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Often, when they were making love, Ross found himself imagining Eva with a lover. Her body, naked and sweaty, arching and thrashing in that other man’s bed. Or else perched on top of him, rocking rhythmically with his cock up inside her. Lying back, her skin flushed and her nipples huge, with her legs spread to allow the man to please her with his tongue. Her eyes closing and her mouth opening as waves of pleasure rolled through her.

When Ross edged up behind her and pushed his cock between the mounds of her ass, he imagined her reaching back and gripping, feeling the hardness and heat of another cock. Did his fingers, sliding between her legs and finding her clit, remind her of the thrill of having another man touch her there? When she spread her legs to welcome him, her cunt lips slippery against the tip of his cock, were her eyes closed and her mind racing with thoughts of what she had done and would do again with her secret lover?

And when, at last, she opened her mouth and gasped his, Ross’s, name, was it only an effort of will that kept that other name from spilling from her lips?

The thought was delicious.

Ross knew that it was basically a cliché for married men to fantasize about their wives with other men. He also thought it was kind of a strange thing to be turned on by.

But he loved to think about it.

He glanced over at Eva now. The early morning light was edging around the blinds and he could see her face. A stray tendril of hair lay across her forehead, and he wanted to reach over and stroke it away but didn’t want to wake her. And yet, it wouldn’t be bad if she woke up soon. They’d made love the night before but he’d woken up, as usual, with a hard-on, and they had time for a quickie before breakfast. Plus he was going to be on a plane tonight and wouldn’t be home for days.

Her brow furrowed for a moment and then smoothed. Then her eyes fluttered and opened. She looked at him.

“Good morning,” he said.

“Hi,” she said. One hand reached up and swept the errant hair off her forehead.

“Kiss?” he suggested.

“Mmm,” she said. Her arms came out from under the sheet. He sidled closer and lay right next to her, his cock heavy against her side. He dipped his face towards hers and their mouths met. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she made a small contented sound. It never got old, the warmth of her body naked against his. His hips moved automatically, pressing his cock into her.

“Mmm,” she said again. She broke the kiss and gave him a mischievous smile. One of her hands snaked under the covers and found him. Fingers crept slowly down his shaft and cupped his balls. “Somebody woke up ready,” she whispered.

“I can’t help it,” he whispered back. “It’s waking up with a sexy naked woman that does it to me.”

“I see,” she said. Her mouth came up and found his again, her tongue slid along his lips. “Waking up with a naked woman…”

“Not just any woman,” he said huskily. “She’s got to be sexy.”

“So you’ve tried the experiment? Waking up next to a naked unsexy woman didn’t do it for you?” Another kiss.

His hand was on her body now, tracing along one breast, slowly circling her nipple.

“That’s nice,” she said. “Mmm.”

His hand moved slowly, exploring the valley between her breasts, then rested on her belly. He kissed her. “You’re so sexy,” he said.

Eva sighed. “As well as naked,” she whispered. “Why did you stop moving?”

His hand strayed further down, fingers wandering across her belly, then following the hardness of her hip bone to her thigh. Her legs opened up.

“Is there time?” she murmured.

“Yes,” Ross said. He was on top of her now, his mouth sliding down from her lips to her throat and onto her breast. His hands were moving between her thighs, probing and stroking.

Eva at a club, slow-dancing with a stranger, her body pressed up against his.

Ross’s tongue found her left nipple. Slowly he traced a circle around it, then took it into his mouth. Her hips were moving and his fingers were wet with her.

Eva’s mouth against the stranger’s, his hands gripping her ass, squeezing her. Ross watching spellbound from the bar. Then the stranger leaning over and whispering in her ear. Her quick nod.

His fingers touched her clit and she shuddered. “God,” she murmured.

The pair of them stumbling off the dance floor and towards the door. Ross leaving his half-full glass and making his own way to the door. Which way? The parking lot? No, there they were. Two of them in the moonlight, leaning against the wall of the next-door building, kissing ferociously. As he watched, the stranger’s hand pulled up Eva’s skirt and hooked itself into her panty waistband. In a moment the panties were on the grass and she was stepping out of them.

“I need to fuck you,” Ross whispered urgently.

“In a minute,” Eva said. She took hold of his hand and stroked herself with his finger. “God-d-d,” she moaned. “God.”

