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Summer Storm Sex

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The weather has been stormy for fours days straight. So much thunder and lightening but they are warm Summer storms.

You call and ask if you can stop by and want to BBQ. I always say yes and ask if I get to kiss your kitten for my dessert? You with a giggle say “yes…ohh hell yes…”

Only minutes pass before you knock at my door. I open the door and ask “why didn’t you use your key?” You answer back with “afraid I’d catch you naked and I’d have to push you to the sofa and ride up and down on you.”

I just smile and tell you to “get your sexy self inside.”

You walk into my arms and our lips touch. You bury your head into my chest and I hold you tight. You look up at me with your big bright eyes and we kiss again. You are such a horny girl and pull at my zipper and fondle my crotch. Our lips part and you giggle and say “sorry but I just love what you have in your pants.” I smile and tell you “I love what you have under your skirt too.”

You wiggle from my arms and bounce to the bathroom. I go to the kitchen and mix you a drink. As you enter the kitchen, I notice that you’ve taken your bra off. I ask “did you take your bra off for a reason?” As you pick up for drink you with a devilish smile say “umm so you can see my hard nipples silly.” You gulp your drink and hand me the empty glass and ask for another one but stronger.

You take a sip, put the glass down and walk into me and bury your face in my chest. I wrap my arms around you and hold you tight. You look up at me and I lower my mouth and we have a nice long kiss. You back away but just a half step and I reach out and begin to fondle your boobs and softly tub at your nipples. You nipples grow hard and poke from your white t-shirt. You look down and say “look happy boobs!!!” You grab your drink and announce “I want to eat and then get eaten.”

As you go out the back door, you notice I now have a higher fence. I tell you I have a friend and he got me some wood cheap and with a high fence more sexy things can happen. You ask “this means I can tan bottomless…yes?” I smile and tell you “bottomless, topless or nude…No one will ever escort bostancı see.” You just smile at that thought.

I start the BBQ and as it heats, you push me to a chair and climb into my lap. You start kissing me and as you do my hand slides under your shirt. I cup your firm breast and touch tongues with you. As our lips part, you pull up for shirt and push my hand away and raise your one breast to my mouth. I softly suck your already hard nipple. You let out a tiny moan and push your breast even harder to my mouth.

You hold my head to your chest and let me suckle. I lift my mouth from your nipple and you lay back in my arms. I lower my mouth and begin to place soft kisses all over your chest and tummy. The warm sun feel nice on your skin. You just lay there letting the sun warm you and letting my kisses make you so wet.

I so love kissing and sucking your breasts but, I need to get the BBQ going. You agree and again tell me “I want to eat and then get eaten.” I stick out my tongue and tell you “cum in my mouth baby…” You just smile and tell me to cook for you.

You walk around my fenced yard looking at things. As you bend down and bend over, your little skirt raises and I see that you also took your panties off. You finally come near me and sit down with your legs open. You see me looking at your exposed pussy and tell me “she is all yours after we eat.” You are so horny and invite me to take a little taste.

As I step toward you, you pull up your shirt and tug at your nipples as I lower my mouth to your wet little pussy. I first kiss your pussy a few times before I let my tongue play. You moan and grow so wet. You do taste so good. Within minutes you reach a very juicy orgasm and I get every sweet drop. I rub your clit and milk your sweet juices onto my hungry tongue.

As I lift my mouth you beg me to fuck you. You finger your wet hole and beg me to get inside you…to fuck you hard and fast. I walk off from you and you keep fingering yourself until you cum again. Breathing heavy you pull your shirt down and close your legs.

You stand on weak legs and wobble ümraniye escort over to me. You fall into my arms and hold me tight. I kiss the top of your head and cup your bare bottom. You just hold me tight until you legs can hold you up. I pick you up and carry you to the picnic table. You sit with legs open caressing your pussy, while I fix you a place.

You climb off the table, as I sit your plate down. You look up at me with lust written all over your face and tell me “okay I’ll eat but when I’m done I wanna be eaten.”

The whole time you eat your burger, you glare at me. The look in your eyes tells me just how much you want me inside you, how much you need to be licked again and just how much you want and need to come again and again.”

You finish your food fast and climb onto the table and sit before me with legs open. Your pussy looks so inviting and so pretty. I put my burger down and lower my mouth to your horny wettness. I waste no time with kissing your pink hole and know I’ll kiss your pussy much later. I dive, dig and plunge my tongue into your pussy.

I pull your pussy onto my tongue. You pull me to your hungry wettness. You hang your legs over my shoulders and pull me in harder between your legs. I bury my tongue between your juicy pink lips. You moan so loud as my hungry horny tongue wiggles its way deeper inside you.

You moan that you are gonna cum and as I taste that first wet splash of your sweetness, I suck on your lips. I drink in every drop of your sweet juices. You lay back with legs spread so wide and beg me to fuck you…to get inside you.

Just as those wonderful words leave your lips, it starts to rain. Big warm rain drops. You lay back and caress your pussy as the warm drops fall on you. You pull your now heavy wet shirt off and sit at the edge of the table with legs open.

I walk over to you and begin to kiss you. As I do you reach down and begin to guide my so hard dick inside you. You rub the fat head at your willing wet pussy and I begin to push it in deeper and deeper until I’m all the way inside you. You love that feeling of a full pussy.

Our kartal escort bayan lips part and you smile at me as we begin to fuck. The warm Summer rain pours down on us. You close your eyes for a few seconds and just enjoy that feeling of me inside you. You open your eyes and look down. You tell me “I wanna watch your dick going in and out of my pussy.” You let out a long purr as you enjoy that sexy view.

You push into me, bite my shoulder as you begin to build to a gushing orgasm. The rain grows even more intense but we keep going. You dig your nails into my back as your pussy begins to throb. You bite me harder.

You lift your mough from my shoulder and lay back and let the rain wash the blood from your lips before you kiss me. You kiss me with such hunger. All I can do is keep thrusting inside your tight little pussy while you kiss me with such passion.

You pull your lips from mine, bite my other shoulder and dig your nails into my back again as you start to orgasm again. I fill my hands with your breasts and pull at your already hard nipples. You lay back, still with your nails dug into my back and again let the rain drops wash the blood from your lips.

I let one of your nipples free and reach down and rub your clit as I try to bury my dick even deeper inside you. You moan “No, I’m gonna squirt.” You arch your back as your pussy throbs and gushes a big splash of your sweet juices.

Knowing that I just made you squirt turns me on so much more. I tell you I’m gonna cum any second. As I begin to cum I pull out and squirt all over your pussy. I step back and your pussy looks so beautiful with my cum splashed onto it. But within second the rain washes your so happy pussy clean.

You sit up and I pick your weak body carry you to a nearby chair. I sit and pull you onto my lap. We begin to kiss as the rain still soaks us. I reach down and begin to finger you. You moan “no…no I’ll faint if you make me cum again.” But I don’t stop and finger you and you cum within minutes and do faint. You body goes limp as you cum. I hold you and kiss the top of your head as the rain.

You lay limp for almost 5 minutes. You wake in my arms and just hold onto me tight.

You are breathing hard and I just hold you tight. The rain lets up to a mist and you look up at me and say “finger me, lick me, fuck me again but make me cum and faint again…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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