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Big Dick

If you are under 18 please leave now.

The following story contains male/male sex,

if you are likely to be

offended please exit now.

This story is a true story but has

fictional names and events in it.

If you are not over the age of 18

or are opposed to this type of

material please Do Not Read It.

Taylor”s Tail

By Taylor M.

My name is Taylor and I”m an 18 year old always horny high school student. Before I tell you my story here”s a little about my self. I normally have blonde hair but, I have colored it black to go with my EMO boy personality and my blue eyes. Which are complimented by a seven and 1/2 inch uncut penis, I weigh in at skinny 135, but that is all lean muscle. I don”t work out it just comes naturally for me. I always go out for as many sports as my school will allow. I”m currently on the football team, first string, wide receiver. During the summer I play third base on the baseball team. I have a very busy life as you can see with all the practices I attend, the games and so on.

Any way to get back to the point, it was at my first football practice of the new season that led to the discovery of my now favorite sexual activity; getting my butt stuffed. You see as my mom dropped me off I noticed this boy (dressed in his football uniform) walking out of the locker room, he saw me so he started in my direction. He looked to be around my age but I”m not very good at guessing peoples ages, I wasn”t sure.

As we approached each other we made instantaneous eye contact. He had the greenest eyes I have ever seen, they were like opals or some really valuable stone. He lifted his chin at me and brought his hand up for me to shake while at the same time he said “hey dude what”s goin on, what”s your name?” I responded with a huge smile “Taylor, what”s yours?” “Justin” he said.

His grip was really firm and the really weird thing was, we both could not stop starring in to each other”s eyes. It then suddenly occurred to me how cute this guy was. I caught my self-thinking, man this guy is a fucking hottie!

Justin had black hair but I think he colored it too (you know that whole EMO thing again.) The skin on his face and arms was highlighted with a faint shade of an old tan that gave off a radiant glow. His arms were huge,(man size for sure) he had the biggest set of biceps I had ever seen on a boy. I was so busy checking him out that I had failed to notice that he was wearing may teams uniform, 12.

As I walked into the bathroom to change into my uniform. I was surprised that he followed me in and just stood there, expecting me to change in front of him. I walked over to the shower area and pulled my t-shirt off behind the half wall that divided the showers from the rest of the locker area. I reached for my jersey and pulled it down over my head. That”s when I noticed he was standing right there in front of me. I asked him “so dude were on the same team?”

“Yah.” He said I”m the new third string fullback.” “Awesome” I said to him. (I thought to my self I”m going to give this guy a little show.) I turned around, unzipped my tight stretch hard core girl pants and pulled them down my legs along with the tight Low Rise Joe Boxer Briefs I was wearing. At that instant I could of sworn I heard him say “nice” very slowly but he said it in a quiet sort of voice, almost a whisper like he wasn”t sure what my reaction would be. I bent over to untie my sneakers and Justin blurted out;

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“Wow that”s a hot ass you”ve got there Taylor.”

“Oh you like my ass ha, want to see my cock?” I said. Looking him straight in the eyes through my legs.

“Sure” said Justin.

I stood up and turned around to bare it all. Justin walked up closer to me and got down on his knees.

“Fuck yah, dude you have skin, I”ve never seen an uncut cock before.” I was not yet hard so my skin was still covering all of my dick head but that was quickly changing as Justin reached out with his right hand and took the overhanging nipple like tip of my foreskin and began to roll and pull it with his thumb and fore finger.

“Fuck yes that feels good, don”t stop.” I told him.

Justin then let go of my dick looked up at me and asked “Taylor, would you let me fuck you in the butt?” it”s been along time since I had any puss, I really want to fuck!”

I said “fuck yah dude, my ass is all yours!!!”

“But first, I want to see your dick!”

“Sure dude.” he said as he stood up and untied the string on the front of his football tights and slid them down to reveal the cup he was wearing. Then he placed his thumbs in the waistband and pulled it down to his thighs releasing a seven-inch cut monster, which snapped up to full erect attention.

