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Summer, Sister, Sharing a Fantasy

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Summary: My sister’s visit, on a hot summer evening, brings back memories.

Summer in the city – A fantasy shared…and more! As always, all persons have reached the age of eighteen years or more since they were born.

Note to the reader: English is not my first language. Many thanks to oldnakeddad for editing and proofreading this story and making it more readable.

* * *

Summer had finally arrived. After the month of May, with low temperatures and lots of rain, it appeared as though Nature had skipped spring all together. The city had witnessed a colourful explosion of flowers and fresh green leaves. As the greenery blossomed in the sunlight, and opened up to the warmth of it, so did all of the people.

We opened our windows, we went outside. We dressed lightly, casually and more revealing. The once introvert girls, who used to wear baggy clothes, came out wearing next to nothing! The streets were occupied by short skirts, summer dresses, and body-hugging T-shirts.

Such as the, so called, little black dress my sister wore when she came up to my apartment on that Friday evening. It was, indeed, little! Her hair was tied up in a knot, she was smiling, and her long neck and bare shoulders greeted me.

It’d been too hot inside of my apartment, located on the top floor of the five-storey building, for me to wear anything more than a tank top and wide-legged boxers.

Though I was lucky there wasn’t a flat roof on the building, it was hard to hide from the sun that shone deep inside of the apartment through the high windows that looked over the canal in front of the building.

I greeted my sister and we hugged.

“Hi, Liz!”

Our hug was the most physical and intimate we could’ve had without being naked! I took a step back because I felt somewhat awkward from the close hug that definitely confirmed my observation when she’d arrived…she wasn’t wearing a bra!

As she walked past me into my small studio apartment and over to the open windows that looked out to the alley that runs next to the building, she said.

“Hello, Thomas. Good to find you home and available to have a drink! Even though you’re sweating from doing nothing, I presume! But I understand. It’s hard to stay cool in this kind of heat.”

Her behaviour completely ignored the fact we hardly ever saw each other unless it was a family occasion. Her presence in my apartment, and without any reason, was a unique occasion. I was completely happy with the fact she didn’t try to socialise with me. I didn’t dislike Liz, but after she’d left home, she wasn’t a part of my life anymore.

She sat down on an open windowsill and smiled at me.

“So, what do you have to offer? A nice, cold, white wine, I hope!”

Never one to wait for a question to be asked, she’d always taken the lead and said whatever she wanted. So, I had to comply, and I took a bottle out of the fridge to serve us two glasses of wine.

She’d called me, about half an hour prior to her arrival, to tell me she’d drop by. She’d been in a neighbourhood cafe for drinks with friends, but she’d become bored with them. Of all people, she’d thought to visit me… So, she’d told them a lie that I’d called her to discuss some family matters that were quite urgent. Anyway, the result was that she was here at the moment I’d planned to relax and maybe do some writing.

Liz lived across town, so we never met by chance as it was with this occasion. She was three years older than I and she’d already finished her study while I was still struggling to get my degree. As she sat on the windowsill, she chatted away about the company at the cafe while I sat on the couch opposite her.

I admired the image of her as she sat there and that surprised me. Beams of sunlight reached her legs and she’d taken her open sandals off. As she leaned back against the window frame, she’d put one leg and bare foot up onto the sill. It was a perfect silhouette to watch as she chatted about stuff I didn’t care about.

Suddenly, she stopped talking and her eyes focused down on the alley and the adjacent building. Then I heard it as well — soft, high pitched moans in a rhythm that left no doubt about their origin. A big smile appeared on her face as her eyes locked onto whoever it was she’d spotted.

After she’d listened for a few seconds, she beckoned me to go over to where she was. I walked over to her and rested one hand on her shoulder, and the other one against the wall, to prevent myself from falling out of the window as I leaned through the window opening.

Then I saw them through the open window of their kitchen, in the building across the small alley between our buildings. It was the girl who’d moved in only a couple of weeks ago. We’d run into each other a couple of times in the alley and exchanged no more than nice smiles and a hi. I didn’t know her name, but there I peeped on her as she was in front of her open window, bent over her kitchen sink, and getting fucked from behind!

My window was two stories higher than hers, but not directly bahis firmaları opposite so Liz and I watched them from an angle. The girl hadn’t spotted us because, when she didn’t have her eyes closed, she was looking straight ahead.

