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Teen Seduction in a Treehouse

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She bit her lip nervously.

“Are you sure we won’t get caught?”

He was far from sure, actually. In fact, the danger of being caught made this endeavor somehow more exciting and pleasurable. But he lied anyways. Looking deep into her sapphire blue eyes, Jack assured Shelby that everything would be alright. She was sitting on his lap, legs encircling him, their lips only inches apart. He could smell the scent of her cherry lipstick- her nervousness of the danger and the way she bit her lip only made it that much more enticing of an idea to taste her lips. They were enjoying a summer night together the summer after graduating high school, enjoying the new freedom of adulthood. They spoke in low whispers, trying to avoid detection. They were in her treehouse, having snuck out in order to consummate their burning passion without their parents finding out. It was a humid, hot night; few clouds masked the beauty of the night sky, just as Jack hoped few clothes would soon mask the beauty of this epitome of beauty before him.

He took her petit hand in both of his and caressed it gently as he spoke.

“My love, you see those stars out the window? They move about the night sky and create these amazing constellations as if it is their fate to do so. I believe that nothing less than fate has brought us together tonight in the same way.”

Shelby smiled at this poetic statement and pushed her blonde hair behind her shoulders. Then she answered.

“Then let our passion burn as hot as the stars, and let them twinkle and dance with rejoicing at our love.”

With that she grabbed his black leather letterman’s jacket and helped him take it off.

Jack cupped her face in his hands, wanting to savor every moment and adore its flavor. He brushed her lips with his thumbs ever so gently and watched her shudder at the sensation. He loved watching her lose control- loved seeing her let go of thinking and fulfill her animalistic desire for pleasure. Tonight he intended to drive her crazy with passion and lead her roughly into the most amazing night of filthy, sweaty, mind-glowingly incredible sex she had ever had. With these thoughts in mind, Jack moved in closer, tilted his head, and brushed his lips against her bottom lip. Not wanting to miss out on the other lip, he quickly engulfed her lips in his and drew the flavor out of them like a vampire drawing blood from bahis firmaları his victim. Just like a vampire, Jack felt that he needed this to survive- and Shelby loved it.

He pulled back suddenly and looked at her face. She slowly drooped open her eyes and shifted uncomfortably- she was becoming aroused and was needing release. She quickly pulled her shirt off and pulled Jack closer to him, wanting to feel his lips on hers again. But he gently held her back, denying her the pleasure she so desperately wanted. She squirmed with desire.

“I need you.” She said, breathing heavily. Her eyes were burning, craving the feeling of his body against hers- dominating her, controlling her.. Shelby became wet with anticipation.

Jack grabbed both her hands and held them above her head, all the while pushing her up against the wooden walls. He kissed her neck, causing her to squeal with unbearable pleasure. She laughed and freed her hands to unclasp her bra. Jack used his thumbs to caress her perky breasts. He looked into her eyes as he let his tongue dance about her left nipple, then the right. He admired the pretty taste of her milky-white skin, and more admired the way her eyes rolled back into her head as she began to lose control. Soon her rational mind would vacate completely, leaving only the animal inside wanting to devour the experience of sex with her mate.

As this fondling went on, he slowly reached down and dipped his hand into her bright green panties. She gasped audibly, and her cheeks became flush with pleasure.

“I feel as though even if every inch of my skin was in contact with yours, I still wouldn’t be close enough to you.” She murmured. Her transformation from intelligent human to an animal of uncontrollable lust was well on its way.

All of her clothes now off, he pushed her roughly into the chair they had previously been grinding on. The smell of sex was beginning to permeate the air, and the danger of being caught from their loud moans of pleasure was becoming high. They didn’t care, though. The only thing that mattered at that moment was the burning desire to get high off their own hormones- to give in to the animal inside and give themselves entirely to each other.

Jack brushed his hands ever so gently on top of her thighs, just barely making any contact at all with her skin. She gasped and her head rolled back, as it was almost kaçak iddaa unbearable. He moved his head in closer.

