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Step Dad Teaches Me a Lesson Ch. 02

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*I love getting feedback and comments from all. But this is a work of fiction, so the unimaginable can be imagined. Enjoy!*


“Lexy doll,” He called me out of my thoughts. I turned to my daddy and walked up to him; he pulled me into his arms and kissed me harder, I could taste the beer on his tongue. This kiss was filled with need, lust, power, and desire. Daddy had porn playing on the T.V and while he watched he played with my nipples. Mmm… I love the way my daddy played with my hard little nipples so much that I started to squirm. “Finger that twat baby girl, make it nice and wet for your daddy.” I loved it when he said things like that.

The girl on the screen was getting her smooth pussy eaten royally and she was screaming while she held the guys head between her legs. All of a sudden Larry turned the TV off and pushed me backwards on the couch. Picture this a young, naked little slut with her thighs held open by a very perverted daddy who was making her rub her hard little clit. Her daddy leans down close and spits on her pussy and watches me as I rub it mixing it with my own juices.

I didn’t know how kinky daddy really was and I was loving it. I knew my pussy and ass were going to be used and daddy wasn’t done by a long shot. “Daddy I need to cum please! Make me cum Daddy! FUCK me! Eat me! I don’t care just make me cum!”.

I was about to climax when daddy chose that moment to pull my hand away and cover my cunt with his whole mouth, and with his head firmly between my legs keeping him in place I came squirting, and screaming into my daddy’s mouth. When I finally started to get my focus back, I saw the look in Larry’s eyes and I knew I was going to get the fucking of a lifetime.

Larry, I must say has GREAT stamina and he had amazing control, and I would spread myself any day of the week, bahis firmaları he could do anything he wanted to me. Larry pulled me by my waist and sat me on his lap both hands still holding my waist he lifts me up enough to line me up with his cock as I slowly lowered my dripping wet cunt taking him deep.

I was riding my daddy’s cock like a horse going up and down, up and down, my tits bouncing as my daddy’s hands ran up and down slapping my ass hard. He made me lean in “feed me those nipples daddy wants a suck” when I felt his tongue slide over my nipple it felt so damn good “suck my nipples daddy! Suck them hard! I love being whore for my daddy! Oh! FUCK!!” OMG I just squirted all over daddy’s cock, but that didn’t stop him in fact he fucked me harder if you can imagine that.

My pussy was dripping juices, that’s when my daddy pulls out his very wet cock and places my ass right on the edge of the couch before pushing my knees apart so I’m fully exposed to him. His head comes down and I feel his tongue give my slit a long slow lick. My eyes close and I lean back so my elbows are resting on the couch.

“Take anything you want Daddy” I moan as he starts humming vibrates against my clit as his lips close around it and gave it a hard suck. Mmm, my Daddy definitely knows how to eat pussy. Sucking my clit hard, his fingers hold my lips open as his middle finger starts fucking in and out of my ass. My hips are pumping up begging for more, I’m already so close to coming again all over his face.

He lifts his head and looks at me as he continues to finger me. “I think we should start getting this ass ready.” Before I can question him he adds another finger and pushes against the tight ring of my asshole. I moan when it pops in and start to breathe heavy. His tongue goes back to my pussy and licks mercilessly as he kaçak iddaa pushes his fingers up to the knuckle in my ass. I can feel my hole tightening around the intrusion.

Gasping, my hands flatten against the couch as he started to fuck his finger into my ass and his tongue licks into my cunt. His other hand coming up to rub my clit up and down. My legs start to shake and I’m begging him with incoherent words to make me come. My breathing stops literally when he gets me right there at the edge of my orgasm and then my pussy is pulsing around his tongue as I scream and ride out the climax with one last lick, Daddy lifts his head and grins at me.

“I knew my girl would be a little anal slut. Just wait until I get my cock in this tight hole.” With that, he pulls his finger out of my ass and stands to go clean up. He walks over to the couch and flips me onto my stomach. “I can’t take it anymore, you little slut. Your teasing is just too much. This ass is mine now.” He grabs my legs and pulls until my feet are flat on the floor and I’m bent over. His hand comes down hard on my ass cheek and I cry out at the unsuspected pain.

He spanks me again on the other cheek. “I’m not going to be gentle, and you’re going to take anything I give you whore.” I start to fuck in and out of my step daughter’s ass and the whore’s ass sucked my cock like the tightest flesh light. Slowly at first but steadily fucking faster and deeper.

Lexy tries to use her hands to limit my penetration by moving away from my firm thrusts but I put a stop to that by grabbing her wrists and pinning them at her back. I use this dirty whore’s ass hard. My cock swelling huge and hard. “Oh Daddy!” she cried, and moaned, “Oh yes, Daddy. Fuck me, Daddy. Take my ass! Make me your anal whore.” Oh my god! Daddy!” I scream as he unceremoniously rams the full length kaçak bahis of his cock into my ass.

The pain of being stretched open almost too much to handle. I’m up on my tiptoes, my bodies natural reaction is to get away from the intrusion, he is huge. Daddy’s hand comes up and grabs my hair, pulling my head back. “Oh no, no, you’re not getting away from me. This body is mine remember, I’ll use it however I want.” He pulls back, his cock almost out of my ass before slamming back into me, making me grunt.

Again and again, he slams my ass as I grip the couch and try to take it. As much as it hurts I can feel my cunt getting soaked, my juices dripping out of me. With each pump, my clit gets pushed against the arm of the couch. “Yes, Daddy. Fuck your little girl!” I’m pushing back against him now, no longer in pain. Instead, the pain is making me hornier than ever before.

His hand in my hair tightens and his pace speeds up, our bodies slamming together and slapping against each other. “Rub your clit, slut. Show Daddy how much you love your ass fucked.” Right away my hand moves under me and I start rubbing my clit with my fingers. The hard nub is slick with my juices. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum Daddy!” His cock rams into harder but slower now, each thrust hitting inside me so hard I feel like I could pass out from the pleasure.

“Fuck!” I feel my ass tightening even more around his cock as I cum, my cunt gushing out juices as I try to keep my fingers moving over my too sensitive clit. “That’s a girl, fuck you’re so tight.” With a harsh grunt he slams once more into my ass before filling up my tender ass with his daddy cum. That is the best feeling ever! Mmm all warm and wet dripping out down my thigh, what a work out I was so exhausted that I fell asleep right in daddy’s arms.

My life has changed so much, and I love it. My daddy treats me like the slut I want to be and nothing is too taboo for us. I think I will tell daddy about some of my fantasies, and it’s time to show him what the true meaning of the word “slut” means.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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