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Storeroom Cleaning

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The storeroom was a mess so the boss asked for people to inventory and reorganize it. Candice was very good at tasks like this so she volunteered and looked around the group for help. The boss looked at Sean and said he could help and then the rest of the staff left the area. Sean and Candice had known each other for several years and worked well together, though Sean did not seem that excited about this task. They started to take things off the shelves and Candice accidentally brushed again Sean’s chest as she moved a box. She smiled and apologized. Sean said not to worry. As they continued to work Candice’s hair started to come loose from its bindings; a large chuck fell into her eye and since her hands were full Sean moved it for her. She smiled but continued to work. She was attracted to Sean but had seen his previous girlfriends and figured she was not his type.

Candice was getting heated from the heavy labor so she took off her gray jacket to reveal a sleeveless purple blouse beneath, with a deep V-neck. She had a black bra on that peaked out every now and then as she moved. At the same time Sean removed his dress shirt since he had an undershirt on. Candice remarked, “What you’re not going to give me a show?” Sean laughed and acted as if he was stripping but stopped as he put his shirt on the shelf behind them. They both got back to work but Sean started to notice ataşehir escort bayan small things about Candice, like the softness of her hands or the plumpness of her lips. Her hair was a mix of sunshine and strawberries. Her eyes were emerald green with flecks of gold, brown, and blue. He felt like he was seeing her for the first time.

He brushed her hair back again but kept his hands along her face. He leaned in and kissed her bee-sting, red lips softly, waiting for her to pull back, but she didn’t. He pulled back, to gauge her response but she leaned in and kissed him again. He grabbed her waist, pulling her closer to him, kissing her long and hard. As they kissed she pulled up his shirt revealing his chest. She ran her fingernails lightly against his chest as he jumped a bit. “Not ticklish are we?” she asked. His response was to remove his shirt and to pull her shirt up over her head, letting it fall to the floor. He started kissing down her neck to her breasts as she arched back a bit at the feeling. Kissing all along her chest he finally made his way to her nipple and gently sucked it as she gasped. He reached his hand along her leg, up her skirt, and slid by her bikinis to her soft folds. He moved his hand along the outside, pressing with circular motion to the area where her clit hid. She gasped again breathing heavy at the breast and clit stimulation. escort kadıköy He moved his mouth back up her breasts, up her neck, nibbling on her earlobe, then kissing her mouth again.

She fell back against the wall with him. He continued kissing and rubbing her as she reached down and unbuttoned his pants, letting them drop. She started focusing more on what she was doing to him because what she was receiving felt too good and she didn’t want to cum yet. She slid down his boxers, first with her hand, then with her foot. She grabbed his hard cock and stroked it gently, pre-cum already dripping out. She used the pre-cum to moisten the shaft since it was very abundant. She stroked slow at first, kiss his neck, biting lightly, he moaned as she did. She sped up her hand and noticed he was having trouble concentrating on rubbing her. She continued to kiss his neck as her other hand firmly gripped his balls. He moaned harder.

“I think you like that,” she said smiling. He responded by focusing back on her clit and with his other hand, sliding a finger into her wet cunt, running his finger along her sugarwalls. She jumped a little, then moaned. She was having a hard time standing now and he loved it. “I think You, like That,” he whisper back at her. He fingered her vigorously for a few moments and then stopped touching her at all. She pouted. He stepped out bostancı escort of the pants and walked over to a chair, sitting down. She went to him, removing her skirt, panties and bra as she walked. She stood in front of him as he kissed her stomach and sides, making her jump. He watched her breasts dance as she moved away from the tickling. She sat on his legs and moved his cock along the outside of her pussy. She rubbed it against her folds, the top hitting her clit. She breathed heavy as she did this and held her body against his. He moaned and grabbed her ass. After a few minutes of rubbing like this she whispered in his ear, “Fuck me!”

He grabbed her ass again, this time picking her up a bit, sliding her down on his cock. She felt so warm and wet and as he slowly slid in and out of her he could feel her wetness running down his balls. She put her feet on the supports of the chair and grabbed the back of it. She pulled herself up and down on him, kissing his lips and neck. He grabbed her body and moved his cock faster and harder into her. She arched back as he fucked her, he watched her breasts bouncing against the thrusts. She reached down and rubbed her clit, begging him to fuck her harder. He did as she moaned and rubbed, both getting very breathy and loud. She sat back up, grabbed his hair, kissed his neck, and whispered, “Cum for me.” She leaned back a little and he slammed hard into her as she continued to rub her clit. Both let out a loud moan, and slowed to a stop. She rested against him for a moment, both catching their breath. She smiled at him and kissed him again saying only, “We should probably get back to work.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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