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That Was The Weekend That Was

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Lisa left my house just before 3pm and I put on clothes and headed to Dodger Stadium for a late afternoon Sunday game. I swung by the hotel where Diana was going to spend the next four nights and we kissed hello.

You’re wondering who Diana is.

Hang tight I will introduce her and explain.

When ESPN carries the Sunday night games from LA, they start at 4pm for a national television audience.

I met three ladies there who worked at one of my clients; it was a treat for them to go to a game and sit behind the dugout. I introduced them to Diana because Diana was going to do some web marketing work for them this coming week.

These three are the subject of later stories so I won’t name them, give backgrounds or descriptions but will save it for now.

None of the four ladies were into baseball like I was.

They were into the food, the clothing, new baseball caps, having a cold beer or two, people watching, and gossiping but we did have a lot of fun.

I have a rare gift to think about one subject and listen to another and that is what I did while at the game.

I was thinking about, maybe actually reliving what took place Friday night in the suite with Lisa and what happened on Saturday around the pool and in the hotel suite later that day and night with Michelle and Lisa.

These were two outstanding gifts from Lisa. Yes, I had enjoyed anal sex with women before, and I was getting good at it with Monica–we had lots of practice.

While I loved Monica, when I poked Lisa in the ass those four times over the weekend, it was special because I knew the gift was something from the heart.

I am sure if she could go back in time and have me be her first lover, marry me and have her kids with me, she would have. Well, that is what she shared with me on the long drive back on Sunday morning.

Anyway, the Three Amigos (Lisa and the two ladies I hired from UNLV to be her confederates that first day at the adult pool at our hotel in Las Vegas) stayed out at the topless pool until it closed at 6pm.

It was still warm out.

I knew that Lisa was randy from all of the hungry eyes watching her parade around with next to nothing on.

I hadn’t gotten into the details of textile business like I would later but I swear her whole swimsuit bottom was less than three square inches of material.

The ladies from UNLV had similar sized tiny suits and bigger, natural tits and more prominent nipples but for some reason Lisa got more eyeball attention. Maybe it was because she spent a lot of time kissing me and being rubbed by both girls.

It turns out the two ladies were as horny as Lisa. The signs were all there but my attention was on my gorgeous girlfriend.

What amazed me was how quickly Lisa adapted to her near nakedness at the pool, in front of others.

I watched the people watching her and believe me, she was one of the hottest ladies there that Friday morning and afternoon.

I knew she was turned on because her nipples were puffy all day long. Her face was flushed and not just because of the heat.

But I had no idea how hot she made other ladies until the end of the day.

When it was time to go, I had the UNLV ladies come into the cabana and I paid them for their time in cash which they appreciated. I overpaid them actually.

They weren’t drunk but they had a buzz on and I suggested that Lisa take them upstairs so they could shower and change into their street clothes; maybe have some coffee and I would be up when I closed out the bill.

I wasn’t encouraging anything to start between them; I just wanted them to be sober enough not to hurt themselves or anyone else when they drove home.

None of them put their tops on, they wrapped up in the hotel white terrycloth robes. The girl who had kissed Lisa took off her thong. Then, all holding hands and laughing, they went up to the suite.

The robes they had for guests out by the pool were not the same as the ones in the rooms, these were a similar color, white, made of terrycloth, but shorter, just down to the bottom of their assets.

So, when Lisa lifted her arms up after she put her robe on, if you didn’t know better you would think she was bottomless. Her thong was hidden in the valley of her great ass.

I know I have not shared the name of the two ladies, because I thought they would be bit players but it turned out both of them became major players.

Anyway, I was sitting in the cabana when I got a text message from Diana, the taller, leggier, bustier of the two ladies. She was the one who had not kissed Lisa. Dana had kissed Lisa.

Her text said they were fine but could she meet me in the bar at 7:30?

I texted back OK.

I played some blackjack and watched a boring baseball game. When your team isn’t playing or it isn’t the World Series, baseball games are boring.

Diana found me at the bar, I was having a beer.

She had her summer street clothes on, and while I had seen her topless for the last eight hours, I realized that she pendik escort was stunningly beautiful.

Somewhat dirty blonde, blue eyed, shoulder length hair, slender and she was stacked, probably 38s, with 2 inch pink areoles and eraser nipples that stood out, I swear, half an inch, maybe more. Mouth watering.

