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The Affair

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The affair I had with my mother lasted eight weeks and two days. It was the summer after I had just graduated high school; the summer I thought would last forever. I was planning on getting a job before starting college in the fall, but my mother pleaded with me to go up with her to the vacation place in New Hampshire that we rented each summer. She said she would give me the money I needed for school. She didn’t want to be alone. Her husband Peter had made it clear that he would only come up on some weekends. It was the last summer any of us would go up to the New Hampshire house.

We were only up there two days when it started. We had finished unpacking all the boxes and we were both exhausted and dirty from cleaning a house that had been collecting dust for ten months. The last rug was unrolled and we sat on the floor. Mom said, “We’ll Joseph, that’s done. Thanks for helping me baby.” She sat for a minute and then I saw her eyes welling up. It wasn’t a big sobbing jag, just tears quietly rolling down her face. This wasn’t an everyday thing with her and the concern must have been evident in my voice when I asked, “What is it mom; are you okay?”

“I’m all right Joey, just kind of blue.” The tears kept coming.

I said, “Hey mom that would be a good title for an album.” Kind of Blue was her favorite Miles Davis CD.

She did that laugh/cry thing and it lightened things a bit.

I said, “Come on mom, talk to me, what’s going on?” She didn’t answer. She just shook her head and sort of tranced. I put my arms around her and said the first stupid thing I could think of, “It’ll be okay mom.” She put her arms around me and buried her face in my neck. She sniffled a little and then after a few minutes, she kissed my neck. And then she kissed it again. I kissed her cheek and she kissed mine. I kissed her wet eyes and then her lips were on mine. I guess that was the official beginning of our affair.

Well I should say that was the beginning of our physical affair, because who knows when any sexual relationship begins; probably when someone starts thinking about it. For me it probably started when I was old enough to find my mom attractive. She was always pretty in a natural way; nothing flashy to make the hounds whistle, but the kind of woman that has the qualities you appreciate when you take a moment to notice. When I first had those thoughts that excited me, I thought of her as Diane instead of mom. As the years went by, it went back and forth between mom and Diane. After a while, didn’t matter.

Now she was in my arms and we were kissing. Her fragrance filled my head. We were kissing and then we were touching. It wasn’t frantic. It probably would have been if we weren’t so tired, but it made it nice. She ran her hands wherever she could reach and I settled for touching and cupping her breast. It filled my hand and I was excited anticipating the feel of her bare flesh. It didn’t occur to me that she would stop me. She didn’t.

I reached under her shirt and slipped the bra over her tit. The skin was buttery soft but there was a firmer feel underneath. It felt bigger than I would have imagined because she rarely wore tight tops. I could feel the resistance of her rubbery nipple as my palm ran over it. As I touched her, she whispered, “Joey…Joey…Joey.”

Mom was the one that started undressing. She took of her shirt and bra and then she stopped. She said, “Come to my bedroom baby.” I was so hard I thought I would bust through my jeans. I followed her without a word. She drew the curtains even though there were only woods outside. There was still enough filtered light for me see how fine her body was as we both undressed completely.

I hardly had a moment to admire her as we stood facing each other. The first body-to-body contact was electric; her skin all over mine, her lips on mine, her hands all over me. The pace accelerated. We were no longer tired. The kissing got stronger as passion took our mouths to each other. I was on her nipples, sucking, and she was moaning. She bent toward my cock and then went down on one knee. My cock was in my mother’s mouth.

Right from the beginning, there was no other conclusion I could have come to except – we were going to have sex. But it was still a shock when the actual physical things started happening. My cock was in my mother’s mouth. The warm wet of her tongue and lips enveloped the thickened helmet. The closest I can come to describing that frozen moment, that surreal experience, is to say it again; my cock was in my mother’s mouth.

It wasn’t there for long. I wanted it there forever, but she only sucked back and forth three or four times. She stood back up again and kissed me as she pressed and rolled my tongue with hers. She said, “Come here baby.”

She led me to the bed and spread herself, beckoning me. I can’t say I was lucid or being responsible, it was just that she had drummed safe sex in to me so many times, so I said, “Mom, I don’t have a condom.”

