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Sun, Sea, and…Sally

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I adjusted my sunglasses, the hot Florida sun beating down on me as I lay on a poolside lounger. I idly read a tatty paperback, feeling a bead of sweat run down chest.

“Would you look at that.” said my friend James, sitting beside me. I followed the direction of his gaze as a woman walked past. Tanned legs swished below a small, white denim skirt, which settled on curved hips, the turquoise straps of her bikini crossing her smooth, tanned back. Wavy, auburn hair brushed her shoulders, hanging from beneath a white cowboy hat.

“Some serious MILF, man.” James said, never one for subtlety. The woman stopped, half turning back to us, her lips pursed disapprovingly from below dark sunglasses. I could see that she was a more mature woman, perhaps in her forties, but that James was right. She was a stunning woman. Her stomach curved slightly, but by no means made her unattractive. Turned as she was, I could see that the turquoise bikini top held round, above average sized breasts. My eyes jumped back to my book as she looked as us, then turned back. James sat completely unfazed.

“See, MILF.” he smiled smugly.

I reached down beside my lounger, picking up a bottle of sun lotion. Squeezing it, only a few drips came out.

“I’m going up to my room to get some more lotion, you need anything?” I asked.

“Just some hot beach girls, oiled up and horny.” he replied. I laughed and walked across the deck into the hotel. The cold air of the air conditioning hit me, leeching the heat of the afternoon sun. stepping over to the bank of lifts, I press the call button. Doors opened immediately, and I stepped in. Pressing the button for my floor, thirty, the doors started to close, until a tanned arm and hand with long, French manicured nails slipped between them. The doors reopened revealing, to my horror, the woman James had called MILF. With her sunglasses off, I could see her eyes were a dark grey, and that as she recognized me, her expression hardened a little. She pressed the button for the twenty eigth floor, the doors closing with a dull thud.

The elevator seemed interminably slow. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the woman turn towards me.

“So your friend thinks I’m a MILF, huh?” she asked, calmly, watching me with her stormy grey eyes.

“Um, I’m sorry ma’am” I stuttered “his mouth gets in motion before his brains in gear.” her head tilted slightly, her hat shifted back on her head, a loose bang of deep red-brown hair hanging down one side of her face.

“You didn’t agree with him then.” of course, I didn’t see the trap until it was too late.

“No ma’am of course not” I said, in my most respectful tone. We passed the seventeenth floor.

“So you don’t find me attractive then? I’ve worked hard to look good, and you’re saying I’ve failed?” she scowled.

“That’s not what I meant.” I rapidly backtracked “I meant-” I stopped midsentence as I saw her glossed lips tilt in a small smile, her grey eyes twinkling slightly.

“I’m teasing you” she smiled more widely now “I actually find it flattering when attractive young men comment on my body” I relaxed slightly as I saw the tension she had put in her body disappear. She stepped closer.

“It more than flatters me.” she whispered, her smile now sultry, escort bostancı her breasts just brushing my chest. The lift chimed, announcing our arrival at the twenty eighth floor. The doors slid open, and she walked out. I watched the sway of her hips, and the way her thigh muscles tautened under her smooth tanned skin as she turned back.

“Well? Are you coming or not?” without thinking I stepped out of the lift into the corridor. I realised I was away from the lift, and moving towards her room. She stopped at a door, unlocking it with the key card. We were in the small living room of a one bedroom suite, the French doors in the bedroom opening out onto a balcony over the Gulf of Mexico.

“Whats your name?” I asked.

“Im Sally, honey.” she said, stepping in kissing me. Her tongue pushed into my mouth, hungrily, her arms around me. I wrapped my own arms around her, pulling her to me, crushing her breasts against my chest. My tongue swirled around hers, flicking against her lips. She backed away, smiling, beckoning me into the bedroom. She climbed onto the king sized bed, sitting with her back against the headboard, long tanned legs stretched out in front of her. I went to follow her, but she held up her hand and directed me to stand at the end of the bed.

