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The Blue Life Ch. 34: Tucking In

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The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission, bisexuality and some homo-erotica. If any of that offends you, just move on to another story. All characters are 18+ years of age. And this is a work of fiction. Thanks to proofreaders for their help with suggestions, editing and proofreading. Suggestions for kinks, characters or plot are often worked into future chapters. Leave your suggestions in the comments. Thanks for reading. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are always very much appreciated.

The Blue Life is a LONG and complicated serial fantasy. And it’s been a LONG time since I’ve published an episode here. Sorry. Sometimes life gets in the way.


Bobby and Terri drove in silence. Bobby reached over and took Terri’s hand.

Terri sighed, “Did I do something wrong, Daddy?” Terri, like most of Bobby’s submissives, called him, “Daddy.” They weren’t related, and Bobby was only a little less than four years older than the eighteen year old Terri.

Bobby turned and smiled. “No, Kitten. The complete opposite. This has been a very fun date.”

Terri beamed, but looked confused. “You just seem quiet. And you haven’t told me to suck your cock or show you my tits or…y’know, finger my pussy, or anything.”

Bobby chuckled. “It’s not always about sex, Kitten. Sometimes it’s just nice to be quiet, drive, and hold the hand of a pretty girl.”

Terri squeezed his hand. “You really think I’m pretty?” Terri looked coy and her sky-blue, almost gray-blue eyes got wide and blinked slowly.

Bobby looked over. “I am so lucky. Yes. You are adorable, Terri. You’re so cute and perky and energetic.”

Terri frowned and let go of Bobby’s hand. “I don’t want to be cute.”

Bobby shook his head. He had said the wrong thing again. “You’re also funny.” Terri turned and looked out the window. Bobby felt like he had just dug a bigger hole. Bobby reached and ran his fingers through Terri’s long, bright-blue hair. The left side of her head had long hair. The right side was nearly shaved, just some short growth, nearly bald. The look was very aggressive and punk, and had contributed to Terri getting kicked off her Cheer Leading Squad a few weeks ago. Bobby cleared his throat. “You’re also ridiculously sexy, Baby Girl. You make my balls ache for wanting to fuck you.”

Terri’s head snapped back around to look him in the eye. “Oh, fuck, yeah, Bobby! I mean, Daddy. I feel the same way. Just thinking about you gets me creaming. I want to fuck you so hard, right now, Bobby. Let’s drive back up to Bluffs Park. You can fuck me there! I don’t care if that Cop is still there.” Terri giggled. “He can have my mouth, while you take my virgin pussy!”

Bobby laughed and shook his head. “Lift up your skirt, Kitten. Show me that virgin pussy.”

Terri leaned back against the passenger door and began slowly raising her short dress, like the curtain rising on a play. She spread her legs, which was difficult to do, because Bobby’s car was a compact. But she put her knee up and put one foot, in red and black Chuck Taylor kicks, between the seats, behind the parking brake. She spread her legs wide. The skirt raised up, past the tops of her stockings, revealing her thick, muscled thighs and creamy white skin. Bobby caught scent of Terri’s excitement, even before he saw the shiny lips of her labia, and the erect button of her clit, with a blue barbell piercing in her clitoral hood. Bobby groaned when the small, bright blue landing strip of pubic hair was revealed. “Oh, fuck! You are so hot, Terri!”

“Does that mean we’re diving up to Bluffs Park? Are you going to fuck me, Daddy?” Terri’s fingers spread her pussy lips. Her cunt-hole winked at Bobby while she was talking. Bobby had to consciously will himself to pay attention to the road.

Bobby licked his lips, but shook his head. “No, Kitten. When are we going to fuck for the first time?”

“Bobby, my school dance is a week away! I don’t want to wait a whole week! My pussy is on fire right now, Daddy!” She pulled the spaghetti straps of her dress down her arms and bunched her black dress at the waist. Her massive, firm tits were fully, brazenly displayed. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Blue piercings went through each firm nipple. Her left hand grabbed her tit and brought it up near her mouth. Her right hand plunged two fingers into her juicy cunt. It was a pornographic display. And it made Bobby’s balls ache.

