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Spring Break Ch. 04

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All characters in this story are fictional and solely the product of the author’s imagination. Any character depicted as being sexually active with another person is always at least 18 years of age or above and engages willingly in the sexual activity described. The main characters live in the fictional state of South Tennebama where most laws against incest have been rescinded and the remaining laws are ignored because there are more pressing problems requiring the attention of law enforcement.

They arrived at Kay’s house. It was a nice suburban home. Ted parked in the driveway. He and Sarah went up to the front door. Sarah rang the doorbell and the front door was quickly opened by Kay, Wanda standing just a little behind her and to her right. Ted recognized Kay as being a cheerleader, and remembered seeing Wanda with Sarah after basketball games. She might have been a cheerleader, too. They were both pretty girls with strong athletic bodies. They were already in bikinis. Sarah made the introductions: “Dad, this is Kay and this is Wanda; Kay, Wanda, this is my Dad, Ted, but I like to call him Daddy.”

The girls held out their hands and said, “Pleased to meet you Daddy,” in a very nervous giggle.

“You’re not wearing your swimsuit,” Kay said to Sarah.

“That’s because I brought one along for each of us. They’re a little tinier than the ones you are wearing. I borrowed them from my mom. I thought you might want to wear them.” She held out a tangle of strings in her hand.

“Those are swimsuits?” asked Wanda.

“Sure are,” said Sarah, “three of the sexiest swimsuits you’ve ever seen. You wanna try them on?”

Both girls were eager to do so, but Kay had some sense of being the hostess and said, “We can’t just leave your dad – Daddy – standing here in the entrance way. Let me take you out back to the patio where you can lie down on a lounger and get some rays.” The four of them walked back through a hallway, into a kitchen, and then out a sliding door onto a patio which had four outdoor lounge chairs set up.

When they got there Kay said, “We’re so glad you came here, Daddy. I’m sorry, I forgot to ask whether you needed to change into a swimsuit as well?”

“No, I’ve got mine on under my shirt and shorts,” he replied.

“Well then, why don’t you take them off and put them on the table over there and then spread out on a lounger and we’ll put sunscreen on you to keep you from burning.”

“I’d prefer waiting until you’ve put your swimwear on from my wife before I do my great reveal. I got the impression from Sarah that I was supposed to wear something kind of daring. So I did,” said Ted.

Instead of dissuading them it just made them more eager to get him out of his shirt and shorts, so he took them off, folded them and placed them on a table which was also on the patio. At first there was a gasp, and then silence as they saw him from the back. Then he slowly turned around to face them. A whispered “Oh my – – -!!” came out of the mouths of the two girls while Sarah said, “Oh, Daddy, you look hot!”

“Too much?” he asked.

“Oh no, Daddy, just right. Now the girls will understand why I want to be your little slut. You’re fuckin’ hot and I love it.”

“Fuckin’ hot!” the two other girls chimed in. “Let me get the sunscreen,” said Kay as she quickly ran into the kitchen and came right out again. “Now lay down and we’ll oil you up. Then we’ll put on the micro suits and be right back.” Ted lay on his stomach and the girls all got in the act of oiling him up, paying special attention to his ass. He spread his legs a little bit so that they could get his inner thighs and they spread his ass cheeks just because they could. Then the girls disappeared into the house. It sounded like they went into an upstairs bedroom to change into the strings Carol had sent. Ted could tell that they were making progress in figuring out how to put on the strings because he would hear bits and pieces of exclamations as the girls described how sexy they looked or how hot they felt wearing what was really a display suit.

Suddenly, Ted’s listening in on the girls having fun was interrupted by what sounded like the front door of the house being slammed. Shortly after that he heard a loud female voice coming through the kitchen yelling, “Who the fuck parked their fucking truck in my fucking driveway?” With that, the owner of the voice appeared opening the sliding screen patio door and stepping onto the patio.

As she looked around, she spotted Ted, who met her blazing eyes with a slight wave and a bashful smile and said timidly, “That would be me.”

“Don’t move!” she yelled at him as she was rummaging around in her purse. “I’ve got a gun in here someplace and I know how to use it.” She quickly retrieved the gun from her purse and demanded, “Now who the fuck are you and what are you doing here?”

