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Summer Breeze

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She lay on her side, her thin yellow top whispering over her in the cool summer breeze that was wafting in from the open window. The curtains shuddered in that same breeze, swishing back and forth, twisting the light of the setting sun and casting different shades over her pale, petit form. The thin, pale form was only barely covered by it’s vibrant yellow thong and the scant little, see-through top. They told him that today really had been as hot as the news caster claimed it had been. She had probably fallen asleep, exhausted by the heat. Had the mechanic not come for the AC yet?

He grumbled to himself as he crossed the room, dropping his carry-on bag and stripping his jacket off. He wished he hadn’t been forced to take that business trip, not with her like this. She was only entering her seventh month of pregnancy, but she looked like she was ready to pop, as the saying goes. Perhaps it was her small size that made the child seem so large. She was such a small woman.

He stripped his shirt off, a few tattoos appearing on his upper arms and chest. He kicked off his shoes and crawled onto the bed. She stirred and looked up. A small smile spread across her lips as she closed her eyes and laid her head back down. He slid next to her, hands cupping her stomach as he kissed her shoulder and then her neck.

“How are you,” he whispered, very gently nibbling her ear. She made a small sound of contentment.

“Pretty good. It was so hot today,” she muttered, rubbing her hands across his, even as one curved to the lower part of her belly, toying with the lace of the thong. “I was so tempted to fix that damn box of bits myself-“

“You are in no condition to be doing things like that,” he snapped, sitting up a bit, whatever thoughts he might have been having about her thong apparently gone. “Crazy woman. We’ll just call again tomorrow. Besides, it’s nice to enjoy a little fresh air.”

“Easy to say,” she muttered, obviously a bit offended by his sudden burst of speech. “You’re not the one toting around a kid all day. It’s not easy, you know.”

She sniffed and he knew he had maybe taken it a bit too far. Besides, if she’d really had designs on fixing the AC herself, she would have done it.

“I’m sorry,” he said, making amends by settling behind her and rubbing her lower bostancı escort bayan back, stroking her secret spot, the place right at the end of her back, between where her two round lobes of smooth flesh began. She jerked in response to his delicate, feather-like stroking. She said nothing as he made the strokes wider, getting more skin with each touch. He gently scraped his teeth down her shoulder blade, letting his short beard trickle across her skin as well. “Will you forgive me?”

“Well,” she whispered, obviously not thinking too much about being angry anymore. “I guess we could work something out.”

He grinned into her skin and very slowly let his hand skim over her rounded bottom. He slowly massaged each thigh, squeezing and pulling gently before doing the same to her sensitive calves. When he was satisfied that she had been warmed up enough, he glided his hand back up over her legs. He played with her thong as he used his other hand to grab her hair. He grabbed her hair and, with the controlled amount of force tempered by the hand of a long-time lover, pulled her head back so he could kiss her, using lips and tongue to say some of the tender things he’d forgotten to say before. She reached back and slipped the elastic band free of his long hair. She proceeded to ruffle it with her fingers, undoing the tidy job he had done on it earlier that morning.

Slowly, tantalizingly, he slid a finger between her lips. He wasn’t too surprised by how very soaked she was. Pregnancy hit different women different ways. His little Gaelic fire-cracker had only gotten hotter since she’d started carrying their child.

It didn’t take him long to get her to start pushing her hips against his hand as she began whispering to him, telling him everything he needed to hear after his long trip. He ignored her pleas for him to take her and kept thrusting his fingers into her, keeping his speed steady. Not too fast, not too slow. Just enough to drive her mad.

Insanity was a good way to describe what she felt as his talented fingers and his sweet kisses across her shoulders sent her over the edge. He pulled her head back again for another kiss. She was too far gone right then to do anything but let him abuse her mouth. His kisses were hard, powerful and almost rough. After ümraniye escort three weeks of a worn-out vibrator, it was everything she needed.