“Holy shit,” Bobby exhaled.

“Don’t you want to fuck me, Daddy? I’m wet! I’m ready! You could even take my fucking ass, Bobby! You can have all of me, right now. Just pull over and fuck me. Please? Just fuck me, Daddy!”

Bobby clenched his teeth. They were driving back to the Lace Boudoir and his girlfriend’s apartment. His subs were preparing his girlfriend, Sunny, to have her ass fucked for the first time by Bobby. Bobby hadn’t envisioned his first ass-fuck with Sunny to be a group scene. But this had been a very tense day. Sunny needed some deep, serious attention. And Bobby had taken Terri out on a date instead. Bobby was feeling guilty. There was just too much going on!

First, Bobby’s mother, Blue (well, that is her submissive bahis firmaları name, Marjorie is her given name)…Blue was with Bobby’s grandmother, Katherine, his father’s mother, trying to explain the situation surrounding Bobby’s father, Andrew, and his brother, Uncle Nick. Blue had also been given the bonus task of trying to seduce Bobby’s grandmother, and bring her home as an incestuous gift for his father! It was a crazy task. Bobby’s Grandma Kate was a sweet, but emotionally distant old woman. She knew nothing about Nick and Andrew’s abusive incestuous relationship, or the fact that both of Bobby’s parents were his sexual submissives!

Second, Nancy Stockton’s husband, Bill had died suddenly. Nancy was feeling guilty, because she had wished her violent, controlling, abusive and dangerous husband would die many times. And it finally happened. Bobby’s father was feeling guilty, because he had gotten into a fight with Big Bill Stockton yesterday. Red (Bobby’s father’s submissive name) had not only knocked out the much larger, heavier man, but he used Dim Mak, the Death Touch, on him! Dim Mak was supposedly this secret martial arts technique that Red had learned. And it had supposedly marked Bill Stockton for Death! Bobby had laughed off the idea. But Bill Stockton had fallen from his cherry-picker while working on a high voltage line earlier in the day. And either the fall, the electricity or possibly a heart attack had killed him. Red said that it was Dim Mak.

Finally, Terri, Bobby’s youngest submissive, just a High School Senior, had revealed her plans to get pregnant by Bobby! She said that her mother, Sally also wanted to get pregnant. And so did Bobby’s newest submissive, Sophie! Bobby was only a Senior in College. He wasn’t married. He didn’t think he was ready to be a father yet, let alone a father by three different women, none of whom were the woman he wanted to marry! But, the idea of being the Alpha-Male and getting his submissives pregnant appealed to Bobby too on a very visceral, primal level. He needed to discuss the situation with his girlfriend. He needed to discuss the situation with his mother. They were his two closest confidantes. It was their judgement he trusted. And he had no clue what they would say. Terri claimed that Sunny was completely on board with Bobby knocking up all his submissives. Bobby found that hard to believe. Because Sunny had undergone a partial hysterectomy, she couldn’t have children. And it was that surgery that had led to the collapse of her sexual relationship with her former Master.

It was all just too damn complicated! Just two weeks ago, life had been so much simpler. It was just Bobby dominating his mother and father. That was fun. That was enough for him. Suddenly, his life had changed. He had taken on the responsibilities of Dominating a stable of submissives. He had his mother and father, Blue and Red. There was Sally, the hefty, curvy, big-titted cock sucker. There was Sally’s daughter, Terri, the virgin slut. Then there was Sunny, his girlfriend with a colorful and slutty past. And in just the past few days Bobby had gathered so many more submissives: Dr. Shapiro, Nurse Nancy, Sophie, the tiny little person lawyer with giant, fake tits, Regina Coulson, and her boyfriend, the black man-mountain, Private Detective Blix Johnson. Bobby didn’t know if his father’s personal assistant was one of his submissives or not. Bobby had fucked Stephanie Bahl. But Stephanie seemed more interested in Bobby’s father, and not very interested in Dominance and submission at all. Then there was Adele Gunty, the rotund octogenarian. She seemed very open to all kinds of sexual adventure. She was sweet and sexy for reasons that Bobby couldn’t quite articulate even to himself. But did Bobby really have the time, energy and emotional capital to take on another submissive? It was getting to be confusing and more than a bit overwhelming.

