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The Anniversary Party Ch. 1

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My mom had sounded very disappointed when I told her I wouldn’t be able to make it to their home for their 30th wedding anniversary.

“But, Richard, your brother can’t be there either.”

“Sorry, mom, but I can’t get out of the trip I’ve got scheduled. And I’m not responsible for Ross’s life. What about Marie? Will she be there?”

“I haven’t talked to your sister yet so I’m not sure” I could hear the hurt in her voice and it was hard to keep the secret of the plan we three siblings had agreed to.

Ross, Marie, and I had already discussed mom and dad’s anniversary and had decided to surprise them. I was the oldest at 28, Marie was 25, and Ross, the “baby” of the family, as we never ceased to remind him, was 21. I was divorced for the last 3 years, Marie divorced for just one, and Ross had yet to be married. We all lived within 30 miles of each other and spent time together, sincerely enjoying each other’s company. There was lots of good natured kidding about personal aspects of each others lives, including sexual activity, or lack thereof, as the case might be. There was even generally harmless flirtation between us two brothers and our sister but no one gave it much thought.

The night before the folk’s anniversary, I called mom with the excuse of finding out if they had made any plans but in reality I was making sure they would be home when the 3 of us kids surprised them. We had bought Champaign, a cake, and a couple of presents.

“Yes, dear, we will be fine. We have invited the Meyers over. Mike, Lisa, and their two kids will be over for drinks and dessert. We will miss you all but we understand that you are all grown and have commitments to keep.”

“Tell you what, mom, maybe we can get together next weekend for a belated celebration.”

“That sounds wonderful, Richard. Give a call when you get back from your business trip.’

Things were going according to plan. Mom and dad would be home. Having their good friends the Meyers over would make our surprise even better. The Meyers were a couple not quite mom and dad’s age. They were around 40 and mom and dad were 8 or 9 years older. They had known each other for years. Their “kids” as mom called them, weren’t kids any more than me and my brother and sister were kids. Their two children were David and Debbie. David was 22, the same age as my younger brother and Debbie was 19. Our two families had taken camping trips together so we all knew each other well.

Lisa Meyers had been the object of many masturbation sessions for both my brother and I when we were younger. She was the “older woman” we fantasized about. More than once we had jacked off together describing what we would do to her if we had the chance; outrageous teenage boy fantasies resulting in copious amounts of cum. Debbie Meyers had had a crush on Ross when he was an “older man” of 17 and she was just 14. The lives of our two families were well meshed together.

The night of the anniversary was a Friday night. My sister and brother had both managed to get off work a little early and they met me at my apartment.

“Mom said the Meyers would get there around 7:30 or so tonight, so why don’t we plan on getting there around 8:30? That will give them some time to enjoy just being with them.”

Marie agreed that would be a good idea. She looked so nice tonight. She was wearing a mid thigh length maroon dress with a wrap around belt. Her red hair was set off by the maroon dress and her very nice cleavage was accented by the open neckline of her dress. Her heels nicely shaped her long smooth legs. Yes, Marie was a babe, no doubt about it. I suppose like many guys I had wondered about my sister what it might be like to have sex with her but had never thought serious about pursuing it or her. Mostly, she was just my kid güvenilir bahis sister.

We all piled into my car and headed out. We decided not to pull into the driveway so as to not spoil the surprise. Instead, I parked around the corner and we got out and sneaked up toward the house. Sure enough, I recognized Mike Meyers Lexus and the little two seater Triumph that David Meyers drove. We were snickering and giggling about how clever we had been as we started up the front walk.

Ross stopped us. “Wait, lets see if we can sneak in the back door, through the kitchen, and really surprise them.”

We all agreed it was an excellent plan. That way we could leave the cake and champagne in the kitchen on our way through to the living room. So, up the driveway, around the garage, and on to the back porch we went. Fortunately, Dad still had a key to the back door hidden there, so I quietly unlocked the back door and in we went. We crept into the kitchen and set things down. So far so good. Like three kids trying to sneak up on Santa Claus, we peeked around the corner into the living room. No one was in there.

That left the family room down stairs for the folk’s and the Meyers to be in. We listened, and sure enough, we could hear muffled voices coming up the steps. We all looked at each other and nodded, just like we had cleverly figured out a deep mystery. We all stepped out of our shoes in order to be quieter. I took the lead and stealthily crept down the steps, Marie behind me, and Ross bringing up the rear. At the bottom of the steps we regrouped. The family room was down a short hallway. The hallway light had been turned off so we could approach in the dark. Out side the family room door we prepared to jump around the corner when the voices became very clear.

