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The Butterfly Effect Pt. 01

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Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks!

Note: If you’ve read a few of my other stories, you’ll find that I often use the same names for my characters. Unless it’s for a series, they’re not the same characters. Rather, I tend to use the same names for the same real-world inspirations.

Second note: while this story doesn’t have a strong anal element to it, it does have some. If it’s not your thing, please try some of my other stories.


I was both excited and a little nervous about the upcoming week. Months ago, my wife Nella and I decided to do major renovations on our house. Now, for the best part of the week, the work was going to be so intense that we had to leave. For the past few weeks we’d already been living in strange conditions, with workers in and out of the house all the time, walls being torn down and others built up, dust all over the place, etc… But this week was the week when they would redo the floors, and it would make the house uninhabitable.

Luckily for us, two of our friends had offered to let us live with them. They lived about a hour drive away, so normally it would make our commutes to work impossible. Luckily, Nella and I decided that we would take this week off. So all in all, the coming week looked like a very good one: spend time with friends, relax in a house that wasn’t being torn up and down at the same time and enjoy time off from work. So I was excited. If you add to that the fact that Aria and Jonathan lived in a wonderful house surrounded by nature and a nice stream nearby, this week looked like a vacation.

On the other hand, there was one potential issue. Aria. I met Aria through my wife: they had been friends long before I met Nella. Even during our first meeting I knew that she would be trouble. Well, maybe not her specifically, but the situation. Why? Aria looked like a goddess. Not too tall but with a very small frame and relatively thin overall, she nevertheless had curves in the right places: nice thighs and slightly flaring hips with a tight stomach. Her face was quite beautiful, with hazel eyes and a glorious crown of overflowing and very long auburn hair. But even if her eyes had been pink and her long hair green, they would not be the first things most people would notice about her.

Objectively, her breasts weren’t all that big. As the years went by and sleepovers afforded a few opportunities, I learned that most of her bras were 34E. Now, that’s in no way small. But when you understand bra sizes, and sister cup sizes, their actual size was equivalent to a 38C. Not small, but not extraordinarily large either. Yet on her small frame, they looked huge! I’m pretty sure that if I one day I could manage to close my hands over them, I’d be surprised by their small size. Yet as for now, all I could do was look. And be floored. The way they looked, the way they moved and bounced and danced… They were mesmerizing.

I am, obviously, a breast man. I love asses and thighs and hips and even the soft curves of a nice belly. But breasts… Ever since I was a very young man, I knew what I liked. So it was no surprise to my friends that I ended up marrying a woman with remarkable breasts. I believe that Nella is beautiful from head to toe, but I had to admit that her breasts are her best assets. Now, even given the fact that Aria and Nella were just about the same height, they were very different women indeed. Whereas Aria is small boned and rather thin, Nella looks like a fully bloomed woman.

Her small waist only enhanced the generous flare of her hips and rounded thighs. Like Aria, Nella also had a full head of long hair, which only complimented her curves. But whereas Aria’s hair was pretty much straight, Nella’s was naturally curly. And her breasts were maybe just slightly bigger than proportion would dictate. On a full bodied, but not fat, woman, slightly bigger than proportion meant really large breasts. Nella’s average bra size is 38F. Yes, I’m that lucky!

But as important as breasts were, they don’t dictate everything. Even if you were to make it so that Nella’s breasts were significantly smaller, she would still look like a fully ripened women. Not so for Aria. If you made it so that her breasts were proportionate to her frame, let’s say a 32C cup, she would look like an adolescent. Luckily for me, neither of these women had small breasts, even if Nella’s were objectively much larger. Yet both pairs of breasts nevertheless looked about the same size, when seen on their very different frames.

So… Let’s come back to the main story. Why was I nervous about staying at Aria’s house for a week? Shouldn’t I be excited? Well, I was. And even though nothing overtly sexual had ever happened between us, I have quite a few memories of ambiguous situations. For example, it’s my understanding that women with large breasts quickly become conscious of the effect they can have on men around them. While women with small breasts can bend forward without worrying too much about the weight of their breasts pulling their neckline bahis firmaları too low, it’s not the same with voluptuous women. And like Nella, Aria seemed to be constantly conscious about this, placing her hand on her neckline whenever she had to lean forward. Except, a few times, when she was alone with me.