“This is a nice place you’ve got here, Tommy! A nice view as well!” Liz joked.

For some moments, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of my neighbour. Her hair hung loose beside her shoulders and in front of her, but it couldn’t prevent her firm breasts from swaying freely into our sight with every thrust she received. We couldn’t see his face, only his hips behind hers as he slammed against her buttocks with a steady rhythm. Her hands were on the windowsill to steady herself against his thrusts

I looked down at Liz and raised my eyebrows. She didn’t look up at me, but straight at the tent in my boxers, which was only a short distance in front of her eyes and murmured:

“Geez, Tommy!”

Tommy had always been her nickname for me, instead of calling me Thomas. Then, she turned her attention back to the window across the alley. I continued to look down at Liz and saw her nipples straining against the thin fabric of her little black dress.

“Geez, Liz!” I whispered back.

I reached toward her shoulder to steady myself while bending forward for a better view of the girl. I looked down, toward the window, and saw her breasts being grabbed from behind by her friend as he pulled her back toward him. As her face turned upward, toward the sky, she opened her eyes and she saw us. She didn’t show any emotion of us watching her, but kept her eyes on us as we were immersed into the lust of her love making.

I felt a movement next to me, and through my hand that was touching Liz. From the corner of my eye, I saw Liz touching her breasts through her dress! From a hesitant touch, it soon became a full display of grabbing and playing with her breasts to display them to my neighbour! I sensed her arousal in her voice when she whispered:

“It’s only fair to her!”

As she continued to focus on the window below us, she said:

“Drop your boxers!”

I whispered in disbelief: “What!??”

With some urgency, she said: “Drop it! It’ll be so hot for her to see us getting excited!”

She swung one leg outside of the window and sat with the other leg inside, which caused her dress to ride up above her hips.

It blew my mind that my sister would sit so close to me and play with her breasts! Not only to me, but to the public space outside! It must have been all the drinks this evening, that had made her so uninhibited. But the fact she’d asked me to reveal myself, as well, was so unexpected! She knew I was getting hard. I didn’t know what to think.

“No way, Liz!” I whispered.

She was right about one thing…it was hot to see my sister getting excited! I knew the same would go for her because the tension inside my shorts grew by the second.

My dick wasn’t quite fully hard as I put my hand inside of my boxers, cupped my balls, and pushed my hard dick harder against the cotton fabric. As I pulled my dick to the side, its form and length became clearly outlined through the fabric.

I looked down at the girl, again. As she continued to look at us, I saw her speaking and a smile appeared on her face, quickly followed by an expression of lust as he must’ve hit her, very deep, by surprise. Because her breasts were free, again, she held one in her own hand and kneaded it hard, and pushed it up for us to see. Her other hand disappeared between her legs as soft moans started to fill the alley, again.

I felt Liz’s hand on my buttocks and, after a few seconds there, she tried to pull my boxers down, but the waistband caught on my hard dick so she had to use her other hand, too. I only looked at her because I was too aroused to protest. Then, my dick sprang free from under the waistband as she succeeded to pull my boxers all of the way down to the floor. The evening air and the new-found freedom made it bounce as stuck out in front of my sister’s face.

I wasn’t paying attention to my neighbour being fucked in front of her open window anymore. I only watched Liz as she pulled the straps of her dress from her shoulders and down to her waist. She cupped her bare, small, wonderful breasts that I’d never seen before. I saw her looking at me, that is, I saw her stare at my cock and her attention made it harder.

A loud moan from the other side of the alley, followed by a silence, distracted us toward the window. We saw he’d grabbed both of her arms and had pulled them backward, which pushed her breasts forward as her face betrayed the orgasm that flowed through her body.

Some last thrusts from behind showed us he’d reached his climax as well, as she opened her eyes to us. She faintly smiled at us before she turned around, kneeled before her friend, took him into her mouth, and cleaned all of the wetness from his cock.

Liz smiled as we looked at each other.

“That was sooo hot, Tommy!”

Again, she smiled and looked down.

“By kaçak iddaa the way! Yours is one of the biggest and nicest cocks I’ve ever seen! You’ll make some girl very happy!”

