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The Brandee Situation

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Let’s start with this. I love my wife. We’ve been together for some time, and we’ve had very few problems. However, we’re both a bit older now, (early 40s) and over time I guess you can get a bit bored with one another, with the routine. I was never one to stray though, I had no reason to. Tanya was beautiful, smart, fun. I was the envy of my friends. But things change, and I was a little frustrated with our sex life. (Or lack of it these days) That’s when I discovered Brandee.

Maybe “discovered” her isn’t quite the right word. I’d actually known her for most of her life, as she has grown up right next door. She moved in there with her parents Tandi and Marc when she was around 8 or 9 years old, of whom my wife and I became fast friends with. We had much in common; same age, many of the same hobbies and friends, and they were also an attractive couple of means. I myself am decent looking guy, good body for my age, fairly tall, nice thick cock. However this situation it’s what made the Brandee thing so complicated, yet so exciting. She was like my family, practically a niece to me on some level. I watched her through the years, growing from an awkward child with braces into the beautiful 18 year old teen she was now. Birthday parties, her first prom, holidays, vacations. Having no children of our own, my wife thought of her as a daughter. Then came a day that changed everything.

It all started when I went out to check the mail, and noticed her next door in the driveway, washing the car.

I stopped short, slightly confused. Had Marc hired a hot housekeeper? All I could see was round ass cheeks and long legs protruding from some tiny shorts. I stared, feeling the stirring of my cock under my robe, when she suddenly popped her head up.

“Hi Shane!” she said sweetly.

Man, she’d really come into her own. Her mother is Filipino, her dad is white. She was this beautiful mix of two worlds. Smooth, light brown skin, she’s naturally a color that most women spend hours in the sun trying to duplicate. Thick dark brown hair that hung to her waist, which was right where her very long toned legs began. Full lips, hips, and tits. All topped off with startling pale blue eyes, compliments of her father. There was nothing typical or average about her looks.

I felt my face flush with embarrassment and shame. I nodded back briefly and quickly went back into the house, trying to collect myself. But I just couldn’t get the image of her sweet little ass out of my mind. I ended up going into the bathroom and jerking off, trying to imagine what was underneath those shorts.

I felt guilty at first. This was one of my best friends daughters, someone I’d known since she was a child. She was a good girl too, smart and popular, with a good reputation. But eventually I just couldn’t help myself, I gave in, unable to fight my lust. If anything, the more I told myself it was wrong, the more I wanted it.

I began to look for every opportunity to see her, even to just get a peek at her. She was the foremost thought in any fantasy I had. It was a bit scary at how I couldn’t focus on much else. I put on a good front though. Calm and casual around her or her parents, no hint at the sexual frustration I felt at even the thought of her.

So on this particular day, a few months down the road, I was as sexually frustrated as could be. It’d been months, at this point, since Tanya and I had had ANY kind of sexual contact. She worked constantly, and was often tired and a little cranky these days. I, on the other hand, am already semi-retired. I own a successful car dealership, built from the ground up. At this point, it mostly ran itself on reputation alone. Not a huge need to be there. I’m home most days, bored and horny.

I was sitting in front of the tv this particular day, about to jerk off (again) when I heard a knock at the door. As I headed down the stairs to answer it, I see a familiar beautiful face breeze through the entry.

“Hi Shane!” Brandee said cheerfully. “I hope you don’t mind, I let myself in.” I stopped dead in my tracks.

She stared up at me, and I knew I should speak, but damn. I wasn’t expecting this. She’d really caught me off guard. And her clothing! I bit down on my tongue, just to keep my mouth in place. She was wearing a skimpy, sheer tank top, which was failing miserably at covering the much too small bikini top underneath. Throw in some barely there cutoff shorts, and I had my real life wet dream standing right in my foyer.

“Uh, yes, hey there sweetie. Come on in,” I stammered. “What can I do for you?

“Well,” she said shyly, batting her lashes, twirling her hair. “Our swimming pool is being overhauled right now. Would it be too much bother if I borrowed yours for a couple of hours?”

“Of course, no, go right ahead!” I said a little too loudly, trying to contain my excitement. “You go make yourself at home. The pool house is unlocked if you need anything from in there.”