I remember a couple of years ago I had to spend the night at their place because I had a very early meeting close by on the next day. When I got up at 6 o’clock, she had already been up and we both could hear her husband Jonathan snoring in their room. In the kitchen, she had opened the fridge door to let me know what I could have for breakfast. I had been standing right in front of her with the door between us, and she had been bending forward quite a lot. All she’d had on was a very low cut and loose fitting shirt. Through the gaping hole her shirt was making, I could see her snow-white lacy bra completely, and even down to her belly and her thighs! She remained that way for a full two minutes! I can’t even remember how she made a twenty second task take two minutes, but I was entranced by the sight. I had to admit, it was a gift. She did that on purpose. I’m sure of it.

Another example came last year, when we found ourselves alone outside their house while Nella and Jonathan remained inside. We were just relaxing, throwing the ball to their now dead dog. Every time she threw the ball, her neckline dropped lower because of the movement of her breasts. As time went by, I could see about half of her bra. Accident? Unconscious? I thought so, until we heard the door opening and she immediately pulled her dress up to hide her bra. I didn’t think that Aria was truly interested in me romantically, or even sexually, really. I think she simply knew that I found her attractive and enjoyed the fact quite a bit.

So now we’re going to spend an entire week in close and rather intimate proximity with her and her husband. What was going to happen? And how will I react? Or Nella? She wasn’t a profoundly jealous person, but we’ve had sparks in the past. And the worst offender was Aria. Nella wasn’t blind and she could see how beautiful her friend was, and how much she liked to flaunt her assets. Once, during our first year together, she caught me looking at Aria’s cleavage, and that night we had our first fight. It’s been a long time since that night, and many years went by without incident. Even those times when we swam in the stream next to their house, and Aria wore nothing more than a small bikini.

Maybe Nella’s jealousy had mellowed, or maybe she just accepted that Aria was extremely desirable? Come to think of it, it really has been a long time since that subject popped up. Is it different now? Hmmm. Nella even asked me to put on a porn flick a few times this last year. Is she opening up? No idea. In any case, I wasn’t interested in reigniting her jealousy. I was afraid that Aria might try something. Not a direct sexual contact, but something ambiguous. In the end, I was the one that tried something, although completely by accident…

It began soon after we arrived. They welcomed us warmly: both Aria and Jonathan were huggers. Every single damn time I hugged Aria I could feel her breasts very clearly against my own chest. This time was no exception. After emptying the car we joined them in the kitchen to fix dinner. Aria was dressed like she usually was: a very nice mix of classic and hippy styles. Tonight she had a long colourful skirt made of a very thin fabric and a pale, tight top that highlighted her breasts. They stood out like burning jewels. Her hair was, as usual, completely unbound, but tonight she had attached a couple of braids made out of red and gold fabric. Again, as usual, she looked like a goddess.

I was hoping that time would fly by this week and that Aria’s work schedule would make it harder for her to be alone with me and very subtly tease me. But as I said earlier, I was the one that made a strange move during the very first night. An accident, truly. In fact, I could even say that it was Jonathan’s fault. In the kitchen, as I was walking behind Aria on my right and him on my left, he moved backwards and bumped into me. As luck would have it, the back of my right hand grazed Aria’s ass. It was then that I discovered just how thin her dress was. I pulled my hand away and apologized quickly. Aria turned her head to look at me, a neutral expression on her face. She mumbled a “No problem.” and turned back to her work. I felt bad for the accidental contact, but knew it hadn’t been intentional.

The following dinner was really nice. We hadn’t seen them for a long time, and caught up with the latest news. Of course we talked a lot about our house. They were very curious and wanted to see our images and plans. I was a bit surprised when Aria specifically asked Jonathan to sit next to me to see the pictures. She moved next to him and didn’t look at me. I grinned as Nella was explaining our ideas. Looks like my imagination was playing tricks on me! Aria kaçak iddaa didn’t seem interested in teasing me at all. Didn’t even want to sit right next to me! And all dinner long, she didn’t let her gaze linger on me like she’s done in the past. Part of me sighed in relief, and part of me was disappointed.

