cunt…

Orville pretended he didn’t notice but his mouth was watering so much he had to swallow – and his cock was as hard as a rock.

“Nope… don’t care… can you move please?”

“What about if I was naked? Would that make a difference?”

“No! God. Get out of the way. I’m watching this…”

Alison turned to her mother. “See?”

Eve Coleman didn’t know what to do or say. The gentle, apparently virtuous woman, was at a complete loss. Her two children were flaunting all the rules she lived by.

“Orville you’re just as bad. Can’t you at least wear a T-shirt? You’re bulging out all over the place!” said Eve desperately, looking down at the massive salami sausage her son seemed to be keeping in his underpants. “It is very very inappropriate… We are not hillbillies!

“You’ve really gotta chill ma,” said Orville rudely as he hide his erection with a pillow. “Just ’cause you’re repressed doesn’t mean we are!”

“Yeah mom,” chimes in Alison. “I mean, what you’re implying is just disgusting!”

Outnumbered and outmaneuvered, Eve gave up… at least for the moment.

“I’m very disappointed in you both,” she said sadly, feeling the tears welling up in her eyes. “I… I… expected so much more from you.”

And she left them then, going to bed without the standard good night kisses, closing the bedroom door behind her more firmly than she meant to.

Eve Coleman’s concern about outward impressions ruled her life and had led everyone to see her as a frigid old spinster. More like a nun than a real woman. She’d been raised as a good hard-working, religious girl and it was very important to her that people thought she was just that. And, by extension, that her children were as well.

The truth about Eve was very different. Nobody knew about her real nature. The truth was that Eve Coleman bahis siteleri could be very bad if she put her mind to it, doing things that… well… doing things that good girls did not!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

After their mother went to bed her two children sat together watching telly, side by side in their underwear, almost but not quite touching. After their mom’s passive-aggressive nagging, they were even more aware of each other’s close proximity. Eve’s little speech had had the opposite effect to what she had hoped, putting into words what the two teens had only thought about privately.

“How fucking priceless she should tell us it’s inappropriate to walk around in our underwear,” said Alison. “Like who cares, right?”

“Absolutely,” said Orville. “Talk about stupid rules…”

Throwing aside the throw pillow he’d been nursing on his lap, he was obviously and unashamedly sporting a massive erection in his Spider-Man undies. Neither said anything but Alison felt her mouth go dry and her pussy get wet…

“I don’t know what the big deal is anyway,” said the horny young redhead eventually.

She spread her legs a little and their thighs touched.

Inside they both jumped but neither moved away. Alison hunkered down on the lounge beside her brother, sprawled out, legs akimbo…

She pretended to be looking at the screen… some sappy Netflix thing but in reality, she was staring hungrily at her brother’s gigantic hardon. It seemed to be pulsing… there was a little damp spot at the bulging end…

Orville was similarly excited by his sister. Her big tits looked firm and ripe in her sexy hot pink bra and he could see the raised mound of her cunt… the hint of an indentation in the matching briefs that he knew was where her pussy lips were pinching the soft pink satin…

“I mean what’s the big fuckin’ deal anyway?” he said softly. “So what if I think you’re sexy. What’s so bad about that, right?”

“Mom already thinks we’re doing it,” muttered Alison huffily. “The way she goes on were already fucking…”

“Exactly right Ali, it’s all just old people bullshit. I mean to say, what am I supposed to do? I can’t pretend you’re not beautiful… or that your body is super hot…”

They continued to stare at the TV but neither had any idea what was playing.

“Nobody would ever know,” said Alison huskily. “It’d just be between us…”

“I’d never… never say a word Ali…” promised Orville. “Not a fucking word…”

“It… it’ll be our secret Orvy…” said Alison, turning to her big brother.

Orville put his hand on his sister’s thigh… then moving up towards her crotch… onto the gusset of the hot pink panties Mr Carter stole from Lucy Krutze…

“Oh, Orvy…” she hissed.

“When did you get so sexy Ali? How did I miss it?”

“T… touch me,” she gasped and, spreading her legs wider, put her head on his shoulder.

The young man pressed firmly… stroking up and down over her warm pussy, pressing her pretty pink panties inside her…

Alison moaned. “Mmmm… oh yes Orvy… that’s really nice…” she sighed and ran her own hand down his rippling six-pack… over the big bulge in his underpants. It was long and thick and pulsing hard…

He’s not as big as Mr Carter, she thought excitedly, squeezing Orville’s big boner. But who is? George Carter is a freak… and this is my brother’s lovely big one…

“Ohhh yesss… fuck Ali…” he moaned. “That’s… that’s really good…”

In her firm grip, his already rock-hard prick got impossibly pulsingly harder, stretching the elasticized cotton to the point where it could have ripped open. It was an easy matter for Alison to release it…

His giant prick sprung up like a spring.

They didn’t talk. Talking would have broken the spell. Incest was so wicked and indescribably erotic.

