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Supper. The food was bad. We chatted as we awaited the other couple’s arrival.

To omit the boring stuff, the four of us were eventually holed up in a lil cozy hotel room. I lounged on the bed, against the headboard. Susan (not her real name, duh) chose to take one of the rattan armchairs and her partner Simon took the other one, leaving my lover the last spot at the foot of the bed. We chatted about tattoos and such as she wasn’t quite ready for the game.

I was getting quite peeved by that time since otherwise, I would have had my lover all to myself and would most probably be gasping my orgasms instead of lounging on the bed, still dressed.

As the game involved stripping, it was only fair that everyone started with the same number of clothing… I had gone without panties (being very obedient to the commands of my lover) so Susan had to decide which excessive piece of her clothing to remove before we proceeded. She chose to lose her bra.

Eventually we DID start the game. Basically everyone has 5 dice and the winners / losers are determined by poker hands. Since my grasp of poker hands suck… I just let them tell me who won and lost :p I wasn’t worried about being cheated… I trust my lover implicitly and know that he will take care of me… just as Susan trusted her lover to watch out for her.

I lost my top right off the bat. I realised then why my lover asked me to wear this particular bra… canlı bahis he keeps saying he’s gonna take pics of me in it, but as this request has made like three times already, I’m not holding my breath…

I forget the order of clothing lost but I think Simon got naked first. Susan managed to lose only her bra though her translucent top didn’t hide much.

Things started slowly and I wasn’t sure how to deal with situations… if I had realised that anatomy fondling meant I could just reach down into his pants, perhaps things would have moved along much faster!

The way the dice rolled, my lover and I were kissing and fondling one another to the rapt audience of Susan and Simon. Ok, I’ll admit I didn’t really care if they were watching or if we were in the middle of a football field at halftime. Damn it I was so horny and we weren’t getting anywhere!!!

Finally, things got moving when my lover had a chance to make out with Susan. He frenched her… I wondered how she was feeling… I mean, he’s a damn good kisser! She closed her eyes, squeezed his forearms and kissed him back, so I reckon she enjoyed it! The question is… did she want more?

Soon after, they were paired up again and he fondled her generous bosom through her clothes, reached down between her legs… and going by the coy way she held her legs together but eventually spread them wide… yea, she wanted more.

It was odd watching… bahis siteleri whether Simon with Susan or my lover with Susan. Kinda like some real life porn movie… very surreal. Later on my lover asked me if I was jealous. And I told him, yea there was a little tinge… I wasn’t used to sharing attention!

Susan was initially restrained, but definitely raring to go. Most certainly she was enjoying herself and looked disappointed when time was up. Simon looked on… I couldn’t quite discern his thoughts and feelings.

When it was Simon’s turn to make out with me… I have to say that well, I guess he knew what he was doing. Yet I couldn’t let myself go as I would with my lover… perhaps because well, this is, after all, a strange man I met barely a few hours ago? I’ll also have to say that he reminded me of my ex and that was a HUGE turn off.

As all of us were dreadfully homophobic, there were many instances of volunteering to drink another person’s forfeit just to avoid close contact of the same gender.

The next turning point was when I was paired up with my lover again. He was down to his thongs and I had just my skirt on. He was to straddle my head. I learnt from the previous turns and moved his thong aside. Apparently once I was seriously giving him head (and don’t do this at home: it’s a really bad angle for the neck) Susan started on Simon, too.

The purpose was a swing, so my lover went over bahis şirketleri and asked me to “engage” Simon while he took over Susan. I hesitated. I didn’t like this guy. Susan was very enthusiastically sucking him off. But hey, we were there. My lack of action didn’t mean my lover wasn’t busy. He had already gotten a condom on himself and busy with Susan.

That was the moment of envy. Susan was kneeling down sucking on Simon’s cock. My lover started to fuck her and she was having a blast with two cocks. I wanna be in her shoes!!!

My lover managed to move Susan to the bed. I bent over Simon, rolled on a strawberry flavoured condom over him and started to blow him. I wasn’t that keen on doing so… after all, his lover had been doing so rather enthusiastically and I wanted to be fucked! I rode him for a while but the chair wasn’t shaped for it. So we moved and Simon was fucking me doggie at the chair. I was so yearning for a hard cock in my mouth as well but my lover decided to play hard-to-get. Grrrrr.

Simon moved me to the bed… my lover and Susan had vacated it at his request and he took me missionary. He came. I didn’t. That was that.

So the activities petered out as Simon went to shower and then Susan. They left about 4am and we fell asleep.

The downside of the whole experience was that I didn’t get my lover all to myself. He did make up for it plenty the next morning though.

Would I do this again? The thrill of being fucked by a stranger is the ultimate of separating love and lust. I would not have done it if my lover wasn’t there. I learnt that as wild as I believe I can be, I am still at heart a one-man woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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