As we were eating the excellent dessert Jonathan had cooked up, Nella asked me to explain the butterfly effect from chaos theory. I had to explore this theory in my work, and Nella had found it fascinating. So, apparently, did Jonathan and Aria. Once properly explained, the fact that a butterfly’s wingbeat could set off a hurricane across the world didn’t seem all that preposterous. Obviously every butterfly wingbeat didn’t cause a hurricane! The key point that many people missed is that the wingbeat had to happen as the start of a chain of specific events.

In other world, happenstance had to make it so that everything was appropriately set-up for the hurricane to happen. A bit like a domino chain. Every single domino has to be perfectly set, otherwise the chain stops. The core idea of chaos theory wasn’t strictly about highly improbable event like these, but rather the fact that very small events, or very small variations, could have disproportionally big consequences. Little did I know, at that time, that my first brush against Aria’s ass was our properly timed butterfly’s wingbeat.

After dessert, Jonathan went with Nella to our room to help with the Murphy bed and blankets. Alone with Aria in the kitchen, I was a bit stressed. She was friendly enough, but nothing like what I was expecting. Maybe I had unconsciously enhanced my memories? Had she been perfectly innocent all these years and my hyperactive imagination twisted the facts? No. It couldn’t be. Could it? I didn’t know anymore. After placing a bunch of clean plates on a high shelf, I moved back and turned around to get more. As I was doing so, I touched Aria who had, without my knowledge, moved away from the sink. And, of course, my hand touched her ass. Instantly, she said: “Again?”

“Oh dear Gods… I’m sorry Aria!” I replied quickly. But when I looked up at her, she was grinning from ear to ear.

“You’re going to tell me that it was accidental?” she asked, that sensual twinkle clearly back in her eyes.

“What?” I said, trying to gather my wits. Not only did I have to deal with the fact that I had touched her ass again, but I was also trying to reorganize my memories and thoughts about her. I had been right about her all along! “Of course it was an accident!” I added, weakly.

“This time you can’t blame it on Jonathan!” She was still smiling, but her eyes were more serious now.

For a moment I hesitated, and said “I’m so sorry again… Please believe me, it really was—”

“Stop it Ian!” she said, grinning and laughing now. “I’m just teasing you, and I don’t mind all that much!” she said, punctuating her comment with a wink before turning back to the dishes.

Looking at her, her long flowing hair and colourful braids, small waist and hips under her long skirt, I remained there for a moment, dumbfounded. And then I realized that we were alone together for the first time. So I wasn’t imagining things, and now the fact that she was relatively cold with me made sense. The little minx was highly aware of what she was doing. …and what did she mean by the fact that she didn’t mind my accidental brushes? When I walked right next to her to grab a bunch of plates, closer than I needed to be, she looked at me with a glowing smile and mischief in her eyes. From my vantage point, as I was a lot taller than she was, I had a remarkable view down her neckline and those amazing breasts of hers. I smiled back and, for a chaotic moment, I was tempted to slap her ass. She probably would have laughed if I did, but I refrained.

Much later, in our room with Nella, I was getting ready to go to sleep, confident that this encounter with Aria had been the most intense moment of my day. I was wrong again. With all the lights turned off, in the pitch darkness of the country side, Nella broke the silence by asking “Do you think Aria’s attractive?”

“What?” I replied instinctively, sitting up in bed. Nella laughed, pulling back the blankets to her chin.

“Lie down!” she whispered forcefully. She was fully naked, as was I, and the room was pretty cool.

After I did, I whispered my question one more time. Aria and Jonathan’s room was all the way across the house, but I didn’t want to take ay chances by talking aloud. “Again, what?”

“Do you think Aria’s attractive? Sexually I mean?”

“Oh dear Gods…” I realized that it was the second time tonight I was saying that. “What’s up with you? Why would you ask that? Don’t you remember the last time we talked about Aria’s attractiveness?”

“Oh come on Ian… Give me some credit! That was years and years ago! I wasn’t as confident about my body as I am now!”

“In any case, what’s the point?” I whispered, still completely flabbergasted by kaçak bahis her question.

“I don’t know, just wondering…” she said, trailing off.

I didn’t believe that. She had something on her mind, I could tell by the tone of her voice. As I didn’t say anything more, the silence lengthened. Once again, Nella broke it. “Did you see her breasts in that top? Damn they’re fine!”