This was my first look at a circumcised penis. The head was not smooth and shiny like mine is, instead Justin”s cock head was all wrinkled and dry, (just as if it were chapped) plus he had this scar about a quarter of the way down where the skin changed color.

It was disturbing. I was shocked by how much dick he was missing. Gone were all those nerves, plus the band of skin on the underside of his head, the part right under the slit. This and the tip of my foreskin are the most sensitive parts on my penis.

I kind of felt sorry for him. After all he would not be able to feel sex the way it was supposed to feel. I am so glad that I am not circumcised. In my opinion no one has the right to do this to another person, it”s just plain fucking wrong and it should be illegal. I mean, I thought men and women had equal wrights, it”s crazy that men and boys are denied the most basic of all human rights, the automatic right to live life with all there God given body parts. What”s up with this fucked up country! If you became a father, please don”t cut your son.

Anyway enough bitching, I brought my left hand up to wrap my fist around the base of Justin”s cock trying to stroke it like I do mine. But he stopped me because he said it hurt. The skin on Justin”s cock shaft was really tight it barely had any movement, unlike my cock. I also stopped because I wasn”t sure what to do in order to make him feel good.

Now don”t get me wrong, I was still extremely turned on. Even if, Justin did have only half a dick. I still wanted him to fuck me! But, it”s just that it would have to wait until later. We had our first football practice to get through.

The following Friday at school I ran in to Justin just as I was leaving school on my bike headed for home. He pulled right out in front of me. I practically knocked him off his bike. Justin asked me if I was an Indian giver or something to that effect.

I said ” dude, what the fuck are you talking about?”

He said “come on fuck wad don”t play games with me. Yesterday, you said you tarsus escort would let me fuck your butt!” “You aren”t going back on your word, are you?”

“No”! I said.

“Look, here”s the deal, my mom said it would be okay if you spent the weekend at my house.”

That”s when I told him that my parents would be gone for the weekend.

“Sweet dude.” Justin continued: “You had this all worked out, didn”t you. You sick freak you!” we both started laughing and I said “Yep, guilty as charged.”

“So, you are coming home with me, right now. When we get to my house we”ll soak in the pool and then have an awesome dinner. I”m a great cook, you”ll love it.”

“Wow” Justin said. “You can cook?”

“Fuck yah dude, my mom taught me a thing or two in the kitchen.”

“Then what” Justin chirped.

“Well, I have some pornos, maybe we can watch those if you want. There”s this one flick I have, were this white guy is fucking a black guy up the ass, and man does he really give it to him hard. It”s totally fucking awesome. The best thing about it is that the black guy is totally in to it and egging the white guy on to fuck him even harder. You have to see it to believe it.”

“Wow sounds fucking awesome dude.”

“I can”t wait, I”m so fucking horny my dick hurts.”

I look over at him and I can see the outline of his raging hard on through the tight pants he”s wearing. I say to him “dude don”t cum with out me, save some boy spunk for me.” This makes Justin laugh “don”t worry Tay, I have plenty of dick juice to shoot up your ass pussy.” Fuck, I thought to my self, he just called my asshole a pussy, now I”m really turned on.

We pulled our bikes in to my garage and headed straight for the pool. I pulled my shirt up over my head tossed it to the ground, ripped my pants off and dove head first into the pool, wearing only my very tight Joe Boxer Briefs. I didn”t realize that Justin was right behind me. I had splashed water all over him when I hit the water, because he was standing right on the edge.

When I came back up to the surface there he was, looking all pissed off. He had removed all his clothes and was swearing at me.

“You stupid bitch, you got my clothes soaking wet, shit!”

You should have seen him. He looked so cute with his cut boner stick out from between his legs, yelling at me. It was so hot!