Bobby growled in both sexual and general frustration. He turned to Terri and barked, “Unzip my pants and take out my goddamn cock!”

Terri grinned as if she was winning an argument, but she said, “Yes, Sir!” She undid Bobby’s belt and unbuttoned his dress slacks. He was going commando, no underwear. She unzipped his fly, and his fully erect, six and a half inch cock sprang free. It was already weeping pre-cum. Terri smeared it around on the purplish head, making it gleam. She bent down and kissed the tip and flicked her tongue across the tiny slit there, coaxing more pre-cum to burble up. She looked up through her long eyelashes and grinned. “Now what?” she asked.

“Take it in your mouth, Kitten. Suck on it. That’s right. Now, deep! Deeper. To the base. To the root. Take it all, back into your throat. Back in your throat.” Bobby pressed with one hand on the back of Terri’s head.

She began to choke, retch and gag. She pushed off of Bobby’s cock. “Jesus-Fuck, Bobby! I can’t do that! I can’t deep throat like my Mom!”

Bobby took a deep breath and exhaled through his nostrils. “We’ll work on that, Kitten. Nobody sucks cock as well as your Mom, except maybe Sunny. But certainly nobody loves sucking cock as much as your Mom.”

Terri wiped the spittle from her lips. She said, “I’m sorry, Daddy. kaçak iddaa I was at a bad angle. And I’m not used to a hand pressing down. I can do it. Mistress Sunny has had me practicing on dildos. And I can take all of Red, but he’s not as long as you.”

Just then, Bobby’s cell phone rang. Bobby pulled it out of his pocket and handed it to Terri. He knew it wasn’t his mother or girlfriend. He put those two on a special ringer. He asked, “Who is it?”

“It says, ‘Nurse Nancy,'” Terri replied.

“OK. Answer it.”

Terri tapped that screen and held the phone up to her ear. She said, “Hey, Sister! How are you feeling?…Umm-hmm? Yeah. OK. Oh, I understand. Here’s Daddy.” She handed the phone to Bobby and whispered, “They need more time.”

Bobby shook his head and took the phone. He tried to put a smile in his voice when he said, “What’s up, Kitten?”

Nancy sounded stressed. She said, “Please don’t be angry, Daddy. But, how far are you away from Sunny’s place?”

Bobby estimated, “About three to five minutes, I guess.”

Nancy interrupted, “We need more time, Sir. It took a while to dig Sunny’s armbinder out of storage. And I haven’t finished her makeup. And Dr. Piggie says he needs to lube her ass and open her up for you. And he wants things to be just perfect.”

Bobby said, “Things don’t have to be perfect, Kitten.”

“Please, Sir. Just fifteen or twenty minutes more,” Nancy sounded a bit desperate.

Bobby asked, “Who all is there?”

“Dr. Piggie is getting Mistress Sunny trussed up. I’m doing her makeup. Sophie is cleaning up. And Sally is digging through Mistress Sunny’s toys looking for stuff.”

“Where are my Dad, Gina, Blix and Mrs. Gunty?”

“They’ve left. Blix took Gina home with him. And Red escorted Mrs. Gunty home a while ago.”

Bobby sighed. He didn’t know where Blix lived. He could call him. But that was awkward. He decided to stop and check in on Adele Gunty. It was before ten. Not too late. And maybe his father was still there. He said, “OK, Kitten. Twenty minutes. And things don’t have to be perfect.”

Nancy said, “You can spank me when you get here, Sir. It’s really my fault.”