She threw me a 100 watt smile, and skipped past me. (Holy God she smelled amazing) I immediately bahis firmaları ran upstairs to a guest room in the back that over looked the pool, and settled in to watch the show.

Now honestly, I really wasn’t expecting much. At best I was hoping a tit would pop out, just a little pool boob action. My imagination ran wild at the thought of what her tits might look like. But this was the most action I was sure to see from her, maybe ever. I was going to take in every sinful second.

I watched as she put her stuff down, stretched a little, and then quickly undressed herself. I was actually a little surprised at her swim suit. She’d always been a fairly modest girl, as far as could tell. A good girl, as I mentioned earlier. Not one to prance around in anything too revealing. But the baby pink two piece she had on left very little to the imagination. Which was very helpful.

Once her clothes were off she stretched again, bending over at the waist, unknowingly giving me a full view of her perfectly round ass. My cock twitched in my pants, reminding me what we were doing back here to begin with. I reached down and rubbed it slowly, giving myself a little tease, while I returned my attention to the half naked teenage girl in my back yard.

Finally done with her stretching, she sat down next to the pool and stuck her long legs in, kicking them slowly around. But instead of getting all the way in, she settled her back onto the cement. With her sunglasses still on, she pulled her arms up over her head, stretching out a bit more, causing her already full tits to practically point up to me. She yawned lazily, and then very slowly a smile spread across her beautiful face.

She reached over for a bottle of sun tan oil and poured some on her bare stomach. She began to rub herself slowly, her skin glistening with every swipe. As she got to her breasts she began to squeeze them and push on them, rubbing them over and over again. My cock was starting to throb at this point, aching to bust out. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, there was no way this was real.

I leaned closer to the window, with my face fully pressed up against the glass. She pulled her legs out of the water, and began to rub the oil up and down her thighs. My heart beat quickened, as I watched her fingers graze lightly over her barely covered crotch. My breath caught in my throat, a fire radiating throughout my core. I watched as she began to rub herself harder, thrusting her hips up to meet her fingers.

That was all I could take. Seeing this girl who I’d been fantasizing over, rubbing her pussy next to my pool, there was just no rationing or reasoning at this point. I was in animalistic, mating mode. No consequences were too great at this point. If anything, thinking of the consequences was almost turning me on more. I wanted her. No, I needed her, like it was my air to breath. Something in me just snapped. All I could think about was that I wanted to shove my cock inside of her so hard that it might break something, and i didn’t care. I stood up, walked calmly down the stairs, and out to the pool.

As I reached the backyard, there wasn’t a plan in my mind, only my need to quench the desire emanating from my cock . I walked quickly out and heard the door snap shut loudly behind me. I guess Brandee heard it too, because she jumped up in hurry, looking a little flushed, blushing at just having been caught in the middle of her voyeuristic activities.

“Oh my God, Shane, you scared me!” she said breathlessly, pulling her legs together.

I didn’t say a word as I continued to quickly pace towards her. She looked nervous, startled. I liked it. I cowered over her for a moment, enjoying her uncertainty. I reached my hand down for her, and she reached up for it, hesitantly.

“Shane, what’s going on? Did I do something wrong?”

I didn’t answer her, I just pulled her to her feet, and began to tug her behind me, leading her into the pool house, like a small child who’s in deep trouble. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew this would be safer. It was the only small amount of ration I had in me.

I could feel her walk behind me, stumbling to keep up, but she wasn’t resisting. I took that as a good sign of what was about to unfold. I pulled her in and pushed her in front of me, and pulled the door shut behind me.

I turned around and surveyed her, taking her all in. She had a slightly bewildered look on her face, with a hint of fear and embarrassment. She was breathing heavily, her beautiful gravity defying tits moving up and down, her sun kissed skin all dewy with a sheen of oil. She looked down and began to stutter, apologizing again for her poolside behavior.

“You’re not going to tell my dad, are you? I’m really sorry Shane. I’m so embarrassed.”

I reached out slowly, enjoying her begging. I pulled her into my chest, stroking her hair, shushing her, like I’d done when she fell off her bike in my driveway as a young girl. That seemed like so long ago now.

“It’s ok…” I said, as I sat down on one of kaçak iddaa the wide leather couches. I pulled her down next to me and softly stroked her leg. She sighed gratefully, still unaware of the nature of my intentions.