I told him to calm down saying “It”s just water, now shut the fuck up, or I”ll stick your dick where the sun don”t shine!

He started laughing at me “Oh really, I don”t think you can handle my big dick, you don”t want me to fuck you up the ass!”

I got out of the pool, walked right up to him, turned my back to him pulled my wet underwear down and bent over in front of him. I then used my hands to pull my ass cheeks apart saying ” Yes I do, I can take anything you can dish out stud, now fuck me!” I turned my head around to look him in the face to see what his reaction was.

His face lit up and he let out a “Oh, fuck Taylor! I”m so fucking horny! I”m goin to give it to you so fucking hard that you”ll beg me to stop!”

My only response was a loud “Fuck Ya, shut up and give it to me all ready!”

I felt Justin place his left hand on my hip as he took a step closer to me. He used his right hand to grip his extremely hard cock whipping the head up and down the crack of my ass, anamur escort while I held my butt cheeks apart.

“Fuck yes dude” I said “that feels good!”

“Just wait, it wont feel very good once I rip your asshole open with my big dick!” Justin blurted.

With that he placed the head of his cock up against my hole and with a series of hard thrusts he began to pack my ass full of hot cut cock! One push later and he had all of it stuck up my butt. I felt his thighs rest against my butt cheeks for about a second until suddenly with a single rapid motion he pulled his dick all the way out of my butt and then shoved it back in, all the way.

Justin asked me how that felt. I told him it felt good. I was lying to him. It felt more than good, it was fucking awesome. I was definitely ready for more.

I had always fantasied about getting it up the butt. I really don”t know why. It was all ways a constant want for me. Almost as if my life wouldn”t be complete without the experience.

So as Justin began really racking my ass harder and harder, I found my self in a sort of butt fucked haze. I was in heaven as his prick hammered my asshole and prostate. I felt my legs becoming weak and suddenly became aware that my limp dick was being beaten back and forth in between my legs and my stomach in time to Justin”s very hard pounding.

Suddenly Justin really rammed his cock in and paused for just a few seconds in between thrusts. He then started grunting and groaning. I felt his penis swell and start to shoot jets of hot sperm up my ass. I felt every single squirt of cum that Justin deposited in my butt sperm bank.

Justin finished and quickly pulled out, leaving me with an empty and open asshole.

“Holy shit, I can”t believe I just fucked another guy up the ass.” Said Justin.

I turned around to look him in the face and said.

“HHH yah. Wasn”t it awesome.”

He said “You liked it didn”t you? Taylor?

“Yah, I liked it. It felt good!”

I think the experience caught him off guard because all of a sudden he said.

“Dude, I think I need to go home, I need to think about what just happened.”

“What do you mean?” I said.

“I mean, I just did a guy in the butt and I think I liked it. I just need to think about… What happens if somebody finds out.”

I interrupted him saying. “Dude don”t worry, nobody will find out. I sure as fuck won”t tell any one. I”m the one who is in the difficult position here. I let another guy fuck my butt. What do you think people will say about that, about me! I don”t think I”m gay, but, people would say that about me! It”s just that it feels so good to get my ass nailed. Dude, don”t go home, stay here. Ok!”

Justin decided to stay the whole weekend. We watched TV and I cooked some food for us. We slept in separate rooms, so nothing else happened until the next morning. I think it was about six or so, it was still dark. A knock woke me up. It was Justin with that desperate tone in his voice again.

He walked through the door asking “Taylor are you awake? Hey Taylor?”

“Ya Justin I”m awake. What”s up?

He responded “I think you know what”s up” as he flipped on the light from the switch by the door. Looking down at his erect boner with a “See”, “look at this, I have that problem again.”

I”m sure you can guess what Justin and I did for the rest of the weekend. In fact we agreed that when ever Justin would get horny and there wasn”t a girl around he could call me up and I would let him do me in the butt!

—That”s My Story, Hope You Liked It!

Taylor M.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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