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The ATV and Mud

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The ATV and Mud
My husband and I love to get on our ATV’s and just cruise along forest trails in the summer. We have a lot of trails on our own property but we border on government land that has trails that had been made years ago. Since my husband knows all the forestry staff in the area they somewhat rely on us to inform them of any problems we might see and this gives us full access to the trails.
I’m 52 and my husband is 63 but because we are very active neither of us looks our age and are both physically fit which helps when driving through the forest on the ATV’s. This young guy Mike who is 19 years old had been doing some work for us and I have to say he is one fine looking guy especially when he has his shirt off. He is not muscular but nicely toned, 5’9”, longish blonde hair and he fits in a pair of shorts perfectly. Now I am 5’2”, petite, blonde, never wear a bra or panties plus I have a vivid imagination, so I have imagined myself being fucked by Mike. My husband has caught me staring at Mike and says he has seen Mike watching me, especially when I am in a T shirt and very short shorts. Mike had mentioned that he would love to go out with us but it would mean he would have to ride with me since he does not have a machine of his own, and as much as I really don’t like having a passenger I would certainly not mind him close to me.
We had worked rather hard all week and when Saturday came it was hot so we decided to go for a ride. Mike arrived which I was not expecting but my husband apologized saying he forgot to mention he had invited Mike to go with us. I was at first disappointed as I thought my husband and I might have some sexual activity in the forest but that disappointment quickly disappeared when I thought of Mike tucked in -close with his arms around me.
I said OK, I’ll get drinks and snacks for us and headed into the house. When in the house I changed from jeans to sweats and put on a muscle shirt of my husbands’ that I occassionally wore. I liked to war it because it was loose enough that sometime my tit could be seen or would poke out in the arm pit.
I came back with everything loaded up and got on the machine. Once it was started Mike climbed on behind me and I told him he could put his arms around me if he wanted to. He put his arms around and I mentioned he might be more comfortable if he were to sit closer and after a moment’s hesitation he snuggled up real close. He was also wearing sweats and I thought I could feel his cock against my ass.
We started out and rode some easy trails, stopped a few times to look at scenery and such and each time we got off and back on he made a point of snuggling up real close. My husband was leading so I just followed along when I noticed we were on a trail izmit rus escort that had a long section of water and mud. It can be a little tricky because you have to ride your tires on two ridges through the water. If you get off the ridges you are in thick mud and will be stuck, but if you stay on the ridges it is only about 6 inches deep..
I wasn’t worried as I had been through this many times and never had a problem, but never been through with a passenger. I stopped and watch my husband drive through the 100 feet of water and stop on the other side. I said “Mike just sit tight, there should be no problem if we stay on the track” then off I went.
There are several turns you have to make and we did well until I had to make a sharper turn right on one section. Mike leaned to the right to look ahead when he should have leaned left. This through me off balance, we got off the track and stopped dead. I tried to go forward and back but couldn’t move. I looked at my husband who was leaning on the back of his machine laughing. He called out and said “Looks like Mike is going to have to get off and push”. Before I could say anything to Mike he jumped off the right side and promptly sank about 3 feet into the mud. Not only did he sink in the mud but also lost his balance all but went under the water. When he again got on his feet, sort of, he was covered in mud.
When he grinned sheepishly, I burst out laughing which made him laugh. Anyway when we stopped laughing he tried to push while I worked the throttle. The tires just spun and kicked up mud and water. I decided I should get off and help push so I ginger got off on the right keeping my feet on the higher ground, knowing I was inches from a mud bath. We both pushed, I gave it some gas and then I lost my foot and slid down into the mud. I was covered from head to foot in mud and laughing so hard I could hardly speak.
I then realized my husband had walked along the track with his winch cable and was hooking it to the front of my machine. He walked back to his machine and was able to pull mine out. When we were again on dry ground I said we should go home so we can get cleaned off but he said not to worry, he knew a place where we could get cleaned up. He got on his machine, still laughing and said to follow him. We had no choice but to get on and follow him. After about 10minutes he turned onto a narrow trail I had never been on and in short time we came out of the forest into a large clearing.
In the middle of the clearing was a pool of water about 30 feet across. He said the water is always warm and if we clean up near where the water flows out over the rocks the mud off us will not mess up the pool. As we got near the water he said, “Strip off your izmit escort clothes and wash them first” then he would lay them out on some nearby rocks where they would dry quickly. I was about to say something when I thought what the hell and pulled my top off and began to strip off my shoes socks and sweatpants. As I grabbed by clothes and stepped in the water, which was quite warm and just deep enough that my tits were out of the water I noticed Mike was staring at my body.