She “It’s okay love, don’t izmir escort bayan worry.” I figured she was on the pill or something and I approached her with cock in hand pointing it at her pussy. Her bush was fuller than the trimmed girls I had been out with. She opened herself for me with one hand and with the other she reached to direct me into her pussy.

As my cock pushed into soft splitting flesh, she said, “Oh darling yes, yes sweet baby.” I pressed home and was fully inside her. It’s hard enough to describe what it feels like to be inside a woman when it’s going good, it’s even harder when the woman is your mother and it’s going great. I usually had no trouble staying in control but as mom moved and moaned, I had to fight not to come right away. I held her arms in, and slowed the pace until my stroking was even and steady. Mom was smiling; it was beautiful to see her smile and say, “Yes Joey, like that, that’s good,” and things like that, over and over, as I fucked her.

I can close my eyes now and remember it all the from the feelings, but not from the words. That’s how I remember what it was like to have my flesh inside my mother’s. The sliding in and out of a pussy that that was so out of bounds it’s not supposed to enter the realm of possibility. It was impossible, but I was inside my mother’s pussy, pushing in as far as I could. I still pushed harder until I heard her moan and I knew I had filled her completely. She pulled me in and held me to her. She wrapped her legs around me and pushed up with a sound that could only mean that she wanted me in her as deep as she could take me. Before I could stroke her anymore she said, “OH, oh, oh, darling, I’m coming, I’m coming.”

I wasn’t set for either of us to come, but I pressed into her again and again as she repeated, “Yes, yes, yes…” Her face, her voice, and the word’s were filled with gladness. I could see that she wanted to be kissed so I bent over to put my mouth on hers.

I kept kissing her and when she slowed her movements, I sat up while I was still hard inside her. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. She said, “Oh Joey, Joey, Joey…my lovely Joseph.” Mom hardly ever called me by my name; it was always a sweet loving, ‘baby, or sweetheart, or darling.’ But the sound of my name never sounded so sexy as the way she was saying it.

I keep moving my hips and she made nice sounds. I took her tits and kneaded them and she purred at the massage, until I tugged on the long nipples and she yelped and laughed. She stopped laughing when I began rubbing her clit. She closed her eyes as I teased the button. I put her legs over my shoulders and positioned myself to take her again. I penetrated her harder and faster as I opened her wide. Each plunging penetration went through wet flesh from the lips of her vagina through the soft channel, to the depths of her belly. As I felt my orgasm build I said, “That’s good mom; that’s so good.”

Her “OH’s” became shorter and quicker in pulse with my strokes.” I felt her fingers pressing into the muscles of my back. I started to come. As the first cord of cum poured into my mother’s pussy, I experienced the exquisite release. My own noises drowned out my mother’s, so it wasn’t until a few moments later that I realized she was coming again. It felt almost as good to know that as it did to fill her pussy with my sperm. It felt as if my whole body was coming, as each penetration left more of me in her. I kept stroking long after my juices were exhausted. When it was over, mom said, “That was beautiful Joey.”

I said, “Unbelievable mom.” We both exhaled at the same time and laughed. We rested side by side. We talked.

She said, “Peter is having an affair; I guess that’s nothing new.” I thought the first thing we would talk about would be the unfathomable thing that had just happened, but she started talking about Peter. Peter married my mom when I was five. I never called him dad, mostly because he didn’t want me to. All I knew about my real father was that my mother said that she didn’t marry him because ‘It didn’t work out.’

In the past, I had sensed for a long time that mom was unhappy with Peter. I even once said after they had a bad fight, “Why don’t you just get out mom?”

She only said, “It’s complicated honey.” What was clear was that she didn’t want to talk about it. Now she said, “I don’t care what Peter does; I’m not going to be alone anymore. I knew it was you that I wanted for a while now.” I realized she had been talking about what had just happened all along. She said, “Are you sorry…or mad at me for this baby?”

I said, “Mom, that was great.”

She said, “Yes baby it was, but I mean, what about me being your mother and all, does that bother you because I would feel terrible if I…I stopped myself so many times in the past, but you seemed like you liked me that way…the way you look at me sometimes I thought…”

“Of course I wanted to mom, I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t want to; it’s not like it never crossed escort izmir my mind, I just never thought that you would want to.”

