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Shrunken Pt. 01

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I’m 19 and my sister, Clara, is 18. Clara moved into my apartment 3 months ago, because Mum and Dad moved but she wanted to finish her last year of school at the same school she’s always been at. My sister and I have never really gotten along, but we made do. But one Sunday afternoon, everything changed.

I was chilling on my bed watching tiktok, when my sister burst into my room.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I was wondering if you wanted a tea because I was making myself a coffee.”

I looked at her for a second, because something wasn’t right, she never does nice things for me. But, I was kind of thirsty so I said yes and she left.

She returned half an hour late with a delicous looking cup of tea.

She handed to me and left. As I sat down my phone and took a sip, immediantly something was off. This was too sweet to be a tea. Before I could figure out what I was actually drinking, my world went black and I passed out.

When I woke up again the first thing I noticed was that I was naked. The second was I was sitting on glass. Looking around, I realised I was in a massive glass jar. As for the surrounding outside the jar. It was a massive version of my sisters room. Then it hit me. It wasn’t a massive room. It wasn’t a massive jar. Everything was normal sized except for me. Somehow I had been shrunken down to what appeared elvankent escort to be three inches tall. Suddenly, I hear someone tapping on the jar. I spin around and come face to face with my sister.

“Your finnally awake sleepy head!” said Clara, opening the jar and picking me up in her thumb and index finger. She lifted me up and I noticed she was wearing a tight crop top and skinny jeans. Clara had a normal sized arse and large breasts.

“What the hell have you done to me” my tiny voice echoes around the room.

“Well, I always wanted a tiny man toy and now I have one!”

“I’m your brother for Gods sake! Not your toy!”

“I’d beg to differ, you better do what I say!”

“Or what!” I yell back at her. Instantly I realised I had made a mistake. She sat me back into the jar, tightened lid, and looked at me and said “you’ll see!” before skipping off to the bathroom. As she lefted I saw that it was now Sunday night. I curled up into a ball and waited for the hell that was to come. I knew what Clara was capable of. Eventually I dozed off to sleep…

“Arghhhh!” I jolted awake and found that Clara was tapping on my jar again. It was now late at night and Clara was in a pair of pink pajama bottoms and a cute flannel top.

“You asked what I’ll do to you, well it’s time to show you!” She emek escort lifted me out of the jar and said

“For a warmup, guess where you are sleeping tonight!” and with that, she lifted up her arm and pushed me deep onto her armpit and the lowered it down again. The sweatiness of her armpit formed a tight suction and I couldn’t move. As I wondered when this ordeal would end, I heard her climb into bed. I wasn’t escaping any time soon. Eventually I dozed off to sleep in her armpit, the stench alone making me want to vomit.

I was jolted awake as I felt her get up. As she stretched and lifted up her arms, I tumbled out.

I nearly made it to the floor and freedom when she snatched me up again. She brought me close to her face and said,

“I almost forgot you where there, wait here while I go get ready for school” she said while sticking me back in the jar. That’s when it hit me. Today was Monday. Clara had to go to school.

Clara returned an hour late, dressed in her school uniform. She leaned down to my jar and began to speak.

“As you know, I’m going to school today, and I can’t leave you home alone, so you are coming with me!” she giggle as she picked me up.

“You survived the warmup so guess where you going today!” and with a grin she looked down at her crotch.

Now worried, I protested.

“Clara! eryaman escort I’m your brother, you can’t do this!”

But it was too late, Clara pulled open her waistband and before I knew it I was tumbling towards her womanhood. I landed in her panties and as she let go off the waistband I was smashed again her pussy.

It was clean shaven, smooth and tight. I had to fight to not slip into it, if I did, I might never get out. Suddenly I felt Clara begin to walk. Over the next 5 hours, I heard Clara drive to school talk to her friends and attend classes, all while her brother was attached to her pussy. Suddenly the bell rang for her lunchbreak and I heard her run into the bathroom. She began talking to this chick who sounded oddly familiar. I tried to listen into their conversation but I didn’t hear much.

“Do you have him?”

“Yeah he’s in my panties!”

Then I realised what was going on. But before I could react I felt Clara fish me out of her panties, and as she did, I cane face to face with who she was talking to. It was my ex Mahli, who was a bit wonky in the head and hated me for breaking up with her.

“Here he is” said Clara.

“Wait don’t do this-“

Mahlie picked me up and pulled her close to her face.

“We are gonna have some fun little buddy.”

she said before dropping me into her panties for safekeeping. Her pussy was hairier than anything I had ever seen, and I was tangled up in seconds. Her pussy smelled like rotten fish sticks.

I slowly realised just how bad my situation was. My sister just traded a shrunken me to the person who probaly hates me the most. Oh shit.

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