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Streaking Ch. 01

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{Text received 9:43pm} Mack: come outside in 3 minutes, I’m running by.

{Text received 9:44pm} Mack: naked!!

The second text got Mary’s attention. She put a bookmark in Pride and Prejudice and slid out of her sheets. It wasn’t too late, but she had already gotten in bed and was about a chapter into her 3-chapter routine before she went to sleep. It was also her third or fourth time through the book and she could almost recite Mr. Darcy’s lines.

She grabbed her glasses, wiggled into her sky blue pajama pants and checked to see how bad her bed head was in the mirror before she scurried past the portraits of her and her siblings from years past on her way to the front porch.

‘He’s running by; he won’t notice your hair,’ she said to herself as she pulled open her front door as quietly as she could while she pondered the reason for the text. Her mom was a heavy sleeper, but she didn’t want to risk anything. ‘Plus,’ she thought, ‘it’s just Mack – what do you care.’

She used both hands to soften the door closed behind her and peered to her right, down the street towards where Mack lived. Lit softly by the yellow street lamp, a pale, slim body was streaking towards her house in a full sprint! Mack had a huge grin on his face as he approached Mary’s house – underneath a thin bush his ‘stuff’ was flopping back and forth, slapping his thighs.

It was a brisk summer night but Mary was feeling flushed. She didn’t know why she was the one embarrassed, fully clothed on her front porch, but this was one of the first fully naked boys she’d seen – in real life anyways, and it did make her blush.

Mack sprinted quickly by her house, waving, but almost immediately he got to the end of her dead end cul-de-sac and headed back towards her. She admired his boldness. This was a suburban neighborhood that often had people walking their dogs in the evening; a place where everyone knew each other, and if Mack got caught, they’d surely tell his parents.

‘See ya later,’ he called out in a loud whisper as he made his second pass. Mary stood there waving, half grinning, half a look of befuddlement on her face and watched him until his pale cheeks had rounded the corner back towards his family’s house.

Mary had known Mack since 3rd grade. He was kinda athletic, handsome, but mostly like a brother to Mary. The two of them had much in common. They were both born in June, a little nerdy, and always had similar grades in the classes they took together. They also talked about everything with each other, so she surprised herself when she was mentally visualizing his naked body as she tip-toed back to her room. It wasn’t the first time she had thought about him in a sexual way. Mack was the first one to have sex between the two of them (in fact she hadn’t achieved that act at all yet), and she made him describe the entire experience to her – making sure he went into detail about what the feeling was like and how exactly he felt as he slid into her. When she was alone in her bed that night after the conversation, she had made herself come twice recounting his details. After her orgasms, and now as she lay in bed, she felt funny thinking about him that way.

There was no way she was getting back to her Mr. Darcy, so Mary laid half way under her covers thinking. She was happy when her phone buzzed, but a text from Mack wasn’t exactly going to take her mind off him.

Mack: Oh hey!

Mary: You are crazy.

Mack: It’s such a rush! My heart is pounding!

Mary: Probably because you just ran half a mile. Did anyone see you??

Mack: Nope! And if it was just from the run, why am I so turned on? Are you?

Mary: You don’t understand girls at all. I don’t get horny from seeing your dick flop around.

Mack: Suit yourself. I’m going to go get off. Night!

Did he just tell her he was going to masturbate?!

She was telling the truth; seeing him run by wasn’t what turned her on. But remembering him vividly telling her about his first sex experience as well as picturing him masturbating after running by her house did make her start to get wet. Without realizing it, her hand had wondered underneath her panties. They were the comfy, bikini style, plain ones that her mom picked up for her from Gap. Scalloped around the edges and nude colored. They were about as vanilla as underwear could come. She really wanted some of those lacy ones, but even at 18, she got too nervous to go into a sexy shop like Victoria’s Secret and her mom still thought she was her little girl. Her friends insisted that while they were sexy, they were super uncomfortable, so she should be happy with what she owned, but she still felt like they were too junior for her. Muffled moaning into her pillow happened soon. And after her breathing slowed, she drifted off to sleep before her clock reached 10:30pm that evening.