Then güvenilir bahis Eva herself was lying on the grass, knees up, her legs spread wide. The stranger was fiddling with his belt and tearing at the buttons of his fly. He dropped to his knees between Eva’s thighs and flung himself on her. Her arms and legs swung up and twisted around him. A brief suspenseful moment, then he entered her. A muffled cry came out of Eva’s throat.

“Now!” Ross insisted.

“Yes!” Eva cried. She pulled Ross’s hand away from her. He was between her thighs, pressing his cock against her entrance, then he was inside her.

“Jesus,” Ross moaned.

“Oh God,” Eva cried.

The pair on the ground were thrashing and moaning. The man’s buttocks were visible in the moonlight, thumping up and down, driving into Eva. Her voice rose in an inarticulate cry, her arms dragged on his neck. Still his rhythm didn’t slacken.

“I’m coming,” Eva moaned into Ross’s ear. “Oh… God-d-d. Oh God-d-d.” She writhed underneath him.

The stranger’s thrusts were getting slower and deeper. Eva was whimpering, digging her fingers into his back, her hips rising up to meet him.

“Oh,” she cried. “Oh!”

The stranger’s head flung back, tendons starting out from his neck like cords. His buttocks gave three enormous heaves and then, with a bellow, he collapsed on top of her.

Ross’s hips were pounding him into Eva. Again she moaned underneath him. He was feeling so hot, his face was burning up. He could feel himself getting close, ever closer.

“Oh God,” Eva cried again, and he let go, torrents of semen pouring out of him.

“Jesus!” Ross cried, writhing, his cock pulsing inside her. Then the flood slowed and he collapsed on her. “So good,” he murmured.

* * * * *

The departure lounge was packed with irritated people. Ross hugged his carry-on bag on his lap and waited. The flight had been delayed three times and it was late, almost midnight. If they didn’t take off soon the airline would probably just cancel it.

Behind his half-closed eyes, he kept going through it again and again. The fantasy of Eva lying in the grass, her legs entwined around the unknown stranger. The reality of waking up with her and the frantic fuck they had shared. His cock was swollen and, by making small surreptitious movements, he could rub it against the inside of his pants, concealed by the bag in his lap. To the world, he looked like an exhausted traveler waiting to find out if he would get to his destination tonight. In reality, well, he had his own private means of being transported.

The woman next to him stirred and looked at her watch. Ross didn’t care if his flight took off. If it didn’t, he’d just go home and spend another night with Eva. A lovely thought. He ran through the scene again, this time varying it by having the stranger take her from behind, fingering her white he plunged into her.

If the flight took off he’d have to spend the next four nights alone in a hotel room bed, with only his imagination for company. And no matter how vivid his fantasies, they were nothing like the real thing. His cock twitched. Please let it be canceled, he thought.

A disappointed moan rose from the crowd around him. He opened his eyes and saw that the status message behind the gate agent’s desk now said “Canceled.” His heart lightened.

“Fuck,” the woman next to him said to the airport at large. She started to type on her phone.

A disgruntled mob was gathering around the gate agent; she held up her hands in supplication, then picked up the phone on her desk.

“Folks,” she announced. “We’re all really sorry about this, nobody wanted it to happen. But the good news is that there was room for all of you on the first flight out tomorrow. That will be at 6.45 tomorrow and get you in…”

But Ross wasn’t listening. He stood up gingerly, willing his cock to soften. Another night at home. Another night with Eva. He practically strutted to the exit. He would have to be up early to get back to the airport in time but so much could happen between now and then. There were three cabs waiting – he got the second one.

* * * * *

The house was dark. Eva must have gone to bed. He actually had a hard time with his key in the lock, his hands were shaking. Like a schoolboy on his way to his first pussy! He smiled to himself and left his bag in the hallway. He kicked his shoes under the bench in the hallways and ran silently up the stairs. The bedroom door was ajar. He slipped in.

The bed was empty.

Or almost empty. Eva’s cat stared at him balefully from his place on Eva’s pillow, then turned away.

Where was Eva? Probably she was out with friends, it wasn’t that late. But something didn’t feel right. His heart was beating fast. He pulled out his phone and dialed. Three rings. Four. Then her voice.

“Hey,” she said. “How’s it going?”

“Okay,” he said. He paused. There were no sounds in the türkçe bahis background, no barroom hubbub. “How’s your evening?” he ventured.

“Nothing special,” Eva said. She laughed. Was that funny? “Really tired, fell asleep reading.”