I quickly pulled my boxers up, but of course, it couldn’t hide the whole length of my cock. Liz giggled out loud and I felt quite embarrassed. After a last glance at my neighbour’s empty window, I took several steps backward as I pushed my dick back inside my boxers and let myself fall back onto the couch.

Liz stayed seated as she was, with her dress around her middle, her hands resting on her bare thighs, bare chested, and leaning against the window post. She looked outside into the alley as the sun lit up her silhouette.

Instantly, I was mesmerized by the image of a half-naked girl sitting on my windowsill and her beautiful breasts being touched by the golden light of the setting sun. The contrast of the new shadows gave the image a photo-like quality. I’d seen it on Tumblr, but it was there in my room, right in front of me, and it was my sister who was the object of my admiration.

I looked down and saw the tent in my boxers hadn’t gone down at all. A giggle from Liz told me she’d noticed my concern and I shrugged my shoulders. What could I do about it? She said.

“Funny, isn’t it, T? We barely see each other, we’ve never been close, but suddenly, we’re sitting next to each other…half naked and visibly aroused! I don’t think I’ve seen you naked since we were kids and I’m sure I’ve never seen you excited like that!”

I raised my face to look at the ceiling and answered.

“Ah! You call it funny, but I call it plain embarrassing! How could you do that? Why did I follow your stupid idea?”

“Oh, come on! Don’t exaggerate! It’s not embarrassing! It’s funny and it’s cool. It’s hot! Besides, you always give in if I want something!”

She smiled her most loving smile, which reminded me of a weak spot somewhere.

“The sun feels so lovely on my skin! The weather is perfect! It’s not cold, it’s doesn’t feel too warm. It’s simply, perfect! Now, where’s my wine?”

She looked around and found her glass on the floor behind her. As she twisted her body to pick it up, her breasts showed full frontal and I admired her small areolas with the still hard and relatively large nipples. Her breasts weren’t big, but very firm and perfectly round on her chest.

As she picked up her glass, she looked at me with a devious smile that I knew well and, most of the time, it didn’t mean good. She knew I’d stayed seated to hide the tent in my boxers as much as possible and teasingly said.

“I see your glass is empty so if you want some, as well, you’ll have to get some for yourself!”

Luckily, the hardness had somewhat dissipated, so there was only a big bulge visible. I could handle that, so I stood and smiled at her while I shook my head.

As I walked toward the corner of the room, where the kitchen was situated behind a large wooden table, I asked.

“Do you want some more, as well?”

She suggested.

“Please! Bring the bottle and leave it here.”

By the time I’d walked back to her with the bottle in my hand, she was looking outside, again, as she said matter of factly.

“He just left.”

I asked.

“How do you know it was him?”

She simply answered.

“I recognised him because he wasn’t wearing any clothes! No, I’m only joking. She was downstairs, as well.”

Suddenly, Liz smiled big and waved to someone in the alley. I could guess who it was, so I thought it stupid to lean out of the window to see her. I heard her voice coming from the alley through my window.


Liz waved, one last time, to the girl outside and joked to me:

“I guess she didn’t spend her time on dining!”

After I’d filled our glasses, I’d made myself comfortable on the couch, again. Liz swung her leg inside and sat with both of her elbows on her knees as her bare breasts hung freely above her bare thighs. She knew exactly what she was doing! I shook my head as I laughed and asked her.

“Liz, what are you up to? Why are you showing off? And to me, of all people?”

“You know, T, on the one hand, it’s a warm, summer night and I’ve had a few drinks. Then, that girl gave us a view of getting fucked that, you know, got to me and to you, if I may refresh your memory, but on the other hand…”

She stopped to think about how to follow up on her story. She pulled the strings of her dress up onto her shoulders, and covered her breasts. She continued.

“Ok, let me ask you something. Do you remember Ed and the time we were at the beach with a large group a couple of years ago?”

I did. I remembered very well! At the time, Ed was her boyfriend for the summer and we’d stayed on the beach until well past sunset. At the end, half of the group was kissing, making out, and feeling each other up…including Liz and Ed, but I wasn’t.

I’d watched Liz, surprised by how my sister had transformed into a girl who was making out, who liked touching that kaçak bahis guy, and who liked having her body touched everywhere.

