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Sugared Seductions

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Rowena holds the amber liquid up to the moonlight and twirls the stem of the wine glass between her thumb and forefinger. The light fragments on the cut crystal and bursts into golden brilliant stars. The light catches in Rowena’s eyes. She has a mysterious air about her tonight but I know better than to question it. So I watch silently as she draws the glass to her lips. Holding it there, she closes her eyes and breathes in deeply. I can see the pleasure warm her face as the sweet scent of the maple sugar wine reaches her nose.

There is a gentle autumn breeze but the night is warm. An autumn-scented breath brushes leaves loose and they cascade down around us, a sprinkling of deep auburns, burnt oranges and rather vibrant yellows. The colours, however, are nothing in comparison to that amber liquid Rowena has yet to take a sip of.

Her eyes remain closed, a slight smile plays on her lips. I want to taste the sweetness of her smile but I don’t dare cross that line. Instead, I remain sitting with my legs outreached and watch her.

I shouldn’t be here. But I really can’t be anywhere but here. The current that runs between us draws me in. Like there is an elastic band pulled taut between us, I move in closer to her for some measure of relief. I find some moral relief by reminding myself that we are simply friends sharing a drink (or two).

Rowena opens her eyes and again swirls the wine gently and watches the liquid dancing in the glass. What is it that she hopes to see in there? And why has she only poured one glass? Her brown eyes rise to mine and there is a question there. Mine have an answer that betrays everything I thought I stood for. There is a conversation here, more true and of more depth than any we have had before. I am exposed but I still feel safe.

Reaching out, Rowena plucks a maple leaf from the ground by my hand. Ever so slowly, she draws the very tip of its papery skin across my hand. Electricity surges through me and my breath catches in my throat. She waits half a beat and it is all the time I would need to clear my throat, shift position or break eye contact, any of which would draw the line at a much safer distance. Instead, I slowly reach over and take the wine glass from her other illegal bahis hand. As I bring the glass to my lips, she continues to trail the maple leaf ever so slightly up my arm. My skin is completely alive, aware of every minute touch. The scent of sweet maple reaches my nostrils just as Rowena delicately extracts the glass from my hands. Her eyes hold mine as she brings the glass to her own lips, opening them ever so slightly to sip the sugary nectar. My body is on complete alert – I want this so desperately. Leaning forward, she brings her lips to mine. Warm and soft and so very, very gentle, she nudges mine. I feel the very tip of her tongue teasing me. I open my mouth enough to close around hers. Oh, the magical sweetness that is found there!

There is nothing like the first kiss. Moreover, there is nothing like a forbidden first kiss.

She tastes like sugared maple candy and I can’t help but gently suck her bottom lip. I want more. The exquisite passion that blossoms, unfurls its velvet petals, pulls me in and I topple over into a pool of heightened sensation. I want nothing more than to peel back the layers that separate us and give in to her seduction. I take control of the kiss, pushing my fingers into her hair and pulling her in to me. The kiss is a mélange of tender passion, equal understanding and aching, raw desire.

Pulling back slightly, Rowena sets the wine aside. Her fingers find the buttons on my shirt and she watches the longing in my eyes as she slowly undoes me one button at a time. Slipping her hands under the collar, she eases the fabric from my chest and down my arms. I extract my arms and toss the shirt aside.

My hands sneak between the bottom hem of her shirt and I gently hold her hips in place as I lean forward to catch another taste of sweet bliss from her lips. I feel her breath warm on my cheek as she groans ever so slightly. Running my hands up her soft sides, I draw her shirt up and over her head. Loose chocolate ringlets cascade down her back and she blinks, watching my expression carefully as I cast her shirt aside. I lean into her and begin tracing a line of light kisses from that tender place on her neck down over the swell of her breasts. Reaching around her, I swiftly release illegal bahis siteleri the clasps of her bra and her breasts drop free.

