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Shy Roommates Finally Fuck

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Sam heard the shower stop and got excited. He stood up quietly and peered through the crack in his door just in time to see his roommate, Sofi, emerge from the steaming bathroom. She was wrapped in a towel that came down just below her ass, and her black hair, usually coarse and straight, clung wetly to her shoulders and back. They had known each other for years, but Sam had been too shy to get intimate with her. They hung out and wrestled often, but Sam’s desires remained an unspoken fantasy. Seeing her in a towel was almost enough to send Sam over the edge, but his shyness got the best of him. He contented himself with furtive spying and late-night masturbation sessions.

The towel was a treat. Sofi generally wore a bra and long sleeves. On the hottest summer nights, however, she would hang out in the kitchen with nothing but a tank top, so Sam knew that that towel was concealing a pair of perky, plump tits. They were petite but full. Sam remembered how the cotton of her tank wrapped around the undersides of her breasts like a cloth over soft grapefruits, buoyed slightly by the suggestion of firm nipples. The thought that all that stood between him and those tits was a loose towel made Sam hard. The draped fabric, however, hid her boobs and her figure well. Only her round ass could be seen out under the fabric behind her. Sofi was bottom heavy, the kind of Chinese girl that had an ass that had to be squeezed into jeans. In a pair of sweatpants, it looked massive.

As she walked past, Sofi glanced toward Sam’s room and caught him staring. She squinted and smirked as Sam ducked out of sight. “Weirdo!” she called playfully as she hitched up her towel. “The bathroom’s open if you have to pee.”

Her room was at the top of the stairs across from Sam’s door, and Sam dared another look as she turned to climb the steps. Sofi had the slightest belly and her thighs gave her body insane curves. Sam admired the jiggle in her legs as she stepped up the stairs. And then, his jaw dropped. His dick became so hard it almost hurt. The underside of Sofi’s bare ass was exposed beneath her towel. Her hanging cheeks swayed like a giant peach, and in the darkness between her legs Sam could make out a tuft of hair and the outline of Sofi’s protruding lips.

Sam considered himself lucky yenimahalle escort on tank top nights—he never could have imagined in a million years that he would get to see Sofi’s pussy for real. He stared in disbelief at Sofi’s door long after she had closed it behind herself. His hand had moved automatically to his crotch, and he was stroking his hard crock through the fabric of his boxers. A wet spot was forming as precum leaked and leaked. The image of Sofi’s pussy lips brushing hypnotically between her thick thighs swam in Sam’s head. Without even closing the door, Sam flopped on his bed and began to jerk himself off hard and fast. He didn’t care if Sofi heard or saw, the thought that she could see what she had done to him drove him crazy. In seconds he was ready to cum, but he stopped himself suddenly. He had an idea.

Sam forced himself off the bed and changed into a fresh pair of underwear. He tucked his throbbing dick in the waistband and threw a towel over his shoulder. He grabbed some pens he had borrowed from Sofi weeks ago and crept softly up the stairs to return them to her. The door wasn’t shut all the way, so Sam assumed she was already done changing and didn’t even knock when he pushed it open and look inside. Sofi was hunched as she sat on the edge her bed wearing nothing but a pair of white cotton panties pulled tightly around her ass. Sam gasped as he stared at the profile of her hanging tits with erect nipples. She had been caught in a moment of intense concentration. Her chin hung downward over her clavicle and she panted slightly as her arm moved back and forth fast. The cloth that covered her pussy flapped and bulged rapidly as she played with herself, circling her clit and rubbing between her lips. Her cheeks were flushed, and her breasts heaved back and forth, jiggling and bouncing as she masturbated. Sofi’s breath escaped in little gasps that squeaked with stifled pleasure as she pushed herself to a quick orgasm. The rusty door whined as Sam leaned against it, and Sofi immediately pulled her hand out of her panties and yelped. She covered her tits and with her arms and slid backward to the head of her bed.