Bobby couldn’t tell if she was taking the blame, asking to be spanked, or both. Again, he tried to not sound frustrated, and put a smile in his voice. “Twenty minutes, Kitten.”

“Yes, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy.” And Nancy hung up.

Terri had been licking and nuzzling Bobby’s cock. She gave it a squeeze and said, “We’re not going to Bluffs Park. Are we?”

Bobby nodded. “We were never going back to Bluffs Park, Kitten. That was your idea, not mine.”

“Daddy, my pussy is on fire. If I had balls, they would be as blue as my hair by now! I need to get fucked by you!”

Bobby smiled. “I will make sure you have a delicious orgasm tonight, Kitten.”

Terri growled and lightly nipped at the tip of Bobby’s cock. She said, “I don’t want to cum, I want cock! I want your cock, Bobby, fucking up inside of me. Oh, fuck! I shouldn’t talk about it. It just makes things worse.”

“One week,” Bobby promised. “One week and I will fuck you so good, Kitten. I promise.”

“Argh,” Terri growled, “so where are we going now?”

“Adele Gunty’s. She lives right behind Sunny’s shop. We can check in on her. Maybe Red is still there. And we won’t have to drive once the twenty minutes are up.”

Terri sat up, crossed her arms, and looked out the window, away from Bobby. “That fat old hag? I don’t know what you see in that dried up cunt!” Her tone was angry and nasty.

Bobby tried not to respond with anger and have the situation explode. Bobby tried to keep his voice even. He said, “Kitten, I don’t care how disappointed you are that I’m not going to fuck you tonight. I don’t care how angry and upset you are. You will never talk about one of your Daddy’s Kitten’s like that behind their back. And certainly not in front of me. You don’t have to be jealous of Granny Adele. You have nothing to worry about. Adele is sweet and lovely. You’ll see. But talk like that again, and you will be punished. Fix your dress!”

Bobby pulled in behind Sunny’s shop and got out of the car. Terri fixed her dress, tucking her tits back in, smoothing down the skirt, and got out of the car too. She started up the back steps from the alley towards Sunny’s place. Bobby said, “Not that way, yet. This way. Follow me” Bobby made his way down the alley to the gap in the bushes that led to Adele’s backyard. He held the bushes aside, so they wouldn’t snag Terri’s short black dress. Then he made his way through the bushes and took Terri’s hand.

Terri said, “I–I’m sorry, Bobby. OK? I’m sorry, Sir. Ya–You can spank my ass later or right now, if you want. I–I shouldn’t have said that”

Bobby smiled and squeezed Terri’s hand. He said, “I love you, Kitten.” Terri laughed and Bobby asked, “What so funny?”

“You are not making not fucking you any easier, Bobby. I love you too, y’know that, don’t you, Daddy? And I would totally marry you tomorrow, if you asked me. I want to have your fucking babies, Mister. I’m totally serious about that too.”

Bobby chuckled. He leaned down and lightly kissed Terri’s lips, but broke kaçak bahis their kiss before it could become more passionate. He said, “You make it absolutely impossible to stay mad at you, Kitten. That is one of the nicest things anybody has ever said to me.”

Terri walked ahead and pulled at Bobby’s hand. “C’mon! Don’t be slow.” She pulled him up to the side door and looked for a ringer. There wasn’t one. Bobby opened the screen door and knocked loudly. They waited. Terri whispered, “Maybe she’s asleep. Or maybe she and Red are fucking.”

“I don’t think Adele and Red are fucking.”

“Could be,” Terri retorted.

Bobby shook his head, but said, “Could be, I guess.” Bobby opened the screen door and was about to knock again when the side door opened.

Granny Adele was in her housecoat. She said, “Oh, my! I didn’t expect anyone else tonight.”

Bobby shuffled his feet. He said, “We’re sorry, Princess. But we heard my father had escorted you home, and we were wondering if he is still here?”