I started to rinse all my clothes as Mike got undressed and joined me in the pool. I did notice that he was getting a hard on and I thought about reaching out and grabbing it. We rinsed our clothes and my husband took them and set them on the flat rocks to dry. I wasn’t quite facing Mike when he reached out and rubbed his hand across my nipple. When I looked at him he quickly said he was sorry but there was a large chunk of mud on my tit. I looked down and said I also have mud on my other tit; you better rub it off also. He hesitated then took water and washed off my other tit, then washed the other tit with a little more fondling this time.
My nipples had gone stiff and when I looked down I could see he had a hard on. Mike then continued to wash the front of me from my neck to just below the water line. I turned around and he washed off the mud from my neck to my ass. When he got to my ass he ran his fingers down my crack to my ass hole spending time to make sure there was no mud. I turned back to face him and said he should make sure he got all the mud from the front of me. As he moved his hands down I parted my legs to give him access. His hands and fingers moved down to my clit and pussy. I said make sure you spend time there to get all the mud off. He said “I will” and he did spending extra time on my clit and then sliding his finger into my pussy.
I had an orgasm and then reached out and took hold of his very hard cock. I looked over at my husband who was sitting on the ground watching us, and smiling. Mike lost his balance and when he straightened up on a shallower sport his cock was out of the water. I immediately kneeled down and took his cock in my mouth. Mike said “what about your husband?” I slipped his cock out of my mouth and explained how he has seen me with another guy and liked to watch then I continued sucking his cock. Twice I could tell he was about to cum but I stopped and squeezed his cock for a few moments then continued. The third time I stopped I asked him if he came, would he be able to cum again and he said absolutely.
I had noticed as entered the pool there was real soft moss so we made our way to it. I had him lie down and straddling him so my pussy was near his mouth then went back to sucking his cock. As I was sucking his cock kocaeli escort slowly using my tongue on the head he was licking my clit while his finger was working in and out of my pussy. Just before I was about to have a more intense orgasm I went at his cock even more which brought I both to orgasms. He unloaded his cum into my mouth and I swallowed every drop.
After he was spent I slowly continued to lick and suck his cock and within a few minutes he got hard again. I moved around so my pussy was just above his cock. I leaned down and started to kiss him and as I was doing his I slowly slid his cock into my pussy and so very slowly let his cock slide deep into me. I slowly moved up and down his hard cock and told him he was incredibly hard and he felt good inside me. After about 1 minute I started to orgasm which worked into multiple orgasms which did not quit. We slowly fucked for about fifteen minutes with both of us building to a huge orgasm. I felt it coming and knew he was close and somehow we both exploded at the same time. He filled my pussy with his hot cum and I felt every pulse of his cock.
I finally collapsed on top of him with his cock still in me. We kissed and hugged for awhile when he started to move his hips. As he moved I could feel his cock growing in side of me. He rolled me over pulled my legs up so my ankles were on his shoulders and slowly fucked me again. I immediately started having multiple orgasms and they continued as he had me get on my knees and he fucked me from behind. Then I was on my side with Mike lying behind me his cock buried in my pussy. He fucked me in this position until we both came again.
We lay there until his cock slowly slid out of me. After a short rest we got up to get dressed. While we were fuck my husband had cleaned my ATV. Instead of getting dressed immediately we sat and had a drink and something to eat. When I looked around for our clothes I couldn’t see them. My husband explained that he had packed them away, except for our shoes and we should drive back naked. My first thought was he is crazy, then I got turned onto the idea and said I thought it was a great idea, mainly because Mike’s naked body would be against me all the way home. While driving back I had to hold onto the handle grips with both hands which weren’t easy since Mike kept moving his hands between my nipples, clit and pussy.
When we got back we were able to fuck again before Mike had to leave and I found out my husband had recorded everything at the pool. Whenever Mike comes over to do some work for us, which is quite often I rarely wear any clothes which generally leads to a good fuck session when the work is done. One day he had a friend come with him to do work where more hands were needed. I wore a very tiny bikini top and a thong. Needless to say it ended in an all night threesome, Mike, me and his buddy Luke, but that is another story and more video shot by my husband.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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