Rowena gently pushes me back and reaches for the wine. She smiles and I feel my blood surging hot through my veins. Tilting the glass, she drizzles maple wine over her chest, the amber sweetness dripping from her nipples and winding paths to her waistline. Leaning in, I use my tongue to trace the sweetest of trails over her soft body. My mouth finds her erect nipple and I gently pull her sensitive nub between my teeth. She pushes into me and gently gyrates her hips. I suck her flesh deep into my warm mouth, eliciting a moan from one of us. Still sucking, I pull back until her nipple pops from my mouth, thoroughly cleaned. Wet, I leave it exposed and it puckers with the coolness of the air.

Tracing a different sugary path, my lips find the button on the top of her slacks. I draw my hands up her thighs and tug gently at the fastener.

Rowena stands and ever so slowly begins to completely undress. She slowly draws her pants down her legs and then pushes them away. Standing before me, she is stunningly beautiful in only a black lace thong and the moonlight glistening on her skin. She seems to shimmer with desire and I know that she is very wet.

She stands exposed for a moment and watches me. I can read her thoughts so clearly as if they were written there just for me; she is thinking that in life, there are no guarantees. All we have is this moment. And she is savouring every minute of this, truly drinking in the intoxicating aroma of two like-minded people aroused.

Bending forward, Rowena begins to undo the zipper on my pants. Successful, she nudges me to raise my hips as she pulls away the final layers that hold me in. Completely exposed, I watch as she again reaches for the glass of maple wine. Tilting it again, the sugary fluid is dribbled over my waist. I feel droplets land on the head of my very erect penis and begin dripping down the shaft. A slight shiver runs through me as I watch Rowena set the wine off to the side. I can almost feel her moist mouth on me.

Taking her time, she slowly stretches a leg over mine and settles down so she is straddling canlı bahis siteleri me, the only thing between us a swatch of black lace. Embracing me, Rowena nuzzles into my neck and begins to suckle my earlobe, gentle tonguing my flesh. She is teasing me but I can’t help but respond by tracing my hands down her supple skin and easing my fingers beneath the thin shadow of fabric. She rocks back so that her centre is just out of reach. Crawling backwards, Rowena works her way down my chest, her tongue seemingly worshiping my flesh. I close my eyes and focus completely on the feel of her hot mouth kissing me, getting ever closer to my groin. Her hair tickles my abdomen but I don’t dare pull back. I remain still as an agile, moist tongue twirls around the head of my member. I have to restrain myself from pushing myself into her pliant mouth.

She laps at the sugared liquid residue, her tongue tracing a path up the underside of my cock from base to head. Wrapping her mouth around just my head, she holds steady, ardently sucking and prodding with her tongue, exploring and savouring every crevice and fold. Her smooth hand slips between my legs to cradle my nuts, lightly squeezing them.

Moving her head to the side, she works her way down my cock, lapping up maple sweetness. Her tongue probes my nut sack and then she has one in her mouth, gently sucking all traces of the nectar from my skin. Rowena wraps a delicate hand around my shaft and begins to stroke me as she works my balls. She has a smooth, steady rhythm and I am close to cumming when she moans, the vibrations reverberating across my groin.

Looking up at me, she licks up my shaft and then encloses my cock in her wet mouth. All I can feel is warm slickness stroking me as she slides her mouth to the hilt. It’s a tugging, pushing, sucking, stroking, slurping … and the scent of maple wafts up and I want her to taste me along with the sweet wine. I tangle my fingers through her hair and I know she wants me to cum in her mouth. She doesn’t vary her rhythm, just keeps steady and I feel the first unfurling of a familiar ball of passionate energy deep within me. As waves of blissful electricity wash over me, Rowena welcomes the mingling of the taste of my cum with maple sweetness. She eagerly swallows and then reaches up to embrace me as the final waves of orgasm slide through me. Snuggling close, she closes her eyes and we lay silently for a moment.

And then I reach for the glass of maple sugar wine…

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