“Oh honey I’m glad, I would never want to hurt you.”

I put my hand on her tit and kissed her. I said, “Mom, that was the furthest thing from ‘hurt’ that I ever felt.”

She smiled and said, “Oh honey…” as we kissed and touched in prelude to making love again. We made love in the morning again and it seemed as if neither of us could get enough. In the following days, we were crazed lovers making up for lost time.

But you know how after going to bed with someone a few times, there’s a certain kind of inevitable discussion? For me, someone always said something like, ‘What are we doing here,’ or ‘what is this,’ or ‘where is this going’? Well, we never had that discussion. And remember now, this is my mother I’m having sex with every day, so you’d think there’d be a lot of talk about it, but there wasn’t. We were just there, doing what we were doing, and we were having fun. I’m talking before, after, and sometimes during sex, we laughed and had fun.

During the first two weeks, we only left the house to walk in the woods, go to a movie, or visit one of the town’s two restaurants. We went to the mall once, because I wanted to buy some sexy stuff for mom. I liked the fantasy dress-up and mom found it fun too. We played at everything. She was a bride, a maid, and a virgin. I was her master, a john, and her pimp.

Fuck, did she look good all made up and wearing stockings and heels. I can picture her now as she stood by the window looking out into the woods, with the sun bathing her body. She didn’t hear me and I just stared at her body. The heels she wore gave her legs had that perfect curve. The sheer white stockings took my eyes up to her naked ass. The pumps forced it out enticingly and they made her breasts, that I could only see from the side, jut out. Even today, it’s a perfect picture that I don’t need to take out of my wallet to see.

The first weekend that Peter came up was bizarre. He was there, but we didn’t want to stop. Once at dinner he said, “What the fuck are you smiling at?” I was tempted to tell him. We managed to get together whenever he was out of the house. Once, we went into the woods and we both found the sneaking around so funny that we laughed all the way through as mom held on to a tree and I took her pussy from behind. And once we did it while he was in the house. The hardest thing was trying not to make those noises. Mom was usually pretty loud during sex and I could also let loose once in a while. We were in my room and I was inside her when Peter came up the stairs calling out, “Diane, where the hell are you?”

I yelled through the door, “She’s taking a walk, and could you be quiet, I’m trying to read.” He made some snide comment and went back down.

Mom pulled me deeper into her and whispered, “I hope you’re reading the Kama Sutra,” and I almost lost it, but we ultimately managed to get back to the business at hand.

The summer went by with the speed, power, and light, of a lightning flash. We found as many ways to pleasure each other as we could. My mother indulged me in ways that usually only come in a boy’s fantasy. She’d say, “Tell me what you like so mama can take care of you.” I liked everything, and I especially liked being in her mouth, probably because I’d never been sucked with that kind of love before.

The sex surprised me, but what surprised me more was that the subject of love didn’t come up. Not that we didn’t tell each other ‘I love you,’ we just didn’t discuss it. I found myself in an unusual position. I was the one who was thinking about ‘what is this thing’ and ‘where is it going?’

The week before Labor Day, I found myself considering not going away to school and staying with mom. I had worked hard to get into Michigan State, but it didn’t seem important anymore. That was when things changed. Mom became withdrawn and quiet. Nothing I said or asked would draw her out. She started having excuses not to have sex and finally two days before we were going to close up the house she said, “Honey, we have to stop now.” I started saying something, but she stopped me and said, “No baby, no more. It was a wonderful…magical summer, but it’s over now. We’re going back to our lives.”

She wouldn’t listen to any of the ‘But mom, you…but mom, I…’ that I had to offer. She wouldn’t discuss it. I’d never seen her so stubborn and adamant. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t going to touch her or be inside her anymore. When we were making love I had thought she would be there for me forever. It’s terrible when forever ends.

The day I left for school, mom kissed me on the cheek before leaving me at the airport. I might have believed I made it all up in my mind and nothing had ever happened between us if I didn’t see the tear that rolled down her face.