” Let me see what you’ve got.” she said, smiling slightly, her voice getting more seductive. I lifted off my tshirt, baring my torso, toned, but not chiselled. I looked into her grey eyes as I loosened my swimming shorts and dropped them to the cool marble floor. My cock is average length, slightly thicker than most, and at that time, steadily rising past parallel to the floor, to a full, swollen erection, the tip pushing out from the foreskin.

“Mmmm pull that back, let me see it all.” Sally told me. I pulled the skin back smoothly, baring the swollen, red-purple head. She smiled, her legs opening slightly, letting me see further up her skirt, but not quite far enough.

“Do you know what would make me really horny, honey?” she purred. ” If you stroked that for me.” she pointed at the stiff cock in my hand. I grinned at her, slowly running my fist up and down my length, feeling how hot and hard it felt, wanting to feel her manicured fingers around it.

“Faster honey.” her soft accent sounded so seductive as she shifted her small skirt up her thighs, revealing her turquoise bikini bottoms, molded to her pussy. One long ring finger rubbed along her crotch as she smiled wickedly. I stroked faster, feeling my cock head swell under my fingers. Pulling her skirt to her waist, she slipped off her bikini bottoms, lifting her legs to get them out from under her toned ass, giving me the tantalising site of full pussy lips peeking between her thighs. As her legs came down they opened wide, giving me my first full sight of her pussy. A narrow auburn strip topped her slit, the rest waxed bare.

” I like to keep a little hair” Sally explained, fingertips brushing it ” makes me feel like a real woman.” one finger pressed just between her lips. I struggled, trying to keep control.

“Let it go honey” she purred “cum for me.” An index finger pushed deeper into her delicious pussy. I groaned loudly, jerking back hard on my cock as I came. My cum spurted, ümraniye escort spattering on the marble floor.

“Ohhh yes.” Sally moaned, another finger slipping into her pussy.

I climbed onto the bed and started to kiss and lick her toes. She moaned again, our eyes locked together as my mouth moved up her spread, tanned legs. Her skin felt smooth on my lips as I kissed over her inner thighs, finally settling to lick her fingers as they pulled out of her pussy. I got my first taste of her, the sweet tangy-ness buzzing on my taste buds, the aroma filling my nostrils. My tongue stretched out, tracing along the puffy outer lips, eliciting a sharp intake of breath from Sally. Her wet fingers ran through my hair, pulling me deeper between her legs. Gripping her hips, I pulled her further down the bed until she lay completely flat. I looked from her pussy as she pulled the front of her bikini top up, baring her breasts, the fleshy mounds settling slightly onto her chest. I reached up, massaging and stroking each full breast, each long hard nipple. Sally moaned and panted until my hands moved back to her thighs. I could feel my cock stiffening under me as I lifted her legs, pushing them until they nearly touched her stomach, then parted them slightly. My tongue flickered over her clit before sliding down to press between her lips, teasing between them, entering her. Her taste overwhelmed me, and I sucked and licked her juicy opening before moving back to circle her clit with the flat of my tongue.

I ran my finger along the length of her pussy, her juices lubricating it before I eased it deep into her pussy, hooking up to gently rub inside her.

“Mmmmm that’s good honey.” she exclaimed, my tongue and finger stimulating her inside and out. My tongue pushed harder as I rotated my finger, allowing my thumb to run around Sally’s ass. She moaned loudly, her hips twisting under my head. I licked and stroked faster and deeper, feeling the first twitches of her orgasm building. My thumb pressed just into her ass as my teeth nipped her hard clit. Sally cried out loudly, her hips lifting her ass off the bed, her clenching pussy holding my finger tight as I felt her wetness seep around it and down over my thumb. Her breasts bounced as, chest heaving, she settled back onto the bed, smiling broadly, eyes closed.