“I (the fuck – as you so delicately put it) am Ted Watkins the father of Sarah Watkins. Thanks to that same daughter, my wife and I have gained a reputation – at least in parts of the JV cheer gaziantep escort leading squad – for wearing very minimum swimwear around the house in warm weather. Today was supposed to be a warm day so my daughter was invited to come over here by Kay to catch some rays in the early afternoon before she had to go to work. My daughter was also asked to bring her father along in one of those minimal cut articles of swimwear. Seeing as how they were all over 18, and my daughter asked me nicely I chose to accommodate her. She brought along three of my wife’s minimum suits and the girls are somewhere in the house trying them on right now even as we speak. I brought along a Frisbee so that we might have something to do besides lying on these lounge chairs for the next two hours.”

“Is that your pair of shorts on the table?” the voice asked.

“Yes it is,” he answered.

“Is your wallet in one of the pockets?”

“Yes ma’am,” he answered.

“Can I check your driver’s license?” she asked.

“No offense, Ma’am,” he answered, “but you’re holding the gun. You can do just about anything you want.”

She walked over to the table and looked for his wallet. Having found it she checked his ID. “I’m not happy about this,” she said, motioning to his body and almost total nudity, “but at least you are who you say you are.”

“May I be so bold as to ask who you are?” asked Ted.

“I’m Katherine McConkle,” she said, “Kay’s mother.”

“Ahh, the fairer half of the couple that was going to be gone all weekend. Well I’m pleased to meet you, Katherine. I’d stand up to give you a proper greeting but I’m afraid I might get shot.”

At that the sound of the girls could be heard giggling as they were coming through the kitchen. As they approached the screen door Kay exclaimed, “Oh, shit, I forgot to close the screen door. I hope we didn’t let any flies . . .” and at that point she was out on the patio and saw her mother there standing by Ted. “Mom!! What are you doing home? You were going to be gone with dad all weekend.”

“Do not refer to that piece of shit in any conversation we ever have again. We are through, done, over, kaput! I want nothing more to do with him except to finalize the divorce.”

“But Mom, what happened?” asked Kay.

“Ask his lover, not me. I thought we were finally going to have a romantic getaway. His plan was to use the weekend to break it to me gently. And to think I brought a suitcase full of lingerie for the weekend.”

Speaking quietly to Sarah, Ted said, “I think we’re here at a bad time.” Then he turned to Katherine and said, “If you would please put the gun down and hand me my shorts, I’ll get dressed and we’ll be on our way. I see we’re here at a bad time.”

“No, you don’t have to go,” said Katherine.

“It looks like you and your daughter have some things to discuss,” he said.

“My daughter has some friends to play Frisbee with, and she’s obviously dressed to have a good time. I have no intention of spoiling her fun just because my fun has been spoiled.” she said. “Besides that I need the ear of someone my age to talk to, and you happen to fill the bill.”

“But wouldn’t it be better to talk to a close friend instead of one who is almost a total stranger and wouldn’t it be better to talk to another woman?” Ted asked.

Katherine looked softly into Ted’s eyes and said, almost sweetly, “Shut the fuck up and get into the kitchen.”

Ted stood and faced her. It was the first time she saw the front of his suit. “Ohh my . . .”

“That’s what we all said, Mom,” said Kay. “Do you really blame me for inviting him over?”

“Get out there and play Frisbee,” she said. When Ted reached for his shorts she said. “Leave them. They won’t run away.”

They went into the kitchen. Katherine started to take off her blouse. Ted sat down at the table. She took off her bra then cupped her tits in her hands. She brought each one up to her lips and sucked on her own nipple. It looked like she was asking for a compliment. Ted wanted to keep it light. “Nice rack,” he said.

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, mister,” she said. She unfastened her belt, unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts. The were loose fitting. They quickly fell to the ground. She had on granny panties. She looked outside and saw Sarah walking on the patio in her micro bikini and pair of fuck me heels. “I’ll be right back,” she said. And she was – wearing heels. She turned away from Ted and dropped her panties showing Ted a rather firm, though generous butt. As she dropped her panties she bent over at the waist with her legs held straight. When she stepped out of one leg hole of her panties she spread her legs farther apart. He saw her entire bottom in all its glory. She turned around and showed him her shaved – no, waxed – pussy. She moved her body sensuously for a few moments, fondling her tits and caressing her pussy.

“Now I ask you: Is that so bad?” she asked.

“It’s not bad at all.” Ted said. “Your beautiful!”

“Show me,” she said. Ted didn’t quite understand.