(I had noticed these very pleasant distractions at the pool but out of consideration of Lisa, tried not to drool).

Diana had pulled up her dirty blonde hair, and shared her smile with me. She was glowing from the sun and maybe some fun. Her face was a little flushed.

I know she was hot and sexy but sometimes women look even better with clothes on.

I ordered a beer for her (I like girls who like beer) and she shared what happened after they left the pool.

When they got up to the room and the three of them dropped the robes. Diana said she headed straight to the bathroom.

By the time Diana walked out, Dana had taken her thong off and was in the process of removing Lisa’s thong as Lisa sat on the couch.

Lisa lifted her hips to help Dana along.

Diana said, “I didn’t say anything, or let them know I was there. I just watched.”

Diana continued, “Jack, it was pretty erotic. I’ve known Dana for a few months but I didn’t know she was into girls. I watched her lower her head and start licking Lisa’s pussy. Lisa groaned and put her hands on Dana’s head to encourage her.”

I was hard as a rock. So, my little suburban MILF and young mother was getting eaten out by a college coed?

I asked “What did you do?”

Diana replied “I waited for a minute and watched the show. Both of them were getting into it. I walked over to where Dana was kneeling and got behind her on the carpet so I could finger her from behind.”

I asked “How was it?” and Diana replied, “Soaking wet. I am sure she had been wet all day. We all were, why do you think we were in and out of the pool so much?”

She laughed, “It was a huge turn on all day long to have all those men and women staring at us. I never felt so exposed in my life.”

I asked her, “Would you do it again?”

Diana grinned at me, “In a heartbeat. I loved it. I’ve never been the center attention like that before and I can see it could be addictive.”

Three nude women, buzz on, nude, in hotel suite without adult male supervision, having spent the entire day being visually fucked by men and women in Sin City. The only thing I could guarantee out of this would be trouble. Not the bad kind either.

I ventured, “So what happened next?”

Diana said. “Dana came first from my fingers and she was loud, groaning and bucking. It didn’t take her long and I knew she wanted to cum. Then Lisa started humping Dana’s face and when she came she ground her pussy into Dana’s mouth.”

“How about you” I asked, “did it turn you on?”

Diana said, “I got up on the sofa next to Lisa and we started kissing and playing with each other’s boobs and Dana spread my legs and started eating me out. I was already pretty wet.”

“Did you like it?”

Diana grinned and said, “I loved getting my pussy licked Jack. I just had never had it licked by a girl before and she did a good job.”

I said, “Sounds like I missed a great party.”

“There’s more to it Jack,” shared Diana. “On the way up to the room, Dana had volunteered to massage Lisa when they got back to the suite. After I came, Dana had Lisa lay face down on the sofa and had her hands all over Lisa, rubbing her shoulders, her neck, and her back.”

Diana shared “It was pretty obvious that Lisa was still very turned on. She enjoyed being rubbed and touched. When I was playing with her tits I noticed it and then when she sat up a couple of times to sip champagne, her nipples were really puffy and erect. Dana never stopped with her hands.”

Diana said that “Dana moved her hands to Lisa’s butt, legs and feet but quickly returned to Lisa’s thighs. Lisa had her eyes closed and started spreading her legs as Dana began teasing Lisa, as hands crept towards Lisa’s shaved pussy.”

I asked, “What did you think Dana was going to do?”

Diana replied, “I think she was going to start rimming Lisa and then maybe finger fuck her to get her to come again.”

Diana said “I could see that Lisa was enjoying it but I stepped in and suggested we all jump in the shower.”

Dana took Lisa by the hand and led her into the bathroom.

Diana shared “As soon as we stepped into the shower Dana was tongue kissing Lisa and Lisa was kissing her right back. It didn’t take long for their hands to be all over one another. I was odd man out. In a few seconds Dana had her fingers in Lisa’s pussy and she was finger fucking her. Before Lisa could come, she pushed Dana down on her shoulders so that Dana would eat her again. I guess Lisa likes to have her pussy eaten.”

Diana grinned at me.

I grinned back, answering, “Yes, she sure does.”

I continued “What were you doing?”

Diana smiled and said, “I started kissing Lisa again, massaging maltepe escort her boobs. She really liked the attention we were giving her.”

Diana laughed and said, “It’s a wonder we didn’t use all the hot water the hotel had. Lisa came twice before we got out of there.”

