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The Beauty of Grown Children Ch. 02

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Well, as much as we tried Janine did not become pregnant that first month. This didn’t dissuade us from trying a lot though!

After talking it over with Bobby and Janine, we decided to invite their cousins over to join in our fun. Bobby had lusted after Tiffany’s huge tits for years and Janine said she found Chris attractive.

Everyone got together on a Friday night after all of their classes were over. I hadn’t been with Chris or Tiffany in some time and the thought of fucking them again, and watching them fuck each other, had me very turned on.

Janine had also agreed to try making love with Tiffany, a first for her. She also wanted me to take care of her last first by screwing her in the ass for the first time.

Tiffany and Chris were still gorgeous. College football had made Chris even more buffed. Tiffany was also doing well in school, really getting her life together. They both gave me a big hug and kiss when they came in.

Everybody knew what we were there for and, before long the clothes started to come off. Tiffany was wearing a beautiful blue lace bra and matching panties. Janine, not to be outdone by her older cousin, wore peach-colored underwear. We guys just had on boxers, though mine and Bobby’s were silk.

The boys sat down on one couch and the girls joined me. Bobby and Chris hugged, then shared a kiss, their hands all over each other’s muscular bodies. The girls and I just watched for a minute as they started making love to each other. Before long they were fishing each other’s cocks out of their underwear. Bobby took the lead and leaned down to take his cousin in his mouth.

On our couch I kissed Tiffany, then Janine. I cupped my niece’s breasts in hand, glorying in their firmness and size. Janine was busy rubbing my back.

I scooted up and pulled off my boxers, revealing my hard cock. The girls needed no more invitation and went down on their knees and started to blow me. Their hands and tongues went from my asshole to my balls and all the way up my shaft. The two girls shared a kiss with my cock between their lips.

I knew Janine had never been with another girl and Tiffany very infrequently, so I decided to ease them into it. I had them remove the last of their clothes, sat up, and guided Tiffany down onto my cock. Janine sat back and watched güvenilir bahis her cousin ride me, then I motioned her over. I pointed to Tiffany’s bouncing tits. My daughter tentatively took one in her hand and rubbed it. Tiffany smiled at her as she continued her ride.

Emboldened, Janine took Tiffany’s erect nipple in her mouth. Her hand went down to rub my balls and Tiffany’s blonde-muffed slit.

“Oh, yeah Janine! Rub us!” Within minutes Janine and I brought Tiffany to a screaming orgasm.

I look over at the boys who were now in a 69, wolfing down each other’s hard young cocks. It didn’t take long for them to fill each other’s mouths with cream.

“I’m gonna cum, Tiff. You ready?”

“Oh yeah, Uncle Joe! Fill me up!” With that, I shot rope after rope of hot semen into my niece’s waiting cunt. She got up and looked at Janine. “Cousin, why don’t you eat your father’s sperm out of me?”

“Okay!” My daughter dove for her cousin’s pussy, lapping at it like an old pro. I sucked on one of her tits as I watched. The boys, not wanting to be left out, came over. Chris was hard again and, after slipping on a condom, shoved his cock in Janine. Bobby came over and cleaned off my cock with his mouth.

The girls came and we repositioned. Janine sat on her brother’s cock and I moved behind her. After applying a generous portion of lube to my cock, I eased it into her ass. Her brother and I reamed both her holes in unison.

Tiffany took her brother’s cock in her mouth and proceeded to give him the blowjob of his life. He groaned and shot another load of cream into her willing mouth.

I reached around and massaged Janine’s tits as I pounded into her ass. Bobby matched me stroke for stroke, lifting his ass off the couch. I could feel his cock moving in and out of her pussy through her inner membranes. Janine was lost in pleasure, moaning and groaning at our ministrations.

Next to us, Tiffany was on her back with her legs around her head. Chris was thrusting into her pussy. What a great sight it was seeing her big tits flop around as her brother fucked her. I reached over and grabbed his muscular ass, clenching and unclenching as he did the job on his sister.

Bobby groaned, filling his condom with boycream. I was right behind him, filling Janine’s rectum with sperm. As I pulled türkçe bahis out great gobs of it dripped out of her and fell onto Bobby’s balls. She went down and licked them clean.