She was glad that her mom didn’t wake her up like usual the next morning as she was half naked, only covered partially by her thin, summer sheets. Only slightly embarrassed from last night’s thoughts of ataşehir escort bayan Mack, Mary made her way to the smells of breakfast. She thought to herself that this could turn out to be a summer to remember.

Excited and sad about her last summer before college, Mary was sure that it had least gotten off to a good start. Most days, she worked at the neighborhood pool as a lifeguard. Nights she either spent at home with her mom, curled up with a good book, or with her two best friends, Jaclyn and Sarah. They were both a little more outgoing that Mary, but all three shared a common interested in academics, arts, and being generally silly with each other. They spent as much time together as they could and this summer would be no different – especially with them all going to different universities.

Sarah had been accepted into a prestige dance school up north. And while Jaclyn was also built like a dancer, she was going to school for visual arts as she excelled in paint. Mary loved being with them. The three of them could talk about anything; from Picasso’s cubism to the time Sarah caught a glimpse of Coach Kosan’s boner one day during gym class. She couldn’t wait to tell them about last night with Mack, although she’d probably leave out some of the later details. It’s not like they didn’t talk about sex, but she would feel weird telling them that she touched herself. Both of them had told her that they did, but she was more conservative, sexually speaking, and still felt squeamish talking to them about that.

Mary sent them a group text as she walked out of her door on the way to work.

Mary: We hanging tonight? I’ve got an interesting story about what happened to me last night.

Sarah: Let me guess – you and your mom finally had ‘the talk’ that she skirted around when you were 12?!?

Jaclyn: OO, I know – you finished your book!

Mary: haha – Funny. 1) You know my mom won’t talk about sex, and 2) I said Interesting, not a typical Tuesday.

Mary: You all will have to wait and see. But I’ll give you a teaser – I saw a dick.

Jaclyn: Who!? How?! When?! Did you touch it?!

Sarah: um, ditto.

Mary: You’ll have to wait and see, got to go, I’m at work.

Sarah: cliffffffhanger

Mary set her phone in the lifeguard lounge and made her way up to the stand, for the first shift of the day feeling pretty good about herself. She didn’t typically have exciting news when it came to boys. Sarah and Jaclyn both had been with a few guys, although Sarah was the only one out of the three that had gone all the way. Jaclyn had recently broken out of her shy phase – what she called her awkward phase – and had recently hooked up with a guy from their school. She had described his futile attempt to go down on her after school one day in the back of his, which was funny and terrifying to think about at the same time.

No more than an hour later Mary glanced up from the pool and saw her two best friends walking into the pool. It was a nice enough day, but since it was early in the summer most of the kids in the neighborhood were still on family vacations or at summer camp. There were a few older couples, but it was safe to say it was a slow day for a lifeguard. Mary smiled and gave them a hand motion that she’d be just a few more minutes until break and the two girls made their way to a couple lounge chairs on the far side of the pool in a sun soaked corner.

A few minutes later, it was time for the lifeguard break and Mary hopped down and happily made her way over to her friends. Jaclyn, who got her perfectly toned skin from her mixed mother along with her beautiful, curly brown hair, was lying out in the sun on a towel-covered chair. She was in a small bikini that went excellent with her mocha skin and greenish-brown eyes. Sarah, who had pearl white skin, with freckles dotted across her body, was underneath a nearby umbrella and had on a hat and bathing suit cover up on, trying to stay out of the sun if possible.

“Cute fanny pack,” Sarah called out as she approached.

“I HAVE to wear it,” Mary called back, happy to see her friends on this boring, yet very exciting morning.

“Listen, I think they are coming back in style,” Jaclyn called out. “I like it!”

“Thank you! I didn’t know y’all were coming up! But I’m happy you are here!! I thought you had to work today, Jaclyn…”

“I called off. After we got your text, going in today wasn’t worth it. I wouldn’t have been able to focus at all.”

“You work at a pizza place, what would you have to focus on?!”

“Whatever, tell me about the penis you saw.”

Mary immediately turned red. She quickly glanced around, hoping none of the people here heard Jaclyn.


“Sorry,” Jaclyn whispered, “but we need to know.”

Mary wasn’t quite sure how to start the story, but she was too embarrassed to show them the text string yet.

“Mack streaked by my house last night, and was completely naked!”

“Nice!” Jaclyn said with a huge grin on her face.