“FUCKIN’ gaziantep escort bayan SHOW ME THAT THIS BODY IS STILL DESIREABLE.” she yelled.

Ted got it. He stood up, peeling the strings of his micro suit off his shoulders and dropped it. Immediately his cock emerged out in full erection. She grabbed his hand and pulled him to the living room and had him sit next to her on the sofa.

“For the past six years the man has not looked at me. He has not touched me. He has not made love to me. He has not desired me. He’s told me it’s all his fault, he just doesn’t have the desire anymore, he’s getting older, he has so many demands on him at work. Then he finally arranges for us to have a weekend together. I thought after the candlelight dinner last night we would make love. I put on new lingerie I had purchased just for the occasion and he was sleeping or pretending he was sleeping when I emerged from the bathroom. And then this morning he took me for a walk and started to do what he considered to be gently breaking it to me. The past six years he has been fucking this what is now a thirty year old redhead. He even had the audacity to show me a picture of her – in a bikini, no less. She has given him the ultimatum to divorce me so he can marry her. And he’s doing it.

“I’ve tried to keep myself attractive for him. I’ve tried to be a good wife to him and a good mother to our daughter and even a good housekeeper even though I hate housework. Ted, am I that ugly that I deserve to be discarded like an old pair of shoes?”

Ted worked on sheer instinct. He took her hand and placed it on his erect cock. He leaned back on the sofa and pulled her on top of him and started to kiss her. His tongue started probing her mouth. Her hips started moving involuntarily. Under normal circumstance he would have asked her about protection. These weren’t normal circumstances. He would risk it. He gently moved her off of him and got on his back on the floor. “I want to watch you ride me. You’re beautiful and desirable and I want to watch you ride me,” he said.

“I want you to know I’m clean,” she said. “A couple of years ago I had a UTI and worried that maybe it was associated with a venereal disease, but I was clean and I haven’t done anything sexual with anyone since then.”

“And I’m sterile so you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant,” said Ted, “so just ride me.” She got on her knees, straddling Ted, placed herself above Ted’s erection, and Ted held it at her opening. She slowly lowered herself on Ted. Once he was fully inside of her she started bouncing up and down. Ted licked his thumb of his left hand and then moved it to play with her clit. The other hand he reached up to play with her nipples. She hadn’t been fucked for so long that it didn’t take her long and she had her first orgasm.

“Let’s move you to the couch,” he said. He had her sit with her ass at the end of a cushion. Ted got down on his knees in front of her and started to eat her out.

At first she objected. “That’s too dirty,” she started to say, but never completed the sentence when she was interrupted by her own involuntary moans. “Oh that feels so good,” she said instead. Then Ted started probing with the fingers of one hand for her G spot. Hers was easy to find. He started massaging it and as she showed signs of nearing another climax he latched his lips around her clit and sucked on it rhythmically. His other hand shot up to her tits again and began pulling on a nipple and pinching it between his thumb and forefinger. She convulsed on his hand and squirted all over his hand and face. As soon as she was done squirting, he rose on his knees and thrust his cock in her.

“You are one hot woman,” said Ted. Normally Ted would be controlling his orgasm, making sure that he did not come too quickly. But now he sensed that cumming fairly quickly would be taken as a positive sign by Katherine, that she was so hot and desirable that Ted could not contain himself. With that in mind Ted just let himself go. “I can’t help it,” he exclaimed. “You’re one hot fuckin’ bitch. You’re about to drain my balls dry!” He figured that the way Katherine had entered the house using the word “fuckin'” so frequently that she probably would react positively to a little dirty talk.

He lowered his hips a little so that his thrusting would drive right up into her G spot. He worked her clit with the moistened thumb of his left hand and moved his right hand so that his fingers could play with her anal ring. She came again, seeming to push out his cock and squirting massive amounts of liquid. But he held himself in her and filled her with cum, leaning forward and kissing her and whispering to her, “You are one beautiful hot fuckin’ woman,” and continuing to kiss her and tongue fuck her mouth and whisper sweet phrases in her ear until his cock relaxed and she surrendered fully to him in his arms.

After several more minutes of total relaxed silence Katherine’s eyes brightened and she whispered to Ted, “Thanks, I needed that.” Ted kissed gaziantep bayan escort her. After a few more moments she said, “Lets go out to the girls.” The girls were each on a lounge chair, soaking up the sun. It was still early spring, so while there was warmth, the power to burn was not too great. Ted reached for his suit, what little of it there was. “No need for that, I’m pretty sure the girls know what was happening. They’re going to be jealous.