As she began to calm down, she asked me, “So, you’re not going to tell my dad what happened?”

I smiled at her, savoring the moment.

“No,” I replied. “I’m not upset or shocked by what you were doing. It’s only natural. Besides, I can keep a secret. It’s fun to have secrets, right?”

She nodded her head slowly, the uncertainty coming back to her face.

“So how about we make it even then?” I asked. “I’ll share a secret with you?” I said, teasing her with my words. She continued nodding her head slowly, trying to figure out where this was going.

I began to run my fingers along the inside of her warm slick thigh, stopping at the very top and then slowly rubbing my hand back and forth on the inside of her leg. She gasped, wide eyed, finally grasping the nature of my intentions.

She didn’t push me away; she just kind of froze and stared at me, shocked. I stared back, trying to read her gaze. It was now or never.

I grasped her small arm above the elbow and pulled her in closer, putting my mouth to her ear. I ran my tongue along the earlobe, as I felt her stiffen underneath me, catching her breath. Slowly, I ran my lips down her neck and kissed my way back to her ear. I could hear her still breathing heavily, her tits heaving up and down against my arm.

“I watched you rub the oil on your body. I watched you rub your fingers over your pussy.” I whispered into her ear. “I watched you, and it turned me on so much that now I want to do that to you. I want you to let me do very dirty things to you too. I want to tease your body until you moan and beg me for more.”

I pulled away, staring deep into her eyes. “Would you like that?” I asked, pushing my hand deeper into her thighs. “Would you like Shane to make you feel really good all over?” I asked, rubbing my nose lightly against hers.

She still looked very shocked, but also slightly aroused. There was an excitement in her eyes that wasn’t there before. She wasn’t moving a muscle, but she didn’t push me away either. She finally caught my stare, and swallowed hard, and nodded her head, very slowly. That was all the encouragement I needed.

I could smell her pussy as I was rubbing the inside of her thigh. Not that my cock needed anymore encouraging, but fuck me, it smelled amazing. I wanted to take my time though. I wasn’t sure if this would ever happen again, and I really wanted to make it last.

I took my shirt off, and then lifted her up and sat her down, straddling me. I swear, my dick was so hard I probably could have fucked her with my pants still on.

She sat down carefully, totally unsure of herself. I chuckled softly, honestly enjoying her naivety much more than if she’d been totally in the know of things. I knew it wouldn’t last long.

I reached up carefully, and began to rub her nipples through the thin bikini top that was covering them, teasing one, then the other, pinching slightly. Her tits were still moving up and down in tune to her excited breathing. She caught her breath as I pinched them, and then began to relax her bikini clad pussy down into my bulge.

I teased them for a moment, biting them through the material, pinching and squeezing them until an illicit groan escaped her mouth. I gently pulled the two pink triangles to either side, exposing her full breast. God they were perfect. Full and heavy, but still perky. Slightly dark but rosy nipples, like cherries on a sundae. They were puffy and slightly swollen, just begging to be sucked on.

I teased them again, licking over one, leaving a trail of saliva, rubbing it in with my finger, before blowing on it. I watched it get hard and stiff, right under my strong fingers. Brandee moaned slightly, heavier this time, pushing her sweet pussy harder into my cock. I smiled, seeing the sweet desire wash over her face. I pushed my cock back up into her and continued my assault on her perfect titties.

I began to suck on her nipples deeply, one at a time, taking one fully into my mouth, while rubbing little circles into the other one with my calloused fingers. She whimpered seductively, begging me not to stop, and began to fully dry hump her hot cunt all over the hardness of my cock.

I was a little surprised at her response, and at how quickly her arousal had set in. I was honestly expecting it to take some coaxing, or even some blackmail to get all I wanted. But here she was, just a little nipple sucking and she was already gyrating her young hips all over me, squealing with desire.

“I bet I could make her cum just by sucking on her nipples.” I mused to myself. But I was getting distracted.

I gently pulled her left nipple into my teeth, biting down softly, while rubbing my tongue furiously over the swollen nub. It was so sweet, so perfect in my mouth. She gasped, and pushed her nipple further into kaçak bahis my mouth, running her fingers through my hair. She leaned her head back and hissed deeply, her desire taking over. I chuckled to myself, and pulled her back away from me, sitting upright. She looked startled and almost annoyed at my abrupt stop.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, looking around suspiciously. I smiled at her wickedly, letting my hands find their way up to her nipples, pinching them between my thumb and forefinger, twisting lightly. Her eyes immediately glazed over, a sweet whimper escaping her big, pouty lips.