For four years I came home for holidays. Mom did call all the time, but we never talked about the affair izmir escort after I tried bringing it up once, and she absolutely refused to say a word about it. The summers were different because Peter didn’t want to ‘waste money’ on the place in New Hampshire since he never went up. Of course that was because his girlfriend lived in the city.

Mom usually had the summers off from her job at City Hall, but she worked through because my school was so expensive. I got a job at a clothing store in the mall. Even with that, I wouldn’t have had enough money, but mom got Peter to kick in the balance. Their relationship was almost non-existent and I didn’t understand why they even stayed together. I was glad when I graduated because I wouldn’t have to depend on Peter, or make my mom work more than she had to.

My mother came to the graduation and I got her a room at a motel near the school. She was very emotional at the ceremony because I was the speaker representing the International Studies program. I introduced her to Donna, the girl I was dating, and we went out to dinner. Seeing her dressed up and made up brought the affair back to the front of my mind. After the evening, we dropped mom off. The more I thought about it, the more I knew that didn’t want to go home with Donna. I wanted to be with mom, in the motel, the way we were that summer.

I told Donna I wasn’t feeling well and after taking her to her dorm, I went to the motel and knocked on mom’s door. My heart was flying; I was going to make her listen. I wasn’t going to take no for an answer. When she didn’t answer the door, I thought she might be in the shower.

My mind flitted back to a time during our affair that she had sucked me in the shower. She sucked me as if she was possessed. She stopped long enough to lick the leathery sack and feel my balls on her lips. She then made her way up the long shaft, lapping the warm water off it. I usually came pretty hard with mom, but there was no way she could have been prepared for the torrent of cum I sent into her mouth. It poured in and overflowed no matter how fast she swallowed.

And then she kept on sucking. It didn’t take her that long to make me come again. The third time, the build-up was excruciatingly long. She used her hands and fingers and tits until I was hard again and I remember how intense the orgasm was that third time. It almost hurt it was so good to come in her warm mouth. This whole reverie took place in my mind as I waited for her to come to door after my second knock. Still, there was no answer.

I went to the desk to call the room and the clerk said that she had checked out. I checked my cell and there was a message from her that said that she had decided to leave and would call me tomorrow. I was so angry with her. It didn’t make sense to be angry at your mother for not being there to sleep with you, but I was. I didn’t answer her call the next day.

When she finally did hear from me, she was upset and worried. I told her I was sorry, but I still said to her that I wouldn’t be coming home for a visit because I would be too busy during the summer. I was offered an apprenticeship in Washington D.C. at a company that traded internationally. They wanted me because my major had been China studies; I could even write, and speak in vernacular Mandarin.

I knew I would have to move on and forget about her sexually, but it didn’t prove very easy. I realized that it wasn’t an accident that I had been with six different girls at Michigan. The worst part was that I knew that it wasn’t only the sex. I loved being with mom; even a sandwich tasted better when I was with her.

The company sent me for more intensive language training and I worked hard for months. They offered me a full time position at more money than I ever thought I would make. I decided to take it, and settle in D.C.

I didn’t ask mom to visit because I knew what I would want, and I thought that I should get on with my life as best I could. She called me every few days and when she said that she and Peter were through, I was surprised. I said, “What happened?”

She said, “It was time, we didn’t need each other any more.”

I asked her what she meant and she said, “I needed him so that you could go to school and he needed me for my contacts at City Hall. He’s all set with his business now, and so are you Joseph, so…”

I felt badly and said, “Mom I never wanted you to do that; we could have got by.”

She said, “It was the most important thing to me baby; I’m not sorry.” She then said, “Oh by the way I met this man…”

I snapped at her, “Mom I don’t want to hear about who you’re seeing or going to bed with.”

She laughed and said, “No silly, I met a man who went to Michigan State and also works for your company. His name is John Alter, do you know him?”

I laughed, “No mom, it’s a huge company. And by the way, just so you know what your sacrifice means to me…”

I told her about their offer and how much I would be making and she started to cry, telling me how happy she was. She got all excited and she said, “Honey, won’t you come home for Christmas, there’s so much I want to talk to you about, and I want to see you; do you have some time off?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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