I asked her “Did you come in the shower?”

Diana said, “No, we focused on Lisa.”

She said “Dana dried us both and led us to the second bedroom.”

She told me that “Dana and I sort of ganged up on Lisa –one of us on each side — and were alternating French kissing her mouth and kissing her breasts and then Dana, who was really horny, kissed down Lisa’s belly and started eating her out again.”

I asked “What were you doing when this was happening?”

Diana replied “Lisa and I were making out and I had my hands all over her.”

I asked “Did Lisa enjoy it?”

Diana laughed and said “Lisa’s kissed girls before Jack — plenty of times. And she’s a great kisser but you already know that.”

Diana went on to say “Lisa was so worked up that she came almost immediately but Dana kept licking and finger fucking her and she came twice more before Lisa asked her to stop.”

Diana shared that “Dana moved over to my pussy and Lisa continued kissing me and started sucking on my nipples and playing with my tits. You know what my tits look like Jack, my nipples are super sensitive.”

She continued. “After I came I finger fucked Dana to a quick orgasm and Lisa sucked on her nipples.”

I’m thinking this is a whole new side of Lisa I had no clue about. But, she said she wanted to be a whore for me.

I asked, “So, you didn’t see Lisa eating any pussy?”

Diana grinned again and said, “No, I didn’t, but we’ve been down here for 20 minutes and she might be enjoying it by now.”

Diana said “After Dana came we all got back in the shower and after we got out, Lisa asked us about anal sex. I don’t want to spoil anything that Lisa has planned for you Jack but she’s a little nervous about it so please be gentle and patient with her tonight.”

There was a silence between us. My head was reeling. My cock was throbbing.

Diana reached her hand out and touched my arm. “Can we change gears here for a moment Jack?” “What do you do? For a living? You didn’t say anything about that today.”

I told her “I work with company owners to get their businesses ready to sell and help them get a big chunk of change so they can go on to the next stage of their lives.”

I continued with “I am also working on an idea for a bathing suit company which is part of the reason I’m here in Las Vegas this weekend. I’m meeting some people and doing some research.”

I turned to Diana and said “Tell me about yourself.”

She shared that she was finishing up getting her degree in Business from UNLV. She had worked her way through school and got a late start because she didn’t know what she wanted to study. Diana was 28.

She just finished finals week and she was off for a few weeks before summer school started and she was going to graduate in August.

I asked what her degree specialization was and she replied Internet Marketing.

I said “I have to get upstairs but I’d like to talk to you more about what you’ve learned and how you can apply it. Would you be open to speaking with me on the phone tomorrow? “

She replied “That would be great!”

I looked at Diana and thought; this is the missing link for my clients and these two new businesses I am starting. Consider me slow on the uptake or maybe the vision of three hot babes naked and getting their pussies licked was clouding my cognitive abilities to connect dots.

“Diana, would you be open to spending this next week in LA? I’ll share the details tomorrow but I need for you to drive down on Sunday morning, spend five nights in a hotel and you’ll be working with my clients and me on these projects. Let’s call it a well paid internship — $5,000 a month plus bonuses.”

I said, “I know this is sudden –and I still want to talk tomorrow — but I need to get things moving quickly.”

She looked at me and said, “I’m in Jack.”

I opened my wallet and gave her three $500 Visa gift cards. I said “I will arrange for you to pick up a rental car here at the hotel on Sunday morning — I’ll pay for it. Leave your car here; I’ll pick up the parking. Then you drive to LA, I’ll make a reservation for you to check in Sunday. I’ll pick up the hotel and all the expenses like parking, meals and incidentals. You need to be in LA by 2pm because I am going to take you to a Dodger game with some clients late Sunday afternoon.”

She said, “What the gift cards for?”

I told her, “Head to Nordstrom’s and buy some business clothes for your meetings next week and get your hair done, buy anything else you need for the trip, you know, make-up, and a suitcase, whatever.”

She looked at me for a moment and then smiled. Diana asked, “Will I need anything to sleep in Jack?”

I smiled back and said, “I sleep in the nude, kartal escort how about you?”

She leaned across the table and kissed me.

“I’ll wear anything you want me to Jack, or nothing at all.”

Then Diana asked, “What about Lisa?”

I replied, “Lisa and I are dating. It’s not exclusive. She’s just out of a ten year marriage and we see each other three or four times a month.”