“We knew you escort kadıköy guys would hook up, and you don’t need to say someone streaked completely naked. The two are the same,” chimed in Sarah.

“First of all, we didn’t hook up,” Mary rebutted. “He just ran by naked – and get this – he texted me that it turned him on so much that he was going to go masturbate!!”

Mary was beet red. It was out before she could stop herself.

“OK, well that confirms it,” Sarah smirked, seemingly unruffled by the news.

“Yup – he wants you to be his summer fling before college. Personally, I think it’s great. I feel like you should sleep with someone you feel comfortable with on your first time. I know I want to. OH – can we both sleep with him this summer?” Jaclyn teased.

“Oh my gosh, you guys!”

Mary looked frantically around for the 100th time in the past minute. The pool was still as dead as it was the last millisecond, and the second before that as well, but she was beside herself due to all the sex talk. Coming back to the conversation, she thought to herself – she did want to have sex before college, and she had told her friends that, but since she wasn’t in a relationship and did NOT want it to be random, she didn’t think that was going to happen. Plus she never thought Mack was into her like that.

As she walked back to the lifeguard stand she pondered over the general conciseness of the girls – which she should 100% sleep with Mack – or at least hook up with him and see where it goes. He was someone she knew, which was good. But they should definitely not get serious as that could ruin their friendship. They also decided on Mary’s next step – which was to keep last night’s momentum going. She was going to send him an Instagram message letting him know she was lifeguarding today. It was nothing crazy, but they all agreed that a selfie of Mary in her one piece would be a good tease.

The girls help her set the picture up on her next break. Sarah insisted she do it in the bathroom since there were two mirrors and she could use the other one to show her butt in the shot too and Jaclyn definitely agreed.

“Lifeguard Break” was all the caption read.

They agreed the picture should be flirty but not overtly. She was smirking in it, one hand on her hip and the other holding the phone, of course. Her hair was tied back in the ponytail she always wore while working and she made sure to get as much cleavage as she could in her one-piece. As planned, the reflection bounced off of one wall and had a great view of her ass from the other mirror that was adjacent.

Her two friends were getting a huge kick out of this, but Mary didn’t mind – it was turning her on. She loved that Mack might, after seeing this picture, be turned on as well!

Minutes went by after sending the message, and it was almost time for her break to be over, when she felt her phone buzz from the table next to her break-room chair. Mack had already responded.

It was a picture of him lying on the ground with the caption “need saving – come quick!”

She wasn’t sure how he took the picture, but his full body was in the shot and he was only wearing his boxers – his sleek stomach and tan body sprawled on the ground of his room. This made Mary laugh and the girls agreed that it was a good sign.

Mary’s shift ended around 2:30pm and after being at the pool all morning she was ready to get out of her restrictive lifeguard one-piece. She made her way home to an empty house and stripped as she headed to the shower. As she passed by her mirror, she caught a glimpse of herself and paused as she noticed how prominent her tan lines were.

‘Goodness, my ass is white,’ she thought.

She quickly u-turned and opened her back door after grabbing her beach towel. Her back yard had a privacy fence surrounding the back yard and she figured all her neighbors were at work anyways. After a quick check just to be sure, she unwrapped the towel from her body and laid it on the grass. She’d never lain out naked before, but this summer was the summer of firsts, and she wasn’t going to back down now!

She couldn’t believe how bold she had been in the past few hours- first a picture sent to Mack and now this… A thought entered her mind- what about another message to Mack? Should she get the girls opinion first?

‘No,’ she thought, ‘she’d be bold without them!’

Lying on her stomach, she took a shot over her shoulder, nicely capturing her tight, bare butt. The caption read, ‘trying to get rid of these tan lines.’


She really couldn’t believe her boldness, or how wet this was making her. With a quick look around and the image of Mack lying shirtless on the floor, while still lying on her stomach, she reached down past her ass to her easily accessible slit. She was dripping onto her beach towel as her index finger glided easily up and down her wetness. Sweat from the beating sun mixed with her arousal made her rubbing almost frictionless as she squirmed around in her yard. The thought of an bostancı escort on looking neighbor completely gone from her mind as her arousal grew. She flipped to her back and spread her legs so she could have better access. Her right hand was steadily rubbing herself while her left hand was caressing her breasts; alternating between each one. Her back arched as her orgasm approached and she started to let out audible moans in her quiet backyard. Her orgasm built and her hand moved only to her clit. Steady, steady circles with her middle finger finally brought her to climax as waves of pleasure rolled through her body. Her breath was quick, but eventually started to slow.