“I just want to make sure you understand what’s about to happen here.” I said to her sternly. “I want to make sure there’s no misunderstanding. Because once I start, I won’t be stopping. I’m a grown man, Brandee, not some hormonal teenage boy. I’m going to fuck you, right now, right here inside this pool house. Do you understand me?”

She sat still for a moment, before nodding slightly, her wide eyes never leaving mine. I moved my hand to her back, sliding my fingers softly up her spine.

“Its ok…” I said, as I crooned into her ear sweetly. “but I need to know, Brandee, have you ever had sex before? I know you’re young still, but…..” I asked, quizzically searching her face. She smiled, a little blush forming on her cheeks.

“I have.” she replied, very matter-of-factly. “But only a couple of times.” she admitted. “And really, just the sex part. It all happened so fast. There wasn’t any if this, what we’re doing right now.” She shrugged her shoulders.

I laughed. “Well, that’s because you were both inexperienced.” I informed her. “But what we’re about to do, it’s nothing like that…….have you ever had an orgasm?” I asked her knowingly. She blushed deeper, tilting her head down.

“Yes.” she said quietly. “But just by myself, on my own.” she admitted. My cock twitched underneath her, imagining this young vixen in her room, rubbing her pussy with her hands, shoving her fingers in and out of her tight wet hole until she came. Fuck me.

“What you were doing by the pool just now, were you fixing to masturbate?”

I lifted her chin up to meet my gaze. She nodded, smiling slightly. “I couldn’t help it!” she said, running her hand over my bare chest. “I’m so…..horny.” she said, looking right through my soul. It was all I could take.

I ripped her skimpy bikini top off and yanked her head back, my fingers twisting in her long hair, all in one deft maneuver. She choked on a passionate sob as I raked my teeth down her neck and violently nashed my teeth against her still protruding nipples. She lifted her hands above her head, caught up in a momentary passionate worship. The smell off the ecstasy rising up from her soaking twat hit me right in the face. Like a male catching the scent of a female in heat; I was driven towards it. I had to see it, taste it, feel it. I wanted to hear the wet squishing sounds of my tongue fucking her tight hole.

I stood quickly, lifting her up with me. I caught her mouth in a passionate kiss, our tongues weaving and sliding together. She had her long limbs wrapped around my waist, grinding her hot cunt against my still concealed dick as much as she could manage.

I spun around and sat her back into the corner of the deep set couch. I dropped to my knees, ready to worship at her alter. I yanked her legs apart, causing her to cry out with my abrupt force. I put my hands behind her ass, and I pulled her closer to my face, causing her legs to spread even further. She watched, wide eyed, as I leaned my nose into her barely concealed pussy, so swollen with desire that it was beginning to spill out of her tiny bikini bottom.

I rubbed my nose up and down the darkened material, breathing in her delicate but musky sex smell. I could just make out a tiny little bump, where her swollen clit had begun to poke it’s way through into the sheer fabric. I ran my finger over it, pushing down into it. She moaned appreciatively, not taking her eyes off of me.

I teased her clit like this for a moment, running my finger over the little bump again and again, enjoying the excited gasps from above, before finally lifting and pulling at the small pink scrap that was covering her buried treasure.

My excitement was overwhelming; I was still trying to wrap my mind around everything that had fallen into place so quickly. It almost felt like some erotic dream, I couldn’t believe I was actually face down in my young Brandee’s wet little cunt, it begging for my attention. I eagerly pushed the bikini bottom out of the way, and I wasn’t disappointed.

You could see a bare outline of a tan line, just slightly paler than her warm skin. There was the slightest bit of soft pubic hair at the top, edged up tastefully into a small triangle. Her lips were swollen, and slightly flushed pink with color. I could see the tip of her clit peeking through the full lips, begging to be discovered. I looked deep into her eyes as I softly ran my tongue over her crease, again and again, making my way up to the hardened nub, but stopping just short of it, not touching it. I then begin to lightly rub her pussy lips with my thumbs on either side of it, slowly working them open, rubbing her clit in between.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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