Blood pounding in their ears they leaned towards each other on the sofa and kissed… passionately, deeply, nipping pouty lips, sucking wet delving tongues, as they shimmied out of the undies…

Gasping with desire, Alison slid her hand up and down her brother’s cock with expert ease… holding the big hunk of meat she’d watched him whack off so many times.

Her touch made Orville groan as he delved into his sister’s pussy, his sexy hot sister’s sweet wet cunt that he’d fantasized about… Two fingers delved inside her… teasing her clitoris with his thumb… a firm rounded little nub that made her groan with pleasure as well…

“Ohhh fuck… that’s… that’s sooooo nice…” she sobbed.

…three fingers… four…

Alison was gasping hot breath into his mouth… her hips started to move against his hand as she flogged his big cock… her firm warm grip sliding up and down his big thick shaft…

Orville felt cum percolating in his scrotum… his sister was using the precum oozing out of the head of his giant cock as lubricant… schlick, shlack, schlick, shlack…

In moments they were both close to cumming. canlı bahis siteleri Gasping with pleasure, their young bodies squirming and writhing, they did each other faster…

Alison’s hand became a blur on his cock and Orville was pumping her pussy faster and faster (schlick, schlick, schlick)

“Ohhhh god… that… that’s so gooood,” he gasped.

“Mmmm ohhh fuck yesss… you’re gonna make me… you’re gonna make me… cummmmm Orvy…”

“Fuck… fuck… oh… fuck Ali…”

Their hips started moving in time. Orville’s nine-inch schlong was leaking precum like a tap that needs a washer and Alison’s cunt was spread wide and drenched… her girly juices oozing out onto Orville’s fingers…

“Are… are you gonna fuck me baby?” she gasped as she flogged his giant cock.

“Mmmmm… ohh fuck… we can’t,” he cried. You… you might get pregnant…”

“Please… I want it… I got to have it… put it in me,” she sobbed. “I neeeeed it…”

When Alison got up and straddled his legs Orville didn’t protest. He didn’t know she was on the pill was too far gone to care if he made his sister pregnant.

Just like she did so often with Mr Carter, Alison felt between her legs for the giant prick she knew was there… squatting down on him… impaling herself… The bulbous purple head of her brother’s cock eased into her…

“OOOOOhhhhh fuckkk yessss…” she sobbed. “Mmmmm soooo gooood…”

…between her pussy lips… Orville watched in disbelief and ecstasy as his massive erection eased up into his beautiful sister’s abdomen…

“OHHHH YESSSSSS,” she groaned. “Your… your big cock is wonderful Orvy… mmmmm ohhhhh yessss…”

His gorgeous little sister’s cunt was tight… the total opposite of Old Mrs Etherege whose pussy was open and cavernous. Alison’s cunt was more like the old woman’s arsehole… snug but elastic… becoming more and more accommodating…

They sat like that for a little while, joined at the crotch, Orville’s hands on her hips… his cock buried all the way up inside Alison’s cunt like a hook.

The drooling overwhelmed girl looked down at her big handsome brother… their eyes met… both of them thinking the same thing…

“Why… why have we… never done this before Ali..?”

“I…I don’t know Orville… but it… it feels soooo goooood…”

Alison reached behind and took off her bra, letting her boobs fall free into Orville’s waiting hands… full firm handfuls… her hard nipples pressing into his palms…

“Ohhhhh fuckkk,” he croaked. “Your tits… your tits are amazing…”

“You… you can suck them baby… suck em’… go on…”

“Mmmmm… (slurp, slurp, slurp)”

“Ohhh Orville…” she gasped as her brother suckled on her nipples. “Suck ’em baby… mmmmmm… oh yessss, suck my nipples Orvy…”

Alison started humping up and down on his big prick. Placing her palms on his muscular abdomen she used it like a lever and started moving up and down… slowly at first…

“Ohhh yeahhhsss…” gasped Orville in ecstasy.

His sister was fucking him like a thousand-dollar a night whore… doing all the work. Her gorgeous cunt was squeezing him in a velvet embrace that was like being milked. He couldn’t have known that George Carter was a really good teacher. She’d had loads of practice…

He held her hips and used his muscular upper body to help her move, lifting her up and down. The springs in the old sofa started squeaking in protest…

The beautiful siblings were crying with pleasure, bodies glowing with sweat. They went faster… their perfect features distorted ugly with lust… grunting like dogs…

“Here… OHHH… here it issss… OHHHH FUCK ALI…”

“AAAHHHH OOOOHHHH ORVILLE,” she screamed as her orgasm tore through her body.

Orville cried out with pleasure as he squirted his load into his sister’s womb.


Alison humped back and forth over her brother’s prick, crying out in ecstasy as his gushing juices saturated her womb. Her stunning body convulsed over him like she was having a fit… his big prick shooting amounts of cum that almost rivaled George Carter’s crazy loads…


“AHHHHH YESSSsssss… oh fuck Ali… oHHH YES… YES… YESSSSsss…” he cried as he pumped her full of cum.