As her body calmed and her mind settled, she drifted off into a wonderful nap…

Bzz bzz

Bzz bzz

Mary’s vibrator was buzzing on the kitchen table and her mom was looking incredible cross as Mary ran, covering herself, inside to explain herself.

Bzz bzz

Bzz bzz

Why won’t my vibrator turn off!?! She tried to flip the switch a million times as her mother started at her, slowly undressing in their kitchen.

Bzz bzz

Bzz bzz

Mary woke suddenly from that nightmare, sweating from head to toe as her phone buzzed beside her.

Coming down from her panic, she calmed her breathing and looked over at her phone. It was Mack.


“I was knocking on your door, to see if we could sunbathe together, but there was no answer… You aren’t naked at someone else’s house are you,” Mack joked.

“Heh, no,” Mary responded. “I must have fallen asleep in the back,” still in a daze from her dream.

“Well that’s too bad,” Mack replied, “I was looking forward to, um, seeing you… Anyways, I wanted to let you know I’ve decided to have a party for my birthday tonight. Sarah talked me into it and even volunteered her house. Can you come?”

“Uh yeah, of course. When is it?”

“Talk to Sarah, I’m not 100% sure, but she said she’d be sending everyone messages this evening. Looking forward to it! Bye!”

And as quickly as he started the conversation, he was gone. Mary blinked a few times to wake herself up, wrapped the towel around her and went inside to shower, for real this time. She was upset that she missed out on a potential opportunity with Mack, but wasn’t sure what the opportunity would have been. Would they have just laid out together. Would he have tried something else? Suddenly shy, she realized it might have been better she didn’t answer the door. She was sweaty from work and definitely didn’t want that to be the first time they did anything. Regardless, Mack was 100% interested, which was a good thing.

Regarding the party, she was sure Sarah set the whole thing up, but she wasn’t mad about it. She dropped her beach towel on the floor of the bathroom and slipped in to the shower still cold. Her nipples were rock hard as she began to lather her hair with soap.

Once she was finished lathering, Mary grabbed her shaving cream and propped one leg up on the wall. Spending extra time, she made sure that her legs were extra smooth in case anyone were to touch them later. As she finished her legs, a thought occurred. She always shaved her bikini line but never thought about the rest of her pubic hair. She decided to trim her light brown, wispy hair, albeit just a small amount. She wasn’t comfortable going all the way bald, as it made her feel childish, but Jaclyn did say how great it felt, especially when a guy went down on her (she had gone into great detail about a certain boy at a summer party) As those type of thoughts crept into her mind, she had to make an effort to push them out – she had to get ready!

After she dried her hair, she looked at her phone- 5:44 She texted Sarah.

Mary: Um, excuse me, did you set this party up so me and Mack would be together tonight 🙂

Sarah: Sure did. I even got a hook up on liquor. Not that I want you too inebriated for your first time 😉

Mary: Who said we would do IT tonight?

Sarah: No one, but just trying to increase the odds, that’s all 🙂

Sarah: Come as soon as you are ready so we can set up

Mary: Sounds good.

Mary packed a small overnight bag and looked over her clothes for what to wear. She picked out a wrap dress that showed off her body well. It was a good shade of green for the summer time and showed just a little cleavage. She threw in her favorite cotton matching pajama set that was light pink and white and walked out of the door.

A few hours in and party was going great – Mary was feeling kinda buzzed, but hadn’t drank too much. She had seen Mack flitting around the room here and there but hadn’t had a chance to talk to him yet, and she didn’t want to seem to desperate.

However, soon, her glances lingered as the drinking set in and Mack caught her staring from across the room and as quick as their gaze met, he darted out of the room, away from Mary – had she done something?? A minute later, putting her concerns to rest, he was strolling towards her with two drinks in his hand.

They started chatting about everything and nothing at all. It was great. There was some sexual tension, but it wasn’t too weird. She caught him brushing up against her just because, and she realized that her hand may have lingered on his arm on occasion.

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