“Oh god, mom, your pussy always feels so good.” It was the voice of David Meyers.

“And honey, your cock always fills me so wonderfully” his mother replied.

This brought us all to a standstill.

I looked at my sister and my brother, my mouth no doubt hanging open.

Marie’s lips moved. “Holy shit” she mouthed.

Ross just stood there.

Then other sounds and voices were heard.

We heard our father say, “Mike, I can see why you smile so much all the time. Your little girl’s mouth is working magic on my cock”

“Well, Wanda’s cunt is every bit as tight as Debbie’s, Bill, so you have no room to complain” Wanda is our mother’s name.

And then we heard our mother speak. “Mike, scoot over so I can eat Debbie’s pussy while she sucks on Bill’s cock”

“Oh, you will love her cunt, Wanda, she is about as sweet as can be” Lisa Meyers spoke up.

My sister, my brother, and I had planned on surprising our parents but they had simply floor us. Our parents were swingers! Not only were they swingers, but they were swinging with another couple that fucked with their own children. Marie had been right. Holy shit!

Now what to do?

I held my finger up to my lips. I turned and peeked around the corner in to the room, not really sure I was ready to see what I had already imagined.

There they were. The six of them. Naked. And Fucking. Lisa Meyers was on her back. Her son David was between her legs, raised up on his arms. He was leisurely pumping his glistening cock in and out of his mom’s cunt. Her rounded breasts rocked back and forth as he thrust into her. He lowered his mouth to hers and their mouths locked on to each other’s. I could tell their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths.

Next to them was the other four. My dad was standing up. At almost 50 he was still in pretty good shape. I had never seen his hard cock before. In fact, I couldn’t see too much of it now because Debbie Meyers had most of it in her mouth. She was on her knees in from türkçe bahis of Dad, cupping his balls with one hand and stroking his cock with the other. Her mouth slid up and down his shaft as she jacked him into her mouth. Her tits were pressed against Dad’s thighs. He had his hands gently holding her head as he fucked her mouth.

Between Debbie’s open thighs was my mother’s face. Mom was lying on her back. She had both hands holding Debbie’s shapely ass as she tongue fucked Debbie’s pussy. I had never seen my mom naked before, much less seen her doing anything like this. She was incredible to watch. She was a little plump, but it added to her sensuality now. Her tits lay to her sides. They weren’t flabby, they were just that big. Her nipples were dark pink and very erect. I could see her red hair, just like Marie’s. I really couldn’t see her face with Debbie rocking her hips on it. Mom brought a finger to Debbie’s ass and began to fuck her there also.

Mike Meyers had mom’s legs spread wide apart and her knees high. He was sliding his cock in and out of my mother’s cunt. He had his head tossed back and obviously her cunt must have felt very good on his dick. I could see his balls bouncing off mom’s womanly ass every time he thrust into her.

Never in a million years had I expected to find my parents involved in such a thing. And never in a million years did I expect my reaction to it. My cock was harder than it had been for years, maybe ever. My breathing quickened, as did my pulse. This was the most erotic thing I had ever seen or imagined.

I felt a hand on my shoulder that brought me back to semi-reality. It was Marie. I looked at her, wide eyed. Her lips moved. “Let me see” she mouthed. I stepped back from the door. She took my place. From beside her I could see her eyes grow wide. As she watched the fuck scene in front of her she began to react. I could see her breathing deepening and her nostrils flared. I couldn’t help but I looked down at her tits. Through the material of her dress I could see that her nipples had hardened. Her tits rose and fell as she breathed deeply. Like me, she was clearly aroused by the sight she was taking in.

From inside the room I heard, “Oh god, Wanda, you’re gonna make me cum already”. It was Debbie riding my mom’s mouth.

“Yeah, make her cum Wanda while I fuck her mouth” Dad said.

“Don’t worry about her cumming already, Wanda, she can cum about a fifty times once she gets going, can’t she, mom” David said.