Eve Coleman decided that the yelling and screaming she could hear coming from her lounge room was just some action movie the kids were watching. She was good at convincing herself of things so, as her children fucked each other, she read her book in bed, contemplating whether she should ask them to turn it down… or maybe it was time to masturbate?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Despite her unfortunate need to only see what she wanted to see and hear what she wanted to hear, Eve began to notice things in her home she couldn’t imagine away.

Not only were her children walking about next to naked canlı bahis but they were noticeably more friendly… much more than brothers and sisters ought to be… stroking and petting each other in the most inappropriate ways… hands on bottoms and breasts… even kissing… kissing in front of her like it was a joke.

For a long time she explained it away as ‘what kids these days are like’ but one night she finally found out the truth and then there was no denying it.

Like every other evening, Eve headed off to bed leaving Orville and Alison watching television together. A part of her knew she should stay and play chaperone but the hard working mom needed her sleep… and her alone time… an hour or two for her nighttime rituals…

Wearing her dressing gown, modestly buttoned up as an example to her daughter, she kissed and hugged her kid’s goodnight, then it was off to her bedroom.

“See Alison?” she said dryly as she closed the door. “These are called ‘doors’ and they close!”

Those two really need to learn a bit about privacy, she thought as she hung her gown on the hook behind the door. I’m going to have to have a stern talk with both of them. No more walking about in your underwear. No more patting each other’s bottoms. And no more kissing…

Now naked, Eve pretended to accidentally catch sight of herself in her wardrobe mirror… a full-length view. She smiled a happy private smile as she looked herself up and down and forgot all about her children. The tight little body she kept hidden under her unflattering clothes was smoking hot. Her big tits were too big for her small stature and her hips were too wide… but Eve loved her body and she knew she was hot.

Not bad for an old girl, she thought, putting her hands on her hips. Not young and beautiful like Alison, but still sexy.

The woman who swayed back and forth, posing in the mirror, was not tall… well under medium height… but her curvaceous mature body was tight and full. She didn’t go to the gym but she was a hard-working cleaning woman and that is the best exercise there is.

I’m a sexy pocket rocket, she thought as she lifted and weighed her big breasts – boobs that would have been better suited to a much taller woman. Similarly, her curvy feminine hips would have been perfect for a larger girl. On Eve’s diminutive 5’5″ frame she was very voluptuously proportioned… all breasts and ass!

She had a short black pixie haircut and a firm jaw that neither of her children could disown, and Orville had her eyes… deep and strikingly blue. There were fine laugh lines around her mouth and eyes but they showed character more than age. Her big beautiful boobs had only sagged a little bit. They were still full and heavy with pronounced sensitive nipples…

Turning excitedly away she prepared for bed. It was time for the best part of her day.

The cute little MILF slipped her sexy black nightdress over her naked body. The translucent nightie was a babydoll type, slim black straps over her shoulder and very short… barely covering the black triangle of pubic hair. The sheer black satin hung off big tits like a tent.

Everyone thinks I’m so frigid, she smiled, looking approvingly at her reflection. If they only knew what I hide under my clothes they’d be blown away. Nuns don’t wear sexy lingerie like this…

Horny as she was, and ready for her alone time, she was aggravated to realize she needed to use the bathroom. There was no point ignoring it. Sighing with frustration she opened the door and peeked around.

The light in the lounge room was already off and the apartment was dark.

So no need to put my gown back on, she thought. I can make a quick dash for it…

Wearing nothing but her wispy black negligee she tiptoed quickly down the dark hallway.

The noise coming from Alison’s room brought her up short. She wanted to go pee and get back but…

…unusual sounds were coming from under Alison’s bedroom door…

…squeaking bed springs… grunting… panting…

The truth hit her like a ton of bricks and she couldn’t rationalize it away.

Eve knew her children were having sex… fucking on Alison’s little bed.

There was no more denying it. Her need to pee forgotten, she put her ear to the door and listened with that same macabre fascination people get when they slow down to look at car crashes.

The noises they were making were disgusting… moans and groans… slick sucking and fucking sounds that went on and on. Eve felt herself blushing. She heard Orville’s voice; “ohhh god yessss… suck it Ali… suck my fuckin’ cock…” and a little later Alison begging for his prick; “put it in my butt Orvy… mmmm oh yeahhhh… fuck my arsehole…”

Eve’s imagination was running riot. It just went on and on. The single mom didn’t know what to do. She thought about storming in… catching them in the act, but…

…her body betrayed her. The sound of her children screwing was making her ache with desire. Instead of throwing the door open and screaming at them she slid her fingers over her crotch and found her pussy sopping wet. The touch of her fingers made her groan. She couldn’t see what they were doing but she had a vivid imagination…

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