“Oh,” Ross said. “I woke you? Sorry.”

“Oh no, baby,” she said. “It’s okay. I need to brush my teeth and stuff anyway.”

Ross looked at the bed, cold and empty. The door to the dark bathroom gaped at him.

“You okay?” Eva asked.

“Oh,” Ross said. “Yeah. Yeah fine.” He paused. “I miss you,” he said.

“Oh me too,” Eva said. “So much. But you’ll be home Friday, right?”

His lips were dry. “That’s right,” he said.

“Friday ,” she said dreamily. “I can’t wait.”

“Me neither,” Ross said. It came out in a whisper.

There was a long pause.

“Eva,” Ross started.


He bit his lip. “I love you,” he said.

“Oh I love you too,” Eva told him. ‘So much.”

Another pause. “Well,” he said finally. “I guess we should both go to bed.”

“Yeah,” Eva said.

“Good night,” Ross said.

“Good night, baby.”

And the call dropped.

* * * * *

Ross stared at the empty bed, trying to make sense of his confused jumble of thoughts and feelings. It was clear that Eva was spending the night somewhere else. Wfh somebody else. That she was taking advantage of his presumed absence to… sleep with someone.

A strange sound came out of his mouth, a kind of frustrated bark. He had known as soon as she had answered the phone that she was going to lie to him. That she was cheating on him. Seeing somebody else. Fucking somebody else.

He could have said something right then, on the phone. Like Where are you? Or Why aren’t you home? Or How dumb do you think I am?

He supposed he should be angry but really he just felt dazed. He turned and left the room. He wouldn’t sleep there, in that bed, without Eva. He went downstairs and got his bag, then went back up. The bed in the guest room was made up. He changed into his pajamas and brushed his teeth, then lay down.

His hand was on his cock before he even thought about it, then he paused. It was so difficult to sort everything out. Eva with another man. His fantasy but now, not a fantasy.

He closed his eyes. Slowly he ran his hand down the front of his cock.

They were together on an airplane, an overnight flight. He was in the middle seat, Eva was on the aisle. On the other side of him, in the window, was a man. Ross supposed he was an attractive man, he didn’t know, but it was obvious that Eva thought so. She kept leaning forward, ostensibly so she could look out the window, but Ross wasn’t fooled. Her eyes had a special glow in them, and she laughed softly at all the stranger’s witticisms.

After a while, when dinner had been served and the cabin lights had dimmed, Eva and Ross both got up to use the john. The plane was absolutely still except for the muffled roar of the engines. Even the flight attendants seemed to be snoozing. In the aisle outside the restrooms he leaned against her and kissed her. His cock was hard. She slid a hand into his pants.

“Mile high club?” he whispered.

She looked at him, eyes dancing with mischief. “Maybe later,” she told him. She kissed him again, mouth opening and tongue snaking out to find his. “Don’t hurry back,” she told him. Then she went into the bathroom.

When he got back to his seat, things had changed. Eva had swapped seats with him. She was in the middle, next to the man. Ross felt his heart speeding up. Eva gave him a languorous look. She reached over and surreptitiously slipped something into Ross’s hand. Her panties, in a ball. Still warm. He looked at her and she smiled.

The man put down the magazine he had been reading and said something to Eva, something Ross couldn’t hear. Eva laughed softly and put a hand on his arm. Ross swallowed. Her panties were still crumpled up in his hand. Eva leaned across the man to look out the window. Slowly she lowered her hand and rested it in his lap. Then, just as slowly, she started moving her hand, stroking the outside of his pants. She swiveled her head and looked at him. Her eyelashes fluttered.

The man leaned forward and started to kiss her. Ross’s heart was pounding and the whoosh of blood in his ears drowned out the roar of the jet engines. He snuck a look across the aisle but everyone was asleep over there. When he looked back, Eva and the man were kissing passionately and her hand was inside his pants. As Ross watched, she moved across and straddled one of the man’s thighs, then took one of his hands and pushed it under her skirt. Ross squeezed the panties in his hand. Eva was making small urgent noises. Suddenly she stood up and, looking back at the man, pushed past Ross and back towards the bathrooms. The stranger got up and followed her.

Ross sat there. His cock was throbbing. Time passed. Fifteen minutes. Twenty minutes. Half an güvenilir bahis siteleri hour. The man reappeared and nodded to Ross. Ross got up to let him pass. He was going to go find Eva when he saw her coming back from the restroom. She gave him another mischievous smile. Ross sat back down, in the middle seat this time. Eva settled herself in the aisle seat next to him with an airline blanket flung across her lap and leaned over towards him.