He broke the kiss, his fingers still inside her. Her whole body tightened once more at the dark, distinctly male look in his crystal blue eyes.

“Hands and knees,” he growled, his voice dropping to an aching baritone he never used. She complied, his fingers never leaving her soaking pussy as she crawled onto her knees. He moved behind her, undoing his pants as he did. When she was kneeling and he was free, he used his hand to stroke her spot once more. She jerked forward, and only the arm curved around her hips and forced between her legs kept her from falling. He reached around and grabbed one of her large breasts, pulling her back into the doggy position. He kept thrusting his fingers as he pinched her nipples, relishing the moment as she moaned and whimpered.

“Cock-tease,” she spat angrily. The threatening effect was rather ruined when she followed that up with a high-pitched whimper.

“It’s tough for me to be a cock-tease, when you don’t have a cock, oh pregnant one,” he said with a grin.

“Oh, shut up,” she moaned, rocking her hips backwards, sacrificing a bit of friction on his fingers in an attempt to elicit the reaction she wanted form him.

She got it. He pulled his hand back and pulled the thong over one ass cheek before lining the large, red head of himself up with her red, swollen cunt. When she felt him at her entrance she pushed back, making more sounds of desperation. He grinned, his hand moving from within her to her clit, rubbing with the same steady, firm rhythm.

He stayed like that for a few moments, enjoying the feeling of his fraying control. Better than any liquor or drug.

Just when he felt her begin to climb to another climax, he began to slowly push in. She exploded beneath him, and once more he had to support her weight, one hand between her breasts, the other never leaving her pussy as he kept up his pace on her clit. He pushed into her, enjoying the way she screamed this time around, and enjoying the delicious, wet, tightness of her.

By the time she could support her own weight, he had gotten a good rhythm going and was sinking home right to the rubbery covering of escort kartal her womb. Some women disliked his size, but she had always loved the way he could push right against her cervix. He sat back, hands resting on her hips as her large, full breasts swayed beneath her. She was throwing her head around in obvious pleasure.

“Come on,” she whispering, looking at him over her shoulder. Her eyes were wide, mossy green an even darker shade because of the passion she was in. “Give it to me, baby. Fuck me.”

She sad the last words slowly, like a dark secret. Like they were somehow dirty than anything they’d done yet. The effect was perfect.

He used his knees to spread her legs a bit more as his pace picked up. He continued to shove through the tight wetness of her, his cock stroking the sides of her cunt. But now, he was taking a moment to focus on setting his weight on his arms, so that he could press right over her, his cheek against her shoulder. When he was satisfied that they were in a safe position, he grabbed his breast, perhaps with a little more sexual aggression than he had meant, and began to fuck her in earnest.

She was making a high pitched keening noise in the back of her throat as his hips thrust viciously into hers, every vestige, every ounce of self-control lost in his sudden primal increase in tempo. Bent over her, he fucked her like a wild-dog in heat, like a man who knew nothing else. Every thrust into her cunt sent his cock pounding against her cervix.

She fell into his groping hand one more time before he felt his balls tighten. His thrusts became even more violent and powerful as they lost their perfect rhythm. She began whisper to him, describing every thrust to him in the dirtiest language she could think of. He sucked the softness of her neck into his mouth as a final three powerful thrust sent his semen spraying in the direction of her womb, filling her cunt with his sperm as he jerked, his hips pushing madly into hers as his orgasm took it’s toll, drawing drop after drop out of his shuddering body.

As soon as he could, he rolled off of her body and onto his back. She sat up beside him and grinned down at his panting form.

“You know, you worry too much,” she said, stroking his chest lovingly.

“I know, but you just don’t worry enough,” he whispered.

“Well then it’s good I’ve got you, huh?” She giggled, rubbing his stomach.

“So, am I forgiven?” He asked, opening his eyes and looking into her mischievous ones. She licked her lips, tilting her head playfully.

“Yes, I forgive you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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