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That’s Why

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My football career was suddenly over. A knee injury in the fourth game of my senior year, what a way to go out. Even worse, it gave the school administrators, never my biggest fans, a reason to crack down on my admittedly overzealous campus life and lax academic standards. When I was the senior quarterback of a team in bowl contention, they’d let some things slide, when I was a student with a penchant for pranks, wild fraternity parties, and a tendency to miss any class before noon, that was a different story. In any event, I found myself suspended for the remainder of the Fall term. I wasn’t too disappointed, I was only nine credits shy of graduation, with a degree in Philosophy (a BS major if ever there was one), and had a good shot of being a late round pick in the April Draft. However, it did mean I had to vacate my on campus housing until January. That is how I ended up back with Mom.

Katherine, as she was known to those who were not her only son, was 44, and a beautiful 44 at that. She had short red hair, stood just over 5′ with a slim build, small pert breasts, and a lean swimmer’s body. Her son, Evan, that would be me, on the other hand took after his father (who’d taken off before I was born), standing 6’5″ and weighing about 220 lbs. I have short dark hair, peircing blue eyes and classic good looks. Mom had moved to Houston from Iowa when I landed my football scholarship at Rice. So, when I had to leave, my mother’s home seemed like the best option.

It also served to keep my social life in good order. I was able to attend the team’s last four home games, plus the Bayou Bucket game against crosstown rival, Houston. I could hang out with my teammates and my, several, girlfriends were within a few minutes driving distance bursa escort as well. I was a little shy about having them over at first, after all I was a 22 year old man, shacking up with my mother.

However, mom was great about it, “Ev,” she said, “this is your home, and I understand you’re a young man, just try to keep it a little discrete.”

That tended to be easier said than done as it turned out, as one of my girlfriends, Tammy, is a bit of a screamer. One night after a particularly rough and tumble, I passed mom’s door and could see the light of her reading lamp on, I felt sorry and tried to apologize the next morning. “Mom, I’m really sorry about last night, I’ll go over to Tammy’s next time.”

“Don’t worry about it Evvy, other than the screaming, Tammy’s my favorite. How do you get so many girls anyway.”

“Well, mom, I’m a football player, I’m tall, dark and handsome, and I’m good with some lines, especially after a couple drinks.” I responded with a little affected modesty.

“And, they all stay…satisfied?” she asked with a coy smile.

“Mom, I’m not sure…” I began.

She smiled again, “Come on Evvy, we’re adults, we can have an adult conversation can’t we?”

“I suppose, though it’d be easier if you didn’t call me Evvy, like I was still five.” I answered.

“Okay, EVAN. You manage to keep all these girls satisfied. That’s a hell of a thing for most men to manage. Twenty plus years and I haven’t been able to find one able to say that. I guess I just had to look a little closer to home.” she said, as she walked towards me. “I’ve always known you were special Evan, and I’ve wanted this for so long.” She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her for a slow, deep kiss. I had no bursa escort bayan intention of resisting. My mother had always been my idea of the ideal woman. She’d sacrificed everything for me, and I wanted her to know how much I loved her. She broke the kiss and took off my shirt, she began trailing kisses down my chest, stomach until she reached my drawstring shorts. She gently cupped my cock, “With this monster, you definitely have the proper equipment.” She pulled my shorts down, letting all eight inches out. She licked the precum off the tip, “Oh, Evvy, you taste so good…” she took me into her mouth. It was like heaven, her tongue sliding up and down my shaft, her teeth grazing the skin ever so slightly, making me jump just a little. She kept up the pace for several minutes, while my breathing quickened, she could feel the muscles in me twitching, as I gasped she grabbed my buttocks and pulled me forward, taking me all the way into her throat as I came. She swallowed all she could, until a thin stream came form her lips and dripped onto her tee shirt.

“Oh, mom, I’m going to make you feel as good as you did me.” I said, raising her up from her knees. I peeled off her tiny tee shirt and kissed each of her breasts, I sucked the nipple gently, as she sighed, I then bit down, just hard enough, she gasped. I continued kissing down her stomach while using my fingers to knead her breasts, occasionally giving a nipple a little twist. I pulled down her sweat pants to reveal her beautiful pussy, topped by just a strip of strawberry hair. I dropped my hand down, licking my fingers and gently pushed into her wetness. She moaned softly, I dropped my head between her legs and thrust my hungry tongue into her. Long slow licks along her labia escort bursa were like licking up honey, using my finger to manipulate her clitoris, occasionally licking it softly, I could feel her body warming as her orgasm approached, her breath coming in short spasms, one last swipe across her clit brought forward a wave of juice as she came, screaming out my name.

“Evan! My God, Evan! Please don’t stop, please.”

I had no intention, I kept going until she came twice more. Now, with my cock once again rock hard, I stood and lifted her body off the ground and placed her on the nearby counter. I guided my cock into her, slowly, savoring her tight warmth. I slowly stroked in and out, with each thrust in, filling her completely. Everytime I did, she opened her mouth, but unable to make much more than a slight gasp. I loved seeing her like that, at that moment she was, without a doubt, the sexiest woman I’d ever seen. As I withdrew and thrust back in, and her mouth opened again, and I covered it with my own, kissing her deeply, but softly, loving the feeling of her tongue exploring my mouth.

“Harder, Evvy, please.” she breathed to me with the next thrust. “Faster.”

I did as she said, increasing my pace, thrusting harder with each stroke. Her nails dug into my back as she gasped again. The pain was just enough to make me feel the climax coming. I thrust several more times, as hard as I could until on the last thrust I felt myself come, as she did. I could feel my come cover her inside. Mixing with her own as we both gasped for air. I kissed her once again. “Mom, I love you so much.”

“Oh Evvy, I know, I’ve always known.” she smiled her sexy coy smile. “Now I know how you get all those girls, too. You definitely know how to satisfy a woman.”

“From now on Mom, there’s only you. Only you.” I replied and kissed her deeply once again.

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe Tammy could help us, next time. It’d be a shame to keep you just to myself.”

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