“Feel my pussy,” she whispered.

He slid his hand under the blanket. His heart was pounding again. His fingers found her and touched her lips, then slid inside. He felt dizzy. She leaned towards him and kissed him deeply, her mouth open and her tongue heavy against his. Her cunt felt open and warm, like her mouth. A sticky substance was seeping out of her. His hand brushed her clit and her legs squeezed together.

“Oh my God,” she whispered. “So hot.”

Ross opened his eyes and wiped his hand on the bedsheet. Time to get some sleep. Things might be clearer in the morning.

* * * * *

When Ross opened his eyes and, after a moment of disorientation, reached over and found his phone on the night table, it read eight thirty-three. Well, so much for his six forty-five flight. He lay there for a minute trying to sort things out.

Strangely, he felt guilty. He’d never shared his fantasies with Eva so there was really no way she could have known about them, right? But it felt somehow as if his little quirk had played a role in what had happened. He wondered if he’d somehow communicated to her that he wouldn’t mind if she had a lover.

Except, of course, that he did mind. Eva was his wife. They’d promised to forsake others. He’d never cheated on her. It wasn’t fair.

He felt, on top of everything else, profoundly lonely. Normally if he had something big and complicated he was thinking through he would have discussed it with Eva. Clearly that wasn’t going to work here.

Maybe there was another explanation. She’d gone out with friends and gotten too drunk to drive home? Been too embarrassed to say so on the phone?

Ross reached for his phone again. Emails from the airline, first rebooking him on the 6:45 flight and then, when he missed that, on another one at 12:20. He would end up missing most of the first day of the conference but nobody would care.

He got out of bed and padded off towards the bathroom. He didn’t use the one he usually used, the one off the master bedroom. He didn’t want to go in there, to look at the bed again. Better not to think about it. He did the needful. Shower. Shave. Toothbrush. All of it was automatic.

Meanwhile his brain was buzzing. What would he say to Eva? Shouldn’t he just say to hell with the conference and stay here, have it out with her? But what if things weren’t what they seemed to be? And even if they were… what would it mean, to “have it out” with her? What if she denied it? What if she admitted it? What if she was in love? What if she wanted a divorce? He got dressed and made the bed, opened the curtains.

He was sliding his pajamas into his bag when he heard the rattle of the front door opening. He froze. It was Eva. He could hear her singing softly to herself, the way she did when she was alone and feeling happy.

Slowly he pushed the door of the guest room almost closed. Chicken shit, he told himself. But he wasn’t ready to confront Eva, wasn’t ready to find out for sure. Downstairs he heard her go into the kitchen, then the snap of a can opening. Clank of a metal bowl and plop of cat food landing in it. Another clank of the bowl being put on the floor.

“Benny,” Eva called. There was a thump from the master bedroom, then a series of thumps. The cat jumping off the bed and running downstairs for breakfast. He meowed peremptorily at Eva, then there was the usual scrape of the bowl on tile floor as Benny dug into his food.

“Did you miss me?” Eva crooned. “Poor Benny, all alone in a cold bed all night.”

Ross realized he was holding his breath and let it out slowly, trying to be quiet.

“I’m sorry baby,” Eva said. “I’ll come home after work and feed you but you’re going to be on your own again tonight.”

Ross’s mouth twisted slightly.

“Sometimes Mommy has to go places,” she said. The cat had evidently finished his breakfast. He was pushing his bowl around the floor enthusiastically, creating an almighty din. “You all done?” Eva asked. “Okay baby.” Footsteps, then the bowl landed in the sink and the water ran, filling it up.

“Sorry, baby,” Eva said. “Problem is that Brian’s allergic to you so he can’t come over here.” A slightly irritated meow – Eva must have scooped Benny up. He hated being picked up, especially right after eating.

Brian. Who the fuck was Brian? At least now he knew for sure. Ross inhaled softly through his nose. Now what?

There was a series of taps on the front door and Benny came rocketing up the stairs. He ran into the guest bedroom and gave Ross a contemptuous look, then stalked back out.

Eva was crossing from the kitchen to the front door. Ross heard the lock turn and then the door opening.

“Brian?” Eva sounded shocked. “What, why are you here?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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