Lisa Meyers just giggled. “Don’t worry about them son, just keep fucking me and I’ll be cumming soon too”

Marie seemed to be hypnotized by what she was watching. I watched her closely as I listened to the erotic sounds in the room. She was rubbing her fingers on the front of her thigh. At first I thought it was just nervous energy. Then her hand began to creep toward her crouch. My eyes almost bugged out when I saw her hand move between the folds of her dress and disappear under it. She was rubbing her pussy! Right there in front of me and her brother. I had almost forgotten Ross. I looked at him to see how he was handling all this. He had his hand on his cock and was rubbing it through his khakis. His eyes were closed but I could tell he was listening closely. Then it occurred to me that I, too, was rubbing my hard cock through my pants.

Here we are were. Touching ourselves while our parents were fucking with another couple and their children in the next room.

Debbie’s voice arose again. She was moaning louder. My dad said, “That’s it baby, cum on Wanda’s face while you suck my dick. That’s a good girl. Mike, you’ve got quite the talented little cock sucker here”

Mike Meyers didn’t exactly respond to dad’s comment. Instead I could hear him begin to grunt and mutter “oh god Wanda, oh god güvenilir bahis siteleri Wanda” over and over again as he fucked my mom and I could guess he wasn’t too far off from cumming in her cunt.

Marie now had her other hand inside her dress and was cupping her tit as she rubbed her pussy. Ross stood up and moved behind her so he could look over her shoulder. Marie didn’t exactly move out of the way for him. Instead she looked over her shoulder at our younger brother, smiled, and pressed her ass back against the large bulge in his pants. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her tighter yet to him. He was now dry fucking her was they watched the fucking in the room. I could see their hips working against each other’s.

Then I heard my dad yell, “Oh god yes! Suck it baby. Get ready for my load. NOW!”

I couldn’t see it but I could tell by watching Marie and Ross’s eyes that Dad was cumming into Debbie’s mouth. Her moaning had subsided from her orgasm induced by mom’s tongue but I had no idea whether she was still on mom’s face or not.

Lisa Meyers was whimpering and begging for her son to fuck her harder, harder, and harder yet. I could actually hear their flesh slapping as David fucked his mom. She cried, “Yes, baby, yes, baby, fuck me fuck” as she came and then I heard David say, “Here it cums, mom, I’m gonna fill your cunt” He grunted as his cock apparently was exploding in her pussy.

And then I heard my mom cum for the first time. I barely recognized her voice, either her tone or her words.

“Fuck me. Fuck my cunt. Fuck my cunt hard” she commanded Mike. “Fuck me with that hard cock. Make my cunt explode!”

I could hear Mike Meyers slamming his cock into my mom and the intense look in Marie’s and Ross’s face said it was awesome to see. Marie now had her hand back behind her and was rubbing Ross’s hard cock. He had his hand inside her dress, feeling her tits.

Mom cried as her intense orgasm hit her. I could only imagine her tits bouncing on her chest as Mike thrust his cock into her. Then his grunts became more urgent. Mom managed to say, “That’s it. Give me your cum. Cum on my face. All over my face and tits. Please. Give it to me.”

Apparently he did. I could hear him almost yelling as I imagined his load was shooting out onto my mom’s face. The room was filled with panting and soft moaning.

I looked at Ross and Marie. Their mouths were literally hanging open, amazed by whatever they were seeing in front of them. It must have been incredible. By now, Marie had unzipped Ross’s pants and had her hand inside them. His cock was out, hard in her hand.

I tapped them on the shoulder. They looked at me barely conscious of me being present. I motioned to them.

“OK, sports fans, we have a big decision to make here” I whispered.

“You mean join them?” Ross mouthed back.

“My decision is made” Marie whispered. She undid her belt and let her dress fall off her shoulders. She reached around and deftly, as only a woman can, undid her bra. It fell to the floor with her dress and her tits sprang free for Ross and I to see. They were near perfect. Her red hair tossed over her shoulders as she put her thumbs in to the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. They fell to the floor also and my eyes went straight to her bush of soft dark red hair.

“We in this together?” Marie whispered.

Ross and I answered by unbuttoning our shirts and taking them off. Belts came undone. Pants fell, briefs followed. We stepped out of them. Our eyes darted over each other’s nudity. Ross’s cock was about the same size as mine, around 7″ but his balls were larger than mine. I could see precum on the head of his cock. And Marie, well, Marie was just stunning there in the semi darkness, naked. We all looked at each other’s bodies, could see each other’s excitement, and then looked each other in the eyes and sort of nodded. We took a deep breath and stepped around the corner into the doorway.

“Surprise” we shouted.

To be continued…

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