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Storms , Sex Ch. 03

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There is another storm. The thunder is intense, but I am not as terrified this time. I wonder to myself, “is this one of mine? It’s highly possible.”

It won’t last long. Thank god, I need a shower.

I feel someone behind me, it’s him. Who else would it be?

“Did you sleep or did you just lay there?”

“That was pretty intense.”

And, the thunder rolls then suddenly it’s all over..

I start to get up, even though every muscle in my body is screaming. Grabbing my bag which is on the floor, by the bed I make my way to the bathroom.

Stopping, I look back at him upon reaching the bathroom door..

“Wanna join?”

“Hell yeah!”

“Aren’t you ready to be done yet?”


“Alrighty then.”

He makes his way to the bathroom. God, he’s tall. Which is one of the many things I like about him.

I stop staring long enough to go into the bathroom and start the water, waiting for it to warm up before stepping into it.. He’s already naked, has been pretty much the whole time, except for when he picked me up and when I went outside. He looks goooood naked. I’ve got panties on, but those are off now. My glasses are now on the counter and I’m stepping into the tub.

“Ahhh, that feels good! And looky I am completely naked..not too mention wet.”

But, I move so he’s standing under the water. I’m grabbing my shampoo ..I love 3 in 1! Easier. So, i’ll smell the same from head to toe.

Hair is now shampoooo’ed and I’m covered in white. He’s just hanging out under the escort ataşehir water, watching me.

“What are you looking at?”



“Cause, naked looks good on you…and you’re sexy.”

..Sighs.. One day, he’s going to make me blush. Just wait. Switching our positions so I’m once again under the streaming water. I’m facing him as I am rinsing out my hair and back before turning around to get my front. But, as i’m using my hands to help, I end up bent over.

“This could prove interesting.” I muse to myself.

Pretty soon I feel hands. Mmmm, I like those hands on and in me. He’s touching, groping, grabbing, and fingering me. Very, very nice. I’m getting awfully wet despite the water running down on me.

I’m bending lower, spreading my legs as far as I can go.

“Mmm, I like shower sex.”

Next, I feel a very hard dick pressing against me. I push back.

“C’mon baby, see if you can just slide in.”

He does.


I’m holding onto the facet, but it’s digging into my palms. Since, I can’t really do much in this position, I just let him fuck me. And fuck me, he does!











My pussy is throbbing.








“Mmm, I like that!”














I’m kadıköy escort bayan making noises that sound like whimpering AND moaning. Hard to explain that one. Feels incredibly good, though.

Now, I’ve got my hands against the shower wall. Hands on my hips, he’s just fucking away.

“Oh baby , oh baby, oh baby, YEAH!”




One hand is now on my clit, rubbing away. I’m propped up against the wall with one hand. Sliding down the wall, though. You know, with it being wet, it kinda makes it hard to stay UP!

I’m rubbing as fast as I can while he’s fucking me..

In and out

In and out

In and out

Harder and faster.

I feel an orgasm building up. This is good, this is REALLY good. I’m continuing with my clit, as he continues with my pussy. I really do think he enjoys this. But, I’m not quite sure.

A few more rubs and pinches i’m shaking and cumming.



“Hot damn that was good!”

“Came for you, baby!” and still am.

Clench, unclench. I so love kegels.

Tighten, loosen.

Feels good!

He’s cumming.


“Fill me up, baby!”

I remove myself from the shower. He’s still in there. I dry off and put a fresh pair of panties, bra, and clothes on. Brush my hair. You know, all that stuff you do once you’re done with a shower..

Once dry and dressed I make my way out of the bathroom. It’s all steamy in there. He’s out before I even leave the bathroom.

“Think escort bostancı it’s time for me to leave. You got me all night. You wanted to sleep with me, so you got it. Happy now? It’s about time to eat anyway. You’re more than welcome to hang out at my house.”


Simple. He’s so simple yet so fascinating. So easy to please, too. Which makes it so much easier.

I grab my stuff and out the door we go! My house really isn’t that far from the hotel, it’s about 5 minutes, but there are detours now, because of the road construction crap that’s been going on this summer and it’s not supposed to end until next year. So, it takes a bit longer.

Once to my house… It’s not yet dark, there’s still light out.

“C’mon! You have got to be hungry. I’ll feed you and you can hang out.”

He parks, I open the door and get out.

“Come on. It’s the least I can do.. and hanging out in a hotel room all the time sucks if you’re not doing anything …fun.”

He gets out. I’m going up the steps, walking across my sidewalk, and up the second set of steps that lead to my porch.

He’s tagging along behind me.

I take my keys out of my pocket to unlock the door, opening my screen door. Putting the key in the keyhole, I stop, grab his shirt, pull him down, and kiss him before turning and opening the door.

After he comes in, I shut my door. Locking it behind him.

They are awake, but that’s okay….

I’m hungry and I’m pretty sure he is too.

The end.


Authors note:

That concludes this story. Three parts. Should read the First and Second ones to know what’s going on.

I hope you all enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Please vote and leave feedback. Thank you!

-Laura M. Bell

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