They got to the kitchen. They were both naked except for Katherine’s heels. Ted asked her to sit on a chair. Once again he knelt in front of her. “I’ve got to clean your pussy,” he said, and knelt in front of her to clean her up – and get her excited again. When he was done she knelt in front of him and cleaned off his cock. Then they went outside. Without giving the girls time to respond to the fact that they were naked, Katherine announced, “It’s time to play Frisbee. We girls throw the Frisbee to one another and keep it away from Ted. If a girl throws it and Ted intercepts it the girl who throws it is out and we keep on playing the game until there is only one girl standing. She gets to do whatever she wants to do with Ted. When she is done, we play another round. Any questions?”

“Anything?” asked Kay.

“Anything,” said Katherine. “I learned a number of lessons for life over the past 24 hours. One is that a person can be too good for her own good. Another is that we should take advantage of every opportunity that comes our way. I know that 24 hours ago I would have been appalled at the game I just suggested and even more appalled at, ‘Anything.’ But believe me, ‘Anything,’ with Ted is an opportunity you won’t want to pass up.”

“What if the same people always get eliminated and never get at chance at ‘Anything?’

“Trust him. I don’t think that Ted is going to let that happen,” said Katherine. “Anything else? Hearing nothing, let the games begin.”

Of course, Ted had a great deal of control over this. So after the first round the last one standing was Kay. She was a little shy and a little reticent in front of her mother. Nevertheless, the “Anything,” she opted to do was to put suntan lotion all over Ted’s body. Ted stood in front of her as she did it so that she could do every part of his body except for the top of his head and the soles of his feet. And she could have even done those if she wanted to. The most interesting moment came when Kay was oiling up Ted’s cock and it was growing in her hands and Kay exclaimed, “It’s getting so big!”

Before she had thought about it Katherine blurted out, “I know.” All the girls turned to her and she blushed.

The next round of games began. This time the last one standing was Wanda. She opted to go into the house for her “Anything.” “If I give you a blowjob will you lick my pussy?” she asked.

“You get to chose,” said Ted. “If you don’t want to give me a blowjob you don’t have to. I’ll still lick your pussy if that’s what you want.”

“That’s so different,” replied Wanda. “Usually guys just want the blowjob and don’t want to eat pussy. I’ll do both. I’ll give you a blowjob for a little while just for the fun of it, but you don’t have to cum. Then you can lick my pussy.”

Ted stood in front of Wanda who was sitting on the sofa. “You tell me when you want me to lick your pussy,” he said. She started licking and sucking on Ted’s cock until he was fully hard. When she realized that, she had him eat her pussy. He didn’t just lick her pussy, he worked her pussy with his fingers as well as his lips and tongue and played with her tits besides until she had a substantial orgasm.

“Wow!” was all she could say as she regained her bearings and they went back outside. The three remaining girls were catching some rays. They played the third round and the last one standing was Katherine. She was surprised. She elected to go into the house, too. She gave Ted a quizzical look as if to say, “I’ve already had my turn.”

But Ted said, “You didn’t expect me to pass up an opportunity to be with you again, did you?” She blushed. But he didn’t wait to ask her what she wanted. He started kissing her passionately and she was soon in heat again. Soon he had her on the sofa again and was eating her out. He had learned where some very sensitive spots were on her, and he worked them and soon she had an orgasm. “I know you’ve wanted it, so it’s time we do it. On your knees, bitch.” She shivered in anticipation. He entered her from the rear and rode her hard. “Oh, that’s an inviting ass if I’ve ever seen one.” He reached under her and started playing with her swaying tits and pulling on her nipples. “Those tits are gorgeous. If I had the time I could feast on them for hours,” he said. Releasing her tit, he returned to more of an upright position and just reached around to strum her clit with his fingers which he moistened with the secretions coming from her pussy. He also moistened the thumb of his other hand and when he expected she was about to cum, thrust it into her ass. She exploded in climax but also let out a string of expletives: “Oh shit, Oh hot motherfucking shit, fuck this dirty fucking bitch. I’m your dirty fucking slut cunt whore. Oh Baby, you own this pussy. I give it to you. It’s yours you dirty fuckin’ son-of-a-bitch.” And then she began to collapse in front of him.

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