Diana smiled and said “You treat her like a queen Jack.”

I looked at her and said, “I’ll treat you the same way Diana.”

I asked her about Dana.

Diana told me that “Dana is a nice person but a little lost. She is very kind and sweet but needs more direction. Maybe you can help her with that. If you want to.”

She kissed me again, with tongue this time and said “You tell where to be on Sunday and I’ll be there. Talk with you tomorrow. I had fun today and you have fun tonight. We’ll have fun next week too.”

She left and I headed upstairs.

Lisa was laying nude on her side in the bed with a sheet covering her midsection. Lying next to her in the bed was Dana, who was also nude but uncovered. They both had the freshly fucked flushed face look on their faces.

I said, “Hello ladies” and then I went over and kissed Lisa.

I asked, “What have you been up to?”

Dana smiled and Lisa replied, “Oh, this and that.”

They both laughed.

Lisa at me and said, “I have something to show you.”

“Close your eyes sweetie.”

I heard a rustling of the sheet and she said “Okay, you can open your eyes now.”

She was nude, lying on her stomach and my eyes were drawn to a butt plug sticking out of her ass. Dana had moved closer to Lisa and had her hand on Lisa’s bare back.

Lisa reached behind with both hands, pulling her cheeks apart and said with a smile to me “Jack, I want you to go where no man has gone before. When you’re ready, take this thing out and replace it with that big beautiful cock of yours. I’m giving up my virgin ass to you tonight.”

She looked at Dana and they kissed. Tongue.

My cock went to rocket ship ready to blast off status in a Nano-second.

“But Jack, just one thing.”

“Yes?” I was expecting her to say, be gentle, I’m afraid of the pain. Or something like that.

Instead, Susan says “I want you to really enjoy yourself, okay? But I haven’t eaten a morsel of food in a week and I’m starving so can you hurry up so I can eat?”

I kissed her and said “Thank you for this wonderful gift. I need a few minutes and then I’ll plunder your virgin ass.”

Lisa looked at Dana and said to me, “Honey, Dana is going to undress you and help you get cleaned up, okay?”

I stammered, “Uh, sure.”

I had no idea what to expect but Dana bounded off the bed, tits swaying, nipples erect, came up to me and said, “Jack, would you please kiss me?”

I looked at Lisa in search of permission, who said, “Do it Jack, she’s a great kisser.”

As so we kissed, and Lisa was right, Dana was a great kisser; lips, tongue, her groaning into my mouth.

It didn’t help that she was nude and her big firm tits were crushed into my chest. My hands instinctively went for her bare ass, where I squeezed and rubbed.

I was already hot and bothered by spending the day chaperoning three hot topless women wearing suits hiding next to nothing and then being surprised by Lisa’s butt plug and her intimate relationship with Dana, even though Diana had tipped me off. So, my cock rose to the occasion. Dana could feel my hardness and started rubbing it with her nude body.

When our lips parted, Dana looked up at me and said, “I wanted to do that since the moment I met you!”

Lisa laughed and said to Dana, “I told you he was a good kisser!”

Dana looked at my crotch and saw the bulge in my pants and said to no one in particular, “There’s something else I need to be kissing.”

Lisa watched in amusement as Dana started to remove what little clothing I had on. She started with my shoes and socks, set them aside. Then she kissed me again and lifted my shirt over my head, and after she set that aside, she began rubbing my chest. It felt great and I told her so.

Dana smiled and said, “I’ll be rubbing a lot more of your skin in a few minutes.”

Then she took off my watch and set it on the nightstand.

I stood there with just my shorts and jockeys on, bulge evident; Dana standing nude in front of me.

Lisa said, “Let me help you with this last little bit, Dana.”

She slowly got off the bed and came over, her tits swaying, her face flushed, smiling at me.

Lisa and Dana stood in front of me, and they turned to one another and Lisa took the lead, pulling Dana to her.

Face to face, nipple to nipple, they kissed as if they had been lovers for years. Dana groaned into her mouth.

When they parted they both burst into laughter, looking at me.

Lisa said, “Jack has the cat got your tongue honey?”

She said to Dana, “Let me help you get him into the tub. I don’t know how much longer I can stand this stick in my ass.”

Lisa quickly removed my shorts and Dana pulled down my jockeys, my large cock freed for the first time since this morning.

Dana looked at it and said to Lisa, “Are you sure you want to share this with me?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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