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Stuck on the Road

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I am going down the interstate in my truck and you are in your care about to pass me. When you are coming around me I can see you in my mirror and you are a very pretty young lady. As you get right beside me I look over and I can see that you have your dress pulled up and you are rubbing your pussy. Speeding up a little I stay right beside you so that I can watch you. All of a sudden you start slowing down real fast and I look up to see that the traffic is stopped in the road. I have to mash on my brakes hard to get stopped and not hit the car in front of me.

When we get stopped you are looking over at me and laughing causing me to get embarrassed. After being stopped for a few minutes I get out of me truck and walk around to stretch my legs. You roll your window down and ask me what I was looking at because it sure wasn’t the road. Embarrassed again all I could do was look at you and say “your pussy”. You started laughing again and asked if I liked what I saw. Telling you that I was escort ataşehir not real sure I need to get a better look you pull your dress up and show it to me again. I tell you that it is a very pretty pussy but it would not be worth wrecking my truck over. Again you laugh at me and tell me I came very close to wrecking and if I tried out your pussy I may find it is worth it. Asking you how that would happen you look over at my truck and say it looks like I have a big back seat. Looking at you and smiling I tell you that I am willing if you are and you open your door and get out of your car.

When you stand up and walk around your car I am amazed at how beautiful and sexy you are. I walk around the truck and open the back door for you to climb inside. As you are about to get in my truck I take you in my arms and kiss you passionately. We climb into the back seat and you start rubbing your hand over my erection. You unfasten my pants and push them down enough to free my erection. kadıköy escort bayan Taking my erection in your soft hand you slide you it up and down. As your hand slides up and down we kiss tenderly. You lean down and kiss the tip of my erection and slide your tongue around it. Putting your lips around it you gently suck it into your mouth. Your warm mouth on my erection sends my excitement soaring sky high. You move your head up and down with my erection sliding in and out of your mouth. Starting to tremble with pleasure I push up against your mouth and push your head down. As you slide back up I erupt in a wonderful orgasm shaking all over.

I have you sit on the console between the front seats and pull your dress up. Softly I kiss up and down your legs getting closer to your pussy each time. Gently I kiss your pussy and slide my tongue up and down the edge of your lips. Brushing my tongue over your clit sends waves of passion through your body. You put your hand escort bostancı on my head and hold my mouth against your pussy. As I rub your clit with my tongue I slide my finger inside your pussy. Rubbing my finger around inside you I find your spot and rub it gently. My lips wrap around your clit and I suck it tenderly as I move my fingers in and out of you. Feeling you start to tremble I suck your clit harder and rub against your g spot a little harder. You begin to shake and your orgasm rolls through your body.

You raise up and we kiss tenderly as you push me back against the seat. Sliding off the console you get on my lap and place me erection at your opening. You slide down onto my erection and your soft warm pussy sends my desires screaming higher. You rock back and forth rubbing your clit against me as we kiss passionately. Our moans get louder as I push up against you and you rock back and forth faster. We start shaking and explode in a beautiful orgasm thundering through us both. You lean against me as we catch our breath and we hear car horns blowing. Looking up we see that the traffic has started moving and you jump out of the truck running to your car. We both rush to get moving and I never got your name but I will never forget you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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