“That’s the best my pussy’s been licked for awhile honey.” she said, languidly spreading her legs wider. “Now lets see how well you fuck.” I smiled, kissing up over her firm, slightly rounded stomach. My tongue teased along the underside of her breasts, then licking up to each stiff nipple. Taking each in turn firmly between my lips, I sucked on them, my tongue flicking and stroking them. Sally murmured, her nails gently drawing down my back. I kissed between her deep cleavage, up to the hollow of her throat. She turned her head, a groan passing her red lips as I kissed and licked her smooth neck, following the hairline up to the sensitive spot behind her ear. My hands rhythmically squeezed her breasts, feeling the stiff nipples against my palms, or between my fingers.

” Just fuck me, you tease!” she moaned, smiling, grey eyes sparkling.

I shifted my hips, my hard cock settling along the length of her pussy. kartal escort bayan I thrust lightly, rubbing my shaft between her lips, the swollen head brushing her clit. Her hips circled in response. Kneeling up between her legs, I hooked them around my waist, tilting her hips back. My fingers stroked her wet pussy, then taking hold of my shaft, I rubbed my cock head between her pussy lips, coating it in her juices. Leaning forward, I slipped steadily into her, her lips eagerly parting to take me in, her juices lubricating my shaft as the foreskin pulled back from the head. She pulled her nipples as she groaned, my cock completely inside her. With a sudden change of pace, I began pumping my hips back and forth, plowing my cock in and out, hips bumping her inner thighs. Her breasts jiggled as she gasped in surprise. My thumb rubbed circles around her clit as I lifted one of her legs, placing her foot flat on my chest. My cock slid deeper as her pussy opened wider. Her moans grew louder until I slowed my pace. Keeping inside her, I rolled her onto her side, straddling one of her tanned thighs, her other leg hooking around my waist. One of my hands reached down to fondle her breasts, the other kneading the firm flesh of her round ass as I picked up speed, sending the swollen head of cock deep into her, my balls brushing her thigh as they swung.

“Oh, fuck.” she moaned throatily as I pinched one rock hard nipple, her hips pushing down to force me deeper. My hands caressed every inch of her body, breasts and stomach, back and ass, thighs and pussy. I felt my shaft brushing my fingers as I teased her pussy lips. Sally responded with a wordless growl, her auburn hair spread on the pillow like a firey halo.

I pulled my stiff cock from her, accompanied by a short groan of disappointment. I rolled her onto her front, kissing her back, licking her spine from the top of her ass to the nape of her neck. Leaning over her, resting my weight on hands and knees, I steered my cock back into her pussy. She felt tighter around me from this angle, even more so when her legs closed together. I could tell from the guttural groans Sally was making that she approved of this position. Her ass felt soft and smooth under my hips as I fucked her hard, her pelvis tilting back to let me in deeper. I kissed her neck, pumping faster.

“Mmmm baby, fill me up with that cock of yours.” she demanded, her pussy twitching, near to orgasm. Lifting my body off my knees, I leant my weight down, pressing my cock hard into her. Sally’s orgasm exploded, her back arching, expelling a deep, long groan. Her pussy clamped on me, the muscles fluttering, juices streaming around my cock. Her legs kicked, her calves drumming against my ass. I felt her ass tense under me, thighs shaking. My hands slipped under her raised chest, pulling her hard nipples, drawing another moan from her. I felt my balls lift, and buried my cock back inside Sally as my own orgasm came, like a wave of fire blasting along my shaft, my cum spilling into her already soaked pussy. Sally murmured appreciatively as she felt my cum splash inside her, her hips wriggling against me, her still spasming pussy milking me dry.

We lay together like that, me on top of her, kissing her neck softly, until my cock softened. Pulling out of her, I lay beside her as she rolled to face me. We kissed again, our passion undimmed by our powerful orgasms. Her gently stroked her full breasts, her hands squeezing my ass.

“So” Sally said, kissing my neck “what are you doing tomorrow?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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