I took Janine in my arms, kissing her slow and lovingly as her brother fed his cock to Tiffany. My hands went all over my daughter’s beautiful body. Her skin so smooth and warm.

“How are you feeling, sweetie?”

“Great, daddy. But you haven’t fucked my pussy yet.”

“Give an old guy a chance! How about I eat your pussy first?” Janine sat back and opened her legs for me. I took my time with her, licking the insides of her thighs and working my way up to her labia, then finally her clit. I tortured her, never staying on her love button for more than a second.

“Did you like eating Tiffany’s pussy?”


“Did you like it when your cousin fucked you doggie-style?”


My baby was nearing a shattering orgasm, but I kept her on the brink. “Did you like it when your brother and I double-fucked you?”

“OH YES!!!”

She had suffered enough. I stuck my tongue in her ass, then licked my way up to her clit and vigorously lapped at it. Janine bucked her hips, grinding her furry crotch into my face. Her juices flowed freely as my baby came, screaming my name and pulling at my hair.

Like lightning I rose to my knees and shoved my cock into her dripping pussy. It took the air out of her with surprise, but my sudden filling of her pussy kept her orgasm going. My hips became a blur as I gave her everything I had.

“Fuck me, daddy! Fuck your little girl!”

“I’m fucking you, baby girl. Daddy’s fucking his baby!” I forgot all about the other kids as I screwed my daughter with a fury and passion I didn’t think myself capable of. My cock and her tight pussy were the whole world at that moment. Her muscles gripped at my invading member, trying to milk the sperm from me.

“Daddy’s gonna cum, baby!”

“Fill me up, daddy! Knock me up!”

“ARRGGHHH,” I screamed, emptying my balls into my daughter’s tight little cunt. As I started to shoot I felt a new sensation. Bobby was rubbing my balls and Chris had stuck his fingers into my ass. This heightened my orgasm immensely. I felt as if I was emptying a gallon of sticky sperm into Janine.

We took a break to eat and güvenilir bahis siteleri rest, then all piled into the hot tub. Janine and Tiffany had their hands all over each other. While the guys watched, I took each of their cocks in hand, stroking them to erection.

Watching the two young girls, their breasts floating on the water, got me hard immediately. I rose and went to Tiffany, bade her stand. I turned her around, pushed her forward and slammed my cock into her waiting pussy. The boys stood and Janine went to them, taking turns sucking their young, hard cocks.

“Rub my clit, Uncle Joe! Grab my tits!”

I took it slow as I fucked my niece, reveling in the tightness of her cunt. I was stretching it out, taking in every inch as it caressed my penis. My hands were everywhere at once, on her clit, squeezing her bouncing tits, grabbing her tight young ass. Janine was going to town on the boys, swallowing their inches with ease. She took one in her mouth while jerking off the other. The boys had their arms around each other in comradeship as my daughter serviced them.

Tiffany was slamming her ass back at me, matching me thrust for thrust. I looked down at her pussy lips stretching to accommodate my girth. I maintained an easy, sawing motion, wanting to drive her crazy before my own release.

The boys reached orgasm at the same time. Janine jerked both of their cocks and aimed them at her mouth. She was treated to more than a mouthful and the remnants covered her face and hair. Chris and Bobby cleaned her face of their sperm.

I could feel my own sperm starting to boil up from my balls so I slowed down even more, just thrusting enough to maintain an erection. I reached under Tiffany and wildly stroked her clit, bringing her to a screaming orgasm very quickly. Now it was time to take care of my own needs.

I pounded into my niece as she started coming down from her climax, and this set her off again.

“Fuck me, Uncle Joe! Fuck my little pussy hard!” As I did just that Janine came up behind me and started rubbing my back and ass. As I started grunting, she slipped a finger into me, tweaking my rectum. I needed no further encouragement. I cried out as my semen shot out of me and filled my partner’s tight cunt.

That brought the evening to a close, as we were all tired as hell and fucked out. I was glad I kept in shape and could keep up with these teenage sex machines!

Janine shared my bed as always and Tiffany went to sleep with one young stud on either side of her. What a great family I have!

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