But the thing I remembered most, during the days, months, and two years after the occasion, was the way she’d continued to look at me. It wasn’t a shameful or awkward look. In my head, it’d been a look of defiance or showing off for me. It was something I’d never quite understood. I answered.

“Yes, I do. What about it?”

“Do you remember, late in the evening, when Eddy and I were kissing?”

“Yes, I do, remember that part as well.”

She went on.

“I remember you watching us, too. Did you think about it afterward?”

“Yes, I did! And let me ask you: did you mind that I was there and watching all of you? I ask it because I also remember you looking at me, from time to time, and I didn’t think you wanted me to leave the two of you alone!”

She started, but then hesitated.

“I don’t know. No, I do know! I did not want you to leave!”

“I remember I thought you were showing off. Were you?” I asked.

Looking down at her feet, she answered: “I might’ve been. I guess I wanted to show you I wasn’t a kid anymore and I was doing the things older people did.”

I tried to let her know I wasn’t criticising her as I smiled at her before saying.

“Like now? Are you showing off to show me you’re big enough to show me your tits?”

She joked back.

“That’s too easy, Tommy. Much too easy. You have to come up with a better analysis!”

“Ok. I’ll try. How about this. Most of the time, the best explanation is the simplest one and, that is, you simply like to show off. Such as you did at the beach and as you did only minutes ago. What you did, at the window, to the girl in the alley an me. How about that?”

She answered: “Mmm, maybe. I haven’t thought about it like that, but I think it’s oversimplifying it.”

I saw a small change in her face. Similar to a child as he or she gets caught and he or she tries (hard) to keep a straight face. I tried to get her to say something about it when I asked.

“Ok, so what’s your explanation?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I’ve never been good at self-criticising or self-analysis. You know that! So, I’ll sleep on it. Speaking of sleeping! Is it okay if I crash on your couch, tonight? This wine of you has suddenly gotten to my head and now, all I want to do is sleep. Is that ok? But feel free to kick me out of the door if it’s not convenient or you have other plans.”

I looked outside and noticed the sun had set and the sky had turned darker. Night would be there in a short time and I hadn’t planned to go out.

“No, it’s okay! I don’t have any plans for tonight or tomorrow. So, feel free to stay, but if you don’t mind, I’m not going to sleep for a while.”

As she’d said earlier, she always got her way with me.


I only got her a sheet because Liz said it was too warm to sleep beneath a blanket. Liz went to the bathroom, which was the only separate space in my L-shaped studio. When she came back, she’d loosened her hair and had left her dress in the bathroom.

Long strands of hair grazed the top of her breasts and I marvelled, once again, at the site of the beautiful, half naked girl in my apartment. She wore a panty that was no more than a very small, black triangle on the front and strings to hold it up. She might as well have been naked.

Her smooth, long legs flowed into her round hips and, again, I became aware I’d never looked at my sister that way before. Not because she was almost naked, but I looked at her with an admiration of her beautiful body.

She acknowledged my stare with a sleepy, shy smile I hadn’t seen before. Then, she turned and came up to me so close, I felt the tips of her nipples touching me as her hands touched mine. She gave me a kiss on my cheek and said.

“Thanks for letting me stay. Sweet dreams!”

Her long hair covered her shoulders as I watched her walk over to the couch. The strings of her panty covered nothing of her full, round buttocks. After she crept underneath the sheet, I went to look for my laptop and, after I found it, sat down on top of my bed. I saw Liz from where I sat and it looked as if she’d already fallen asleep.

After watching Netflix for an hour, I decided to go to sleep as well, and went to the bathroom. As I looked into the mirror, I wondered what to do. I usually slept naked, especially during the summer. What could I do with Liz there? On the other hand, she hadn’t bothered to ask for a T-shirt and it was clear she was okay with her nudity.

So, I removed my clothes and put them away. As I walked toward my bed, I suddenly realised how naked I was when I looked at Liz lying on the couch with the sheets already a mess around her legs. I turned the lights out and crept into bed myself.

* * *

When I woke up the following morning, the apartment was already flooded with light. I’d forgotten to close the curtains so the windows let all of the morning light into the apartment. Suddenly, I became aware I wasn’t alone in my bed! I turned over and found Liz lying on her back with the sheets pulled up to her chin. Her peaceful, sleeping face, with strands of hair all around it, was turned toward me.

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