“Oh, no. Come in. Come in. Come in. No. No, Red left a while ago. I was just talking with Frank in the living room. Well, I was doing most of the talking. Frank had nodded off, like he usually does.” Frank was Adele’s husband. He had been dead for about ten years, but Adele still talked to him and about him, as if he were still alive and just in the other room. Bobby assumed it helped her deal with the loneliness. Bobby and Terri stepped into Adele’s kitchen. Adele prattled on, “I was going to invite Red in. Did you know that he paid for my pretty things at the store. I’m wearing some of them now. I was thinking about sleeping in them tonight. They’re so gorgeous and naughty. But I don’t want to wreck them either. I wanted to thank Red, Daddy. But, I didn’t know if you will be angry. You see, I was going to invite him in and see if he would like me to suck his cock for him! Oh, my! I feel like such a hussy, just for saying that.”

Bobby smiled and hugged Adele. “You are a gorgeous hussy, Princess.” Bobby and Terri stepped inside to the kitchen. “And I’m sure Red would love for you to suck his cock sometime.”

“So you’re not mad, Daddy?”

“No, sweetie. I’m not mad. Did Red come in?”

“No. He seemed distracted, very distant. But he let me kiss him goodnight. He’s a very handsome man, Daddy. I can see where you get your good looks.”

“People say I look more like my Mother,” Bobby replied.

Adele said, “Really? I can’t imagine.”

“You’ll meet her soon, Princess. So what are you wearing from the shop right now?”

Adele blushed bright pink. It started up at her forehead and ran straight down her chest. She said, “I got two bras, and four panties. White and black. Oh, and I also got these stockings.” Granny stepped forward and brought one leg out of the gap in her housecoat. It was smooth and white. No pattern. “There wasn’t a garter belt big enough, so Miss Gutierrez is special ordering one for me. It should be here in just two or three days. Can you imagine. Just two days, and it’s coming all the way from Albuquerque!”

“Are you getting ready for bed, Granny? Maybe, Terri and I can tuck you in and then let ourselves out.”

“Oh, no. You couldn’t,” Adele argued.

“Princess, I would like to see what you’re wearing,” Bobby insisted. “Terri, go shut the lights off in the front room and then meet us in the bedroom.” Bobby took Adele’s hand and began leading her back to where he thought her bedroom might be.

Adele whispered. “Don’t be angry, Daddy. But my underwear is naughty. That’s what they made me get. And, oh, I have to admit. It makes me feel so…so…so very excited and dirty.”

“You’re very sexy, Princess. Daddy approves.”

Adele led Bobby back into her bedroom. “Miss Gutierrez said that I would need to have a checkup with the Doctor. I like him. But I don’t like seeing Doctors at all. Always bad news. But she was adamant. She said it was a rule. So, I’m going for a checkup on Monday.”

“I will make sure either Red or I can escort you, Princess.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

Bobby began unbuttoning her housecoat, and Terri came back in the room. Adele became instantly shy. She grabbed her housecoat and turned around.

Bobby said, “Princess, Daddy wants to see your new things.”

Adele squeaked, “Even with the young woman in the room?”

“Her name is Terri. And yes. Listen to your Daddy. Be a good girl and show us both, or I will pull that housecoat off you and give you spanking young lady!”

Adele gasped. She was 85 years old. Probably five foot five inches tall, just a little taller than Terri. But she outweighed Bobby by at least fifty pounds, probably more. She was well over two hundred and fifty pounds, maybe closer to three hundred or more. She was a round dumpling of a woman, round all over. She said, “Alright, Daddy.” She unbuttoned her housecoat with her back to Bobby and Terri. Then she turned around, but kept her housecoat clutched tightly around her. She looked back and forth from Bobby to Terri for some kind of repeal. But seeing none, she closed her eyes tightly and pushed her housecoat off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing a simple white, underwire bra with a bit of lace along the cups, and a matching white lace thong. She had on plain white stockings, held up with a bit of silicone on the inside of the hem on her legs. She kept her eyes tightly shut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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