“Oh stop it!” I said, half whispering, half groaning.

“What? You couldn’t really miss them… She really enjoys her tight tops, does she?”

Of course I had seen her breasts, but I was not about to say so. All I wanted was for Nella to drop the subject and go to sleep. “Nella, love, could we please talk about something else, or just go to sleep?”

“Why? I’m offering you the opportunity to talk to me about Aria’s breasts. You don’t want to talk about them?”

She sounded genuinely serious, but at the same time it was so out of character… “That, Nella, is just about the definition of a trick question.”

Nella laughed, then turned towards me, sliding her arm across my chest and her leg across my thigh. In the process, her own thigh touched my cock, which was, traitorously, relatively hard. “Oooh! What is this! Hard just by thinking about Aria’s breasts?”

That was more than enough! I rolled away, got up from the bed and turned on the light. I was slightly angry, and I didn’t care that my erection was now fully visible. “What’s going on Nella? A couple of years ago this would have turned into a huge fight. Now, you simply sound amused. Are you drunk, or stoned?” I really was upset by her questions.

Seeing my obvious discomfort, Nella stopped laughing and sat up in bed, a serious expression on her face. Unfortunately for me, the blanket fell away from her body to reveal her own very fine breasts. “Come here love, come under the blankets with me. I’ll make it worth your while.”

I looked at her for a moment, then turned the light off again. After slipping under the blankets again, Nella climbed over me, moulding her voluptuous body all over mine. I could feel her belly over my cock, and her breasts over my chest.

She then said “Forget about it… I didn’t think it would upset you that much. I confess I was curious because her breasts fascinate even me from time to time… I can’t even begin to imagine what they do to you…” All I could do was sigh. Luckily, for I had no idea how to continue this surreal discussion, Nella began moving downwards until her breasts were sliding over my now hard cock. And then, a few seconds later, I felt her lips kissing me all the way from my glans down my shaft until I felt her tongue tickling my balls. Moving back up, she spread her tongue as wide as she could and licked the entire length of my cock. And finally, she lowered her head and opened her mouth to take me in.

I momentarily forgot about Aria’s breasts as Nella worked her magic on me. She took me deep, as deep as her mouth would allow. We tried deepthroating a few times in the past, with no success. But the attempts were pretty fun in themselves. She wasn’t going for that tonight, but I did felt the back of her mouth a few times. When she pulled all the way up and I heard her spitting on my cock, I knew I was in for a real treat. Seconds later, I felt her breasts surrounding my cock, who willfully abdicated. When I felt her flesh, guided by her now very expert hands, pulling my cock away from my belly to nestle it in the folds of her flesh, I shook all over. When she then began moving up and down, I bit one of my lips hard so as to not cry out loud.

The up and down motion changed into a slight twist, then pure rotation, then up and down again, changing the speed constantly. When Nella felt me thrusting harder, she pulled away and limited my movement. She wanted to be in control. I heard her faint giggle as she did so. Drowning in the sensations, I barely heard her say my name. All I could do was a faint “Hmmm?”

And then Nella said “When I do this to you, do you sometimes imagine, in the darkness, that I’m Aria?”

My eyes opened wide in shock, but my body didn’t move at all. I shook my head in despair, but felt my outrage and puzzlement being overwhelmed by the intense pleasure. “No…” I managed to blurt out, a total lie. I didn’t do it very often, but sometimes…

“Liar!” she whispered, calling my lie.

“Pease stop talking about her, just… just keep going.” I tried, once again, to put an end to this very strange line of questioning.

“Nah, tonight it’s a two for one. Don’t worry love, I wouldn’t mind. I mean, how can you not fantasize about her? Look. Let’s make a deal. You don’t have to tell me if you’ve already done it in the past, but do it tonight. Do it now, even if it’s just to please me… I wanna hear you call me Aria as I fuck your cock with my tits.”

There was a long silence, and I briefly wondered if I could manage to cum before having to do it. But Nella slowed her movements down, probably aware of that possibility. In any case, I realized that the tenuous grasp on my willpower wasn’t going to hold long anyway. If things turned sour, I would be able to blame her 100%. A deep breath, and then a whispered “Oh Gods Aria… Fuck my cock.”

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