“I’ve already had the honor of kissing one of your pairs of lips tonight” he murmured in a deep, sexual voice, “now for the other pair.”

She let out an audible scream and buried her mouth in her arm to silence it. The sensation seemed to warm her pussy and spread this incredible feeling like shockwaves throughout her body. She began to caress her breasts with her hands. She involuntarily spread her legs wider, welcoming the advances of his talented tongue. The thought of the cock that would soon be inside her drove her wild with anticipation. These thoughts were silenced by another broad stroke with the tongue directly on her clitoris.

“Oh my fuck!” She exclaimed. Her body reacted to this incredible pleasure and she grabbed his head with both hands, trying to shove him closer and get higher on these sensations.

Noticing the effect he was having on her, Jack kept his tongue on the exact same magic button and moved it expertly as if he was a master painter and his tongue was his brush, painting the most beautiful portrait of pure pleasure that anyone could possibly experience. This was it. She could feel the rising, bubbling-up pleasure inside which demanded to be released. With a final screech she pressed her pussy even closer to his face and felt her vagina contracting with pure pleasure. She thought of nothing, was nothing except for this incredible sensation of pure, unadulterated sin. It was pure bliss.

As she came down from her high, the look in her eye was barely recognizable as human at all. All traces of trepidation and trying to be careful were gone. All that remained was the pure physical necessity of having him inside her, of having him own her, of having him claim her as his own with a marker of white cum.

“I need you inside me, NOW.” She practically screamed.

“But I don’t have a condom!” He protested, licking the pussy juices from his lips.

“Don’t you trust me? I’ll take care of it, I promise.” She replied. She didn’t care what happened, she didn’t care about the risk, she just needed all of him NOW.

He got on top of her and pulled her face close to his.

“Alright baby, I’m trusting you. I’m putting the power to control my future in your hands right now.”

With that he gently placed the head of kaçak bahis his penis against her opening.

But she didn’t want gentleness or carefulness. She didn’t care if it hurt- she just needed him.

She rolled the both over with surprising strength and quickly pushed his dick in her warm pussy with both hands. She spread her legs wider to get more depth and began fiercely pumping up and down.

“Holy shit!” He said, blown away by the ferocity of her pursuit of another orgasm. He loved the way her eyes were glossed over as if high on the sensations of sex he was giving her. Her breasts bounced up and down mesmerizingly in the rhythm of her thrusts.

“Oh my god baby, I’m gonna cum!” He shouted, no longer caring if they got caught. All that mattered was the impending orgasm, and he would do anything, absolutely anything, to get it.

“Holy shit, me too!” She screeched.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” He mumbled as she began to milk every drop of sperm from him. He gave her every morsel willingly, wanting her to have this power over him.

“Baby, I love you! Give me your cum! Give me all of it! Let it swim into my womb and fertilize me for you!” She said. She was exclaiming things not from what she thought she wanted but from deep in her DNA, the part which demanded for her to mate and reproduce. She had no more control over this desire than she had over the sun setting and rising. It was inevitable, unstoppable.

They both gasped for a full minute, trying to regain their breath.

“Fuck, that was amazing. Sorry I said that weird stuff there” She said, face glowing from orgasm and embarrassment.

“Don’t worry, getting off on it doesn’t mean you actually want to have a baby with me, Shelby. Although we might some day,” He said with a mischievous grin, “I’m more concerned that we’ve woken your parents!” He said.

She straddled him and sat on his lap, just like the beginning.

“I don’t care, Jack. I just don’t care if they know about us. There is no past, there is no future, there is only this moment here and now. And this moment is perfect because all I need is you, and that’s exactly what I have. We’ve given ourselves entirely to each other, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Jack thought about her words and smiled.

“You are the most beautiful and amazing girl in the whole world, and I couldn’t be happier than to be here with you right now, having just had dirty, filthy, amazing sex with the girl of my dreams. I’m just sad it’s over.” He lamented.

“Oh?” She leaned in with an evil grin. “But it doesn’t have to be.” And their lovemaking continued.

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