Sam’s erection was evident and a fresh precum stain began to spread across his boxers. He began to stammer an apology eryaman escort and pull away from the doorway when Sofi told him to wait. “Just fuck me. Please, just fuck me.” She spread out on her back and wiggled her panties to her ankles. She laid like that on top of her bed, nervous but aroused. Her breasts pointed outward and upward as they heaved on her chest, her nipples like diamonds. Her raw pussy glistened between sticky thighs, and a mound of curly black hair protruded from her crotch unkempt around her vulva. Sofi wanted to cum very badly. Her brown eyes and her flushed chicks pleaded with Sam. When Sam didn’t move, she pouted and pulled her thighs apart with her hands to reveal her hungry pussy. Sam’s body complied even as his mind went blank. He tugged off his boxers, threw his shirt to the ground, and climbed on top of his roommate, practically crushing her. She adjusted her legs as Sam ogled her tits.

“It’s okay,” Sofi whispered, “you can feel.” Sam nodded and engrossed himself with her boobs. Sofi’s tits were the softest things he had ever touched. They fit in his palms like sacks of butter, and he jiggled and squeezed them gingerly. The nipples were small but erect, like pins, and Sofi practically screamed when Sam brushed them with his fingers. Before Sam could stammer an apology, Sofi shushed him. She wanted to fuck now.

Sam mounted Sofi missionary style and began to breath hard with anticipation. His cock was pointed almost flush with his stomach, and fluid dripped readily from the tip as it bumped lightly against Sofi’s pussy. Each touch sent a shiver through the girl’s body and elicited a whimper from her trembling throat. Sofi couldn’t contain herself either and began gasping and panting as her crotch bucked. They began to make out as Sofi peeled her pussy lips apart with her fingers. Then, Sam slid his slick cock right into her cunt. Sofi clamped her eyes shut and breathed unevenly. Sam pushed his cock into that wet pussy slow but deeply until almost all six inches were enveloped in Sofi’s dripping chasm. He met resistance at first, but she opened for him and soon he was pulsating within her. She moaned and began to rock her hips immediately, but Sam held still for a moment and luxuriated in the bliss of his enveloped cock. ankara escort Sofi’s pussy seemed alive as it clamped around his penis.

Sofi’s eyes suddenly went wide and she exclaimed, “The doors open!” Sam was too far gone to care, however, and they began to fuck with abandon. Sofi’s caution disappeared in an instant and she moaned loudly in Sam’s ear. She wrapped her arms around his back and hugged him close. He’d pull his cock out about halfway before slamming it into her fat pussy again. He held her hips for support and pressed his fingers into the flesh of her juicy ass as they fucked. Her juices covered everything, the blanket, Sam’s rigid cock. As Sam picked up speed, Sofi bucked as best as she could under his weight. The bed frame rocked beneath them, and Sofi’s cries of pleasure carried throughout the apartment.

The fucking became fast and clumsy with Sam’s greedy thrusts. His cock barely pulled back before he smashed it back into her pussy as deeply as he could again and again. Sofi quaked beneath him, mouthing swears and moaning between rapid breaths. They attempted to make out at intervals, but the fucking overtook them. Sam finally buried his face in Sofi’s neck and grabbed her thighs. He pulled her legs apart beneath him and piped her as deeply as he could. She tried to cup his ass and push him harder and faster. Her legs jerked randomly. Her eyes fluttered wide as she stared at nothing in particular.

Sam was ready to cum the second he slipped into her, but now there was nothing he could do to stop himself. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.”

“Oh my god, don’t pull out,” Sofi managed to get out before succumbing completely. Her lips clamped up and body shook and jerked. She came hard as Sam’s cock became a rod of iron. He thrusted three more time sporadically and then grunted as Sofi’s pussy squeezed his cock for all its cum. He spurted into her three, four, five times as he pumped her pussy full, and then he fell on top of her and just breathed.

“You’re crushing me,” Sofi said, and Sam pulled out quickly. Her red pussy oozed cum onto the comforter and her tan skin glistened with sweat. She stared up at the ceiling as if in another world while her body twitched and heaved. Sam heard the toilet flush downstairs and realized that the whole apartment was aware of their hookup. Sofi and Sam laughed nervously, but they had many more such meetings over the following months. Graduation eventually separated them, but they continued to meet and hook up long into their adult lives even after meeting other people and eventually settling down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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